Venice: June 1532

Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 4, 1527-1533. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1871.

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'Venice: June 1532', in Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 4, 1527-1533, (London, 1871) pp. 339-341. British History Online [accessed 24 April 2024]

June 1532

June 4. Sanuto Diaries, v. lvi. p. 196. 774. Nicolò Tiepolo's Report of the Emperor Charles V., made to the Senate.
On account of the controversy concerning his aunt's marriage, he is not very friendly with the King of England, and without scruple has always sought to have the case continued and decided at Rome, and not to be removed to England; nor does he believe that the King would ever proceed to extremities against the Queen, and gives it to be understood, that he should have the means of making him repent.
June 4. Parti Secreta, Conslglio X. Filza 3. 775. Motion made in the Council of Ten and Junta by the Chiefs Hironimo Quirini and Alviso Bon.
Put to the ballot,—That the letters of the ambassador in France, dated the 22nd April, with those of the ambassador in England, dated 13th and 18th May, addressed to the Chiefs of this Council be communicated to the Senate with injunction to secrecy, according to the strictest acts of this Council.
Ayes, 5.
Amendment proposed by the Chief of the Ten, Bernardo Marcello—
That the present matter be delayed until the receipt of the next letters from France and England.
Ayes, 19. No, 1. Neutral 1.
June 7. Lettere Secrete, Capi Consiglio X. File 3. 776. The Chiefs of the Ten to Carlo Capello, Venetian Ambassador in England.
Praise his conduct. To notify matters of importance in cipher.
Signed: Bernardus Marcellus, C.C.X.
Hieronymus Querinus, C.C.X.
Thomaxus Emo, C.C.X.
June 8. Lettere del Collegio (Secreta), File no. 13. 777. The Doge and College to Carlo Capello, Venetian Ambassador in England.
Letters from Constantinople dated the 12th ult. The fitting out of the fleet continues. The departure fixed for the 20th of May for Modon, to meet Barbarossa with his fustes. (fn. 1)
Letters from Adrianople dated the 15th May. Sultan Solyman was to quit Adrianople for Filippopoli.
June 11. Sanuto Diaries, v. lvi. p. 324. 778. Carlo Capello to the Signory.
Mons. de Rolimbo [Rochambeau], the Imperial ambassador, arrived in London on the 3rd from Scotland, where he remained six weeks, about the divorce, and to obtain assistance from the King against the Turk. On the 6th a herald came from the King of Scotland to the King of England. A friend at the Scottish Court (fn. 2) writes, in date 28th May, that on the 15th the Parliament closed, having determined, in favour of the Queen, not to assent to the divorce. The King was to quit Edinburgh and to go to St. Andrew's, to hold another Parliament, at the request of the Pope, for the Lutheran affairs; and to obtain assistance against the Turk. This, the Papal Nuncio Dom. Silvestro Dario, hoped to procure; and 70 Lutherans in the neighbourhood of St. Andrew's, where they are in very great number, and plunder the country, doing much mischief, have been captured. Said Nuncio is expected in London in the course of the present month.
Advices purport that King Christian of Denmark, the Emperor's brother-in-law, who, as written by me some time ago, was ship-wrecked with the greater part of his fleet, has been taken by the forces of the League of Lubeck, and it is expected they will put him to death.
The day before yesterday, the French ambassador, Mons. de Pomeraye, arrived from France, where his most Christian Majesty gave him a revenue of 6,000 ducats, and a very rich wife. He went immediately to the King, who is at a distannce of eight miles from London. The Marquis of Saluzzo, who was to have come hither, has renounced the project, as this French ambassador has supplied his place.
Has been assured by a trustworthy friend, that for the Italian expedition the King of France has 15,000 Switzers, and will have 10,000 Italian infantry, and 10,000 Lansquenets of the new band; and when the Grand Turk [Sultan Solyman] shall have commenced war on the Emperor, he, the King, will march.
The King is intent on terminating the divorce, and in momentary expectation of letters from Rome on the subject; but will not proceed to extremities until he sees the commencement of the aforesaid attack. He has commenced inspecting the artillery and ammunition in the Tower, which he purposes fortifying.
The galleys departed on the 27th ult., with a fair wind.
London, 11th June. Registered by Sanuto 17th July
June 16. Lettere del Collegio (Secreta), File no. 13. 779. The Doge and College to Carlo Capello, Venetian Ambassador in England.
Intelligence from Constantinople.
June 17. Parti Secrete, Consiglio X. Filza. 3. 780. League against Charles V.
Motion made in the Council of Ten and Junta by the Councillors, Paolo Donato, Marco Minio, Toma Mocenigo, and by the Chief, Hironimo Quirini.
Letters from the ambassadors in France and England, dated 22nd and 13th May, containing the confirmation of the league against the Emperor, to be communicated to the Senate, whenever it shall seem fit to all the members of the College (a cadauno del collegio nostra).
Ayes, 9–12.
— 18.
— 0.
Amendment proposed by the Councillor Gasparo Contarini—
That the above-mentioned letters of our ambassador in France be alone communicated to our Council of the Senate, and nothing more.
Ayes, 4. Noes, 15. Neutrals, 2.
June 19. Sanuto Diaries, v. lvi. p. 284. 781. Marco Antonio Contarini, Venetian Ambassador with the Emperor, to the Signory.
The Lutherans at the Diet of Nuremberg demand the maintenance of the articles in their “Confession” and “Apology,” and permission to preach their doctrine and convert others to it, they considering' it so Catholic, that by omitting to do so they reproach themselves with the want of Christian charity. They are content not to have communion with the Zuinglians and Anabaptists, unless they conform to the Lutheran dogmas.
The Emperor, will not consent to hold the Council General until this Turkish expedition comes to an end. When at liberty, he will do his utmost to hold it, and confer with the Pope to that effect.
Ratisbon, 10th June. Registered by Sanuto 28th June.
June 21. Sanuto Diaries, v. lvi. p. 400. 782. Carlo Capello to the Signory.
On the 11th received the Signory's letters, with advices from Constantinople, Went to see the King in a park, distant 10 miles from London. The King appeared very glad to see him. Communicated the news to his Majesty.
On the preceding evening Gioan Gioachino arrived from France, bringing the King a large sum of money for the pension on account of Calais (sic) and for old debts, as likewise the donations of 5,000 crowns annually, for the Duke of Norfolk and other members of the English Government. To him (Capello), Gioan Gioachino said, that he brought 52,000 crowns, and one morning he counted out 30,000 crowns.
Has paid two visits to the French ambassador [Pomeraye], who daily becomes more and more united with his Majesty. Has been assured that the King's natural son, the Duke of Richmond, will go to France.
Dom. Camillo Pardo Orsini crossed by Boulogne into France, and was waylaid by 25 harquebusiers sent by the Queen Maria (fn. 3) and Mons. de Fiennes, the Governors of Flanders; but they missed Dom. Camillo, who with his servant, continued his journey by another road, and wrote this account from Montreuil to one of his friends.
London, 21st June. Registered by Sanuto 7th August.
June 30. Sanuto Diaries, v. lvi. p. 355. 783. Carlo Capello to the Signory.
The day before yesterday a messenger, who came by way of Antwerp, brought the King letters from the Pope, requesting assistance against the Turk, and about the annats. They have not yet answered him; consultations are held daily, but the reply will be one of words. A work is being written in haste against the payment of annats.
Dom. Gulielmo Penezone (sic) is going expeditiously as ambassador to France, it is said for damages incurred during the late wars; but the whole proceeds very secretly. He is also to negotiate for the King and other allies.
London, June 30th. Registered, by Sanuto 22nd July.


  • 1. Fustes or Foists. (See Hall's Chronicle, p. 799.)
  • 2. Query Silvester Dario, Papal Nuncio at the Court of Scotland.
  • 3. Queen Dowager of Hungary.