Venice: January 1651

Pages 166-168

Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 28, 1647-1652. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1927.

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January 1651

1651. Jan. 3.
Senato, Secreta. Dispacci, Francia. Venetian Archives.
445. Michiel Morosini, Venetian Ambassador in France, to the Doge and Senate.
The ducali of the 3rd ult. reached me this week concerning the offers of the English ambassador to provide the Turk with ships against your Excellencies, instructing me to represent to Salvetti that this is contrary to his agreement with the Levant Company. I am advised that at the moment they are arming in London 24 ships, 12 warships and 12 merchantmen fitted for war, (fn. 1) with a report that they are to join an equal number of Spaniards for some enterprise which is not announced. I do not mean that this report says anything about their serving the Turk, though the arming is a fact and my informant has an interest in the ships.
I have not yet heard anything said about the quarrel between the English and the French ambassador, but I will get information. I may add that open hostilities are continuous between these two countries at sea, and it is quite likely that when England is free from the difficulties with Scotland they will declare war on this crown. It is probable that the French are equally inclined to it after the establishment of peace with the Catholic.
Paris, the 3rd January, 1651.
Jan. 11.
Senato, Secreta. Dispacci, Spagna. Venetian Archives.
446. Pietbo Basadonna, Venetian Ambassador in Spain, to the Doge and Senate.
It was thought that the ambassadors of the king of England would have received their dismissal before the departure of his Majesty for the field sports of the Pardo. As he has delayed giving it them and as no other reason is discoverable people suppose that it proceeds from the lack of the funds required for their journey.
Madrid, the 11th January, 1651.
Jan. 14.
Senato, Secreta. Dispacci, Germania. Venetian Archives.
447. Niccolo Sagredo, Venetian Ambassador in Germany, to the Doge and Senate.
Encloses letters from Constantinople.
Vienna, the 14th January, 1651.
Enclosure. 448. Advices from Constantinople of the 10 October, 1650.
The envoy of the king of England and three or four royalist merchants have been sent from Smyrna to the parliament. (fn. 2) This is an affront that concerns not only the king but France, owing to the recommendations sent from there to this city and owing to the assistance given them by the French ambassador. The latter is always thinking how to avenge himself against the English ambassador, because it is not known what he pretends (perche non si sa quello pretenda). The Vizier has again commanded the parliamentary ambassador to hand over the envoy and his adherents. The ambassador consents but the persons in question have left for England and it is considered certain they went with the Vizier's leave, so there is no remedy and they may do what they like with him [the envoy].
From these actions it is quite apparent that this ambassador is for the parliament, as I have reported on several occasions, although to the foreign representatives he has sometimes represented himself as being for the royal party.
Jan. 18.
Senato, Secreta. Dispacci, Francia. Venetian Archives.
449. Michiel Mokosini, Venetian Ambassador in France, to the Doge and Senate.
The fleet of Prince Rupert has arrived at Toulon, intending to cruise in the Mediterranean. The English parliamentarians, passing through the Strait will cause the French privateers of the Ocean to follow their example promptly, rendering navigation the more difficult and perilous in the future, with a larger number of pirates under different flags.
Paris, the 18th January, 1651.
Jan. 24.
Senato, Secreta. Dispacci, Francia. Venetian Archives.
450. Michiel Mokosini, Venetian Ambassador in France, to the Doge and Senate.
The offer of Cardinal Mazarini of 1,000 Scottish prisoners for the defence of Candia was prompted by fear that they might be engaged by Marshal Turenne. The price of 10 crowns per head, offered by this crown, is considered more than the Marshal can afford. But after the declaration of the Spanish ambassador in favour of the English parliament, no doubt is entertained here that these troops will be conceded to him.
Paris, the 24th January, 1651.
Jan. 28.
Senato, Secreta. Deliberazioni. Corti. Venetian Archives.
451. To the Ambassador in France.
His offices with Salvetti to prevent English ships being granted to the Turks are always to the purpose, as this most essential point is of the utmost importance for the republic's interests. The same applies to offices with the representative of the English parliament. It is to be hoped that the 24 ships preparing in England will be designated for some other service and not that of the Turks, but an absolute certitude on this point will be most welcome and the Senate eagerly looks for this from his ability.
Ayes, 148. Noes, 0. Neutral, 1.
Jan. 31.
Senato, Secreta. Dispacci, Francia. Venetian Archives.
452. Michiel Morosini, Venetian Ambassador in France, to the Doge and Senate.
Since the loss of Edinburgh castle, (fn. 3) a matter of great consequence for them, the Scots did not give up the coronation of the king, after which, with the utmost steadfastness they have decided on raising fresh levies of men and with the greatest determination they propose to persevere with the war. To this end the duke of York has been recalled, it being supposed that with these two princes together the people will flock more readily to their defence.
The parliament of London was unwilling to receive the minister of Portugal (fn. 4) as ambassador, although they would as a gentleman envoy. He has accepted this arrangement without difficulty because for the good of his negotiations it does not behove him to make himself objectionable by his pretensions.
Paris, the 31st January, 1651.


  • 1. From the navy records it appears that in the months of October and November orders were issued to equip 8 ships for the winter guard, 4 ships for the southern expedition, three ships for the Straits and eight for Barbadoes. Cal. S.P. Dom., 1650, pages 499, 500.
  • 2. Henry Hyde was sent away in the Dragoneere with Dr. James Hyde, Paul Hugget and Kiehard Charlton. S.P. For. Archives, Vol. 112. Feb. 6, 1651, Hyde was thrown into the Tower on arriving in England and beheaded on the 13th March. Salvetti on the 17th March. Brit. Mus. Add. MSS. 27962n.
  • 3. Surrendered to Cromwell on the 24th December, O.S.
  • 4. Joao de Guimaraes.