Index: W

Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 32, 1659-1661. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1931.

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, 'Index: W', in Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 32, 1659-1661, (London, 1931) pp. 414-415. British History Online [accessed 21 May 2024].

. "Index: W", in Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 32, 1659-1661, (London, 1931) 414-415. British History Online, accessed May 21, 2024,

. "Index: W", Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 32, 1659-1661, (London, 1931). 414-415. British History Online. Web. 21 May 2024,


Wales, Chester important because of, 53; Lambert enters to quiet disturbances, 65; said to have declared for king, 67.

Walker, Edward, clerk to the Council, paper signed by, 184.

Waller, Sir Hardres, arraigned as regicide, pleaded guilty, 207.

Walton, Col. Valentine, chosen commissioner for army, 118.

war of Candia:
-, Bendish refers to, 154; Giavarina hints at English help in, 156; disbanded officers wishing to serve in, 187.
-, Charles enquires about and intimates future help, 182; news of for Giavarina, 202.
-, English serving Venice in exempted from order of recall, 187.
-, Charles expresses sympathy with Venice in, 206; queen expresses sympathy and hope of victory in, 216; hint of assistance from Denmark in, 236.

war with Spain:
-, misery in England due to, 2; English suffered privately more than Spaniards in, 25.
-, Spaniards say only with parliament, 163; declared unjust and impious, 198; Haro says was waged in interest of Charles, 227.

Ward, Joseph, master of the Paramour, 3.

Warden, Colonel, Dublin castle surprised by, 107n.

Warrington, Warinton, co. Lancs., Charles proclaimed at, 57; rebels retired to, 61.

Wassenar, Jacques de, sieur d'Opdam, Obdam, Dutch Admiral, tells Brandenburg of need for Protestant powers to stand together, 49.

watermen, boatmen, Thames, pressed for navy, 42; object strongly, 46; constantly molesting and insulting soldiers, 103.

wax, sent to Giavarina for chapel, 100.

weather, 170, 196, 203, 225.
-, terrible winds, 56, 135; severe, 69, 231, 254; gales, 201; heavy rains, 235; despatches delayed by, 249; unsettled and disagreeable, 295,

Weiman, Weisman, Daniel, chancellor of Brandenburg:
-, mission to England, 260; enters London, first audience, 263.
-, Dutch ambassadors absent from coronation because of, 286.

Weit. See Wight.

Werden, Robert, leader of rebels in Cheshire, 56; proclaimed a traitor, 59.

West India Company, to be represented on council of trade, 200.

West Indies. See Indies, West.

-, letters dated at, 4, 76, 232.
-, members try to re-assemble at, 13; orders for militia issued for, 47.
-, Catholics and royalists banished from, 15; fabricated news issued to keep citizens well disposed, 53.
-, common council goes to, to remonstrate, 72, 74.
-, fast day to be observed in, 75.
-, troops brought to, to defend parliament, 86; Monk marches troops from London to, 121.
-, new parliament summoned to meet at, 103; old parliament resumes sittings at, 106; Monk introduced at, 115; Monk has troops in palace and court of, 116.
-, Monk sends letter to, 118; Monk gets old and excluded members to meet together at, 121.
-, convention parliament opens at, 140; king goes to, to give assent to bills, 193.
-, rejoicings in, at king's coming, 143; Charles proclaimed at, 145.
-, disbanded soldiers ordered to leave, 230; Charles goes to, to open parliament, 291.
-, Abbey, five bishops consecrated in, 214; coronation of Charles at, 286.
-, New palace, covenant burned at, 301.

Whalley, Maj. Gen. Edward, sent from London to Monk, 89.

-, cargo of, from Sicily, at Alicante, 169.
-, Barbary corsairs take cargo of, for Spain, 263.

Whitechott, Col., governor of Windsor castle, arrested, 107.

Whitehall. See London, places in and near.

Whitelock, Bulstrode, appointed commissioner to Sound, declines, 30.

Wight, Weit, isle of, co. Hants, 34n. reference to Charles I at, 91, 121; princess Elizabeth died in, 201.

Wilkes, Col. Timothy:
-, sent by Monk to London to treat, 92; confers with Fleetwood, 93; settlement arranged by, 94, 100; Monk does not confirm, 97, 99; declares will be ratified, 99.
-, Monk's letter to city council written before left Scotland, 97; leaving for Newcastle, 99.

Wilkinson, Wilchinson, Robert, captain of the Zante Frigate, 144.

Winchelsea, earl of. See Finch, Heneage.

Windsor, co. Berks:
-, garter ceremony at, 245, 267, 284.
-, sectaries took advantage of king's absence at, 284.
-, castle, secured for parliament, 107; plan of conspirators to surprise, 237.

-, governor of. See Whitechott, Col.

-, proposal to forbid importation of, from Spain, 4.
-, Dutch ships laden with, captured, 34.
-, expected increase of duty on, 179; excise on, taken off but duty raised, 226, 235.
-, great quantities imported from France, Spain and Naples, 179.

Winnington Bridge, near Northwich, co. Chester, Lambert defeats rebels at, 61.

Wirtemberg, duke of. See Eberhard III.

Womble, William, English consul at Zante, Proveditore complains to of behaviour of squadron, 120; explains, 121.

wool, exported from Spain to England, 4.

Worcester, state ship, sent to Mediterranean, 73n.

Worcester, bishop of. See Morley, John.

-, marquis of. See Somerset, Edward.

Wriothesley, Thomas, fourth earl of Southampton, added to Privy Council, 156; appointed Lord Treasurer, 194.

Wurtemberg, Wirtemberg [German Empire], duke of. See Eberhard III.