Index: J

Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 27, 1643-1647. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1926.

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'Index: J', in Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 27, 1643-1647, (London, 1926) pp. 364. British History Online [accessed 1 March 2024]

Index J James I., king of England, king of Great Britain : Charles will not surrender prerogatives enjoyed by, 161 slandered by city, 171 religious settlement maintained by, 243. James, duke of York, son of Charles I. : king leaves at Oxford, 110, 259 to go to London, 270, 272, 273 arrives, 277 parliament considers passing over prince for, 279 removed from London to avoid plague, 281 plot for escape, 298 to go to Hampton Court, 310. James, Giames, Thomas, captain of the William, 177. James, English ship, taking troops and stores to Crete, 247. James the Scot, merchantman, hired by Venice for war, 274. Jansson, Frans, Dutch shipmaster, beats off two parliament ships, 171. Jenks, Richard, parliament envoy to Denmark, Sweden and the Baltic States, selected, 22. Jermyn Germen, Henry lord, queen's master of the horse, dislike of, scandal about, 67 Queen Henrietta sends to Louis, 127. queen sends to fetch prince, 264 returns without him, 267. Jersey, Gerze, Jerze, island of : suspected French designs on, 154 troops sent to, 156 prince goes to, 256n Waller to attack, 261 prince leaves well supplied, 269 Douglas hopes to enlist regiments at, 294 decision to occupy, 317. Jesuits, new oath is protection against, 276. jewels, crown : Goring goes to Holland to raise money on, 36, 297 pledged at Amsterdam, 80. diamonds, 67, 72. Jews : Venetian merchants use for illicit trading, 228, 265, 286 favour English merchants at Porte against ambassador, 269. Joachimi, Albert, Dutch ambassador to England, 123 : proposal to send to England, 26 wishes to inform king of prince's death, 311 audience under surveillance, 315. John IV., king of Portugal, duke of Braganza : asks Charles to interpose for release of brother, 198 parliament complains to, of Sousa, 204 parliament wants recognition from, 247 Spain piqued at Charles asking help of, 253. John Buonaventura, English merchantman, at Leghorn, 177. Johnson, Richard, plot for York's escape, 298. Johnston, Sir Archibald, lord Warriston, the king's advocate, Scottish plenipotentiary : reaches London, 71n sent to Scotland, 170 speech in parliament, 294. Jones, Col. Michael : besieging Chester, 221 Ormonde delivers Dublin to, 314. Juliers [Rhenish Prussia] : supposed Dutch designs on, 25, 28. jury, trial by, superseded, 124.