Index: I

Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 32, 1659-1661. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1931.

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'Index: I', in Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 32, 1659-1661, (London, 1931) pp. 360-361. British History Online [accessed 1 March 2024]

Index I I Ider. See Hyde. Inchiquin, lord. See O'Brien, Murrough. Indemnity, bill of, act of pardon, bill of amnesty: recommended to lords, 158; parliament busy with, 161, 163; many amendments, 167, 170; passed Commons, 179. king urges despatch with, 163; repeats instances, 1823, 187. lords will discuss at length, 170; lords add to exceptions in, 179; lords spend week over, 183. Haselrig and Vane excepted in, 173; regicides who gave themselves up promised share in, 209. people longing for, 179, 183, 187, 193. Houses disputing over, 184, 190; lords send back to Commons with amendments, 187. conference between Houses upon, 190, 193; passed, royal assent to, 193. king requires deserving persons to be chosen for city council to take place of those deposed by, 203. parliament appoints committee to deal with those who gave themselves up under, 218. Independents, at one with royalists and Presbyterians in desiring restoration, 51; Heselrig belongs to, 173. Indies, 210. Spain becomes formidable again, with treasure from, 25; Spain would recover with Portugal, 267. ten ships leave Cadiz for, 98; trade of suffered from war with England, 181. York offered command of Spanish fleets in, 129. Mello points to advantage of trade in, 197; Mello offers great advantages in, 262, 292. Dutch and Danes bring goods to England from, 199. ships arming to be sent to, 246; ships sent to with materials and provisions for Jamaica, 250; Portugal may pay in commodities from, 263. -, East: dowry in, offered with Portuguese Infanta, 194, 2534. English claim part of Brazil and Tercere islands in exchange for, 254. supposed English squadron may be going to, 266, 272, 274, 277. English offer mediation between Dutch and Portuguese in, 282. -, West, Spanish prisoners in, to be released, 25. Ingeham, Thomas, arrested for preparing petition, 114. Ingoldsby, Col. Henry, secured Windsor castle for parliament, 107. -, Col. Richard, captured Lambert, 141. Inquisition, English not conceded immunity from, 8; opposes Rupert having Spanish admiralship, 258. Interest, act limiting rates of, 193. Ionian Islands, Levant Islands, Zante Frigate going to, for currants, 144; Frigate Madonna asks leave to go to for currants, 302. -, See also Cephalonia; Zante. Ireland, 21. parliament allows votes of members from, 1; all not going well in, 25, 40; no certainty about, 30, 39. plight of army in, for lack of pay, 6; Henry summons officers of, to their posts, 26. Charles promises to invest Cond with, in return for help, 23; royalists abound in, 53. Henry enjoins obedience to Protector in, 28; Henry sends to report to parliament on, 33. parliament sending commissioners to, 28, 33, 46; Henry resigns government to them, 42. disturbances in, royalists increasing, 35; complete tranquillity reported in, 39; Henry reports state of, to parliament, 46. parliament waiting for open declaration from, 35; Ludlow sent to, as lieutenant general, 46; Chester important because of, 53. sentiments of English army communicated to army in, 84; representative of, on committee for government, 94; officers come from for general council, 102. declaration in favour of parliament uncertain, 112; all counties of declare for free parliament, 126. parliament orders enquiry concerning rebellion in, 131; squadron sent to clear coasts of pirates, 137. report that Charles proclaimed in, 132; not so, but convention in to decide course, 134. claim for separate parliament, 134; Ormond restored to lands and possessions in, 183. proclamation against rebels in, 159; king wishes to eliminate remainder of Cromwellians from, 193. militia in placed in faithful hands, 184; king anxious to restore ancient government of, 194; declaration for settlement of property in, 231. Cromwell stripped all royalists in, of goods, 231; Mello asked leave to raise levies in, 301. fast in memory of Charles I proclaimed in, 245; parliament deliberating on what best for, 305. army of. See under army. commissioners for. See under commissioners. -, lord deputy of. See Cromwell, Henry; Monk, George; Robartes, John lord. -, parliament of. See under parliament. Ireton, Henry, charge of treason preparing against, 148; body disinterred and hanged at Tyburn, 226, 246. -, Alderman John, Lord Mayor of London: a creature of the parliament, 54; informing them of council's intention to declare for free parliament, 57; universally detested, 71. parliament resolves shall continue in office another year, 70; council protests against, 72; parliament gives way about, 74. Irish: levy of, promised against Portugal, 193. lords, advanced in peerage, 202. king has 2,500 in Dunkirk as Catholic garrison, 247; Spaniards permitted regiments of, to proceed to Dunkirk, 264. Isaacson, Anthony, secretary to the Ambassador Winchelsea, sent to Ballarino to apologise about use of ships, asks for passport, 251; promises that England will not deceive about mediation, 257. Isabella, daughter of Gaston of Orleans, 196n. Italy, 243. letters from arrive regularly, 120; abbot Aubigny sends to de Retz in, 248. orders to ports of, from England, 178; marts of, scarcely affected by Navigation Act, 199. all goods from, brought by English ships, 199. mission of Bristol to, 248, 259, 274, 281, 293. Salviati returning direct to, 273; Spaniards would contribute to dowry if Charles married princess of, 276.