Venice: May 1520, 1-15

Pages 11-13

Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 3, 1520-1526. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1869.

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May 1520, 1–15

May 1. Sanuto Diaries, v. xxviii. p. 415. 41. Antonio Surian, Venetian Ambassador in England, to the Signory.
The King was firm in his intention of holding the conference with the most Christian King, and preparations were already being made for the journey to Canterbury in order to cross the sea. A rowing pinnace had arrived from Corunna with a secretary [John de la Sauch] from the Emperor, charged to try and prevent the King of England from conferring with the King of France so immediately, and get him to await his Imperial Majesty, who might arrive from hour to hour. Reply of Cardinal Wolsey on behalf of the King, that the matter was already in such a state of forwardness as to forbid any further delay.
The agents of the Kings of France and England were making great preparations for quarters between Guisnes and Ardres, arranging the lists and stages for the spectators of the jousts. All the nobility of the island, including the Duke of Suffolk, were providing themselves with apparel of cloth of gold and of silk to attend these jousts, the proclamation of which Madame Margaret would not allow to be made in Flanders.
Having to incur great expense for his outfit when accompanying the King to this conference, asks the Signory to grant him a few ducats, his Majesty having told him to provide a tent for his dwelling, as no other habitations could be had.
London, 26th April and 1st May.
Registered by Sanuto, 19th May.
May 1. Sanuto Diaries, v. xxviii. p. 429. 42. Antonio Surian, Venetian Ambassador in England, to the Signory.
The King would be at Boulogne on the 27th for the interview with the most Christian King. The Emperor's exertions to prolong the term of no avail.
Dated 1st May. Registered by Sanuto, 24th May.
May 7. Sanuto Diaries, v. xxviii. p. 447. 43. The Same to the Same.
The interview would most certainly take place, and the King cross the sea on the-, although Cardinal Wolsey was somewhat indisposed with colic, and he was to accompany the King. There had been some dispute about the site for the jousts, though all would be arranged. King Henry was sending as ambassador to France an individual [Charles Somerset, Earl of Worcester,] (fn. 1) who had been there heretofore, and was agreeable to King Francis: he would settle everything. At the place appointed for the English quarters 6,000 men were constantly at work for the construction both of habitations and of the lists. With regard to the interview with the Emperor, it seemed to be postponed from day to day, so that the conference with King Francis would take place first.
London, 7th May. Registered by Sanuto, 29th May.
May 8. Sanuto Diaries, v. xxviii. p. 415. 44. Antonio Giustinian, Venetian Ambassador in France, to the Signory.
The King had remained at a place between Blois and Paris, belonging to Mons. de Lautrec, whose marriage was to be celebrated there. Madame [Louise], the King's mother, had bought an emporium of cloths of silk, in which to array the whole Court pompously, for the interview between the King of England and his most Christian Majesty.
Paris, 8th May. Registered by Sanuto, 19th May.
May 10. Sanuto Diaries, v. xxviii. p. 429. 45. The Same to the Same.
The King had departed on his way to the interview with the King of England, and the Queen, Madame [Louise], and the ambassadors were to follow. Nothing was thought of but cloth of gold and finery; so he had been unable to speak to the King, who, together with his Court, were intent solely on bedecking themselves.
Paris, 10th May. Registered by Sanuto, 24th May.
May 15. Deliberazioni Senato Secreta, v. xlviii. p. 119, tergo. 46. Embassy to England.
Motion in the Senate. The nobleman Sebastian Giustinian, knight, having returned from his embassy to England, where he resided during 57 months, and in difficult times, serving with recognised ability, has presented, according to custom, the gold chain given to him by the King of England, which was deposited in the Procurator's office, the gift not having been disposed of in any way, whereas other ambassadors were permitted, some in part and others entirety, to retain the presents made to them, to their no slight satisfaction.
On this account the nobleman aforesaid having recently offered to go as proveditor general to Candia, never shunning toil or danger, however great, provided he act for the public service of his country, and having again intimated his wish to retain the aforesaid royal gift for the sake of doing greater honour to the Signory, and also that it may serve as a memorial for his family and descendants:
Put to the ballot—That the chain delivered by said Sebastian be weighed, and valued accurately; and that he be paid in ready money its real price and value, minus 100 ducats.
Ayes, 91. Noes, 95. Neutrals, 0.
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  • 1. His commission was dated 10 April 1520. See Mr. Brewer's Calendar, vol. iii. no. 738.