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Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 24, 1636-1639. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1923.

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Udenheim. See Philipsburg.

Uladislaus IV, king of Poland :

grows lukewarm about Palatine match, 9, 11
-, insists on princess becoming a Catholic, 11
-, Charles taxes with ingratitude, 11.

English offended at behaviour, 12
-, Gordon to assure of friendliness, 13.

professes desire for union with Palatine, 13
-, English desire to conciliate, 15.

unlikely to make match unless Palatines reconciled with emperor, 15
-, match little thought of, 77
-, never intended marriage, 273.

talk of marriage to Princess of Mantua, 51
-, negotiations for marriage with emperor's daughter, 71, 157, 168
-, marriage strengthens tie with imperialists, 157.

England may join with to make peace, 76.

still desires Palatine princess, 168
-, Charles shows letter asking consent to Palatine match, 271.

announces marriage to emperor's daughter, 265
-, ambassador protests will resent affront, 273
-, Charles refuses relations with, 294
-, ambassador's excuses for, 348.

to abandon claim to Sweden if brother marries queen, 290.

imposes dues at Danzig, 343, 350
-, Danzigers appeal to Denmark against, 357.

only wanted Palatine match to get English help against Sweden, 348.

ill, 360.

Danes capture ships off Danzig, 360
-, arrangement with Spain about Baltic, 429.

Princess Palatine writes to about exchange of Prince Casimir for Rupert, 561.

supposed advances through Radzivil, 566
-, but only compliments, 568.

English contemplate fomenting against France, 605.

Unicorn, king's ship :

in commission for winter, 63n.

Unicorn, of London, merchantman :

to serve in Palatine's fleet, 173n.

United Provinces. See Netherlands.

Urban VIII, pope :

offence given to Venice over eulogy, 149.

sends Panzani to England, 301
-, impossible to make concessions about oath of allegiance, 302.

appreciates good treatment of Catholics, 303.

will not make concessions required for reunion of Anglican church, 303.

1636 :

Baglioni fears Arundel may take negotiations out of hands of, 10.

sends Cardinal Ginetti to conference at Cologne, 39n.

sends Conn to England, 39, 69
-, gives leave to Panzani to return, 97.

will not remove censure against Catholics who take oath, 69.

hopes to bring Charles over to Catholicism, 69
-, presents sent to Queen Henrietta Maria, 69, 70.

friendly relations with Venice restored, 78.

Panzani taking portrait of queen to, 119
-, abandons idea of bishop in England, 120.

1637 :

expression of friendship to Venice, 148.

concessions asked of for trade, 149
-, policy of in trade negotiations, 217.

Conn offers red hats in name of, 150.

intervention for peace, 173.

offended with Spaniards for rejoicing at death, prepares army, 267
-, recovered, 272.

sounding England about making Conn cardinal, 272.

wants to get congress on peace to Rome, 274.

plans for England made smooth if Scots subdued, 277.

1638 :

secret negotiations with Venice for adjustment, 362
-, approaching success, 394, 401.

league with Venice to expel French from Italy, 363n.

1639 :

queen of England urges to reconcile mother and brother, 507.

Venetian ambassador sent to, for general peace, 514
-, France hopes for peace through mediation of, 521.

Scots make responsible for royal action, 536.

queen sends Digby as agent to, 559
-, Rossetti sent as agent of, 570
-, Conn takes gifts to, from queen, 572.

effort of ministers to get passports for Palatine, 585.

Uscocks :

raid into Turkish dominions, incited by emperor, 398.

Usedom, Usedon [Pomerania, Germany] :

imperialists take, 364.

Utrecht, Dutch warship :

seized by English fleet, 561.