Venice: February 1567

Pages 387-389

Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 7, 1558-1580. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1890.

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February 1567

Feb. 7. Original Letter Book, Venetian Archives. 380. Giovanni Correr, Venetian Ambassador in France, to the Signory.
It is reported that in England mass is being said publicly, and is numerously attended; also that the priest who was inspired by God to celebrate mass in public, not being impeded, many other priests have followed his example without hindrance.
Their Majesties believe that the marriage of the Queen of England with the Archduke Charles will speedily he concluded, a result which causes them the greatest displeasure.
Paris, 7th February 1567.
[Italian; the portion in italics deciphered by Signor Luigi Pasini.]
Feb. 20. Original Letter Book, Venetian Archives. 381. Giovanni Correr, Venetian Ambassador in France to the Signory.
God willing, I shall proceed next week to Moret, two leagues distant from Fontainebleau, the place assigned for the residence of all the Ambassadors.
Paris, 20th February 1567.
Feb. 20. Original Letter Book, Venetian Archives. 382. Giovanni Correr, Venetian Ambassador in France, to the Signory.
Last Sunday the English Ambassador [Sir Henry Norris] came to me, on account of a report which was current through the Court, that the mass had been re-introduced in London; he said, “I was greatly surprised to hear that so great a change had taken place, and did not dare to deny the report, as every one believed it to be true; but now I desire without delay to acquaint you that no alteration whatever has taken place in this respect.”
He then added that the Earl of Sussex was about to take the Garter (Giarattiera) to the Emperor, and he did not deny that the Earl, with other personages who accompanied him, had power to treat the marriage between his Queen and the Archduke Charles. The Ambassador evinced very great wish for it to be concluded, by saying, “Provided she marry, we do not care whether she take a native or a foreigner; we hope that she will gratify us, because at the last Parliament, held by us about three months ago, seeing the great earnestness expressed to her generally, she promised decidedly that she would speedily take a husband.”
Paris, 20th February 1567.
Feb. 21. Original Letter Book, Venetian Archives. 383. Giovanni Correr, Venetian Ambassador in France, to the Signory.
A gentleman lately resident in Scotland, as agent of his most Christian Majesty, arrived here last night, having left Scotland on the 22nd of last month.
He relates that near Calais he was overtaken by a messenger, despatched by post by the Ambassador of his most Christian Majesty resident in England, who entreated this gentleman to hasten his journey, and inform his Majesty that the Queen of England had received letters to the effect that the husband of the Queen of Scotland, and his father the Earl of Lennox, had been assassinated during the night of the 11th of the present month; but the Ambassador gave no particulars either with regard to the place where these personages were residing, or by whom or for what cause the assassination had been committed.
The report is believed, because it was written and brought hither as above mentioned; and until further advices are received, this assassination is considered to be the work of the heretics, who desire to do the same by the Queen, in order to bring up the Prince in their doctrines, and thus more firmly to establish their own religion to the total exclusion of ours.
Paris, 21st February 1567.