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Pages 394-396

Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 31, 1657-1659. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1931.

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Wale, John di, trading at Venice, 244.

-, order for fasts in, 105, 277, 282.
-, writs for elections in despatched, 280.

Walker, Walter, commissioner to treat with Swedes, 66n.

war, the first Dutch, commissioners to settle question of losses through Swedish subjects, 143; sum due by Swedes to England for damage during, 170.

war of Candia, war against the Turk:
-, Venice wants English levies for, 156; enables Bendish to take a high tone, 190.
-, Turks hope will last for ever, 190.

war with Spain:
-, question of raising money for, 1, 4; tax of 120,000 a month to be devoted to, 17; tax decreed for, 18.
-, busy preparations for coming campaign, 2; energetic prosecution of shows no idea for peace, 39.
-, trade interrupted by, 174; a gold mine to the Dutch, who bring fruits etc. from Spain, 271.
-, parliament wanted to provide money for, 261; parliament asked to vote supplies for, 288; calamity for English people, 297.

war between Sweden and Denmark, parliament desires information about, 295.

Warnerus, Levinus, Dutch resident at the Porte, Vizier protests to about giving Venice benefit of ships, 171.

Warwick, earl of. See Rich, Robert.

Wassenar, Jacques de, sieur d'Opdam, Dutch Admiral:
-, commanded Dutch fleet at action in Sound, 265n; to return to winter in Holland after throwing succour into Copenhagen, 267; letters with account of action, 269–70.
-, ordered to hand over to Danes all prisoners and ships taken, 270; to stay on at Copenhagen, 276; reinforcements for countermanded, 277.

Wastenhoff. See Wustenhoff.

watermen, boatmen, Thames, pressed for navy, 75, 216.

-, very heavy rains, 106.
-, violent winds, many wrecks, 143.
-, excessive rainfall, 147; bitter cold, 155, 169, 195, 197, 272, 274; heavy snowfall, 158; floods from melting of snow, 182; Thames frozen over, 274.
-, fierce storm drives back fleet for Baltic, 267, 302; fleet suffers from severe storms, 282; and cold, 283.
-, despatches delayed by, 276, 279, 281–2, 284.
-, instability of, 280; prevalence of very bad, 286.

Weiten. See Witte Wittenszoon.

West Indies. See Indies, West.

Westminster, 158.
-, letters dated at, 119, 124.
-, Cromwell at, to give assent to bills, 71; investiture of Cromwell at, 82; attendance of foreign ministers at, 83.
-, fast celebrated in because of epidemic, 105n.
-, Melo entertained and defrayed at, 108.
-, parliamentarians left ruefully, 167.
-, High Court of Justice sits at, 208; Richard Cromwell proclaimed in, 242; he proceeds to, to open parliament, 287.

-, Abbey, Blake buried in, 110–1; Cromwell's effigy conveyed to, 268.

Westphalia [German Empire], Barkman will travel through, 98.

whale fishery, Cromwell treating with Muscovy about company for, capital offered, 150.

Whetstone, John, sent to Toulon with squadron, 225.

White, Veit, Lt. Col. Francis, sent over to Flanders, 122; asked leave to return for winter, 143; drowned in returning, 143.

-, Colonel John, sent to Tower, 171.

Whitehall. See under London.

Whitelocke, Vitlock, Vittlock, Bulstrode, member of Council:
-, chosen to take Speaker's place, 15; Pack informs of proposal, 22.
-, letters from Queen of Sweden for, 156; present at Passerini's interview with Cromwell, 158; made commissioner of the great seal, 288–9.

Widdrington, Sir Thomas, the Speaker:
-, parliament adjourned because of illness, 9; recovered and sittings resumed, 11.
-, seriously injured in Whitehall accident, 14.
-, Whitelock to act as substitute for, 15; speech on offering crown to Cromwell, 37; speech introducing humble petition and advice, 62; assists at Cromwell's investiture, 82.

Wight, isle of, co. Hants, Dutch ship stopped at, restitution asked, 74; Harrison exiled to, 285.

William, with supplies for Jamaica, taken by Dunkirkers, 17n.

Windsor, co. Berks, castle, arrested priests sent to, 144n, 147; Buckingham relegated to, 296.

-, present of Tuscan to Cromwell from Grand Duke, 58.
-, Cromwell dare not touch, 58.
-, duties exacted on, in storage, 85.

Witte Wittenszoon, Weiten, Dutch Vice Admiral, killed at battle in Sound, 269, 270.

women, taking great part in negotiations in France, 193.

Woolwich, co. Kent, Richard built at, 209n.

Worcester, co. Worcester, battle of, annual thanksgiving for, 108; Cromwell died on anniversary, 242.

Wustenhoff, Wastenhoff, Cavalier George, resident of Danzig at the Hague, coming to London, about Baltic trade, 233; attended Cromwell's funeral, 269; performed formalities on change of ruler, 272.