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Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 36, 1669-1670. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1937.

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Abreu de Freitas, Don Gaspar de, Portuguese envoy to England:
-, left idle, 3; trying to get Charles to ratify peace with Spain, 80.

Adriatic Sea, the Gulf:
-, Venetian claim to lordship over, 276; proposal to introduce English cloth into ports of, 297.

Advice, royal navy:
-, sent to look for corsairs in Channel, 178n; sent to Dunkirk for Madame, 195; fight with Algerines, 240, 253.

-, mission of Henry Howard to, 56; close attention to events in, 234.
-, hope of promoting trade in through Tangier abandoned, 239.

agents. See under ambassadors.

Agretti, Claudio:
-, sent to England about appointing bishop for Catholics, 105, 294; will do little good, as mission known of, 106; Charles urged to leave London, 127.
-, received by king and queen, 127.

Agropoli, marquis of. See Ibanez, Don Gaspar.

Airoldi, Monsignore, Francesco, abbot of Monte Cassino, internuncio at Brussels:
-, sends envoy with letters about appointing Catholic bishop in England, 105, 127; visit to London, sees king, etc., stays with Mocenigo, 294.
-, leaves because of approach of parliament, 294.

Aix la Chapelle [Rhenish Prussia, German Empire]:
-, France means to support claims of Neuburg to, 176; suspicion of French designs on, 178.
-, treaty of:
-,-, Sweden unwilling to go beyond, 31; Spaniards accuse French of violating, 39; Montagu urges observation of, 53.
-,-, French want abolition of tolls imposed since, 51; triple alliance against France if breaks, 60; England and Holland declare intention to uphold, 623; differences about English obligation to uphold, 110.
-,-, Pomponne asked to explain action likely to upset, 99; he pleads for impartiality about, 1001.
-,-, parliament unlikely to grant money to uphold, 110; king urges necessity of observance on parliament, 124.
-,-, Montagu remonstrates to Louis about breaches of, 123.
-,-, Sweden professes indifference about, 135; undertaking of allies for support of, 156.
-,-, use of to get popular support, 142, 144.
-,-, covenant between Great Britain and Sweden to uphold, 169; England hopes to avoid use of force to maintain, 174.
-,-, importance of, to Dutch, 194, 233; prestige won by Charles through, 238.
-,-, van Beuningen knew Trevor over, 209.
-,-, proposed representation at Madrid about Dutch guarantee under, 259.
-,-, German princes unlikely to move to guarantee, 288; hopes of inducing German Diet to uphold, 296.
-,-, Charles claims to be arming fleet to uphold, 295.

Alan. See Allen.

Albania, Venetians allowed to keep conquests in, 288n.

Albemarle, duke of. See Monk, George.

Albert, archduke of Austria, as governor of the Netherlands, 100.

Alberti, Girolamo, secretary to Venetian embassy in London:
-, employed on activities to Molina, 8, 286; speaks about punctilio, 12.
-, sent to Bridgeman for ambassador, 13; sent to compliment prince of Tuscany, 42.
-, to be left in charge of embassy, 283; vote of salary and expenses for, 2834; to perform courtesies to Falcombridge, 290.

-, -, Venetian resident in England:
-, despatches to the Senate, 305, 310, 312, 316.
-, instructions to, 297, 318.

prepares for new duties, 297; Arlington informed of appointment, 300.

will keep an eye on plan to sell cloth in Adriatic ports, 297.

Mocenigo presents to king, 303; presented with a chain, 305.

gratification in England at appointment, 304; Arlington expresses pleasure at appointment, 310.

Arlington speaks to about Dodington, 312; and on Spanish policy, 313.

audience of the king, delivers letters and office, 312.

Alcala, duke of:
-, sends off gold for Sweden, 92.

Alen. See Allen.

Aleppo, Syria:
-, English trade through, 139;
-, quantity of cloth exported to, 153.

Alexandretta, Iskanderun, Scanderoon, Syria:
-, cloth ships bound for, 280.

Alexandria, Alessandria, Egypt:
-, trade route through, 139; quantity of cloth exported to, 153.

Alexius, grand duke of Muscovy, Czar of Russia, the Muscovite:
-, Sweden's complaint against, 3; Sweden's difficulties with, 9; Wyche to mediate between and Sweden, 105.
-, dry response to boastful speech of Wyche, 115; Heinsius sent to, about mediation, 120.

Alfonso VI, king of Portugal, 87.
-, reported done to death, 3; Colbert justifies treatment of, 70; forced into retirement, 80.

Algiers, N. Africa.
-, peace made with, 155; peace broken by, 24, 43; queen will stir king against, 49, 53.
-, Allen sent against, 32; Allen to return to, 44; to extort justice from, 68, 86.
-, arming of strong fleet against, 75; Venetian hopes from move against, 85, 94.
-, Allen may be glad to make terms with, 86; merchants tired of perfidy of, 111.
-, alarm at English preparations, 86; treating English ships with respect, 94.
-, letters from Allen off, 113; determination to exact satisfaction from, 114; Allen reports operations against, 126; Allen's plans for winter against, 143.
-, merchants pleased at news from, 131; inclining towards an adjustment, 138.
-, Howard to seek aid of Taffilet against, 137.
-, Allen withdraws from before, 147; Allen strengthened against, 161.
-, need to arm against, an advantage for Charles, 159; king intends final reduction of, 168.
-, Allen's fleet off, 189n; English and Dutch fleets to unite off, 201; Allen sails for, 216.
-, Dutch may prefer separate peace with, 230; English threat to prevent French entering, 253.
-, Allen captures brigantine of Divan of, 271.

-, corsairs of, Algerians:

depredations of, 24, 43, 147; Council much stirred against, 75.

fights with Dutch squadron, 49, 100; reported sally of and captures, 143.

French fleet to chastise, 148; Kempthorne's fight with squadron of, 150n.

Allen instructed to hunt down, 170, 178; van Ghent to join with Allen against, 186, 201.

increasing audacity of, 178; capture ships returning from Zante, 189n.

van Beunigen urges Charles to put down, 215; not much enthusiasm about arming against, 285.

fight of two English frigates with, 240, 253; encounter of Spragge with, 271.

Allen weary of ill success against, 253; English victory over, off Cape Spartel, 278, 285.

-, -, See also Barbary corsairs.

Alicante [Prov. Valencia, Spain], 316.
-, Allen cruising off, 111; Algerians capture English ships on way to, 189n.
-, English ships go to, for repairs, 240.

Alington, Argenton, captain of Guernsey frigate, killed in fight with Algerines, 240, 253.

Allen, Alan, Allem, Alen, Sir Thomas, Vice Admiral:
-, peace made by with Algiers, 15, 43; to threaten Algerians with war, 24; sent against Algiers, 32.
-, back in England, to return to Algiers, 44; to extort justice there, 68; instructions for, 75, 86.
-, to convey Howard to Tangier, 68, 86; waiting for money, to sail, 73; Howard at port waiting for, 75; leaves Court, to sail, 80; sails, 86.
-, taking victuals and munitions to Tangier, 80; cruising off Alicante, 111.
-, Venetian hopes from operations, 94; letters from, 113; means to obtain satisfaction from Algerines, 114; reports operations against Algerines, 126, 131.
-, success of, inclines Algerines towards adjustment, 138; reports plans for winter, 143; reports withdrawal from Algiers, 147; back in Strait, 163.
-, king renewing supplies of, 161, 168; three ships to reinforce, 170, 174.
-, corsairs takes advantage of absence, 163; instructions to hunt down Algerines, 170, 178.
-, Howard attributes ill treatment by Moors to failure of, 168n.
-, Ghent to act in concert with, 182, 186; waiting for junction, 201.
-, off Algiers, 189n; sails for Algiers from Malaga, 216; takes brigantine of divan of Algiers, 271.
-, asks leave to return home, 253.
-, remonstrates with French for stopping ships unlading at Tunis, 253n.
-, combined operation with Ghent, against corsairs, 278.

Almeria, Spain:
-, convoy brought to safety in bay of, 147n.

almonds, cargo of, at Venice, 316.

almoner, the queen's. See Howard, Philip.

-, of Queen Henrietta Maria. See Montagu, Walter.

Alva, duke of. See Toledo, Antonio Alvarez de.

ambassadors, agents, envoys, foreign ministers, papal nuncios, residents, secretaries:
-, heavy costs of increasing, 76; expense of mourning for queen mother, 102.
-, coaches of take no part in entry, by order, 96.
-, English Court very costly for, 104; have burden of keeping up chapel for Catholics, 133.
-, not to go to Hampton Court with condolences, 105, 108; obliged to follow king, 181, 185.
-, presents to, 142, 238, 2689, 305.
-, have to follow lead about mourning, 188; in mourning for Grand Duke of Tuscany, 208.
-, question of ceremonial at reception of, at Venice, 2113; Orange arranges ceremonial with, 301.

-, names of:

Brunswick and Luneburg, in England. See Hasque, Adam Levin.

Danish, in England. See Guldenlow, Ulric Frederick; Lindenow, Christofle; Schreuder.

Dutch, in Denmark. See Witt, John de.

Dutch, in England. See Beuningen, Conrad von; Boreel, John; Kinschot, Anton Gunther.

Dutch, in Flanders. See Saasburg, Thomas.

Dutch, in France. See Groot, Henry de; Opdam, baron of; Witt, John de.

Dutch, at Frankfort. See Bruyninx.

Dutch, at the Porte. See Brosses, Franois de.

Dutch, in Sweden. See Heinsius, Nicolaus.

English, to Brandenburg. See Sylvius, Sir Gabriel.

English, to Denmark. See Capel, Arthur, earl of Essex; Loving, William; Paull, Jean.

English to Flanders. See Grossolles, Franois de, marquis Flamarens; Temple, Sir William.

English, at Florence. See Finch, Sir John; Hamilton, James; Saville.

English to France. See Godolphin, Sidney; Holles, Denzil baron; Montagu, Ralph; Sackville, Charles, lord Buckhurst; Villiers, George, duke of Buckingham.

English, at the Hague. See Temple, Sir William.

English, to Morocco. See Howard, Lord Henry.

English, at the Porte. See Finch, Heneage, earl of Winchelsea; Harvey, Sir Daniel.

English, in Portugal. See Southwell, Sir Robert.

English, to Russia. See Wyche, Sir Peter.

English, to Saxony. See Higgons, Sir Thomas; St. George, Thomas.

English, in Spain. See Godolphin, Sir William; Montagu, Edward, earl of Sandwich.

English, to Sweden. See Howard, Henry, earl of Carlisle; Werden, John.

English, at Venice. See Bellasis, Thomas, viscount Falcombridge; Dodington, John; Fielding, Basil viscount; Weston, Jerome.

Flanders, to England. See Croy, Philip Emanuel de, count of Solre; Oate, Don Marco; Toledo, Don Giovanni di.

Flanders, to France. See Velasco, Don Francesco.

French, to England. See Barrillon, Paul de; Beauvilliers, Paul de, comte de St. Aignan; Colbert, Charles, de Croissy; Estrades, Geffroi comte d'; Gigault, Bernardin, marquis de Bellefonds; Grammont, Count; Grossolles, Jean de, chevalier de Flamarens; l'Isle, Charles de, chevalier de Marivaux.

French, in Netherlands. See Andilly, Arnaud d', seigneur de Pompone.

French, at the Porte. See Ollier, Charles Franois, marquis of Nointel.

French, in Savoy. See Servien, Enemond.

French, in Spain. See Bonsy, Pierre de, archbishop of Toulouse; Villars, Pierre de, marquis de Villars.

French, in Sweden. See Courcillon, Philip de, marquis de Dangeau.

French, at Venice. See Aubusson, Georges d', archbishop of Embrun; Bonsy, Pierre de, bishop of Beziers; Prunier, Nicholas, signeur de St. Andr.

imperial, to France. See Windisgratz, Count.

imperial, in the Netherlands. See Friquet, John; Lisola, Paul, freiherr von.

imperial, at Venice. See Federicus, abbot.

Lorraine, to England. See Gerbeville; Rambouillet, sieur de.

Palatine, in England. See Rockwood, Robert.

papal envoy, in England. See Agretti, Claudio; Airoldi, Francesco.

papal nuncio, at Brussels. See Airoldi, Francesco.

papal nuncio, at Florence. See Trotti.

Portuguese, in England. See Abreu de Freitas, Don Gaspar de; Melo, Francesco di; Verjus.

Portuguese, in France. See Crery.

Portuguese, in the Netherlands. See Melo, Francesco di.

Savoy, in England. See Maffei, Count; Monroux, Count of.

Spanish, in England. See Batteville, baron; Cardenas, Alonso de; Mesia, Antonio Francesco, conde de Molina.

Spanish, in France. See Iturrieta, Miguel de.

Spanish, in the Netherlands. See Gamarra, Estevan de.

Spanish, at Venice. See Rocca, count della.

Swedish, in England. See Brahe, Nicholas; Leyonberg, John Barkman; Spaar, baron.

Swedish, in the Netherlands. See Appelboom, Harald; Mareschal.

Swedish, to Portugal. See Oxenstierna, Count.

Turkish, to France. See Muta Ferraca.

Tuscan, in England. See Pucci, Marquis.

Venetian, in England. See Alberti, Girolamo; Correr, Anzolo; Mocenigo, Piero.

Venetian, at Florence. See Valier, Ottavian; Vincenti, Antonio.

Venetian, in France. See Giustinian, Marc Antonio; Moresini, Zuane.

Venetian, in the Netherlands. See Marchesini, Gio. Francesco.

Venetian, at the Porte. See Molin, Alvise.

Venetian, at Rome. See Grimani, Antonio.

Venetian, in Savoy. See Michieli, Francesco.

Venetian, in Spain. See Belegno, Catterin; Contarini, Carlo; Rudio, Tomaso.

Ambrogiana, villa [Prov. Firenze, Italy]:
-, Grand Duke meeting Falcombridge at, 204; Falcombridge unwilling to spend night at, 205.

Ambrun. See Aubusson, Georges d', archbishop of Embrun.

Amelia of Solms, grandmother of prince of Orange, 289n.

-, news from, 3, 11, 96.
-, French contemplate making surprises in, 2; French hostilities against Spain in, 41.
-, trade of suits English, 24; York's opinion about trade with, 28.
-, Molina says hostilities in are breach of treaty, 28, 48; Molina speaks strongly about, 31; Molina loses hope of satisfaction in, 61.
-, complaints of Spanish exclusiveness in, 46.
-, English hostilities against Spaniards in, 48, 104, 216, 252; Rupert urges sharing Spanish with France, 63.
-, England and France together could secure trade of, 58; French retaliation against Dutch in, 61.
-, Molina arranges treaty with England about, 2512; treaty approved, 260.

Amilton. See Hamilton.

Amisier. See Hampshire.

Amsterdam [Prov. N. Holland, Netherlands]:
-, sequestration of Venetian goods at. 7; and Sautin's claims, 235.
-, Dunkirk unlikely to disturb trade of, 39; Spaniards' lack of credit at, 47; money for Sweden sent to, 99; and deposited at, 157.
-, letter from, to lord mayor, 149; merchants at, directed to pay Swedes, 167.

Analdi. See Annand.

Andilly, Arnaud d', signeur de Pompone Pompona, French ambassador in Holland:
-, presents memorial for restitution of Sta. Catterina, 59; reports advances from prince of Tuscany, 71.
-, allied ministers at Hague unite to demand explanations from, 99, 103, 114; they protest impartiality to, 100; Colbert seems to disapprove action of, 103.
-, complains of Spaniards not settling differences about boundaries, 101.
-, at Hague for friendly relations, not about the alliance, 115; keeps Colbert informed of transactions of allies, 118.
-, Dutch inform that have no wish to arbitrate, 252.

Anglican Church. See Church of England.

Annand, Analdi, Lieut. Col. Thomas, 268.
-, arranges about state reception of Falcombridge, 227; at Padua, 271, 277.
-, helped to arrange surrender of Candia, 227n, 267.

Anne of Austria, queen mother of France, heart deposited at Val de Grace, 226.

-, duchess of York, 304.

delivered of daughter, 9; Portuguese envoy presented to, 17; Molina takes leave of, 64.

supposed jealousy of duke, 35; sends to Queen Henrietta, 39.

courtesies with prince of Tuscany, 42, 48; Guldenlow has private audience of, 78.

mother of three girls and a boy, 71; objection to children of succeeding, 80.

Colbert entertains at banquet, 76; returns to London, 110.

Maffei has audience of, 132; Guldenlow takes leave of, 142; Maffei takes leave of, 154.

condolences on death of daughter, 133; to remain in London, at arrival of Madame, 192; at Dover to meet Madame, 197; goes to Canterbury, 199.

sends to pay respects to Louis, 199; talk of going to Calais to meet Madame, 204.

exertions for father, 206; informed of Madame's death, 219; condolences offered to, 229, 230.

Bellefonds and Flamarens take leave of, 238; Mocenigo takes leave of, 303, 305; reply to his credentials, 310.

-, daughter of James, duke of York:

marriage of, 90n; as queen, 133n. in France for health, fetched home, 244.

generosity of Louis to, 244.

Antwerp, Belgium:
-, Dutch minister at, 77.

Appelboom, Harald, resident of Sweden at the Hague:
-, asks for powers, 25; receives powers, 30; Lisola to face, 92.
-, joins to ask explanations from Pomponne, 99; hoping to get Spanish money, 101; becoming more importunate, 109.

Arbis. See Harby.

arbitration on the boundaries in Flanders:
-, Louis ready to accept that of England and Sweden, 156, 158; he limits 'strictly to question of boundaries, 244, 285, 306.
-, Louis will not accept Holland for, 156, 158, 237; Spain desires Dutch for, 164, 233.
-, Colbert enlarges upon acceptance of, 158; Colbert's views about, 188, 233.
-, England desires credit of, 159; letters sent to Spain and Sweden about, 165.
-, king's prestige over will give him advantage with parliament, 159; ministers enjoy king's prestige over, 238.
-, Louis agrees to being held in London, 166; England would like pope and Venice to be included in, 177.
-, Dutch efforts with Spain to be included in, 166; Godolphin speaks to queen regent about, gets equivocal answer, 172; he urges decision about, 1767.
-, Spain only desires to prevaricate about, 172; to gain time, 1767; Charles learns of queen's indecision about, 188.
-, English policy to ensure that will prevent recourse to force, 174; Finch's comments upon, 204.
-, Molina expected with instructions about, 181; Spain's acceptance awaited with impatience, 185; arrives at last, 233.
-, Spain's delay over acceptance criticised, 188, 194; Council considers matter, 191, 198, 214.
-, Godolphin reports that queen desires two other arbitrators for, 191; Oate gives Charles queen's reply about, 198.
-, Boreel sent over to speak about, 194; van Beuningen pretends that Dutch did not want part in, 233, 239, 252; Colbert says Dutch forced selves on Spain, 238.
-, Godolphin's opinion of Spanish behaviour over, 236; Arlington criticises Spanish behaviour over, 238, 313; English ministers critical over, 311.
-, Buckingham to try and modify French objection to Dutch, 239, 244; Dutch resent exclusion by France, 242.
-, question not going smoothly, 243; French hope Charles will persuade Dutch to refuse, 248.
-, representations to Spain, not to insist on Dutch, 244, 259; affair stranded awaiting reply from Spain, 265.
-, Louis insists that England shall not support Dutch, 248; Buckingham will not venture to speak to Louis about including Dutch in, 252; French will not listen to admission of Dutch, 259.
-, Dutch profess indifference about, 252, 259; question of extending period for, 311.
-, essentially different from triple alliance, 259; Molina wants England to include claim for damages in, 306; Molina's opinion upon, 313.
-, Spanish reply about arrives, fresh claims, 285; English awaiting French reply about fresh claims. 293.

-, suggestion to send English fleet to, 1; Venice released to Dutch tin and steel seized in, 7.

Arcurt, prince of. See Lorraine, Francis of, prince of Harcourt.

Arlington, earl of. See Bennet, Henry.

Armstrong, Sir Thomas, brings word of Madame's death, 219.

army, Commonwealth:
-, soldiers of banished from London, but many exceptions, 2156.

army, the royal:
-, guards called out in London, 29; guards reviewed in Hyde Park, 58; guards attend king and queen in country, 102.
-, money sent to pay troops in Ireland, 105.
-, infantry sent to Dover, for reception of Madame, 192, 194.
-, number of guards increased, 216.

Arnaut Chioi, on the Black Sea, despatch dated at, 305.

Arras [Pas de Calais, France]:
-, troops and munitions assembled at, 2; despatch dated at, 191; Louis goes to, 203.

Arundel, Henry lord, of Wardour, commissioner for queen mother's estate, 111n, 116.

-, Arondel, Rondel. See Howard, Henry.

Ash, near San Domingo, W. Indies, island of, Oxford destroyed near, 38n.

Assurance, royal navy:
-, escorting ships to Mediterranean, 280.

Aubusson, Georges d', archbishop of Embrun, Ambrun, French ambassador at Venice:
-, precedent of reception, 2134, 223, 227.

Auderdaile. See Maitland, John, earl of Lauderdale.

Audley End, co. Suffolk:
-, queen goes to, 286.

Augsburg [Bavaria, German Empire]:
-, Dodington has news of appointment at, 289, 298.

-, island of San Spirito occupied by, 228n.

Austria, House of:
-, Lorraine a declared dependant of, 76.

-, archdukes of. See Albert; Ferdinand Charles.

Ayles. See Hailes.