Venice: December 1536

Pages 51-52

Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 5, 1534-1554. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1873.

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December 1536

Dec. 6. Despatches, Venetian Archives, File no. 4 B. 127. Lorenzo Bragadino, Venetian Ambassador at Rome, to the Signory.
Letters from the Court of France, dated the 18th ult., announce the conclusion of the marriage of the King of Scotland to the daughter of the most Christian King, with the consent (di volonta) of the King of England; and that the rebels were closely negotiating their agreement with the King, and the insurrection is supposed to be at an end.
A negotiation is on foot for the marriage of the Princess of England—born of the old Queen—(the King her father promising to have her declared legitimate by the Parliament) to the late Duke of Angouleme, now Duke of Orleans, son of the most Christian King, who I am assured is not much inclined towards it.
Rome, 6th December.
Dec. 10. Despatches, Venetian Archives, File no. 4 B. 128. The Same to the Same.
On the morning of the 8th, the Pope sent for the prelates appointed by him for the affairs of the Council, and announced his intention to them, namely, that he would hold it at any rate, although the Lutherans persist in their determination to oppose it; and he desired them to think about the reform of the court. The prelates in question are the Archbishop of Salerno; Sadoleto, Bishop of Carpentras; Verona [Matteo Giberti]; the Lord Reginald Pole (il Sig. Renaldo Polo); and the Abbot of San Giorgio Maggiore at Venice [Gregorio Cortese]. Chieti (fn. 1) is still weak, though apparently recovered from his illness, but nevertheless he cannot yet transact business.
Rome, 10th December.
Dec. 16. Despatches, Venetian Archives, File No. 4 B. 129. The Same to the Same.
Letters from the Court of France, dated the 1st, and from Lyons on the 5th, announce that the marriage contract of the King of Scotland with Madame Madelaine, the daughter of the most Christian King, was stipulated with the consent of the King of England, who gave it when the rebels on the island were armed and in force, but the insurrection being now quelled, according to the French advices, he sent to revoke his consent, but this second order did not arrive in time.
His most Christian Majesty is intent on amassing money, and strengthens the army in Picardy as much as he can, with the intention of waging the war in those parts, in the hope (it is supposed) that by making an attack in that quarter the King of England will assist him by bearing part of the expense.
Rome, 16th December.
Dec. 22. Despatches, Venetian Archives, File No. 4 B. 130. Lorenzo Bragadino, Venetian Ambassador at Rome, to the Signory.
The Pope is informed by letters from England, dated the 20th November, that the rebels are more powerful than ever, and in number 40,000, and that they have told the Duke of Norfolk, who interposed to quiet matters, that they insist on the revocation of all the statutes of the realm which have bee passed during the last seven years, and that the King return to the Catholic faith, but that as yet there was no hope of this. The rebel forces increase daily, the King being in danger, and the writer of the letter recommends the Pope to send Reginald Pole, now created Cardinal, as Legate to England, with money for distribution amongst the poor people, as the affairs of the Church will proceed most prosperously.
Rome, 22nd December.
Dec. 29. Despatches, Venetian Archives, File No. 4 B. 131. The Same to the Same.
On the 22nd acquainted your Serenity with the creation by the Pope of nine Cardinals, to six of whom, (fn. 2) on the morning of the 23rd, he gave the hat in public consistory.
By the last advices from Lyons, dated the 12th, it is heard that the rebellion in England has not quite subsided, though it is not so active as appeared by the letters which the Pope had read in consistory when the creation of Cardinals was discussed.
His Holiness has determined to send the sword to the King of Scotland, who offers to march against the King of England with all his forces in favour of the Church, and make a vigorous attack, being always ready to do the Pope every other service. The sword and hat were blessed by his Holiness as usual on Christmas eve.
Rome, 29th December.


  • 1. Gianpietro Caraffa, Archbishop of Chieti (Vite de' Cardinali, vol. iv. p. 163).
  • 2. Amongst these six was Reginald Pole; the three not present, were Roderic Borgia, son of the Duke of Gandia, the nuncio in France, and the Archbishop of Chieti.