Appendix: Miscellaneous 1527

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Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 4, 1527-1533. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1871.

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Miscellaneous 1527

Confession of Augsburg
May 15. Sanuto Diaries, v. xlv. p. 75. 1083. Martin Luther.
By order of the Right Reverend Patriarch [of Venice, Girolamo Querini] many books of Martin Luther and his followers were burnt in the centre of [the Piazza of S. Giacomo at] Rialto.
[Note by Sanuto. Italian.]
June 5. Sanuto Diaries, v. xlv. p. 212. 1084. The Community of Venzone to Zuan Moro, Lieutenant of the Friuli.
Heard today from one of the townspeople, who spoke with two carriers from Bavaria, that war has been proclaimed between that. Duke and the Duke of Saxony, on account of Luther's affairs; the Duke of Bavaria saying that he is a good Christian, opposed to the opinions of Luther, and to the Duke of Saxony, because he is a Lutheran. The intelligencer says this was confirmed to him by another person from Saltzburg. Have no other certainty of this news.
Venzone, 5th June. Registered by Sanuto, 7th June.
[Extract. Italian.]
Nov. 15. Sanuto Diaries, v. xlv. pp. 243, 244. 1085. Antonio Bidemario, Captain of the Town and Community of Venzone, to Zuan Moro, Lieutenant of the Friuli.
Have heard that at Saltzburg the Bishop is burning, hanging, and drowning divers persons for Lutheranism; he has 150 in prison, including priests, laymen, and women; and he caused one of the principal priests in his service to be burnt. He has also lately abrogated a corrupt practice (una coruptella) thus,—The male inhabitants of Saltzburg on meeting a married man would say to him, “Lend me thy wife for tonight, and tomorrow I will give her back to thee.” Some assented from sheer good will, and some for hire. This abuse (coruptella) the Bishop has determined utterly to extirpate. The writer spoke with persons come from Saltzburg who affirmed they had witnessed the burning of individuals for these irregularities (disordini) and that many of the inhabitants have made their escape; also that the Duke of Bavaria is doing the like in his duchy; adding moreover that the Archduke Ferdinand sent 50 halberdiers with a, sheriff or provost to Wels near Lintz (where the late Emperor died) to stop (obviar) and punish the Lutherans, but the people of Wels cut the halberdiers to pieces; which disturbances will greatly prejudice the affairs of the Archduke Ferdinand.
Venzone, 15th November 1527. Registered by Sanuto, 20th November.