Appendix: Miscellaneous 1364

Pages 1575-1578

Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 6, 1555-1558. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1877.

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Miscellaneous 1364

1364 Jan. 2. Secreti Collegio, p. 126. 5. Motion made in the College, by the Doge, the Councillors, and the Chiefs of the Tén, except the Councillor Pietro Cornaro, and the Chief Leone Bembo.
That a letter be written to Andrea that if he can fulfil our intention about the Englishmen, they may come, according to the order given him. If not, let him take such number of them as he can get, in proportion to the sum assigned him, but if he cannot obtain any Englishmen, let him take Germans or Burgundians, as the Lord Pandolfo shall consider best, to the number of 200 in armour; and in case he should get any Englishmen, he may supply the deficiency with other troops as aforesaid, so that, including Englishmen and the others, there be 200 in all.
That he may also engage 400 foot soldiers, half arbalist-men (balistarios) and half with breastplates (pavesaros).
Ayes, 6.
Amendment.—That Andrea do his utmost to engage the Englishmen as he is commissioned, or as many as he can, and also foot soldiers according to the Doge's motion as above (fn. 1); and if unable to obtain Englishmen, nor to effect our intention, let him write and wait.
Ayes, 6; noes, 0; neutral, 0.
Jan. 2. Secreti Collegio, p. 126 tergo. 6. Motion made in the College.
That Andrea be written to in accordance with the preceding amendment. Carried unanimously (omnes).
Jan. 13. Secreti Collegio, p. 129. 7. Motion made and carried in the College.
Be Pasqualino Minotto written to, that if besides the 50 men in armour (barbutas) he is to bring with him, he can have as many as 100 Englishmen, or Englishmen and Hungarians, good and profitable (avantazata) troops, with pay and terms of their own, he do endeavour to have and to bring them.
Ayes,7.; noes (in favour of delay), 5; neutral, 0.
Jan. 13. Secreti Collegio, p. 129 tergo. 8. Motion made and carried in the College.
That Andrea be written to thus,—Having understood your numerous letters, and lastly those dated 6th January, we reply that as you cannot have the Englishmen, you must endeavour to engage the 400 foot soldiers about whom we wrote yesterday, as instead of those Englishmen we will supply ourselves with other troops from these parts.
Ayes, 9.
Amendment.—That Henriginus be engaged with 100 cavalry and 400 foot soldiers, and the friend [John of Brixen] of the Lord Dondazo with 50 men in armour (barbutis); and be it written to Andrea that if he can have 300 Englishmen for 20,000 ducats he do engage them, and the 400 soldiers.
Ayes, 3; noes, 0: neutral, 0.
Feb. 5. Secreti Collegio, p. 132 tergo. 9. Motion made and carried in the College.
Whether it seems fit to you, for the good direction of this war, to receive 100 Englishmen into our service. In case it be determined to engage them, be it carried that they may be engaged for our Captain of the territory [of Candia], who will be appointed for our service; and such additional sum as shall be given them, to be comprised in the amount of the Captain's contingent.
Moreover, in case the said Englishmen be received into our service, be it ordered that 100 of the least efficient of our cavalry be recalled from our stipend.
Amendment.—No mention to be made at present of breaking any one (de cassando aliquem), but that the matter be delayed.
Noes, 3; neutral, 0.
Feb. 7. Secreti Collegio, p. 134 tergo. 10. Motion made and carried in the College.
That leave be given to our Governors of the [Venetian] territory (terrœ) to engage (firmandi) the Lord Thomas, the Englishman, (Dominum Thomam Anglicum) with 100 English men-at-arms, and 100 horses for our service, at 10 ducats for each horse, giving besides to the said Lord Thomas, for his exertions (laboribus) to the amount of 1,200 ducats, or less, as our Governors shall be able to stipulate with him.
Feb. 8. Secreti Collegio, p. 135 tergo. 11. Motion made and carried in the College.
That to the Lord Thomas, the Englishman, who has been received into our service, there may be lent on trust 500 ducats, so that our Governors may be the better able to obtain what is required, that sum being placed to the account of his pay. That if the said Lord Thomas come with only 10 men, more or less, of the 100 assigned him, he be nevertheless received and paid according to rate; and should he come two or three days before the term appointed him, yet let him be received and make his muster, which being done he is to commence receiving pay. On his completion of our service, he to be taken by our vessels either to Cyprus or Rhodes, with the consent of the Lords in those parts.
Feb. 8. Secreti Collegio, p. 137 tergo. 12. Number of Cavalry received and confirmed against the Rebels of Candia:
Captain of the territory, men in armour (barbutas) 150
The Marshal ” ” ” 50
Pasqualino Minotto, with his followers 107
Peio, men in armour (barbutas) 50
Franceschino Bomber 50
Ambrogio of Milan 50
Pasqualino Bon 25
Giacomello Pissani (sic) 25
Francesco da Rovigo 25
The friend of the Lord Dondazzo, viz. Giovanni of Brixen 100
Enrigino 100
Slaves 100
Gotomieh 50
Giuliano Baldechino 10
Son of Marco Tiepolo 6
Englishmen 110
Governors 16
Paymasters 6
Total men in armour (barbute) 1,005 (sic)


  • 1. The reigning Doge was Lorenzo Celsi.