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Pages 419-421

Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 36, 1669-1670. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1937.

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-, troops transported from Flanders to Spain, 65.

Walters, Lucy, mother of Monmouth, 80.

war, the second Dutch:
-, claim for Sta. Catterina, taken in, 59.
-, referred to, 85, 181; load of debt owing to, 170.
-, trade of Indies a chief cause of, 108; Danish claim against Dutch for expenses in, 150.
-, Brouncker's behaviour in, 134; undertaken by advice of parliament, 172.

war of Candia. See Candia.

Ward, John, English consul at Algiers: to complain of breach of treaty, 44.

Warren, Warem, Waren, Thomas, merchant of London:
-, owner of gunpowder seized in Neptune, 27, 91.
-, secretary to Lord Howard to be sent on to Taffilet, 86; sent to Salee, 121.
-, discovers treacherous designs of Taffilet against Howard, 234; dies at Fez, 239.

Watson, Vaston, Francis:
-, offers inventions to Venice, 17, 36, 39; patent granted to, 19.
-, letter to Mocenigo, 18; privilege granted to, 40.

-, exceptional cold, 13; stormy, windy, 305, 310; violent storms, 318.
-, spell of bad, 150; improved, 154.
-, bad, stays progress of Louis in Flanders, 203.

Werden, John:
-, appointed envoy to Sweden, 160; fired on when passing Sound, 296.

West Indies:
-, French squadron sailing for, 2; Buckingham urges French to give up trade of, 273.

-, houses used for conventicles in, to be seized, 215.
-, letters dated at, 135, 299, 303.
-, Abbey, Henrietta of York buried in, 133; Monk buried in, 192.
-, hall, 165, 316.
-, parliament meets in, 123; parliament recalled to, 265.

Weston, Gaston, Jerome, English ambassador to Venice:
-, precedent of reception, 213.

-, Richard, lord treasurer, 213.

Westphalia, German Empire:
-, circle of, Colbert fears hostility, 5.

Weymouth, co. Dorset: phenomenal tides at, 85.

wheat. See corn.

Wich. See Ulrich; Wyche.

Wilde, captain of the Assurance, escorting ships to Levant, 280n.

William and Benjamin, East Indiaman:
-, Algerines take Spaniards out of, 24.

William and Thomas, supply ship: going to Allen, 170.

Williamson, Joseph, Arlington's secretary: Dodington's wife thanks, 287n.

Wilmot, John, earl of Rochester: goes to assist Cavendish at fracas in Paris, 72.

Winchelsea, earl of. See Finch, Heneage; Finch, Thomas.

Windisgratz, Count, imperial ambassador to France:
-, sent to demand restitution of Lorraine, 296; likely to receive an unsatisfactory reply, 317.

Windsor, co. Berks.:
-, castle: king goes to, 265; Colbert goes to, with news of move against Lorraine, 270.
-, St. George's chapel, function of garter at, 188.

-, presents of, from Savoy, 39, 73.
-, preference for French and Canary, 39; French want monopoly of supplying England, 55.
-, parliament regulates duties on, 1412, 164; project void by prorogation, 144.
-, foreign minister's privileges over, restricted, 297.
-, cargo of, at Venice, 316.

Wisniowiecki, Wisniewieschi, Michael Korybut:
-, nomination to Poland approved in England, 76; announces election, response to, 96; Wyche sent to compliment, 105.

Witt, Vit, John de, Pensionary of Holland:
-, Temple to see about help for Venice, 1, 4, 6, 13; Temple reports conference with, 5.
-, cannot give definite answer about help, 5; to propose question to States, 10.
-, frequent conferences with Lisola and Temple, 19.

-, John de, cousin of Pensionary:

chosen for mission to France, 33; mission to Denmark, 207; to recognise Danish dominion in Sound, 208; friendly reception of, 226,

-, English supply of, suitable for American trade, 25;
-, clandestine export of, measures to stop, 163; cargo of, at Venice, 316.

Wren, Christopher, surveyor general of H.M.'s works: authorised to seize houses used for conventicles, 215n.

Wyche, Wich, Sir Peter, English envoy to Russia:
-, to go with Carlisle, 9; to mediate between Muscovy and Sweden, 105.
-, to go on to Poland, 105.
-, dry response of Tsar to boastful speech of, 115; Dutch upset at lack of success, 120.