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Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 32, 1659-1661. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1931.

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Talbot, Colonel, 28.
-, sent to oppose Monk, 86, 89.

-, -, Edmund, sent by Henry Cromwell to parliament, 33.

-, Father Pierre, a Jesuit, sent to England to sound about peace, 28; acting incognito for Spain, 31.

Tangier, Tanger [Morocco, N. Africa], offered by Portugal to England, 253; English fleet to visit, 300; Peterborough appointed governor of, 304.

-, governor of. See Mordaunt, Henry, earl of Peterborough.

Tantallon castle, co. Haddington, Scotland, Monk removes imprisoned officers from, 92.

Tasca, Paris, Venetian consul at Genoa, despatches to the Senate, 49, 160, 162, 234, 247, 263, 276, 281, 285, 308.

-, parliament passes bills for, with additions, 38; people unable to bear more, 50.
-, people incensed by and refuse to pay, 46, 50; new will cause great commotion, 70.
-, declaration of rebels denouncing illegal, 58; rebels burning books for, 59.
-, parliament imposing, of 100,000l. a month, 70, 113; parliament decrees none to be levied without their consent, 81; council of officers annuls order about, 89.
-, country will not pay any more, 94, 1156, 120; refuses to pay by virtue of last act, 97.
-, for 70,000l. a month, confirmed by Charles, 158.
-, poll tax under discussion, 184; act passed for, 194; parliament pushes on with, 195; activity in collection, 202; particulars of, 211, 213; money comes in slowly, 214; penalities to enforce payment, 218.
-, extra to pay for disbanding army and navy, 199; new tax of 70,000l. a month, 218.
-, amount of extraordinary, makes time unpropitious for collection, 206; bill for collecting arrears of, 237.
-, poll tax generally accepted by people, probable amount realised, 213; Venice to consider possible use of, 219; proved insufficient for disbanding, 223.

-, See also customs; excise.

Teddeman, Thomas, commander of the Tredagh, 194n.

Telles, Don Fernando, de Faro, Portuguese ambassador in the Netherlands, deserts his post, 32.

Terceire, Tercere [Azores], English claim for Infanta's dowry, 254.

Terlon, Hugues, chevalier de, French ambassador to Denmark:
-, insists on separating Denmark from emperor, 49; helps to establish truce with Denmark and Sweden, 55; refuses to co-operate with Dutch to compel kings to peace, 64; holding back, unwilling to force king against his will, 82.
-, continues to urge Denmark to pursue peace negotiations with Sweden, 812; English commissioners set out to see, 90.
-, said to favour Sweden, 145; dissensions with Dutch, 150.
-, accuses Ruyter of breaking truce, 150; complains of Ruyter and Dutch deputies, 160.

Terra Firma. See Spanish Main.

Thames, River:
-, Lawson brings fleet into, 105, 107; ships in fire guns, for king's return, 143.
-, Montagu weather bound in, 130, 135, 137; king takes great pleasure in, 208.

Thiepolo, Tiepolo, Lorenzo, 288.
-, arrives in London from Paris, 277; made worthy appearance at coronation, 287; leaves London to return home, 293; patriotism commended, 294; Correr and Morosini met at Cologne, 308.

-, Marin, 277, 308.

Thompson, Sir William, a Presbyterian, returned to parliament for London, 272.

Thou, Jacques Auguste de, President di Tun, French ambassador in the Netherlands:
-, suggests mediation between the northern kings, 2; working for adjustment between northern kings, 15; form of reconciliation devised by, 30.
-, congratulates Charles on restoration, 149; Charles treated very badly, 167.

Thurloe, Turloe, John, secretary of state:
-, charges of parliament against, 13; base behaviour to Richard, 178.
-, expelled from office, 22; opposition in parliament to pardon for, has no friends, 38; responsible for many deaths, 148.
-, ministers abroad all creatures of, 38; Morland a favourite of, 151.
-, accused of high treason, 148; arrest ordered, but not found, 149.

Tiepolo. See Thiepolo.

tin, monopoly of, secured by Fascol in name of Bendish, 123.

tobacco, exported from Spain to England, 4.

Toledo, Antonio Sebastiano de, marquis of Mancera, Spanish ambassador at Venice, remark to Cornaro quoted, 221.

Tomlinson, Col. Matthew, chosen commissioner for Ireland, 28, 33; arrested, 107n.

Tonbridge, co. Kent, royalist gentry captured at, 53n.

Toulon [Var, France], Louis busily arming at, 127.

Toulouse [Haute Garonne, France], despatches dated at, 78, 93, 96.

Tour d'Auvergne, Henri de la, vicomte de Turenne, marshal of France, Charles treating with, to engage for service, 85; some talk of serving Charles for invasion of England, 96; intended embassy to England, stayed, 169.

Tower. See London, places in and near.

-, English not inclined to lose Portuguese, 197; disbanded soldiers allowed to practise any, in any town, 199, 202.
-, Navigation Act will increase English, 200; merchants fear loss of valuable Spanish, by war, 295.

-, See also Cephalonia; coal; currants; East India Co.; figs; Greenland; herring fishery; Ionian Islands; Leghorn; Levant; Levant Co.; merchants; Mexico; oil; salt; silk; steel; sugar; tin; tobacco; West India Co.; wheat; wine; wool; Zante.

-, Council of:

intention to set up, 200; set up by parliament, 227; Giavarina to watch closely and report on, 236.

decides to arm 23 ships of war, 246; studying to deprive Dutch of herring fishery, 274.

traders. See merchants.

trained bands. See militia, the London.

Treasurer, the lord. See Wriothesley, Thomas, earl of Southampton.

Tredagh, royal navy, Lord Inchiquin returns in, 194.

Trento, Trent [Italy], 307.
-, despatch dated at, 303.

Treves [German Empire], archbishop elector of. See Leyen, Carl Caspar von der.

Trinity House, Hobson appointed consul by, 221.

Tripoli [N. Africa], claims right to search English ships, 246; Cromwell said to have made shameful pact with, 266.

-, See also Barbary.

Trondjhem, Dronten, Norway, Dutch want as pledge from Denmark, 144.

troops. See army.

Tun, President di. See Thou, Jacques Auguste de.

Tunis, N. Africa:
-, Angel on way to, when seized, 2323; claim right of searching English ships, 246.
-, Winchelsea at, but fails to obtain release of slaves, 250; Vizier promises to have captains of put in chains, till satisfy English, 268.
-, Cromwell said to have made shameful pact with, 266; Riley captured by squadron of and put to ransom, 281.

-, See also Barbary.

Turenne, vicomte de. See Tour d' Auvergne, Henri de la.

Turkey, Ottomans:
-, Bendish proposing exclusion of French goods from, 124, 154.
-, Venice standing alone against, 156; Venetian interests in entrusted to French ambassador, 257.
-, need of union of Christendom to reduce power of, 295; princes of Germany disposed to unite against, 308.

-, Caimecam, 154.

-, Elemino Grande, 251.

-, Emino, 19.

-, Grand Vizier of. See Kiuprili Mohammed.

-, Mufti, 268.

-, Reischitab, 123, 251.

-, Sultan of. See Mahomet IV.

Turkey Company. See Levant Company.

Turks, Ottomans:
-, Paramour engaged to fight against, 3; efforts to prevent English ships serving, 13, 287, 290, 301; Ballarino's efforts about, 32, 154,250.
-, peace in Christendom desirable to check, 8; Cesy's debts paid to gratify vanity of, 50.
-, Bendish tell have nothing to fear from Franco-Spanish peace, 43; could not help England in attack from France and Spain, 124.
-, efforts to secure release of Galilee from, 98, 117, 183.
-, high esteem of Bendish among, 123; Bendish treating for alliance with, 124, 136, 171, 181, 195; no authentic information about, 145, 185, 1878; not countenanced, 192.
-, wish to observe what French doing in present campaign, 136.
-, disbanding gives Venice chance of levies against, 153, 187; la Coste offers to serve against, 171.
-, Bendish cultivating intimate relations with, 154.
-, slaves of, released, 160; taken by Venetians on ship Angel, 2323: English ship taking to Crete, 257.
-, merchants unwilling to offend, 177; hope to secure help of Charles against, 192; appeals to Charles for help against, 206, 224, 270, 280.
-, expected much from parliament, 180; efforts to get English help against, 249, 285.
-, Giavarina gets la Coste stopped from going to serve, 208, 215; relations of Christian powers with, little sign of help for Venice, 256.
-, Rupert may serve emperor against, 224; Collalto to urge Charles to help in war against, 2401; Rupert sets out to serve against, 284.
-, claim right of searching English ships, 246; merchants fear war with and would grant what asked, 266.
-, ships commandeered for service of, 2512, 257, 268, 279, 305; favours promised if allowed to use ships, 269.
-, Winchelsea offers mediation with, for Venice, 257.
-, Dutch arming squadron to protect trade against, 267; Draperis encouraged to make injurious demands, 305.
-, Winchelsea obtains release of slaves from, 2689; Winchelsea seeking to accredit himself with, 269.
-, Charles has great aversion for, but unable to show it, 270; Palatine's difficulties prevented helping against, 307.

Turloe. See Thurloe.

Tuscany, Grand Duke of. See Medici, Ferdinand II de'.