Venice: December 1649

Pages 128-131

Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 28, 1647-1652. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1927.

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December 1649

Dec. 4.
Bibl. S. Marco. CI. VII. Cod. 1928.
363. Amerigo Salvetti, Resident of Tuscany in England, to Alvise Contarini, Venetian Ambassador at the Congress of Munster.
The Company has not met since I wrote, but some of the leading merchants have told me that as soon as they have received the letters which are momentarily expected from the Porte, they will give an ample and satisfactory reply. They assured me that what has been promised will be faithfully performed, namely that they will not allow their ships to serve the Turks against the most serene republic either directly or indirectly, unless they were compelled by force. I believe that they will carry out the agreement punctually.
London, the 4th December, 1649.
Dec. 11.
Senato, Secreta. Dispacci, Spagna. Venetian Archives.
364. Pietro Basadonna, Venetian Ambassador in Spain, to the Doge and Senate.
To-day the ambassadors of the king of England had their first audience of his Majesty, with the usual marks of honour. Following the example of my colleagues and what I considered the intention of the Signory, I visited them and sent my attendants to accompany them to Court, which they highly appreciated. Sir Francis Cotinton, who is the senior, resided at this Court twice before and is a man of great parts. His colleague, Sir Edward Haitz, may perhaps possess equal abilities, but as he does not speak Spanish, he has not the means of showing it. Both of them are ambassadors extraordinary and I believe they will return to their master soon, as there is faint hope of their getting anything by their negotiations.
Madrid, the 11th December, 1649.
Dec. 14.
Senato, Secreta. Dispacci, Francia. Venetian Archives.
365. Michiel Morosini, Venetian Ambassador in France, to the Doge and Senate.
Encloses sheet of events of London.
Paris, the 14th December, 1649.
Enclosure. 366. Advices from Chester, the 28th November, 1649.
A part of the parliament troops, commanded by Lieut. Gen. Cromuel is still besieging Waterford, and the other part Duncanon, the garrison of which makes constant sorties upon the besiegers commanded by Colonel Jones. The Marquis of Ormond, Lord Inchquin and the other leaders of the royalist party are with their troops, joined with those of Gen. Owen Roe O'Niel, only 8 miles away from the parliament army, on which the Marquis is advancing with the intention of giving battle.
Dec. 18.
Senato, Secreta. Deliberazioni. Corti. Venetian Archives.
367. To the Ambassador in France.
You will have done well to perform an office with the queen of England expressing our regard for the king, her son, using the sort of language that you will have gathered from our letter of the 23rd October. At the same time it is not desirable to go to any greater lengths because of considerations which we are bound to take into account in respect of the parliament of that kingdom and present circumstances, with our very serious interests in the Levant.
Ayes, 102. Noes, 0. Neutral, 5.
Dec. 20.
Senato, Secreta. Dispacci, Spagna. Venetian Archives.
368. Pietro Basadonna, Venetian Ambassador in Spain, to the Doge and Senate.
The English ambassadors after their first audience, as reported, went on Saturday to Don Luis de Haro. After presenting their credentials, and the usual compliments, they said they were charged with the affectionate salutations of Cardinal Mazarini, and especially charged to tell him that the Cardinal would gladly sacrifice two pounds of his blood for half an hour's conference with him, protesting he would willingly come and see him in the heart of Spain, so confident was he that he would thus bring about the peace, so ardently desired by him, and which is so necessary, not only for the two crowns but for all Christendom. They added that they were formally bound to acquaint the Cardinal with his Excellency's reply. Don Luis told me immediately what had passed and said that this project proceeded from himself, as long ago as last July, when he suggested through me that a congress should be held in the Pyrenees. He could not guess why the Cardinal should now revive a negotiation which at the time was not even judged worthy of a reply.
Our colloquy being ended, I went to the English ambassadors, for confirmation of what Don Luis had told me and make sure that self interest had not made him misrepresent the message. I found it was precisely as he stated. I told the ambassadors that the peace was the greatest affair they could undertake for their master and I thought they would be ready to forward this by every means as a matter of policy. I advised them not to allow the Cardinal's offer to drop and suggested that they should write to their queen to keep the parties to their word in France, while we would do our best here. They adopted my advice at once, and as is commonly the case with those who enter fresh upon an undertaking, and have all their confidence unimpaired, they consider the congress as already settled. Although less sanguine, I have communicated everything to the Ambassadors Contarini and Morosini so that they may keep the matter going. I think it the more necessary to act with vigour as on the return of Pignoranda it will be in manifest danger of suppression or at least of long delay.
Madrid, the 20th December, 1649.
Dec. 23.
Bibl. S. Marco. Cl. VII. Cod. 1928.
369. Amerigo Salvetti, Resident of Tuscany in England, to Alvise Contarini, Venetian Ambassador at the Congress of Munster.
Acknowledges letter of the 11th ult. stating that Messrs. Chambrelan here are to pay him 300 ducats di banco, in lieu of the gold chain promised. Expresses his thanks.
The Levant Company will to meet to-morrow ; promises their reply as soon as he gets it. Will inform the Grand Duke of the honour done to him by the republic.
London, the 23rd December, 1649.
Dec. 28.
Senato, Secreta. Dispacci, Francia. Venetian Archives.
370. Michiel Morosini, Venetian Ambassador in France, to the Doge and Senate.
Encloses sheet of events of London.
Paris, the 28th December, 1649.
Enclosure. 371. Advices from Chester, the 16th December, 1649.
The general rendezvous of the royal troops, said to number 3,000 horse and 8,000 foot was given a few days ago at Rosse, only 6 miles from Kileni, whither Lt. Gen. Cromuel has also marched, after raising the siege of Doncanon, both sides being determined to give battle. The issue is awaited with interest as with the two armies so close a conflict cannot be long delayed. Sir Charles Coot, who has similarly raised the siege of Caricfergus, has sent 500 men to Legano in Ulster (fn. 1) to drive out Sir George Monroe, a royalist, who is doing much mischief in the district.
Dec. 30.
Bibl. S. Marco. Cl. VII. Cod. 1928.
372. Amerigo Salvetti, Resident of Tuscany in England, to Alvise Contarini, Venetian Ambassador at the Congress of Munster.
The Levant Company has met and has fully ratified the agreement about the trade of their ships at Constantinople. I enclose a copy of their resolution. They do not supply a copy of their orders to their ships, but they will offer them for inspection if that is desired. They will do what the most serene republic directs. I must repeat that I have always found the merchants here adhere faithfully to their agreements.
Acknowledges receipt of the 300 ducats from Messrs. Chambrelan.
London, the 30th December, 1649.
Enclosure. 373. The Levant Company to Amerigo Salvetti, Resident in England of the Grand Duke of Tuscany. (fn. 2)
With regard to the detaining of their ships by the Venetian fleet, and the submission of proposals by which so great an inconvenience might be remedied, the Company accepts the offer made in the letters of the Venetian ambassador extraordinary, at Paris, dated the 23rd October last. The Company will observe the terms faithfully and give orders to the captains of their ships and to the ambassador at Constantinople and the consuls in Turkish territory to observe them punctually. They are unable to supply a copy of these orders because of the danger of exposing them to the public view.
[Signed] Michael Evans, Secretary.
London, the 16th December, 1649.


  • 1. Lisnagarvy or Lisburn, co. Down,
  • 2. Entered in the Company's register under this date. S.P. For. Archives, Vol. 144.