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Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 35, 1666-1668. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1935.

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East India Company, the Dutch:
-, offers 408,000 crowns to escape armament, 122.

East India Company, the English:
-, sends deputies to Breda, 158.

East Indies:
-, Danish squadron goes to meet ships from, 29; Dutch fleet sent to convoy ships from, 86, 175; Dutch anxiety about ships from, 179, 181.
-, Dutch ship from lost in storm, 92; Dutch ship for, taken by Smith, 177n; ships from, at Leghorn, with saltpetre, 236.

Ecghoff, Johan, resident of Hamburg in England:
-, Mocenigo informs of arrival, 261.

Edgar, son of duke of York:
-, birth and christening, 187.

Edgar the Pacific, king of the Saxons, 187.

Eges, Turkish Treasurer, 44.

Elbe, river, 7.
-, Dutch burn English ships in, 68.

Electors of the Empire, Ecclesiastical, 232.

Elias, hospodar of Moldavia, 221.

Elvas, Jelves [Alemtejo, Portugal]:
-, reception of Sandwich at, 211.

Embrun [Hautes Alpes, France]:
-, archbishop of. See Aubusson, Georges d'.

emperor. See Leopold.

empire. See Germany.

-, 1666:
-,-, Spanish interest in affairs of, 3; Medina favours negotiations with, 55.
-,-, proposed alliance with Spain, 3, 53.
-,-, Konigsmarck favours, 3, 5; French fear of Sweden declaring for, 24.
-,-, French wish to detach Sweden from, 5, 35; Danish fear of attack by, 7.
-,-, policy of French and Dutch to wear down, 6, 10, 13; French consider invasion of, 19, 32.
-,-, defeat may cause disturbance in, 17; perturbation in caused by blockade, 36; Dutch still blockading, 46.
-,-, partisans of in France, 27; partisans of in Netherlands, 78.
-,-, measures to prevent landings in, 36; Dutch intend to inflict all possible harm on, 40; put in good state of defence, 45.
-,-, proposed French alliance with Spain directed against, 41; France more useful to Spain than, 42; Pötting urges advantage of alliance with, 100.
-,-, Dutch attempt to land in repulsed, 46; prestige restored by last engagement, 53.
-,-, feeling burden of war intolerable, 53; fire likely to render more yielding, 78; effect of fire on uncertain, 81.
-,-, may make peace with French and Dutch, 54; waiting results of negotiations with Spain, 57; talk at Paris of alliance with Spain, 70.
-,-, Spain glad to see at grips with Dutch, 57; Kievet flees to, 67.
-,-, never enjoyed felicity since advent of Stuarts, 77; Queen Henrietta asked to return to, 101, 108.
-,-, fire the worst conceivable calamity for, 77; Dutch unprepared to take advantage of misfortune of, 81.
-,-, orders issued in to send food to London, 81; not a corner has escaped disaster, 117.
-,-, Konigsmarck says obstinacy of makes negotiation hopeless, 91, 94; determined on war, 100–1, 106, 108.
-,-, should prevent trade of Genoa at Porte, 96; supposed secret understanding with Spain, 102; Vienna hopes will remain at war with France, 106–7.
-,-, report of secret French negotiations with, 116, 118.
-,-, Spaniards want to keep up quarrel of, with France, 118; Portuguese mission to, 119.
-, 1667:
-,-, Dutch desire peace with, 121; Spaniards think commercial treaty too advantageous for, 135.
-,-, ships with cargoes for seized at Flushing, 122; Flemish ships taking goods to, to be attacked, 130.
-,-, Embrun points to weakness of, 129; feeling of resignation to fortune in, 133.
-,-, Louis offers Charles support against disaffection in, 130; French policy to, 152.
-,-, constantly changing humour of, in way of peace, 142; Lisola gets to interpose delays, 144; not easy to deflect policy in favour of France, 152.
-,-, seditious disturbance in spoken of, 145; reported disorders in, 151.
-,-, measures to guard coasts of, 149; rebels of, in peace treaty, 162.
-,-, Embrun suspects Spain sending money to, 151; reported shipment of money to, 152.
-,-, proposed alliance to overawe, 153; trading in neutrality, profits with both sides, 166.
-,-, alliance with costly to Spain, 154; Spaniards grant same privileges to as to Dutch, 162.
-,-, negotiations for alliance with Spain, 162–3; France threatens to come to terms with if Dutch do not surmount difficulties, 165.
-,-, Dutch fear understanding of France with, 165.
-,-, neutrality of tends to advantage of Spain, 167; in conjunction with Dutch could control affairs of Europe, 174–5.
-,-, will go to defence of Flanders if France attempts conquest, 168; uncertainty about policy of, 181.
-,-, Dutch hope to make anxious for peace, 169; effect of Medway raid in, 171–2, 194; Dutch blockade keeps in great distress, 174.
-,-, rage against Dutch may lead to alliance with France, 172; French policy to modified, 173.
-,-, outcry against Clarendon in, 172; Clarendon's fall expected to produce disturbances in, 183–4, 206; some sign of this, 185.
-,-, urgent need of leads to renewal of peace negotiations, 174.
-,-, Dutch considering joint action with to check France, 185; Dutch would help Spain if felt safe from, 198.
-,-, state of, very tranquil, 191; pessimistic account of, by Lisola, 195.
-,-, renewal of peace with proclaimed in Spain, 200.
-,-, Castel Rodrigo advocates alliance with, 200; unable for the moment to play any considerable rôle, 206.
-,-, hopes of intervention to force peace on France and Spain, 200.
-,-, Spanish hopes from, in Portuguese negotiations, 201; mission of Marchesini to, for troops and ships, 203, 208.
-, 1668:
-,-, Spanish suspicions of, over Portuguese negotiations, 208; most capable of troubling Turks at sea, 211; advantage of Tangier to, 264.
-,-, cleaned out of money, 211; exhausted state after plague, fire and war, 224.
-,-, attitude to Spanish position in Flanders ambiguous, 213.
-,-, Spaniards trying to prevent adjustment of with French and Dutch, 213.
-,-, Buckingham says affairs in not usually despatched promptly, 231.
-,-, Dutch believe France will not succeed in detaching from alliance, 243.
-,-, heavy cost of living in, 247; cost of gratuities in, 275.
-,-, proposal for mutual and exclusive trade with France, 263; fear of plague in, 268.
-,-, name of respected by Turks, 315; might choose parliament less well disposed to king, 321.
-,-, fleet of. See navy.
-,-, king of. See Charles I; Charles II; Henry II; Henry III; James I.
-,-, merchants of. See merchants, English.
-,-, queen of. See Catherine of Braganza.
-,-, queen mother of. See Henrietta Maria.
-,-, ships of. See ships, English.

-, Konigsmarck's high opinion of, 3; confidence in victory, 14, 16, 23.
-, insolence of led to war with France, 18; do not like advantages for France, 167.
-, blockade will cause trouble to, 19; king deceives about result of battle, 22–3; claim of victory renders ridiculous, 31.
-, Huguenots of South invite to their shores, 64; correspondence with discovered in Normandy, 92.
-, trade at Leghorn chiefly sustained by, 70.
-, vigour and high spirit of, after fire, 86; inconstancy of, 119.
-, hatred of France much in evidence, 91; feeling inflamed, 100; inflexible spirit under repeated disasters, 174.
-, Sandwich speaks highly of loyalty and obedience of, 93; grown weary of so many miseries, 103.
-, Spaniards expect levy of for defence of Brabant, 166; levy of alarms French, 167; troops cross, 168, 175–6, 181; levy for France likely to be difficult, 184.
-, France expects levy of, 183; Madame asks for levy of, 188; proposal to form regiment of guard of, 190.
-, dislike making peace with Dutch after humiliation, 194.
-, levy for France prohibited, except for Catholics, 194; further levies of prohibited, 200.
-, levies in Flanders desert and go home, few left, 241; artisans, French charged with enticing away, 300; troops back from Portugal, 309.

English Channel:
-, fleet cruising in, 6; de Witt expected to take fleet into, 86.
-, French urge Dutch to enter, 72; Ghent to seek English squadron in, 157.
-, French talk of sending squadron into, 106, 165; Duquesne to command squadron in, 109.
-, French would not venture into without understanding with England, 172.

envoys. See under ambassadors.

Ernest Augustus, duke of Brunswick Luneburg, duke of Luneburgh:
-, makes difficulty about passage of Dutch troops, 7; proposed defensive league against Sweden, 24, 51; Dutch send cool answer to about subsidy, 37; States considering subsidy to, 51.
-, Denmark informs of Swedish designs, 161; grants help to Venice, 265; Dutch permit ships to take men of, 283; urgent summons to Marchisini, 317.
-, Dutch want to enter triple alliance, 272, 306.
-, Dutch urge to keep the peace, 306; Marchesini arranges with for despatch of troops, 320.

Estrades, Geffroi comte d', French ambassador in England:
-, affray with Batteville, 274n, 293n.
-, French ambassador at the Hague:
-,-, letter to Gremonville, 31.
-,-, informs Dutch of Swedish offer of mediation, 5; to give Dutch assurances about Beaufort, 52; to give assurances to Dutch of naval assistance, 87–8; instructions for asked for naval cooperation, 102.
-,-, reports moves towards peace, 109; informed of States' letter to Charles about congress, 125.
-,-, asks leave to take away French sailors in Holland, 111; request much debated and strongly opposed, id.
-,-, discredits report of peace mission to England, 118; presents letter from king about, 121.
-,-, informed that Dutch fleet ready for sea, 146; appointed delegate for peace congress, 147–8; to make provision for Courtin, 149; takes leave for Breda, urges States to peace, 157.
-,-, ordered to Hague, 160; returns to Breda after conference with de Witt, 161.
-,-, informs States of reasons for attack on Brabant, 160–1.
-,-, does not want negotiations dragged out, 162; displays great desire for peace, 162, 165; leaving Hague for Breda, 180.
-,-, remonstrates with de Witt for letting English troops for Flanders through, 175n.

Estrées, Jean comte d', commands squadron to W. Indies, 300.

Evelyn, John, Mocenigo entertained by, before entry, 273n.

Evertsen, Evertzen, Cornelis, Admiral of Zeeland:
-, killed at N. Foreland battle, 16.

-, John, Dutch lieutenant admiral:
-, commanded advance guard off Thames, 49; killed in battle, 50, 52.

Evora [Alemtejo, Portugal]:
-, Liche taken prisoner at battle of, 207n.

-, fall of rate of, in London, 263.