Appendix: Miscellaneous 1561

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Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 7, 1558-1580. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1890.

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Miscellaneous 1561

1561. Jan. 15. Senato Terra, filza No. 38. Venetian Archives. 6. The Venetian Consulate in London.
Motion in the Venetian College.
Present, the five Sages, the proveditors of the factories, &c., including Giovanni Maria Bembo and Giacomo Morosini, proveditors of the London factory.
Our proveditors of the London factory having had letters from M. Placido Raggazoni of 13th December last, stating that he had been elected Vice-Consul of our nation in that place, and asking for confirmation from hence of the election, which had been made on the 9th December, as appears by a public instrument; it is proposed by the said proveditors, seeing what was done in the Council “di Pregadi” and in this College in 1556, in order to avoid many inconveniences which might arise from acts done by the said Placido, that the said election be confirmed until St. Mark's day 1562, for this occasion only, though with the benefit of appeal according to the said laws; but as the election has been made contrary to the said orders, that the said election shall be cancelled and annulled from the date mentioned. Also that a Consul be now elected by this College according to the resolution taken in 1556, to enter into that office on the said day, being the 25th of April, as of old used to be done, and then the said Vice-Consul shall deliver up all books and writings belonging to the consulate. Also that it be declared that no further election of consul or vice-consul shall be made in future, without express licence from the College.
Ayes, 9. Noes, 0. Neutral, 0. And so it passed.
On a ballot being taken, the existing Consul was declared to continue in office, according to the law above mentioned.
[Italian and Latin; inserted in a Decree of the Senate, 6th March 1563.]