Venice: January 1531

Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 4, 1527-1533. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1871.

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'Venice: January 1531', in Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 4, 1527-1533, (London, 1871) pp. 273-275. British History Online [accessed 20 April 2024]

January 1531

1531. Jan. 5. Deliberazioni Senato (Secreta), v. liv. p. 53, tergo. 648. Embassy to England.
Motion made in the Senate.
Lodovico Falier having been ambassador to the King of England during the last 28 months, it being fitting, in conformity with his request, to elect his successor:
Put to the ballot,—To elect an ambassador to the aforesaid King; to receive for his expenses 140 golden ducats per month; to keep 11 horses, and as many servants, including the secretary's horse and two running footmen; and with all such regulations and conditions as those with which said Ser Lodovico was elected.
Ayes, 165. Noes, 11. Neutrals, 3.
Electus fuit orator Ser Carolus Capellus.
Jan. 5. Sanuto Diaries, v. liv. p. 245. 649. Antonio Surian to the Signory.
The King of France has written to the Cardinals to delay the Council until after a conference between his Holiness, the Emperor, and himself. He also requests them to persuade the Pope to divorce the English King.
Rome, 5th January. Registered by Sanuto 9th January.
Jan. 7. Sanuto Diaries, v. liv. p. 309. 650. Sebastian Giustinian to the Signory.
The Queens are expected for her Majesty's coronation; the King is gone to St. Germain. The Emperor is coming to Flanders, where he will remain, and not go to Spain, as he desires to see the result of the Council about to be held. He has written to his ambassador here, to render every assistance to the ambassador of the Duke of Milan with regard to what he requires from the most Christian King.
The Pope has written a brief to the English King, telling his Majesty to elect a judge, the Queen doing the like, that they may decide about the divorce; the Rota, subsequently, to hear the appeals. Touching the money due to him from the most Christian King on account of the Emperor, it seems the . . . . . and would wish him to make war on the Emperor. The Pope is also urging the marriage of his niece, the young Duchess of the Medici family (la Duchessina di caxa di Medici) to the Duke of Orleans, and would wish her to have the duchy of Milan.
Paris, 7th January 1531. Registered by Sanuto 3rd February.
Jan. 11. Sanuto Diaries, v. lvi. p. 247. 651. Embassy to England.
Ballot in the Senate for an ambassador to England, to receive 140 golden ducats monthly, according to the motion made:
Gasparo Bembo, LL.D., son of Ser Alvise 92 122
Marin Giustinian, late sage for the mainland, son of of Ser Sebastian 132 79
Carlo Capello, late ambassador at Florence, son of Ser Francesco [elected] 147 58
Jacomo da Canal, late sage for the mainland, son of the late Ser Bernardo 107 107
Marco Antonio Contarini, late Lord Lieutenant in the Friuli, son of the late Ser Carlo 128 82
Jan. 19. Sanuto Diaries, v. liv. p. 336. 652. Lodovico Falier to the Signory.
Departure of an ambassador from the King for France. The two Crowns are in close negotiation. The King of England is sending some of his agents to Bologna to obtain opinion from the university there about the divorce. The reason why Cardinal Wolsey became hateful to the King was, that he wrote to the Pope praying his Holiness to assist him, and to excommunicate the King if necessary.
London, 19th January 1531. Registered by Sanuto 21st Feb.
Jan. 21. Miscellaneous Letters, Library Venetian Archives. 653. Gregorio Pizzamano, Proveditor in the Friuli, to the Chiefs of the Ten.
Dom. Zuan de Manzano, LL.D., a gentleman of this town, has informed me that an opinion given by a doctor in canon law, and canon of Capodistria, in favour of the dissolution of the marriage of the most serene King of England, was sent to him; and the bearer of this opinion requested Manzano likewise to sign and approve it, promising to remunerate him handsomely; the writing having been also signed by Dom. Zuan da Latisana, Doctor at Udine. Manzano would not consent, telling Pizzamano that he knew it was contrary to the will of the Signory; because a year ago, when he was “Vicar” of the Bailiff of Padua, the Signory did not choose any of the doctors there to give similar opinions, charging the governors by very strong letters not to allow it.
From Cividal de Friuli, 21st January 1531.
Signed: Gregorio Pizzamano, Proveditor.
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