Appendix: Miscellaneous 1523

Pages 487-488

Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 4, 1527-1533. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1871.

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Miscellaneous 1523

March 26. Consiglio X. Misti, v. xlvi. p. 12. retro. 1053. Decree of the Council of Ten concerning Reginald Pole.
That the Signory's Governors of Padua be enjoined to permit the most Illustrious and Reverend Reginald Pole, British born (Britanno) a student in our university, to carry weapons there, in that our city and territory, both he and four of his servants, for the security of his person, according to his request, made through the English ambassador resident here; he being bound to notify the names of his said servants to our said Governors, as becoming.
Ayes, 12. Noes, 1. Neutrals, 0.
May 10. Miscellaneous Letters, Venetian Archives. 1054. Altobello Averoldi, Bishop of Pola and Governor of Bologna for Pope Adrian VI., to the Chiefs of the Ten.
A papal messenger informs me that the most Christian King, contrary to the Pope's earnest prayer, will not consent to any pacific adjustment between his Majesty and the Emperor and the King of England, until in the first place his duchy of Milan be restored to him. To this the King of England will not consent; but King Francis, at the intercession of his mother, has agreed to cease hostilities in Italy for two months, from the 1st instant; and Madame has written to his Holiness to be satisfied with this for the present.
The King of England and the Cardinal of York will not consent to the restitution of Cardinal Adrian. By reason of the two . . . . [bishoprics ?—Bath and Wells] held by him, he will certainly not be reinstated. (fn. 1)
The Court of England do not believe in the loss of Rhodes.
Bologna, 10th May 1523.
Your Excellencies' servant, A. Bishop of Pola, Governor of Bologna.
Addressed: To the most Illustrious Prince and excellent Lords, the Chiefs of the Council of Ten.
[Original. Italian. In cipher uith contemporary decipher.]
May 14. Miscellaneous Letters, Venetian Archives. 1055. Antonio Surian, Venetian Ambassador in England, to the Chiefs of the Ten.
Have understood the orders contained in your letters of the 31st March, (fn. 2) desiring me, if necessary, to have recourse to the Bishop of London and Sir Henry Marny, nor will I omit to do so on all occasions; and I should ere now have said a few suitable words to Sir Henry Marny had he not been indisposed of late, but immediately on his recovery . . . . [a few words illegible in the original]. With the Bishop of London [Cuthbert Tunstall], a most learned person and in truth quite my friend, I have been unable to perform this office, he being constantly occupied from morning till night on account of this Parliament; but I have arranged to be with him tomorrow, when I intend to speak about the gunners and the injury done to the artillery, and finally about this tax imposed by them, so that he may say a good word in our favour; though as the whole government is absolutely in the hands of Cardinal Wolsey, who does not choose anybody but himself alone to interfere with it,—and indeed whoever dares to do so is therefore hated and persecuted by him,—I doubt being able to derive much advantage from these two personages, of whom the Bishop most especially is attached to me by no ordinary affection, which sprang up between us when studying classical literature at Padua (fn. 3) (tra nuy nassuta nela antiqua litteraria consaetudine Patavina) although he is inclined to do what he can when the opportunity offers for acting, like a true friend.
Signed: Antonius Surianus D. et eques orator.
London, 14th May 1523.
[Original. Italian.]


  • 1. See in Venetian Calendar, vol.ii., Nos. 1044 and 1054, the decrees of Leo X., whereby Adrian Castellesi was degraded from the rank of cardinal, and his bishopric given to Cardinal Wolsey.
  • 2. On the 31st March 1523, the Council of Ten wrote three letters to Antonio Surian, which were registered in vol. iii., Venetian Calendar, pp. 309–310. The ambassador's reply was discovered lately amongst unclassed papers in the Venetian Archives, and is now in the Miscellany of the Library.
  • 3. The Italian biographical dictionaries do not allude to Tunstall's studies at the University of Padua, nor do I know whether the fact has been recorded by English writers.