Venice: July 1528

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Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 4, 1527-1533. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1871.

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July 1528

July 3. Original Letter Book, Letter no. 18, M. Mark's Library. 314. Gasparo Contarini to the Council of Ten.
Sigismund of Ferrara was in reality seized by Sir Gregory Casal, who tells him (Contarini) that he will be taken to Mons. de Lautrec.
On his person many letters were found, addressed to the captains at Naples. Those from Fronsperg were in German; the others purport that if the troops are to march out of Lombardy, they must have at least 100,000 crowns, payable at Naples.
The Neapolitan Mosetola, ambassador resident with the Pope at Viterbo, also writes to the Prince of Orange that he must not let the money reach Antonio da Leva, who is not to be trusted. There were also passports and credentials from the Pope in favour of this Sigismund.
Viterbo, 3rd July.
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July 5. Original Letter Book, Letter no. 19, St. Mark's Library. 315. The Same to the Signory.
The Bishop of Bath has forwarded to Sir Gregory Casal two autograph letters addressed to the Pope, one from King Francis himself, the other from Madame.
Viterbo, 5th July.
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July 5. Original Letter Book, Letter no. 21, St. Mark's Library. 316. The Same to the Council of Ten.
Has received from Sir Gregory Casal copies of two letters, intercepted in the hands of Sigismund of Ferrara (one from the Duke of Brunswick, the other from Antonio de Leva), which he encloses. Casal requests secrecy on account of the Pope, and hesitated to give the letters, saying that secrecy was not observed at Venice. Promised they would be kept secret. Casal showed him a stale letter from the Prothonotary, his brother, at Venice, justifying himself and Sir Gregory, who denied the Prothonotary's having written to the effect that the Signory informed him that the French King did not urge the restitution of Ravenna and Cervia.
Viterbo, 5th July.
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July 5. Original Letter Book, Letter no. 21, St. Mark's Library. 317. The Same to the Same.
Sir Gregory Casal last evening presented the Pope with the letters from the most Christian King and “Madame.” After his Holiness had read them he said, “We shall now see what the Venetians will say to this.” Sir Gregory did not interrogate the Pope farther.
Viterbo, 5th July.
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July 16. Original Letter Book, Letter no. 26, St. Mark's Library. 318. The Same to the Signory.
Sir Gregory Casal, on hearing that the French fleet had arrived at Corneto, went thither to provide galleys for Cardinal Campeggio, who has been appointed to go to England for the affair of the marriage.
The evening before last Casal returned. Heard from him that the Signory's galley, “the Pisana,” had arrived there, having on board Dom. Leonard Romulo, a French gentleman, sent by Lautrec to Andrea Doria at Lerice.
Cardinal Campeggio departs hence on Sunday next, the 19th. Andrea Dona's affairs with France arc not yet arranged.
Viterbo, 16th July.
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July 18. Original Letter Book, Letter no. 27, St. Mark's Library. 319. The Same to the Same.
To-day Pietro Pisani, commander of the “Bastardella” galley which conveyed Leonard Romulo to Corneto, arrived. He had been requested to give a passage to Cardinal Campeggio on his way to England, and asked his (Contarini's) orders. Answered he thought he should take the Cardinal as far as the waters of Genoa, for by so doing he would oblige the Pope, the King of England, and the Cardinal himself; otherwise the Pope and the King would have cause to complain of a refusal. The galley would go with greater safety to the waters of Genoa, because the Cardinal would be convoyed by the three galleys of the order of Rhodes. A supply of biscuit (pan) required by Pisani has been ordered. On the morrow of its arrival Cardinal Campeggio will quit Viterbo with Romulo, and embark under convoy of the three other galleys ordered by the Pope; and at a little distance he expects to find two French galleys, under the command of Andrea Doria, of which the Cardinal will avail himself as far as Provence.
Viterbo, 18th July.
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July 20. Sanuto Diaries, v. xlviii. p. 282. 320. Marco Antonio Venier to the Signory.
On account of the plague no business is transacted. The King and Cardinal have departed. Nothing of importance.
London, 20th July. Registered by Sanuto, 8th August.
July 21. Original Letter Book, Letter no. 31, St. Mark's Library. 321. Gasparo Contarini to the Council of Ten.
Has been told by Sir Gregory Casal and the Cardinal of Mantua that the Pope said that Andrea Doria would act according to his wishes; thereupon urged the Pope to take him into his service. The Pope excused himself on the plea of not having the means; and they were at length compelled to obtain a promise from several merchants to supply the Pope with 40,000 crowns, the merchants receiving security thus,—from the Cardinal of Mantua, 15,000 crowns; from Cardinal San Severino, 17,000; the residue being supplied by Sir Gregory Casal and other Bolognese, his friends.
Viterbo, 21st July.
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July 21. Original Letter Book, Letter no. 30, St. Mark's Library. 322. The Same to the Signory.
In reply to the demand made for two galleys to convey Cardinal Campeggio to Marseilles, Doria writes that not only two, but four, shall be at the Cardinal's orders.
Cardinal Campeggio says he shall depart for Cometo early on Thursday.
Viterbo, 21st July.
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July 23. Original Letter Book, Letter no. 32, St. Mark's Library. 323. The Same to the Same.
The Abbate Negro, sent to the Pope by Andrea Doria, has arrived. Saw him in the Pope's chamber. Andrea Doria has sent an agent to Spain with the articles of agreement, and goes to Gaeta to await the reply; so he might be considered as having taken service with the Emperor. The Pope said that for twelve galleys Andrea Doria demanded 60,000 crowns per annum, and bank security in Italy for payment every two months; also that Andrea Doria had sent 30 naval commanders to officer the eight galleys at Barcelona, and that the three or four galleys in Sicily would render the Emperor strong at sea.
Sir Gregory Casal will accompany Cardinal Campeggio on board the galley as far as Leghorn.
Viterbo, 23rd July.
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July 27. Original Letter Book, Letter no. 33, St. Mark's Library. 324. The Same to the Same.
This morning the Pope said to him, “At first I complained of you alone, I now complain of the French and English together with you; but, please God—in whom I hope—I shall get the cities back.”
Gave him fair words, which seemed to take no effect, but he did not get into a passion as on former occasions; though the French ambassador tells him (Contarini) that when he was exhorting his Holiness to declare himself for the League, the Pope replied, “The Venetians do not choose it, they retain what belongs to me;” and then added, “Rely on it, that one of two things will come to pass, either I shall ruin myself utterly, or I shall ruin them.”
Viterbo, 27th July.
[Italian, 4½ pages.]
July 27 Senato Mar., v. xxi. p. 98. 325. Embassy to England.
Put to the ballot, that there be given to Lodovico Falier, ambassador elect to England, as subsidy for four months, at the rate of 140 golden ducats per month, 500 golden ducats.
Also for horses, as a gift, as usual, 150 ducats, at the rate of six livres four soldi per ducat,, and 50 ducats as a gift for the secretary, according to the decree of the Council of Ten; and for coverings and trunks, 30 ducats; also for two couriers, 40 ducats. Moreover, that the ambassador elect may take silver utensils at the Signory's risk to the value of 400 ducats.
Ayes, 141. Noes, 15. Neutrals, 0.
[Italian, 15 lines.]
July 28. Navagero Despatches, Cicogna Copy, in the Correr Museum. 326. Andrea Navagero to the Signory.
Has been told by the Bishop of Tarbes, that Silvestro Dario, who was sent to Spain by Cardinal Wolsey, with an envoy from the Lady Margaret, had reached the Emperor. Hopes that his mission will succeed. (fn. 1) One Montfort, a gentleman of the Emperor's chamber, who had been sent by his Majesty to England, on the declaration of war in Spain, to dissuade King Henry from being hostile to the Emperor, has arrived lately in Paris from the Lady Margaret.
Subsequently Montfort returned to the Lady Margaret, who now sends him back to the Emperor. He has had a safeconduct to pass through France, and went lately to Fontainebleau to speak to the King.
Paris, 28th July 1528.
July 30. Original Letter Book, Letter no. 34, St. Mark's Library. 327. Gasparo Contarini to the Signory.
On going to the Court this morning, found the Pope in the garden with the secretary Sanga, who had just arrived, on his return from Andrea Doria, at Lerice. The Pope conversed with him for a long while, and then commenced reciting the “office,” walking about the garden. Thereupon went up to Sanga, from whom he heard that Andrea Doria has already sent to Spain to stipulate his engagement with the Emperor. Asked Sanga about the Pisana galley, on board of which are Cardinal Campeggio, Sir Gregory Casal, and the Captain Leonard Romulo; he said the vessel was perfectly safe, assurance to this effect having been given him by Andrea Doria.
The only hope of retaining Andrea Doria was the rejection of his terms by the Emperor, as he asks bank security in Italy for 120,000 crowns for two years, at the rate of 60,000 per annum, to be paid him every two months in advance.
Viterbo, 30th July.
[Italian, 6 pages.]


  • 1. In an autograph letter written by Sebastian Giustinian, Venetian Ambassador in France, date 1st December 1528, addressed to Francesco Contarini, it is stated that Dario was then riding post on his way to England (from France), well disposed towards the affairs of the League. (See Cicogna, Delle Inscrizioni Veneziane, vol. vi p 278.)