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Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 28, 1647-1652. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1927.

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Admiralty Court :

Digby has friends in, 8
-, Hall examined by, 27
-, case of S. Salvator referred to, 326.

act of, for sale of prizes and cargoes, 294
-, profits from sales, 305.

agents. See under ambassadors.

-, Agustini, Girolamo, Venetian Secretary in England, money lent by Salvetti to, 122-3
-, Venice ill informed of English affairs since death, 233.

Ahal. See Limerick.

Ahmed Pasha
-, Hesarapara, Grand Vizier of Turkey, on rival claims of Crow and Bendish, 21, 22
-, appeal to about Crow, 27
-, and his debts, 29.

capigi of gone with Crow, 28
-, says ships no longer wanted, 33.

-, Artema, Leon de, deputy of Hanse Towns to England, letters of credence read, 218
-, Council of State to treat with, id.

Alberti, Giulio Cesare, Venetian Secretary at Constantinople, despatches from, 98-100, 102.

takes refuge in French embassy, 98n
-, Bendish protects, 100.

Alcoran. See Koran.

Aleppo, Syria :

English ships trading at

Alerne, ? Alloa, co. Clackmannan, Scotland, proposals made on behalf of, 207.

Alexandretta. See Iskanderun.

Alexandria, Egypt, ships from, 14, 99.

news from, 99.

Algiers, N. Africa :

refused to send ships to Turks, 176.

- See also Barbary.

Alicante, Alicant [Prov. Valencia, Spain], Van Galen supposed to have gone to, 324.

Alloa, ? Alerne, 207.

Alloro, merchantmen :

asks permission to pass Dardanelles, 73, 84.

Alured, Matthew, Col., besieges Dunnottar castle, 214.

ambassadors, agents, bailo, deputies, envoys, papal nuncios, residents, secretaries :

told to recognise commonwealth or to go, 135
-, manner of reception in parliament, 186, 214, 225.

foreign, in London in 1652, 225.

Archduke of Innsbruck to emperor. See Gonzaga.

Bavaria to emperor. See Pentenau.

Condé to England. See La , Riviere
-, Taillefer, Henry de, seigneur de la Barriere.

Condé to Spain. See Lenet Pierre.

Danish to England. See Reed, P.
-, Rosencranz, Eric
-, Williamsons, Henry.

Daugnon to England. See St. Thomas.

Dutch to England. See Joachimi, Albert
-, Pauw, Adrian. See also Netherlands, ambassadors.

Dutch to France. See Boreel, William.

Dutch, at the Porte. See Cops, Henry.

English, at the Hague. See Boswell, Sir William.

English, at the Porte. See Bendish, Sir Thomas
-, Crow, Sir Sackville
-, Lancelot, John.

English, at Venice. See Fielding, Basil
-, Talbot, Gilbert.

English (parliament) in Denmark. See Bradshaw, Richard.

English (parliament) in France. See Augier, Réné.

English (parliament), at the Hague. See Dorislaus, Isaac
-, St. John, Oliver
-, Strickland, Walter.

English (parliament), at Hamburg. See Bradshaw, Richard

English (parliament) to the Porte. See Salway, Richard.

English (parliament) in Portugal. See Vane, Charles.

English (parliament) in Spain. See Ascham, Anthony
-, Fisher, George.

English (parliament) in Sweden. See Durie, John
-, Lisle, Daniel.

English (parliament) in Tuscany. See Grandier, Charles.

English (royal) in France. See Browne, Sir Richard.

English (royal) in Germany. See Taylor, John.

English (royal) to Porte. See Berkeley, Sir John
-, Hyde, Henry.

English (royal) at Rome. See Digby, Sir Kenelm.

English (royal) in Spain. See Cottington, Francis lord
-, Hyde, Sir Edward.

English (royal) in Tuscany. See Gascoigne, Sir Bernard.

English (royal) at Venice. See Killigrew, Thomas.

Florentine. See Tuscan.

French to England. See Bellievre, Pierre de, sieur de Grignon
-, Bellievre, Pomponne de
-, Bordeaux Neufville, Antoine de
-, Croullé
-, Gentillot
-, Sabran, Melchior de.

French, at Porte. See Delahaye
-, Gournay, Henry de, seigneur de Marcheville
-, Harlay, Philip de, comte de Cesy.

French, at Venice. See Argenson, Marc Réné d'.

Genoa, in England. See Barnardi, Francis.

Hanse, in England. See Aisema, Leon de.

imperial, to Spain, 175.

Irish, to France. See Crelly, Patrick
-, Mac Donnel, Randal, earl of Antrim.

Mantua, at Venice, 194.

Modena, at Venice, 121, 189, 194.

Oldenburg, to England. See Mylius, Herman.

papal nuncio in France. See Bagni, Niccolo.

papal nuncio in Ireland. See Rinuccini, Gio. Batt., archbishop of Fermo.

papal nuncio in Spain. See Rospiglioso, Giulio.

papal nuncio at Venice. See Elci, Scipione d', archbishop of Pisa.

Parma, in France, 223.

Poland, at Venice. See Poniatowski, Matthias.

Portugal, in England. See Guimaraes, Joao
-, Sa e Menezes, Joan Rodriguez de, count of Peneguiao.

Portugal, to France. See Menezes, Sebastiano Cesar de, bishop of Coimbra.

Portugal, at Hague. See Coutinho, Francesco de Sousa.

Savoy, in France. See Amoretti, Abbé.

Spain, in England. See Cardenas, Alonso de.

Spain, in Ireland. See Torre, Diego della.

Spain, at Munster. See Bracamonte, Gaspar de, count of Peñaranda
-, Bruin, Antonio.

Sweden, in England. See Applebone, Hareldus
-, Canterstrene
-, Spieringh, Peter.

Tuscan, in England. See Salvetti, Amerigo.

Tuscan, at Venice. See Zatti.

Venetian, in England. See Agostini, Girolamo
-, Contarini, Vicenzo
-, Giustinian, Giovanni
-, Paulucci, Lorenzo
-, Suriano.

Venetian, at Florence. See Sarotti, Gio. Ambrosio
-, Vico, Thadio
-, Zon, Zuanne.

Venetian, in France. See Morosini, Michiel
-, Nani, Gio. Batt.
-, Sagredo, Giovanni.

Venetian, in Germany. See Giustinian, Girolamo
-, Sagredo, Niccolo.

Venetian, to Lubeck congress. See Morosini, Michiel.

Venetian, to Munster congress. See Contarini, Alvise.

Venetian, at Naples. See Vendramin, Polo.

Venetian, at the Porte. See Alberti, Giulio Cesare
-, Ballarino, Gio. Battista
-, Soranzo, Giovanni
-, Vianuol, Pietro.

Venetian, at Rome. See Contarini, Alvise
-, Giustinian, Giovanni.

Venetian, in Spain. See Basadonna, Piero
-, Querini, Giacomo.

Venetian with the Swiss. See Giavarina, Geronimo.

Amiens [Somme, France], despatch dated at, 106.

Amond. See Hammond.

Amoretti, Abbé, Savoyard ambassador in France, visits duke of York, 193.

Amsterdam, Netherlands :

ships arming in against French, 190
-, reinforcement for fleet at, 272.

Charles and Buckingham at, 204.

English measures to destroy trade, 237
-, Dutch transfer business from to Flanders, 312.

van Galen expecting warships from, 292
-, ships from at Leggorn, 300
-, expected, 327.

arranged at to send fleet to Italy, 304
-, ships for captured, 322.

goods in S. Salvador belong to merchants of, 314.

letter dated at, 46.

Anderanan. See Inverarnan.

Anderson, Capt., enters Leith, 256.

Andros, island of, Grecian Archipelago, James the Scot lost at, 107-8, 114.

Angel, Angelo, on convoy duty in Mediterranean, 181.

Anglesey, Wales :

royalists holding out in, 77
-, Mitton takes castle, 81.

Angus, co. Forfar, Scotland :

proposals on behalf of, 207.

-, earl of. See Douglas, Archibald.

Aniscorti. See Enniscorthy.

Anne of Austria, queen regent of France, 39.

prince of Wales takes leave of, 64
-, urges peace negotiations, 141
-, sends Gentillot to England, 176
-, thinks of assignment for York, 190.

devotion to Mazarin hinders peace, 223
-, Mazarin counts on favour, 272
-, represents to Queen Henrietta necessity of mitigating enmity of parliament, 317.

Anne Marie Louise
-, daughter of Gaston duke of Orleans, Mlle. d' Orleans, as bride for emperor, 135
-, Charles wants to marry, 207.

Anthony Bonadventure, Antonio Buonaventura, on convoy duty in Mediterranean, 181.

Anthony Gunther, count of Oldenburg :

parliament grants free trade to, for recognition, 217
-, expressions of goodwill to, 218.

Antigua, West Indies, surrenders to parliament, 220.

Antrim, earl of. See MacDonnel, Randal.

Antwerp [Prov. Antwerp, Belgium], 126.

Charles expected at, 109.

Apilton. See Appleton.

-, English merchantman, French asked to restore, 111
-, reprisals for, 117.

-, Hareldus, Swedish resident in England, arrival, 234
-, first audience, 237, 239.

Appleby, co. Westmorland :

Scots take, 71.

-, Apilton, Henry, commander of squadron in Mediterranean, truculent attitude at Zante, 232
-, Badiley superior of, 233
-, caught at Leghorn by Dutch, 257.

representations to against helping Turks, 275.

distress at being too weak to fight Dutch, 277
-, sends to London to hasten reinforcements, 281, 310.

high tone adopted by, 281
-, goes to consult Badiley, 295.

angers Grand Duke, imprisoned, 316, 320
-, claims to have acted by order of Badiley, 320
-, released, 324
-, tried and sent back to Leghorn, 327.

apprentices :

riot in London against parliament, 10-2
-, another riot of, 56, 58.

Apulia, Dutch ships with grain from, 300.

-, detained at Venice, 161
-, wrecked off Valona, 188.

Archipelago :

royalist merchants leave mainland for, 161
-, ship to pick up, 188.

Arcus. See Ayscue.

Ards. See Montgomery, Hugh.

-, Marc Réné d', French resident at Venice, informed of victory at Paros, 194
-, servant of, 196.

Argostoli, Cephalonia, Ionian Islands, Appleton threatens to carry off French tartane at, 232.

Argyle, marquis of. See Campbell, Archibald.

army, military

1647 :

removes king from Holdenby, 1
-, march on London, 2, 3, 10, 12
-, moves away from London, 4, 9.

terror of in London, 1
-, speakers flee to, 11, 12
-, London surrenders to, 12.

parliament treats with, 2, 5
-, demands of, 3, 4, 9, 17, 18
-, parliament in harmony with, 10.

expected to sacrifice king, 4
-, king with, 9
-, catholics submit proposal for toleration to, 16
-, reported agreement with king, 17.

revolt against in Kent, 16
-, some soldiers and officers shot in London, 34.

raising of money for, 18, 25, 26
-, demands for pay, 23-4, 32, 36.

not opposed to confinement of king, 24
-, new faction of Levellers in, 26
-, book for against government, 26-7.

consent needed for king's deposition, 30
-, king's flight causes anxiety, 32.

Fairfax assures parliament of obedience, 32, 34
-, resistance to disbanding, 36.

1648 :

parliament justifies retention, 38
-, approves parliament's treatment of king, 41.

complaints about billeting, 39, 55, 62
-, orders for disbanding and quarters, 41.

demands for pay, 39, 85
-, kept ready to overawe London, 45
-, new corps to be raised, 70.

reluctant to go to frontier, threatens London, 58
-, demands money from London, 62
-, masters of London, 84.

Scots demand extirpation of sects in, 63
-, breaks off negotiations with king, 85.

1649 :

Cromwell and Fairfax do not venture to open Dutch ambassadors' letters except before officers of, 90.

strength of, 91
-, funds set apart for, 102
-, city banquet to officers, 108
-, Ormonde advances against, 129
-, reported defeat at Stirling, 160.

1651 :

commonwealth depends on, 187.

1652 :

strength, all native Englishmen, 266.

every effort to keep promptly paid, 266
-, Browne admits efficiency, 268.

demands presented to parliament, 270
-, renewed, 276
-, committee to report on, 278
-, a bid for popularity, 279.

list of demands, 278-9
-, asks for new parliament, 297, 312
-, differs from parliament, 311.

opposed to Dutch war, promotes peace mission, 311
-, determination to control Council, 314
-, new members chosen to satisfy, 317
-, will have large measure of control in Council, 318.

in ascendant, in co-operation with navy, 314
-, monthly sum required for, 314
-, taxes appropriated for, 322.

army, Scottish :

parliament army moving against, 9
-, in quarters at home, 18
-, advances to frontier, 20
-, decision to disband, 23
-, disbanding deferred, 26.

measures to prevent invasion by, 40, 58
-, not yet moved, 61-2.

invades England, no opposition, 66, 70, 73
-, Lambert retires before, 72
-, defeat at Preston, 74.

census of men between 16 and 60 for, 151
-, crushed at Dunbar, 157-8
-, strength of, 165.

Arnel, William, murderer of Ascham, 147.

Aros, d'. See Haro.

Arran, island, co. Bute, Scotland, 230.

natives friendly to parliament but little love for Argyle, 236.

arras. See tapestries.

Artan. See Hoxton.

Artema. See Aisema.

-, Anthony, parliament envoy to Spain, at Puerto Sta Maria, 143
-, travels to Madrid, 146
-, murdered there, 147
-, parliament ready to consider accident, 152, 154
-, parliament refuses to receive king's letter of excuse about, 164
-, parliament's dissatisfaction over prevents sending ambassador, 175n, 183
-, Peneguiao recalls fate of, 303.

-, -, murderers of :

in custody, 147
-, take sanctuary, 148
-, question of respecting sanctuary, 149, 152, 154.

Cottington and Hyde defend, 149, 158
-, decision in favour of suspended, 155
-, case against to be resumed, 157
-, to be condemned to death, 164
-, better chances, 170
-, debt to Hyde and Cottington, 171.

position unchanged, 171, 183
-, sanctuary allowed for, 191.

gratitude to Basadonna for refusing to harbour, 191.

Ascu, Aseus. See Ayscue.

Ashburnham, John, accompanies king on flight, 32.

Asius. See Ayscue.

Assembly of Divines, synod, submits catechism for approval, 26.

Attorney General. See Prideaux, Edmund.

Aubonne, baroness. See Mayerne.

Augier, Réné, envoy of parliament to France :

demands restoration of Apollo, 111
-, need of representations to, to prevent help to Turks, 168
-, proposed offices with against helping Turks, 178-9.

-, -, secretary of, Morosini speaks to about granting ships to Turks, 168
-, assurances of, 170.

Augubbio, Captain Carlo d', 47.

Aurely, Colonel, levy for Venice, 54.

-, Archdukes of. See Ferdinand Charles
-, Leopold of the Tyrol
-, Leopold William.

Axtell, Axtel, Daniel, Col., victory near Ross, 210.

Ayscue, Arcus, Ascu, Aseus, Asius, Sir George, reports surrender of Barbadoes, 236.

off Dover, reinforcements for, 261
-, kept back to defend Thames, 263-4
-, strength of squadron, 283.

to take squadron to Mediterranean to protect shipping, 266, 305.

action with Dutch off Plymouth, 279
-, complains of behaviour of merchantmen in, 283
-, junction with Blake, 291.

forwards letter of Peters to parliament, 283.

Azzolini, Decio, papal secretary of state :

pope sends to congregation of Cardinals, 41.