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Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 37, 1671-1672. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1939.

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Sagredo, Marco, Savio alla Mercanzia, 109.

-, question of enticement from ships, 11; Venetian action upon, 16.
-, need of viceconsuls for, 127, 129, 160, 257, 289, 290; objection to, 1767, 287.
-, taken everywhere to man the fleet, 184; pressed, extreme difficulty of getting, 195; muster of, in London, 199.
-, king allows merchantmen to take one third foreign, 199; king lets off many from fleet, forsake of trade, 208.
-, Dutch, at Venice, 141; Dutch method of paying, 288.
-, queen gives alms to wounded, 243.
-, English ships may only take a limited number of foreign, 287; method of paying English, 2889.

St. Albans, earl of. See Jermyn, Henry.

St. Andr, seigneur de. See Prunier, Nicolas.

St. George, royal navy, captain killed at Solebay, 231.

St. Geran, comte de. See Guiche, Bernard de la.

St. Germain en Laye [Seine et Oise, France]:
-, duke of Anjou dies at, 92n.

St. John, lord. See Paulet, Charles.

St. Joseph, merchantman:
-, at Leghorn from Cagliari, 331.

St. Kitts, San Cristoforo, W. Indies, island of, 56.
-, colonised, 60; Wheeler gets possession of, 106.

St. Michael, royal navy:
-, in fight with Smyrna fleet, 185; damage suffered by, 189.
-, York changes to, in Solebay battle, 224; damaged in action, under repair, 229.

St. Michael Archangel. See Archangel.

St. Philip, French flagship, Charles goes on board, 214n., 218; criticised for visiting again, 243.

-, proposed tax on, 8.

Salines, Don Bernardo de, envoy of governor of Flanders with condolences, 47.

Salm, prince of. See Frederick Magnus.

salmon: quantity imported at Venice, 2989.

salt: ships with, from Portugal, join Smyrna fleet, 187.

salt fish:
-, merchants unwilling to compete with Jews in trade, 11; exclusive privileges for not desired, 16; Arlington says nothing about, 22.
-, proposed to divert trade in, to Venice, 29; Mocenigo spoke to Dodington about, 42.
-, Mocenigo's remarks on trade in, 72.
-, cargoes for Venice, 108; Yarmouth has practical monopoly of trade, 286.
-, merchants appeal to Alberti about, 327; some go to Arlington about, 330.

Salters' company, at Venice, 327.

saltpetre, quantity imported at Venice, 2989.

-, English claims about, 133.

San Cristoforo. See St. Cads.

San Domingo, West Indies, 76n.
-, reported English reprisals on, 84.

San Giuseppe, San Giustina, Venetian merchantman, 306.
-, free entry obtained for, 283, 288, 315.

Sandwich, earl of. See Montagu, Edward.

Sandys, Sir Thomas:
-, concerned in attack on Coventry, flight from London, 6n.

Sautini, a merchant:
-, Alberti speaks to Boreel about, 50.

Savile, George, viscount Halifax, lord Holifax, Olifax:
-, sent to Louis about Dutch peace advances, 230, 235; to offer congratulations on birth of French prince, 237.
-, has audience of Louis near Utrecht, 256; returns to London, 263.

-, Henry, account of Solebay battle by, 231.

envoy to France, gives Louis account of battle, 305.

Savoy, duke of. See Charles Emanuel II.

Saxony [German Empire]:
-, complimentary mission to England from, 47.
-, emperor's alliance with, 251.

-, elector of. See John George II.

Scagno, Constantine, chief of the sbirri at Zante:
-, murderous attack on Pendarvis, Dodington asks for punishment, 1512; evidence of Pendarvis about, 153.
-, order for arrest, 152; seen at Venice, 153.
-, reply of Senate about, 158; Dodington presses for arrest, 159.
-, measures taken against, 160; in prison, Dodington asks for matter to be despatched, 242; despatch promised, 248.
-, punishment necessary because king knew about, 254.

Schad, Jasper, Dutch plenipotentiary:
-, Monterey confers with at Antwerp, 208.

Schomberg, Sciomberg, Chiombergh, Frederick Herman:
-, queen will not part with regiment of, 82.
-, arrives in London from Portugal, 302; gone to France, 326.

Schnborn, John Philip von, elector of Mayence:
-, alliance with emperor, 308n.

Scilleri. See Brulart, Louis Roger, marquis of Sillery.

Scipio, English merchantman:
-, granted exemption from duty, 8, 9; Arlington informed about, 19; allowed to lade currants, 28.

-, ancient patrimony of crown, would benefit by union, 55; troops kept in, 56.
-, Dutch to ask for levies in, 135.
-, Dutch despatch boat taken, in going round, 201; Dutch ship goes round, 257.
-, Lauderdale likely to benefit Catholics in, 247; important that should support the royal policy, 252.
-, Arlington offends Lauderdale about affairs of, 318.
-, complaint of Danish ships taken by corsairs of, 324.

-, admiralty of:

Dutch resident accuses of corruption, 324n.

-, parliament of. See under parliament.

-, secretary for. See Maitland, John, earl of Lauderdale.

-, levy of asked by France, 80; granted, 87, 91.
-, troops in Dutch service, 200.

Scott, Anne, duchess of Monmouth, expected delivery of, 271.

-, Charles, earl of Doncaster:

son of Monmouth, birth expected, 271; born, 272n.

Seaford, Setford, co. Sussex:
-, Dutch captain lands at, and arrested, 264.

secretaries. See under ambassadors.

secretary of state. See Bennet, Henry, earl of Arlington; Coventry, Henry; Trevor, Sir John.

-, for Scotland. See Maitland, John, duke of Lauderdale.

-, parliament urges king to enforce laws against, 29; Catholics make arrangement with leaders of, 41.
-, Mocenigo's account of, 61.
-, chiefs of suspicious of declaration of indulgence, 226; indulgence granted to for relief of Catholics, 226.
-, Charles aims at dividing leaders of, 246.

Seguier, Pierre, chancellor of France:
-, opposed to march into Flanders, 4.

Seignelay, Segnale, Segnelay, marquis of. See Colbert, Jean Baptiste, the son.

Setford. See Seaford.

Shaftesbury, earl of. See Cooper, Anthony Ashley.

Sheerness, Sernes, Siernes, Sirnes, co. Kent:
-, York goes to inspect fleet, 189; fleet safe at, 204.
-, Dutch chase English ships to, 215; English advantage in action at, 219.
-, king goes to, to meet fleet after fight, 228; fleet arrives at, 277.

Sheldon, Gilbert, archbishop of Canterbury:
-, does not interfere in politics, 68.

ships, merchantmen:
-, question of bringing entire cargo to Venice, 8, 1089; from Ionian islands, 16.
-, Charles levies toll from, 17.
-, strength of England in, 55.
-, sail for Leghorn, with wheat, 133.
-, distress at Zante because few come for currants, 196.
-, consulage on, at Venice, 286, 293, 297, 321, 324.
-, York busy about convoys for, 3056.

-, Danish.

resident's memorial for release of, 324.

-, Dutch:

Charles threatens to batter, 183; Charles says will only be detained as security, 188.

attack on Smyrna fleet, 1835, 187; Dutch joy at return of, 189.

captures of by English, 195, 197, 199, 257.

Dutch want fleet to protect those from Indies, 220.

Spanish indignation at attacks on, off Cadiz, 2345.

those from Indies awaited, 264, 271; at Delfzyl, 267; little hope of taking, 268; get to Texel safely, 274.

from Guinea, seized at Dover, 264.

Norwegian fleet, reported capture of, contradicted, 268.

captures made by, off Spain, 284.

trading to Venice, 289.

Martel proposes to burn, at Leghorn, 317; privateers, withdraw to Cadiz, 331.

-, English:

question of enticement of sailors from, 11; convoy provided for, 56.

Venetian orders for good treatment of, 28; at Leghorn, 51; Venice should order better treatment of, 72.

can be armed to strengthen fleet, 567.

numbers show extent of trade, 57.

withdrawn from Alexandria trade, 58; losses of in second Dutch war, 59.

admitted free to Villefranche, 71.

forbidden to serve Turks in Candia war, 72.

activity encouraged by Vendramin and Pisani, 72; well treated at Zante, 136.

burned in the Elbe, claim against Hamburg for, 74.

Alberti to get to take wheat to Levant Islands, 110.

two from America, report on N.W. passage, 119.

gallant fight of one against Algerians, 119.

and victualling, at Venice, 122, 129, 1767, 2889.

frigates acting as convoy for, 124.

question of salutes for, 133; Buckingham's force sails in 14 merchantmen, 243.

seized in Holland, 1867; three Indiamen arrive safely, 220.

law requiring to be manned by English crews relaxed, 199.

built from king's design, 2067, 222; secrecy over, 239.

allowed to leave port, after fleet manned, 220; may only carry limited number of foreign seamen, 287.

pratique asked for at Zante, 242; numbers that ply at Venice, 293.

several reach London from Portsmouth, 262; preferred during peace with Turkish corsairs, 293.

ten from E. Indies arrive in Thames, 264.

fleets from Indies and Smyrna escaped Ruyter in last war, 268.

captured by Dutch off Spain, 284; exposed to capture, to get insurance, 306.

light craft for convoy of, 291; fleet for Mediterranean and Levant awaiting convoy, 315, 319.

king's precautions to prevent venturing to sea, 295; forbidden to sail after Dutch put to sea, 323.

convoy provided for, 323.

-, Flemish:

and victualling at Venice, 122; captured by Dutch, off Spain, 284.

-, French:

high handed treatment of, by Jennings, 158; few trade to Venice, 289.

-, Ragusan:

with cargo of sulphur, 331.

-, Spanish:

one seized by buccaneers, 86; leave for Indies with troops and stores, 100; few trade to Venice, 289.

-, Turkish, 153.

-, Venetian:

might conduct own carrying trade, 16; would cause outcry, 283.

encounter of one with English cruisers off Civita Vecchia, 109, 110, 1235, 133, 158; alone can trade to Levant from Malamocco, 290.

difficulty of obtaining special favour for, 299, 303.

promotion of glass trade would increase numbers, 300.

advantages of giving convoy to, 320.

-, names of. See Adventure; Advice; Alice; Anne; Argier; Arma; Cambridge; Centurion; Charles; Cleveland; Constant Warwick; Dartmouth; Dover; Eagle; English frigate; Experiment, Fairfax, Falcon (2); Gloucester; Greenwich; Guernsey; Hampshire; Henrietta; Henry; Holmes; Horologio di Mare; Jersey; Katharine; Leghorn Merchant; Leonessa; Little Holland; London; Mary; Merlin; Monk; Monmouth; Newcastle; Nonesuch; Phnix; Porta d'Oro; Portland; Portsmouth; Princess; Rainbow; Relief; Resolution; Revenge; Richmond; Rinaldo; Roebuck; Royal James; Royal Katharine; Royal Prince; Rupert; St. George; St. Joseph; St. Michael; St. Philip; San Giuseppe; Scipio; Sommissione; Speedwell; Speranza; Success; Superb; Swallow; Terrible; Tiger; Triumph; Victory (2); Vivian; Yarmouth, York.

Shops, tax on stock in trade of, 15.

Sicily, island of, 158.
-, Monterey to be viceroy of, 199.

Siernes, Sirnes. See Sheerness.

Silk, 99.
-, question of trade in, 310, 31516.
-, deterioration of Florentine, 310.

Sillery, marquis of. See Brulart, Louis Roger.

Silvius. See Sylvius.

Skelton, Mr., wounded at Solebay, 232.

Skinner, Ephraim, to be consul at Leghorn, 103.

-, English trade in ruined in second Dutch war, 59.

Smyrna, Asia Minor, Turkish Empire:
-, trade of Levant Co. at, 58; fleet from escaped Ruyter in last war, 268.
-, frigates bound for, 124; Dutch fleet from, attack upon, 183&5, 187; Dutch rejoice at arrival of, 189.
-, Dutch capture part of convoy from, 284; ship from, chased by corsair, 331.

Soignies, Sogni [Prov. Hainault, Belgium], 7.

Solebay, Solsbay. See Southwold bay.

Somerset, Henry, marquis of Worcester, president of the Council in Wales:
-, king confers garter on, 231.

Somissione, merchantman:
-, permission to lade oil, 209.

Sonderland. See Spencer, Robert, earl of Sunderland.

Soranzo, Andrea, senior councillor:
-, replies to Dodington, 240, 254, 265, 270.

Sound, the:
-, flag incident in, 6; question of salute at, 102; separate article about, in the treaty, 239.

South Foreland, co. Kent:
-, allied fleets off, 215.

Southwell, Southerel, Sir Robert, English minister in Portugal:
-, suspected of being too Spanish, 117.
-, mission of, to Flanders, 11719; persuades Monterey to write to Madrid about Dutch alliance, 132; reproaches him with encouraging Dutch, 140; reports Monterey inclined to side with Dutch, 158.

Southwold, co. Suffolk, 223.
-, Bay, Solebay, Solsbay, fleet goes to, 219; Ruyter effects surprise, action at, 2234.
-, account of action, 2289; list of killed and wounded in, 2312.
-, printed account of, 231; Venetian account of, 2589; Savile gives Louis account of, 305.

Spaar, baron Peter, Swedish ambassador to England:
-, expected about arbitration, 80; Leyonberg always promising arrival of, 91; takes house for him, 99.
-, departs from Stockholm, 101; expected in London about arbitration, 106.
-, arrival and first audience, 308; disposes king to listen to negotiations, 313; has state audience, 314.
-, lodged in royal palace, 314; takes leave, king entertains, 317.
-, at the Hague, 326; ill received, went to Orange's camp, 329.

Spain, 320.
-, news from, 158, 165.
-, Hanse Towns traded to, 57; great importance of trade with, 59.
-, Clarendon's policy to prevent reconquering Portugal, 65.
-, Bennet served Charles in, 67.
-, 1671:
-,-, attitude to England, 1; Molina urges Charles to join party of, 5; guarantee given to England by, 9.
-,-, representations made by at Venice, 2, 3; French reply about, 18.
-,-, and defence of Flanders, 5; troops and money sent from to Flanders, 10.
-,-, Colbert complains of England supporting, 5; France will not listen to counter claims of, 7; insists on claims to Franche Comt, 12.
-,-, hope of recovering lost ground through alliance, 7; counts on strong support against France, 10; demands from England, 12.
-,-, English policy towards, 1012, 20; English suspect of secret understanding with France, 17.
-,-, instigated emperor to ask to join alliance, 12, 17.
-,-, English complain of policy of, 14; Charles thinks wants him to be catspaw, 22.
-,-, beginning to feel safe, 17, 20; mistrust of England over emperor, 20; watching behaviour of England closely, suspicion of Charles, 21; need no longer run after England, 46.
-,-, wants parliament to move king to oppose France, 22; Sweden approves of efforts to move England, 49.
-,-, interest in remarriage of James, 38; pleased with Arlington, 68.
-,-, Dutch complain loudly in Court of, 41; Dutch policy with, 52.
-,-, Molina insists too exclusively on interests of, 44; Molina ordered to France by, 46.
-,-, Buckingham an object of suspicion to, 46; Cabal policy to balance against France, 66.
-,-, Mocenigo's account of English relations with, 69, 70; secret mission to, 99.
-,-, will seek quiet by arbitration, 75; objects to postponement of arbitration, 83; vain sacrifices of, for peace, 90.
-,-, perturbed by attack on Panama, 76, 81; measures of redress for, 82, 90, 95; sending troops and ships, 96.
-,-, decision to keep ships for defence of important points, not observed, 77.
-,-, resents retention of Temple in England, 80; wants England to arm and act in earnest, 106.
-,-, cost of reprisals to, 85; pays last instalment of subsidy to Sweden, 106.
-,-, Molina complains of English treatment of, 89; England would not regret if suffers, 90; king thinks St. John and Howard too partial to, 108.
-,-, need to cultivate England, 91, 93; Charles wishes to cultivate good relations with, 95.
-,-, does not mean to yield anything, 93; will only accept arbitration if advantageous, 99.
-,-, not encouraged to take the field if England holds back, 101; encouraged by Arlington's assurance to, if France breaks peace, 105; will not get expected advantage from England, 1067.
-,-, informs English of French attack on Valdivia, 107; Charles appoints Sunderland to appease, 111.
-,-, gives Monterey powers to form alliances, 111; Dutch negotiating closely in, 113; England does not want Dutch to link more closely with, 11516, 117.
-,-, English fear of being drawn into the vortex by obligations to, 113; believes that English understanding with France of long date, 115.
-,-, Monterey considers fortune of inseparable from Dutch, 116; efforts to prevent alliance with Dutch, 132.
-,-, Southwell suspected of leanings to, 117; chief attention directed to policy of England, 11718.
-,-, everything to deter from committing itself, 117.
-,-, Louis promises to maintain peace with, for another year, 117.
-,-, Sunderland leaving for, 119, 126; he is to assure of upright intentions of England, 125.
-,-, Molina says France will not share conquests in Holland with, 119.
-,-, gives Monterey powers to sell military and ecclesiastical appointments, 132.
-, 1672:
-,-, treaty of alliance with Dutch, causes stir in England, 140; Louis would like to detach from Dutch, 142; news of alliance makes no impression, 169.
-,-, England urging neutrality upon, 144; signs point to England maintaining relations with, 145.
-,-, English view of policy with Dutch, 145; alliance with Dutch upsets French tactics, 147, 157, 165, 168; irritation caused in England by alliance, 162; effort to break alliance, 190.
-,-, pessimistic view of policy by Flemings, 148.
-,-, and trade with Venice, 150; favourable attitude to York-Innsbruck match, 164.
-,-, England awaiting decision of, 161, 168; Fresno not coming to London till learns decision of, 162; he awaits fresh orders from, 166, 169.
-,-, in dilemma about joint attack on Dutch, 1634; fear Dutch may suffer great mischief in first months, 168.
-,-, suggests that Dutch shall concede English demands, 164; offers mediation to procure satisfaction from Dutch, 173.
-,-, effect of alliance with Dutch on English policy, 169, 171; threat to attack if helps Dutch, 173.
-,-, English soldiers disbanded because expected to serve against, 172; French count on English help against, 174.
-,-, efforts to secure neutrality of, 1723, 1912.
-,-, feels confident of help from emperor, 173.
-,-, Fresno tries to get declaration that England will not break peace with, 174; Charles likely to delay committing himself against, 175.
-,-, France likely to follow up Dutch war with attack on, 175, 179; England will not join France to make war on, 180; English concern for, 1889, 195.
-,-, Dutch expect to make stout resistance with support of, 179; rumour of offensive alliance with Dutch, 200, 202.
-,-, English consider ungrateful, 1889, 199; suffered English and French help for Portugal, 193.
-,-, Charles warns Louis not to attack, 190; necessarily involved in Dutch war, 191; chief concern for public peace, 1923; means to stand by alliance, with Dutch, 195.
-,-, will stop trade with England, in event of war, 193, 207; English aim at frightening, 207.
-,-, Molina writes to, for instructions, 196; not seconding Innsbruck match warmly, 203.
-,-, Charles wishes to remain on good terms with, 203; good understanding with revives, 208.
-,-, in no condition to resist French, in Flanders, 206, 208; attack on would involve in disaster, 211.
-,-, feels bound to help Dutch but may leave them in the lurch, 206; English complain of helping Dutch, 210; claims right to help them, 211.
-,-, Fresno says in power of to ruin Charles, 222.
-,-, Portugal urged to move, to prevent helping Dutch, 222; indignation in at attack on Dutch ships off Cadiz, 234.
-,-, jealously watching efforts to strengthen French party at Rome, 227.
-,-, wants to use York-Innsbruck match for political purposes, 228; Fresno has instructions from, for match, 237; denied that making such use of match, 265.
-,-, Fresno says England will have to choose between France and, 237; van Beuningen obtained approval for war, 244.
-,-, collapse of Dutch and success of French may force to change policy, 240; fears embarrassments of Dutch may make them neglect interests of allies, 245.
-,-, aspires to have large share in peace, 245; would rather lose all than make a disadvantageous settlement, 252.
-,-, garrisoning Dutch towns in Brabant, 252, 256; risks Flanders by helping Dutch, 256.
-,-, union of powers with tends to postpone peace, 252; Gascoigne a partisan of, 317.
-,-, Dutch India fleet lost if shelters in waters of, 257; way to open Venetian trade with, 320.
-,-, Orange thorough partisan of, as expects help, but little trust placed in, 261; has bulk of military force required by Orange, 263.
-,-, in danger if Dutch make peace with France, 262; Monterey may have pointed out danger of, England fears injury to, 262; Godolphin's memorial to about Dutch, 277.
-,-, cannot defend Netherlands if left alone, 263; will not contribute more than promises, 273.
-,-, pro-Dutch policy of supposed to be due to Lisola, 267; responsible for German intervention, 278.
-,-, believes Charles will hesitate to declare war on her, 277; of first importance for England to keep peace with, 279, 301; England regrets action of, 282.
-,-, terms of alliance not stipulated, 282; claims large share in negotiations, 285.
-,-, Orange may find himself dependent on convenience of, 285; he may withstand Louis with help of, 296.
-,-, rate of consulage for consuls in, 286; rate for consuls of, 286, 289.
-,-, expects France and England to give way before alliance, 301; high claims of, 304; expects by threatening war to detach England from France, 313.
-,-, does not mean to give up Dutch fortresses, 302; Orange said to be negotiating cession of Maastricht to, 306; said to be ceded to, 313.
-,-, anxious about Portugal joining the alliance, 3078; trying to keep auxiliary forces united, 314; Portugal too weak to attack, 323.
-,-, considered source of the trouble, Fresno assured of good will to, 308; Arlington supports French alliance only so long as peace can be maintained with, 314; England unlikely to join in war against France, 317.
-,-, Buckingham believes will be very cautious about plunging into war, 314; Monterey accused of committing too deeply, 328.
-,-, help for Dutch likely to prolong war, 319, 320, 325; question of imperial support for, 323.
-,-, policy to seek peace through war, 320; resists proposal for truce, 323.
-,-, Gayland offers peace to, 322; Godolphin to use high language in, 328.
-,-, Portugal will not move against, without France and England, 326; stops letters from Flanders, 329.
-,-, York believes to be thwarting Innsbruck match, 326; York's indignation with, 328.
-,-, Charles accuses of seeking war, 328; Dutch suspicions of, 329.

-, Council of, 95, 216.

Panama affair discussed with some heat in, 93; members not quite of one mind, 166; appproves York-Innsbruck match, 170.

Ossuna appointed to, 199; reply to English about helping Dutch, 210.

-, fleet of:

efforts to equip ships, 90.

-, king of. See Charles II, of Spain; Philip II.

-, queen regent of. See Maria Anna, of Spain.

-, ships of. See ships, Spanish.

Speedwell, royal navy:
-, goes with Richmond to Denmark, 205n.

Spencer, Anne, ne Digby, countess of Sunderland:
-, king disapproves match of duke of York with, 114; husband sends for, to go to Madrid, 145.

-, Robert, earl of Sunderland, Sonderlan, Suderland:

appointed ambassador to Spain, 111, 118; urged to start, 117, 119.

fresh instructions for, 121; about the Innsbruck match, 123; to start the negotiations, 132.

exchequer allowance to, 121; starts, 126; passes through Paris, 134; arrives at Madrid, 145.

to assure Spain of upright intentions of England, 125; Venice wishes to be informed of negotiations, 144.

express sent to about treaty with Dutch, 142; further instructions sent to, 157.

seems to have come to stay, 145; reception, exchanges civilities with Contarini, 153, 1723.

informs Pearanda of reasons for war with Dutch, 154; arrival changed dispositions of Spanish ministers, 163.

no positive reply given to, 164; will find things changed by Spanish alliance, 165.

expected, from reports of, that Spaniards will commit themselves, 168.

and York's marriage, 168; proposed it, and well received, 170.

did not send notice of Dutch-Spanish alliance, 169; dissatisfaction with on this account, 174.

Contarini informed of proposals and reply to, 1723; Venice informed of same, 1903.

presents fresh paper to Pearanda, 182; resents reply given, 194; justifies king's action, 195; threatened war, 207.

uncertainty about remaining, 198; Godolphin to follow French Court until arrival of, 200; to succeed Montagu at Paris, 205; may go to England first, 268.

presents new memorial, 210; departure imminent, 211; leaves, present to, 216.

has declaration of war printed and circulated, 211.

-, ambassador in France:

character and ability of, 294; Montagu goes over to instruct, 326.

-, wreck of, 20.

-, English obtain from America and E. Indies, 58.

Spinola, Doria, marquis de los Balbases, Spanish ambassador in Germany:
-, to make representations about Lorraine, 3; believed to have caused trouble between Gremonville and Lobkowitz, 92; to sound emperor about York match, 164.
-, urges match of archduchess with duke of York, 196; desire for match not generally supported, 234; match discussed with, wants definite assurances from England, 240; hopes from the match, 304.
-, content about duration of triple alliance, not opposing obstacles to British negotiations, 328.

-, proposed new duties on, 40.

-, E. Indiamen arrive at, 264; convoy assembled at, 315n.

Spragge, Spraghe, Sir Edward:
-, victory over Algerines at Bougie, 78, 80; merchants regret prizes taken by, from Algerines, 88.
-, Chicheley sent as commander under, 89.
-, report of fresh successes over Algerines, 102; reports state of affairs there, 127.
-, king presents with service of plate, 103; report from, 133.
-, reports peace with Algerines, 158; terms of, 166.
-, too late for attack on Smyrna fleet, 183.
-, jealousy between Holmes and, 183n.; York changed to ship of, at Solebay, 224.
-, made admiral of the Blue in place of Sandwich, 231; squadron puts to sea under, 295; reports success against herring busses, 304.
-, at the Nore with only six ships, 305; goes into port for winter, 319; funds insufficient to keep at sea, 321.
-, going to Fiance to arrange naval plans, 326.

Stabile, , agent for Tidiman, 95.

-, Cristoforo, alleged to have insulted consul Harby, 242.

States. See Netherlands.

Stockdale, Robert, collector of customs, Dover: gets possession of Dutch ship by a trick, 2645n.

Stockholm, Sweden:
-, Spaar leaving, 99, 101.
-, alliance signed at, 274n.

stockings, petition to introduce manufacture of silk, to Venice, 84.

-, silk, English manufacture of, 316.

Strait, the. See Gibraltar, Strait of.

Strode, Colonel John, lieutenant governor of Dover castle:
-, De Witt asks for exchange of prisoners, 213.
-, takes Alberti to fleet, in a yacht, 215.

Stuart, Charles, duke of Richmond and Lennox:
-, concerned in murder of Virnill, 40; position at Court, 64.
-, mission to Denmark, 205; to complain of action of resident, 324.

Suard (?), Dutch captain, killed at Solebay, 259.

Success, royal navy damaged in action, under repair, 229.

-, proposed new duty on, 40; England obtains from America, 58; from Lisbon, 286; from Portugal, 293, 299.
-, quantity of imported at Venice, 2989.

sulphur, cargo of, 283, 331.

Sunderland, countess of. See Spencer, Anne.

-, earl of. See Spencer, Robert.

Superbe, French navy:
-, Charles goes on board, 214n.

Surat [Prov. Bombay, India], 56. Falcon sailed from, 271.

Surian, Cristofforo, secretary to the Collegio: reports office with Dodington, 11.

Swallow, English merchantman:
-, gallant fight against Algerians, 119, 120; captured by Dutch, 284.

Swally [Surat, India]:
-, Falcon sailed from, 271.

Sweden, 147.
-, concedes jurisdiction over Sound, to Denmark, 6.
-, guarantee given to England by, 9; English relations with, 70.
-, Spain wants to join against France, 12; part in alliance, 23.
-, letters sent to about arbitration, 74; not likely to hasten arbitration, 93.
-, French mission to, 80; Dutch want to induce to break with France, 83; espouses cause of France, 121.
-, Coventry's mission to, 96, 121; to show advantage of continuing in alliance, 106.
-, Spain pays last instalment to, 106.
-, Coventry's negotiations in, 123; decision of awaited, 126; attitude uncertain, 200.
-, curiosity about decision of, 148; Coventry reports likely to be neutral, 196.
-, guarantor of treaty of Aix la Chapelle, 191; arbitration referred to ambassadors of, 194.
-, will be neutral if Germany is, 202; satisfied with French pension, 206; new alliance with France ratified, 274.
-, Charles accepts mediation of, 274; mediation offered by, 309, 318.
-, other ambassadors expected from, 279, 291; clause in alliance aimed at, 308.
-, not inclined to pledge herself to war, 279; changing sides, 282, 285, 309.
-, has abundance of copper founders, 280.
-, treaty obligation to France, 282; not ashamed to break promise to Louis, 285.
-, by joining empire may force France to come to terms, 313; English court suspicious of intentions of, 31416; attitude doubtful, 318.

-, chancellor of. See Gardie, Magnus Gabriel de la.

-, king of. See Charles IX.

-, France able to subsidise army of, 256.
-, corps of arrives in Pomerania, 318.

Sylvius, Silvius, Sir Gabriel.
-, sent to Louis about Dutch peace advances, 230.
-, mission to prince of Orange with secret commissions, 237; at Antwerp on behalf of Orange, 261; returns and reports, 266.