Venice: October 1651

Pages 199-202

Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 28, 1647-1652. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1927.

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October 1651

Oct. 2.
Collegio, Secreta. Esposizioni, Principi. Venetian Archives.
523. The Resident of England came into the Collegio and handed a memorial to the secretary.
After it had been read the doge said, The news is truly of great importance, and we pray God that you may often have occasion to make similar communications. We thank you and assure you that every success of his Majesty is a source of great satisfaction to us. With that the Resident, without saying more, made his reverence and went out.
I must impart the news recently arrived from the camp at Worcester. His Majesty marched to Leverpoul, which surrendered immediately. Proceeding to Warrington he fell in with Cromwell's army of over 20,000 men, and after a sharp engagement, lasting a day and a half, secured the passage, killing 4,000 of the enemy and taking 2,000, including many of their principal men, and capturing 10,000 arms. Pushing on his Majesty was met by Earl Howard, captain of Cromwell's guards, who entered his Majesty's service with all his regiment. In Shropshire his Majesty welcomed the Earl of Talbot with a regiment of infantry and soon after the Duke of Derby with 4 regiments of infantry. His Majesty went on to Worcester, four days from London, with 20,000 horse and 16,000 foot. The garrison of 4,000 wished to resist but were all killed by the inhabitants and the town given up. While he was there the town and port of Plymouth, the metropolis of Cornwall, declared in his favour, having released all the prisoners whom the enemy had imprisoned there. Wherever his Majesty has passed he has met with demonstrations of joy and he has offered pardon to all who return to their obedience within a stated time, except those who sat in judgment on his royal father.
From Ireland.
In August last, Ireton who was besieging Ahal by sea and land, was defeated and routed by the Earl of Castelhpaen, with the loss of 4 whole regiments, slain or drowned. From this we hope that his Majesty will very soon have recovered all his kingdoms.
The 2nd October, in Venice.
Thomas Killigrew, Resident of the King of Great Britain.
Oct. 3.
Senato, Secreta. Dispacci, Francia. Venetian Archives.
524. Michiel Morosini, Venetian Ambassador in France, to the Doge and Senate.
When it was thought that the king of England might relieve his drooping fortunes, since he had an army of over 20,000 good soldiers and some towns had declared for him, he has been completely defeated by Cromuel, (fn. 1) and forced to seek safety in the mountains of Scotland with 3,000 horse. The position of his army was very strong because he had a river on his front and on his flank. Cromuel was not the stronger, as his army was in two corps and the king might hope to beat them separately. But the enemy built a great bridge of boats and were able to get so many men across that they not only withstood the royal forces who advanced against them but drove them back in disorder. So instead of a small skirmish the king found himself obliged to give battle, in which he lost all his guns and baggage, most of his officers and all hope of recovery unless the peace between the crowns supplies him with foreign forces before some accident overtakes him of imprisonment or death. He is the more exposed to this as he has no force to protect him. The prisoners taken are very numerous and I have already had an offer for the service of your Excellencies, but at the same cost as for new troops. Lord Germen, favourite of the queen of England, has been on purpose to speak about it. I objected the lateness of the season and the long voyage.
I have heard nothing from Salvetti since I wrote that the ships of the English should receive satisfaction, and I have not had any further occasion to draw attention again to the pledges of the Levant Company, as Salvetti has assured me that they will abide by their agreement.
Paris, the 3rd October, 1651.
Oct. 5.
Senato, Secreta. Deliberazioni. Corti. Venetian Archives.
525. That a member of the ducal chancery be sent to read the following to the Resident of England this evening :
The senate has heard with peculiar satisfaction the communication by you of the happy progress of the arms of the king of Great Britain. To the merits of so worthy a prince and the justice of his cause Almighty God could not fail to grant victory and considerable success. Our most sincere and heartfelt wishes will always pray that these may be continued and we hope that you will have frequent occasions to communicate them. In the mean time you will be so good as to convey to his Majesty in our name our feelings of overflowing joy and the assurance that the republic will never fail to render him every token of affectionate regard.
Ayes, 77. Noes, 1. Neutral, 1.
Oct. 7.
Senato, Secreta. Deliberazioni. Corti. Venetian Archives.
526. To the Ambassador in France.
If the victories and successes of the king of England are confirmed, which have also been imparted to us by his Majesty's resident here, we direct you to pass a special office of rejoicing with the queen, his mother, in our name, as we intend to do with the resident.
Ayes, 83. Noes, 1. Neutral, 0.
Oct. 11.
Senato, Secreta. Dispacci, Francia. Venetian Archives.
527. Michiel Morosini, Venetian Ambassador in France, to the Doge and Senate.
I am informed that the President Bellievre is selected as ambassador extraordinary to England, but I have not yet been able to learn his instructions.
In London, to give a more durable form to the government they have contemplated forming a new parliament comprising representatives from the counties and towns. As the suggestion comes from the existing parliament there is little ground for the hope here that this may lead to civil dissension.
Paris, the 11th October, 1651.
Oct. 24.
Senato, Secreta. Dispacci, Francia. Venetian Archives.
528. Michiel Morosini, Venetian Ambassador in France, to the Doge and Senate.
Condé has sent M. Lene to the Catholic Court, no doubt to get assistance. The Chevalier de Riviera was sent to England to Cromuel, but does not seem to have enjoyed the good fortune he was led to expect. After waiting three days for audience he was at last admitted. When asked what the prince wanted he made an eloquent speech, requesting 100,000l., 6,000 foot and 2,000 horse. Cromuel laughed at the request and said this was a trifling matter. He asked Riviera to tell the prince that he would come in person with 40,000 foot and 12,000 horse at his own cost to the end of the war, provided the prince would give his hand to reduce France to the state in which England now is. Riviera was dumb at the sally and left at once without saying another word. Here they consider the reply as detrimental to Condé, as it looks as if Cromuel wished to point out his imprudence in asking help from one who desired only the ruin of monarchies and the Catholic faith. But it is not expected that Condé will give up, as without foreign help he is obviously going to destruction.
Paris, the 24th October, 1651.
Oct. 31.
Senato, Secreta. Dispacci, Francia. Venetian Archives.
529. Michiel Morosini, Venetian Ambassador in France, to the Doge and Senate.
News arrived here yesterday evening that the king of England is only 6 leagues from Paris, causing great delight to his mother, who since the last battle had never been able to get certain news of him. He is expected at Paris to-day, and his presence may possibly delay the decision to recognise parliament, which they are considering at Court (come si divisa alla Corte).
Paris, the 31st October, 1651.


  • 1. At Worcester on the 3/13 September.