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Pages 359-361

Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 28, 1647-1652. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1927.

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Gaban, Tseppe, arrest of, 189.

Galata, Constantinople, despatch dated at, 258.

-, Johan van, Vangalen, commander of Dutch fleet in the Mediterranean, comes overland to take command, 277
-, victory at Monte Cristo, 280
-, record of, 285.

has authority to withdraw ships from Venetian service, 281, 289, 292
-, but no intention of doing so, 298.

threatens to attack English at Porto Longone, 285
-, blockades English at Leghorn, 289, 295
-, and Porto Longone, 304.

expects to have squadron powerful enough, 292-3
-, sends to Toulon for soldiers, 296
-, resources of, 298-9
-, master of Mediterranean, 300, 304.

friendliness with Grand Duke, 298
-, sails to West, 320
-, still away, 324
-, ships of outsailed, 327.

-, Galilea, Thomas, master of the Relief, engagement to serve Venice, 103
-, hires ship for war, 184
-, captured and sent to galleys, 256, 258.

-, Galves, Galloway, Goline, Ireland, expecting help from duke of Lorraine, 210
-, inclined to parley with Coote, 212
-, raid from punished, 219
-, will treat separately, 221
-, surrenders, 230, 232
-, compact with, 238.

Garland, warship lost in fight at Dungeness, 322.

Garonne, river, France :

parliament ships reported at mouth of, 151.

Garzoni, Paulo, secretary to the Senate, 189.

letters of Basadonna to, 182-3, 188.

Gascoigne, Sir Bernard, resident of Charles in Tuscany, 188n.

sails for Archipelago to help royalist merchants, 161.

-, -, brother in law of, 188.

Gascony, France :

Barriere urges free trade with, 280.

Gassion, Jean de, marshal of France, 48.

reported intrigues with English parliament, 19.

Gaston, duke of Orleans :

meets Charles on return after Worcester, 202
-, suspicious of princes and fears betrayal, 223.

-, Sir John, lord mayor of London, sent to Tower, 23
-, released, 65n.

Gearsey. See Jersey.

Genoa [Prov. Genova, Italy] :

arrangements for receiving Anglo Dutch fleet at, 203
-, ambassador expected from, 254.

van Galen expecting ships from, 292
-, can use ships there, 293
-, ships at volunteer for van Galen, 298.

Gent. See Kent.

-, Gentilot, M., futile mission to England, 176
-, Fleming refers to, 226
-, and Pauluzzi, 29.

arrives in London on fresh mission, 256
-, ordered to depart unless credentials satisfactory, 262.

Germany, empire :

states of recognise parliament, 193
-, Sweden beginning to fear, 264
-, French want to use Denmark for intrigues in, 321.

wealthy Dutch withdraw to because of war, 304.

Protestant Princes of, Swedish army to help, 293.

Germen. See Jermyn.

Gernase. See Guernsey.

Gersei, Gersey, Gerze. See Jersey.

Giavarina, Geronimo, Venetian secretary with the Swiss, despatch to the Senate, 250.

-, Strait of, the Strait, English squadron for, 166n
-, French privateers likely to pass through, 167
-, Dutch propose to send squadron to, 294
-, Dutch have strong forces at, 301, 306
-, Dutch may dispute passage with English, 310.

Gifford, George, English merchant at Zante, 133.

Giovanni, agreement for hire of, 104.

Giustinian, Zustignan, Geronimo, Savio alla Mercanzia, 89.

-, Giovanni, Venetian ambassador in England, Clopton released for, 198.

-, -, Venetian ambassador at Rome, despatch to Senate, 203.

pope expresses fears to, 203-4.

-, Girolamo, Venetian Ambassador in Germany, despatch to the Senate, 265.

-, co. Lanark, Scotland, shouts for king at, 220
-, submits to new government, 222
-, great fire at, 262.

Gloucester, duke of. See Henry.

Goeree, Goire, Goree [Prov. S. Holland, Netherlands], prince's and parliament fleets at, 76-8, 80.

Goline. See Galway.

Gondi, Giovanni Battista, the Bali, letter of, 55.

speaks of recognition of parliament, 193
-, paper from, about English captain, 217
-, says Dutch expecting more ships, 327.

Gonzaga, Charles III, duke of Mantua, marriage, 132n.

-, envoy of the archduke of Innsbruch at Vienna, 116.

-, Lewis, third marquis of Huntly, advances to Chsintor and retires, 205
-, men desert, 207.

Gordons, called on to submit, 104.

Goree. See Goeree.

Gorgona, La, island, Ligurian Sea :

Dutch fleet cruising off, 267
-, attack English ship off, 275
-, English ship captured off, 277.

Gournay, Henry de, seigneur de Marcheville, Marsceville, French ambassador at Porte, English quote case as precedent, 29.

Graham, James, marquis of Montrose, lands in Scotland with force of Danes, 144.

Grand Duke. See Medici, Ferdinand II de', Grand Duke of Tuscany.

-, Charles, parliament envoy to Tuscany, presents credentials at Leghorn, 327
-, character of, 328.

-, co. Kent, army occupies, 12
-, Pauw arrives at, 249
-, troops embarked at for fleet, 259.

Great Alexander of Toulon, captured by Penn, 180n, 183.

Great Britain, one parliament for the whole of, 239.

king of. See Charles I
-, Charles II
-, James I.

queen of. See Henrietta Maria.

Great Sovereign. See Sovereign of the Seas.

-, report brought by, 16
-, spreading heresy at Zante, punished, 177.

Grenouille. See Bellievre, Pierre de, sieur de Grignon.

Greve, —, English colonel, 46.

Grignon, sieur de. See Bellievre, Pierre de.

-, Antonio, Venetian dragoman, disapproval of interfering in English affairs, 19
-, favours Crow, 21.

-, Pier Antonio, of Cephalonia, recognition as consul at Corfu, Cephaliona and Zante, 156
-, superseded, 173.

-, Giovanni Battista, Venetian Captain General at Sea, Lancelot hopes will treat English ships leniently, 14
-, stops Levant Co. ships at Dardenelles, 63.

Grimani, merchantman, Sagredo's goods captured in, 321.

Grodius. See Brodie.

Grotius, —, journey to England, 43.

Gualdo, count Galeazzo, Pauluzzi writes to, for Fleming, 273.

Guernsey, Gernase, Channel Islands :

castle relieved, 77.

-, Cornet castle, summoned, 208.

-, Don Inigo Velez de, count of Oñate, viceroy of Naples, governor of Porto Longone sends to, about van Galen, 285
-, directs Dutch to leave Porto Longone alone, 327
-, deals with Dutch prisoners on Phœnix, 328.

Guienne, France :

Spaniards want English fleet sent to, 155
-, Condé's hold on helps him with English, 234
-, wines of, and England, 240.

Guillim, John, murderer of Ascham, 147.

Guimaraes, Joao de, Portuguese ambassador in England, 225.

stays on after king's execution, 88
-, parliament will only receive as envoy, 168
-, Spanish jealousy about, 169, 171, 184.

Guinea frigate, captured from Rupert, 103.

Gurdschi Mohammed, Grand Vizier of Turkey, move for peace by, 257.

Guther, Thomas, English consul at Venice, 62.

Guzman, Ramiro Nunez de, duke of Medina de las Torres, wants Venice to follow Spain's example about England, 182.

Gyaros, island of,? Carisso, 111.