Index: I

Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 26, 1642-1643. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1925.

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'Index: I', in Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 26, 1642-1643, (London, 1925) pp. 347-348. British History Online [accessed 1 March 2024]

Index I Ider. See Hyde. Idiaquez, Juan Alonso, duke of Ciudad Real, Governor of Cadiz : 116. imperialists, Austrians : ministers ask for Roe's powers about alliance, 4. promise to state what will do for Palatine and require from England, 27. Rupert prisoner of, 41. alleged offer of alliance to, 62, 64, 70, 81 refusal of alliance will justify plans, 63. La Fert offers alliance against, 64. harshness to Palatine recognised, 126 strained relations with uncle put Palatine at disadvantage with, 137. parliament against helping Palatines further against, 161. Inchquin, earl of. See O'Brien, Murrough. India Company, the Dutch. See East India Company. Indies : Spanish captures from English in, 62. interpreter : salary of ambassador's, 158, 159. Irconel, Colonel. See O'Donnell, Hugh, earl of Tyrconel. Ireland and Irish : parliament holds up news from, 3 king suspected of connivance at rebellion, 24. offer of confiscated lands in, 4, 46 tax imposed for war in, 26. officers captured at isle of Wight, 19. king ready to co-operate for defence of, 26 English troops in mutiny, 67. reported capture of Cork by rebels, 32 rebels take Waterford, 39 rebel successes in, 51. king announces intention of going to, 41, 45, 46 gives up idea, 51 Scots oppose, 54 Scottish victory in, 55. squadron to prevent foreign aid to, 62 parliament report successes in, 85. England likely to lose, 67 rebels consolidate hold on, 74. officers for go over to king, 70 king denies understanding with rebels in, 80. fleet for, in Downs, 92 supplies for defence of, id. troops for to be used against king, 106 Spanish help for, 116. rebels profit by neglect of, 108, 130 danger to England, 109. English cut out ship of, at Cadiz, 116 French stop ship taking succour to,178. parliament decides to use in England men and munitions provided for, 118 money for brought back, 130. rebels intend to come to king's help, 141 king appeals to parliament about, 152. Scots under Leslie cross to, 148 Scots cut up in, 168. Chester convenient for, 160, 229. successes of rebels in, 211, 229 king offers to send force to, if parliament will do same, 238. soldiers deserting from, 229, 243. rumoured intention of Melo to help rebels in, 238 Dunkirkers going to seized, 256. parliament sends corn and money to, 243 Spanish ship for seized, 275. king's message to parliament about, 274 squadron sent to, 278. alleged design of king to bring rebels from against Scotland and England, 278, 295. king asks help of Scots in, 284 king wants to arrange peace in, parliament against, 293. levies. See under levies. lord lieutenant of. See Butler, James, earl of Ormond Sidney, Robert, earl of Leicester. ships. See under Ships. parliament of : set up, Protestants excluded, 168 opened at Kinsale, measures, 238. Irene, daughter of the Czar Michael of Russia : proposed marriage to Christian Woldemar of Denmark, 303. Ist. See Diest. Italy : 304. Zen urges appeal to princes of, against pope, 27 and denounces mischief makers in, 127. distress of Charles at troubles of, 282. Palatine Princes touring in, 285. news from, 244.