Index: A

Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 31, 1657-1659. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1931.

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'Index: A', Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 31, 1657-1659, (London, 1931), pp. 305-311. British History Online [accessed 17 June 2024].

. "Index: A", in Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 31, 1657-1659, (London, 1931) 305-311. British History Online, accessed June 17, 2024,

. "Index: A", Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 31, 1657-1659, (London, 1931). 305-311. British History Online. Web. 17 June 2024,


Abbeville [Somme, France], despatch dated at, 197.

Achincurt, marshal d'. See Monchy, Charles de, marechal d'Hocquincourt.

Act of Oblivion, violated by decree of Council against royalists, 4, 6.

Admiralty, commissioners of, ordered to report on finances, 292; report referred to Committee, 295.

Admiralty Court:
-, case of seized Dutch ship referred to, 74.
-, claims that Dutch prizes should be handed to them, 149; Melo denounces pretensions of, 151.

Adrianople [Turkish Empire]:
-, despatches dated at, 167, 171, 187, 190, 198.
-, Sultan going to, to stimulate activity, 148; Bendish arrives at, 187; he has audience of Vizier and Sultan at, 189; object of his visit to, 190; severity of Vizier's orders at, 279.

Adventure, state ship, in squadron blockading Dunkirk, 43n.

Aga from Algiers, 67.
-, has audience of Cromwell, present of, 54; ill in bed, 58, 61.
-, only come on mercantile affairs, 55, 58, 61; will be sent back with stiff answer, 67; leaves with satisfactory reply, 79.

agents. See under ambassadors.

Agostini, Girolamo, Venetian Resident in England, buried in St. Bartholomew's, Smithfield, 84n.

Albania, Turkish preparations to invade, 153.

Albanian captain, in Venetian service, landed by Rand at Leghorn, 258.

Aldeburgh, co. Norfolk, Maidstone puts in at, with Newbury and Essex, 283n.

Alexander VII [Fabio Chigi], pope:
-, Lockhart's tirade against, with threats, 183–4; reference to alarm about English proceedings, 241; paper of against Mazarin for English alliance, 247, 275.
-, English merchants rail against for denial of justice about a prize, 275.
-, bitter feeling of English government against, 275; supporting policy of emperor in the Sound, 288.

Alexandria, Egypt, Eastland Merchant captured off, 141n.

Alexius, Tsar of Muscovy, Grand Duke of Muscovy:
-, proposed mission to, to prevent impeding Sweden, 34; Bradshaw's mission to, 90; history of, 205; mission suspended, 212.
-, Cromwell treating with about whale fishery, 150.
-, makes peace with Sweden, 212.

Alfonso VI, king of Portugal:
-, has enough ships of war to face Spaniards, 108; has no fear of Dutch, 109; Melo wants English squadron for, to drive off Dutch, 118.
-, Dutch hope to find ready to satisfy them about Brazil, 109; talk of open rupture with States, 132; Dutch publish war with, 134.
-, Melo pressing for levies for, 125; Melo asks Cromwell's mediation for, with Dutch, 146; wants adjustment to be solely by mediators, 149.
-, English merchants want letters of marque from, against Dutch, 146; releases Dutch ships and goods seized, 177.
-, proposed adjustment with Dutch, 232; got ambassador to perform formalities in England, 264.

Algiers [Algeria, N. Africa]:
-, Aga from sees Cromwell, 54, 58; present of animals from, 67; treaty made with, 180.
-, Venetian victory over squadron from, 61, 80.
-, complaint against English consul and slaves of nation escaping, 67; Englishman helped Spaniard at, to escape, 79.
-, success of Ruyter against pirates of, 119.
-, English would like to see destruction of, if did not irritate Turk, 138; fleet easily made agreement with, 200; agreement with, 249; breach of agreement, traders captured and consul imprisoned, 289.
-, English consul at. See Browne, Robert.

-, See also Barbary.

Allanson, —, gentleman of Salop, committed to Tower, 105.

Allen, Oliver, pardoned, 224.

ambassadors, agents, commissioners, envoys, foreign ministers, papal nuncios, residents, secretaries:
-, Lockhart should receive higher salary as, 15; revenue required for, 33.
-, recognition of Cromwell by, 23, 23, 35–6; no court has so many as English, 80.
-, questions of precedence between, 23, 25, 82–3, 93, 269.
-, English and relations with Cardinals, 25; invited to Cromwell's institution, 82; waiting Bordeaux's lead about congratulations, 83.
-, native Catholics to be stopped attending chapels of, 38, 90.
-, Nieuport informs of adjustment with France, 76; informed of Venetian victory over Algerians, 80.
-, burial place of at St. Bartholomew's, Smithfield, 84n.
-, presents to, 79, 93, 134–5, 268; Dutch not allowed to take, 134.
-, Melo informs of arrival and entry, 180; Eilenburg takes leave of, 135.
-, Cromwell has no time to give audience to, 118, 159, 166, 169, 192; all have suffered robbery in London, at some time, 120; audience given to several, 122.
-, no respect shown for in England, 139.
-, proceed with caution about celebrating Christmas, 150; many leave London for pleasure or waters,_226.
-, difficulty of seeing either Cromwell or Thurloe 200–1; distressed at Cromwell's absence from London, 225.
-, Crequy had no correspondence with 217; communicate business to Thurloe as cannot see Cromwell, 229; minister of Hamburg does not visit, 231.
-, informed of Cromwell's death and accession, 242; usual formalities expected of, 243, 246, 263; duties performed by ordinary ministers, 272.
-, must have new credentials for Richard, 242, 247; waiting for them, 246; waiting to present, 262.
-, will all wear mourning, 243, 246; invited to funeral, particulars of attendance, 269.

-, names of:

Algiers to England. See Aga from Algiers.

Brandenburg to England. See Schlezer, Johan Frederick.

Bremen to England. See under Bremen.

Queen Christina to England. See Passerini, Filippo.

Courland to England. See Strauss, Elias; Struch, Rudolph von.

Danish to England. See Petkum, Simon de; Rantzou, Christian, count of; Rosenwing, Henry Wishelme.

Danzig to England. See Wustenhoff, George.

Danzig to the Netherlands. See Wustenhoff, George.

Dutch to England. See Nieuport, Willem.

Dutch to France. See Boreel, William.

Dutch at the Porte. See Warnerus, Levinus.

English to Denmark. See Meadowe, Philip.

English to the Emperor. See English envoy.

English to France. See Bellasis, Thomas, lord Faucomberg; Lockhart, Sir William.

English to Germany. See Jephson, William; Meadowe, Philip.

English at Hamburg. See Bradshaw, Richard.

English to Muscovy. See Bradshaw, Richard.

English in the Netherlands. See Downing, George; Meadowe, Philip.

English at the Porte. See Bendish, Sir Thomas.

English to Savoy. See Morland, Samuel.

English to Sweden. See Jephson, Col. William.

English at Zurich. See Pell, John.

Florida to England. See under Florida.

French to England. See Angennes, Jean, marquis Pougny; Bastide, M. de la; Blanchefort, Charles de, due de Crequi; Bordeaux, Antoine de; Clerville, Louis Nicolas de, comte de Clerville; Grammont, Philibert; Mancini, Philippe.

French in the Netherlands. See Thou, Jacques Auguste de.

French at the Porte. See Haye, M. de la; Meaux, M. de.

French at Venice. See Besancon, Bernard de, seigneur du Plessis.

Genoa to England. See Bernardi, Francesco.

Hamburg to England. See Petersssen, Hans; Schulten, Johan.

Hanse to England. See Schulten, Johan.

Holstein to England. See Kilman.

Imperial to Sweden. See Lisola, Francis Paul freiherr von.

Palatine to England. See Eilenburg, George Frederick baron of.

papal nuncio in France. See Bagni, Niccolo.

papal nuncio in Germany. See Sanfelici, Giuseppe Maria.

Poland to England. See Pinocci, Girolamo.

Poland to Germany. See Masini.

Portugal to England. See Melo, Francesco de; Rebello, Francesco Ferrero.

Portugal to the Netherlands. See Faro, Fernando de.

Savoy to France. See Rovere, Abbé de la.

Spain to England. See Cardenas, Alonso de.

Spain to Germany. See Bracamonte, Gaspard de, count of Peñaranda; Tello de Guzman, Gaspard, marquis of La Fuente.

Spain to Netherlands. See Gamarra Estevan de.

Sweden to England. See Barkman, John; Duval, Sir Gustavus; Fleetwood, George; Frisendorff, Johan Frederick von; Potter, Joachim; Pryttz, J. See also Sweden, ministers of.

Sweden to France. See Tot, Count.

Tuscan to England. See Salvetti, Amerigo; Salvetti, Giovanni Anterminelli.

Venetian to England. See Agostini, Girolamo; Giavarina, Francesco; Sagredo, Giovanni.

Venetian to Florence. See Vico, Thadio.

Venetian to France. See Giustinian, Francesco; Sagredo, Giovanni.

Venetian in Germany. See Giavarina, Girolamo; Molin, Alvise; Nani, Gio. Battista.

Venetian at the Porte. See Ballarino, Gio. Battista.

Venetian at Rome. See Corraro, Anzolo.

Venetian to Spain. See Zane, Domenico.

Venetian at Zurich. See Giavarina, Girolamo; Negri, Antonio di; Sarotti, Paolo.

Amicitia. See Friendship.

Amiens [Somme, France]:
-, despatches dated at, 61, 191, 193.
-, king proceeds to, with Mazarin, 58.

Amsterdam [Prov. N. Holland, Netherlands]:
-, sends for and acclaims Gamarra, 10; ambassador from Poland at, 297.
-, ship of, captured off Cadiz with Spanish sailors and treasure, 81, 95; ships reach, with treasure, 94–5, 99.
-, war with Portugal published at, 134.
-, bribe for Ostend paid into bank at, 199.
-, arsenal at busy equipping ships, 293.

Anabaptists, complicity in conspiracy, 45; regiments purged of, 170; might oppose Cromwell's coronation, but become very feeble, 228; make trouble in army over colonelship of Montagu, 254; Fleetwood is one, 255.

Angel, Angelo, English merchantman:
-, capture by Venetian squadron, release ordered, 207; Turks on offered fight, 209; bitter feeling of merchant about, 218; Giavarina tries to assuage, 221; English keeping quiet about, 227.
-, Turkish slaves taken on, 234; Venice denies that any, 240; Turkish property on seized, 281.
-, escapes from fleet to Leghorn, 254; Armeno to take information about, 256; Venetian crew landed from, at Leghorn, 258.
-, report of Armeno on, 260; representations to Protector, 267, 276, 281–2.
-, Algerian reprisals on English because of, 289.

Angel, Ayscue to leave for Sound with, 284n.

Angennes, Jean, marquis of Pougny, French ambassador in England, buried in St. Bartholomew's, Smithfield, 84n.

animals, present of for Cromwell, from Algiers, 58, 67.

Anjou, duke of. See Philip, brother of Louis XIV.

Anne, sent with supplies to Blake, 7n.

Anne, Queen Mother of France, Faucomberg received by, 212; Lockhart presents fresh credentials to, 257.

Anslo. See Onslow.

Antwerp [Prov. Antwerp, Belgium]:
-, letters sent via, 242; letters for held up by bad weather, 279.
-, Charles goes to, to raise money, 2; York expected at, 15; Charles leaves for Breda, 244; Charles returns to, 246.
-, chapter of Garter held at, 180n.
-, will suffer from prohibition of trade with England, 181; Aumont taken prisoner to, 199.

Arcurt. See Lorraine, François de, prince of Harcourt.

Argentiera, la Argenteria. See Kimolo.

Argoo, Tuscan port, Eastland Merchant carried into, 141.

Armada, defeat of referred to, 64.

Armenians, merchants at Constantinople, 279.

Armeno, Armano, Giuseppe, Venetian Consul at Leghorn, 273.
-, despatches to the Senate, 227, 250, 254, 258, 262.
-, letter to the Resident Vico, 209; letters quoted, 236, 273, 278, 281–2.
-, instructions to, 238, 256.
-, to send soldiers from Angel to Zante and take information, 256; report about Angel, 260; says hope of release of captain, 267; said soldiers sent to London, 278.

Armentières, Armantieres [Nord, France], besieged, 249, 253.

army, military, soldiers, troops:
-, 1657:
-,-, officers of guard concerned in Sindercomb conspiracy, 11; disaffection rife among officers, danger to Cromwell, 12; may go over to Charles, 43; reported ready to make advances to Charles, 45.
-,-, officers meet to discuss how to prevent change of government, 23; deputation to Cromwell against change, 27; dashed by answer, 28.
-,-, question of appointing general of, in Cromwell's place, 27; parliament's decision upon control of, 33.
-,-, appropriation of money for, 33; Cromwell asks increased grant for, 48; Cromwell owed present post to, 62.
-,-, troops sent to coast to prevent landing, 33.
-,-, fresh levies to increase by 10,000 men, 34; to add 1000 to each regiment, 46; daily desertions from new troops, 54.
-,-, officers meditating how to make change of rule ineffectual, 35; Cromwell will try to win or divide, 36; he is unwilling to take crown in despite of, 44, 56; stirred up by Lambert, 155.
-,-, petition parliament not to make Cromwell king, 55; threat to abandon Cromwell, 56; parliament gives way to opposition of, 59; propose to prosecute proposer of royal dignity, 60.
-,-, unlikely to put obstacles in way of new order, 59; proposes to form body to treat with parliament, 60.
-,-, petitions for another general in Cromwell's place, 60; Cromwell would never consent to give up command, 60.
-,-, fear that mention of House of Lords may upset, 71; Cromwell accuses parliament, of trying to pervert, 165.
-,-, little inclination to serve in France, 75; more regiments to go to reinforce those in France, 112.
-,-, Lambert deprived of position in, 88; three colonels resign, 89; proposal to make Fleetwood, lieut-general of, 92; officers anxious to do something for Lambert, 96; Lambert may regain popularity with, by opposing royal title, 103.
-,-, Cromwell grants Sweden 2000 foot from men quartered about London, all seasoned troops, 110; regiments mustered, 10 men from each company selected to go, 113; return in terrible state, 146.
-,-, musketeers used for collection of taxes, 130; libels distributed among, 165, 168, 171.
-,-, recruiting to fill up gaps, 20 for each company, 141; few men offer, 152; dislike of foreign service, 152.
-, 1658:
-,-, coast towns garrisoned, order for general muster, 152; large number of troops brought into London, 166; troops from Scotland and Ireland brought to England, 168.
-,-, parliament claimed to take out of Protector's hands, 167; feeling against Cromwell growing in, 175; Cromwell receives protests of loyalty from, 191.
-,-, officers changed and dismissed, 168; regiments purged of Anabaptists, 170; remonstrates against cashiering of officers, who are reinstated, 175.
-,-, regiments in city kept in readiness to check disturbances, 172; regiments in Scotland protest loyalty, 177.
-,-, constant reviews, 172; Cromwell reviews 12,000 men, 182.
-,-, pay in arrear, loan used for, 175; proposal for Cromwell to place himself at head of and be acclaimed king or emperor, 176; plan considered too arbitrary, 189.
-,-, Cromwell warns commanders of, of danger of invasion, 178.
-,-, dislike of night searches by soldiers, 181; troops paraded about London for two days, 202.
-,-, left without regular pay for five months, 205, 244; parliament needed to grant money for, 226.
-,-, those who objected to royal title sent to Flanders, 228; Cromwell's sons not popular with, 239; protests devotion to Richard, 248, 251, 254.
-,-, all money in exchequer likely to be exhausted in paying, 244; payment likely to have soothed malcontents, 259.
-,-, question of Richard retaining generalship, 254, 257, 261; opinion divided about, 255; conventicles of dissatisfied officers continue, 257; less frequent, 259, 261.
-,-, officers take umbrage at appointment of Montagu as colonel, 254; Richard follows to Fleetwood's house and rates, 255; Richard silences malcontents by representations and threats, 259.
-,-, review of cavalry and infantry, 255; officers in London take part in fast, 277, 280.
-,-, Henry more popular with than Richard, 257; Richard determined not to give way about generalship of, 261, 283; petition to deprive Richard of generalship, 292.
-, 1659:
-,-, affair of certain officers will be revived with opening of parliament, 283; Richard asks parliament for money to pay, 288.
-,-, parliament orders report on finances, 290; report on accounts of referred to committee, 295.
-,-, Richard sings praises of, 288; Richard not certain of support of lower officers and privates, 292.
-,-, parliament may deprive Richard of control of, 293; parliament reserves interest of, to self, 296.

army, expeditionary force:
-, troops ready to be sent, 49; review postponed, 50; review held, 54; uniform of, 58; poor pay from French, 97.
-, Reynolds to command, 49, 51; Lockhart expected to have command in, 52.
-, picked men, 51; like to serve for some considerable enterprise, 52; reach France safely, well received, 57, 60, 67.
-, marched to place of embarcation, constant desertions from, 54; Lockhart goes to meet at landing at Calais, 55, 58; Charles hopes to increase forces by desertions from, 56; desertions to Spaniards, regiments much reduced, 70, 75, 97.
-, Louis goes to coast to see, 58, 67; to garrison Mardike, 121; quarters bare and bleak, 122.
-, Bordeaux asks may be reinforced, 67; reinforcements embarked, more to go, 114; more reinforcements, 128.
-, French will furnish supplies for, 112; clothes and provisions embarked for, 122, 125.
-, move on Gravelines, but repulsed, 122; losses at Ostend, 199.
-, recruitment for, but service shunned, 125; sickness among, many die, 126, 155.
-, busy fortifying Mardike, 126; defence of Mardike against night attack, slight loss, 126, 130; saved by French, as do not understand defence, 131.
-, troops in garrison at Mardick, 155; 300 sent to reinforce, 185, 189; strong reinforcements sent from London, 194, 200; Cromwell suppressed news of Ostend fiasco in order not to discourage, 197.
-, Lockhart passed to and fro from, 197; command likely to be given to Lockhart, as all the soldiers want him, 200.
-, 1000 picked men sent to Mardick, 203; further reinforcements for, 211, 222, 231, 239.
-, French king visits to rouse enthusiasm, 204.
-, saves French from defeat by sortie from Dunkirk, 211; takes fort Leon, 214, 216.
-, at battle of Dunes, quarter refused to Spaniards, 212; attack of, 213; losses, all officers killed, 214.
-, garrisoning of Dunkirk by, 219, 231; Lockhart's strict discipline with, 222; sickness rife among, at Dunkirk, 236; many die, 239; troops sent to Dunkirk, 252.
-, losses before Gravelines, 236, 239; Gravelines hard pressed by, 238; gallantry at Ypres, 253.
-, time come for rest and refreshing of, 253; whole regiment of brought back to London, 286.
-, 200 recruits surprised and cut up near Mardick, 260.

Arnoldo, Chevalier Sasi, attack on Jamaica under, 253n.

Arrison. See Harrison.

Arscott, Arthur, sent to Tower, 265.

Arson, Arzon, —, banker, 240.
-, fails in Paris, attempt to recover debts of, 233, 239; had credits in London, 234; claims of Giustinian against, 239; proceedings against, 241, 244, 252, 258, 272.

Aschiu, Aschue. See Ayscue.

Ashton, Col. Edward, execution of, 224.

Assistance, state ship, Jephson and Meadowe travel by, 107n.

Astley, William, of Staffs, committed to Tower, 105.

Audenarde, Odenarde [Prov. E. Flanders, Belgium], taken by French, 246.

Aumont, Antoine d', marshal of France, Marshal d'Omont, d' Ormont:
-, arrives at Mardick and leaves for surprise of Ostend, 195; surprised and captured, 196; expected at Antwerp, ransom of, 199.
-, sailors lent to, for landing, 199; Mazarin ordered not to employ English to garrison Ostend, 204.

Austria, Archduke of. See Leopold.

-, Don John of. See John, Don.

Austria, House of:
-, object of Anglo French negotiations to abuse, 7; desire of England, France and Sweden to destroy, 98.
-, devotion of English Catholics to, 72.
-, Jepson's negotiations will be directed against, 98; Cromwell wants Sweden and Denmark to act together against, 107.
-, union of Brandenburg with causes jealously to Protestants, 153; Sweden promised English alliance against, 204; Sweden threatens to make peace with, if not helped, 205.
-, emperor's election regretted because of dislike of, 232; would suffer from capture of Spanish treasure fleet, 260.
-, fleet sent to thwart intrigues over Baltic, 266; Richard enlarges on power of, 288; imperial policy to place Brandenburg at mercy of, 301.

Austrian, junction of forces with King Casimir, 98.

Ayscue, Aschiu, Aschue, Sir George:
-, considered as successor to Blake, 70; unlikely to take post, 102.
-, Swedish ministers trying to secure, to command fleet, 233; engaged by them, 260.
-, starting for Baltic, taking experienced officers, 260; sails with English fleet, 267; returns in Essex, 283.
-, ordered to leave for Sound with two or three ships, 284; will be going with his squadron, 302.