Venice: October 1594

Pages 145-147

Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 9, 1592-1603. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1897.

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October 1594

Oct. 8. Original Despatch, Venetian Archives. 307. Francesco Vendramin, Venetian Ambassador in Spain, to the Doge and Senate.
Although there is no news as yet that the Turkish fleet has inflicted any damage of moment on his Majesty's dominions, yet every one says that the appearance of that fleet has greatly hampered his Majesty's designs, hindering the massing of his Italian troops and changing all his plans in view of the need to stand on the defensive. Add to this the bad news after Count Mansfeldt's retreat from Picardy. and the difference of opinion between the Archduke Ernest and the Count of Fuentes, on account of letters from Fuentes to the King, containing sharp criticism of his Highness. This difference has led to an open rupture between the Count and the Archduke, who has written to his mother the Empress and his brother the Cardinal, to complain that his dignity is compromised, and that there is no money for the war. He demands leave to withdraw from Flanders.
Madrid, 8th October 1594.
[Italian; the part in italics deciphered.]
Oct. 11. Original Despatch, Venetian Archives. 308. Francesco Vendramin, Venetian Ambassador in Spain, to the Doge and Senate.
While everyone was expecting the arrival of the West India fleet day by day, news came from Seville that the fleet, having reached Havana, found itself obliged to winter there, both on account of the late season and because victuals were wanting. The fleet will wait till it can make a junction with next year's fleet, and sail together. Its cargo is worth exactly sixteen millions of gold.
On receipt of this news all the Spanish merchants were greatly disturbed; the money market is pinched, and there is no cash for payment of the operations at the Fair of Medina del Campo, the settling day for which is twenty days off.
Madrid, 11th October 1594.
Oct. 13. Original Despatch, Venetian Archives. 309. Giovanni Mocenigo, Venetian Ambassador in France, to the Doge and Senate.
As the Queen of England has frequently urged the King to pay attention to the defences of Brittany, and as his Majesty is unable to undertake so many operations with his own forces alone, he has begged the Queen to send three thousand infantry into that province and has promised to supply on his side four thousand foot and a thousand horse wader the Duke of Monpensier and the Marshal D'Aumont. But seeing that the Queen has so often lost some of her best troops owing to their possessing no place into which they could retire, the King has consigned to her the town of Morlaix, which is near the shore and can be easily held. The town was in the hands of the League, so the English had to capture it; which they did before the Duke of Mercœur could arrive with all his forces.
The English A gent who came to visit me the other day showed but small satisfaction with the King, because he has not sent the Duke of Monpensier as he was pledged to do, and complains that the Queen has always had many promises but few deeds. I think she will end by losing patience and will recall her troops.
Paris, 13th October 1594.
[Italian; deciphered.]
Oct. 14. Original Despatch, Venetian Archives. 310. Giovanni Mocenigo. Venetian Ambassador in France, to the Doge and Senate.
Two Englishmen have been arrested in Calais. They confess that, seduced by Don Diego Dovara, Spanish Ambassador to the League in this city, they conspired with others to kill the Queen. They were taken to England, where their confession was confirmed by the discovery of papers. A gentleman sent by his Majesty's Ambassador in Constantinople has arrived with letters from the Grand Signor full of warm expressions towards the King; at the same time comes news of the victory of the Turks in Hungary. The King said “God knows how these misfortunes afflict me; but the ambition of Christian Princes wills it so; the League made me King, the Turk may make me Emperor.“
Paris, 14th October 1594.
[Italian; deciphered.]
Oct. 14. Original Despatch, Venetian Archives. 311. Marco Venier, Venetian Ambassador in Constantinople, to the Doge and Senate.
The Capudan Pasha is reported to have landed at various points of Calabria. The blame for the losses he has inflicted is assigned to the Spanish fleet, which withdrew after garrisoning the seaports. The cause of the withdrawal was the need for meeting the English fleet, which was in the waters of Brittany.
Matheca Selvago, Dragoman, has died after six days sufrering from an old rupture. His son is in doubt what to do about the will, in which his mother-in law is better left than the children. If he challenges the instrument in the Turkish Courts it will be cancelled, as the Turkish law does not allow a bedridden patient to make a will.
Dalle Vigne di Pera, 14th October 1594.
[Italian; the part in italics deciphered.]
Enclosed in preceding Despatch. 312. Letter from the people of Marseilles to the Sultan Murad.
We understand that you wish us to declare ourselves subjects of the King of Navarre, claiming to be King of France, and you threaten, if we refuse, to ruin our commerce.
We beg you to believe that we are all resolved to live and to die Frenchmen of Marseilles, but never Spaniards, still less Savoyards. We have always been Catholics, and therefore cannot become subjects of Navarre, who is a heretic and Huguenot.
M. de Breves is Ambasador, not of France, but merely of the King of Navarre.
Marseilles. 8th June 1594.
Oct. 21. Original Despatch, Venetian Archives. 313. Francesco Vendramin, Venetian Ambassador in Spain, to the Doge and Senate.
Some captains and officers have recently been appointed to man ships at Corunna to serve under Don Alonzo de Bazan, merely for purposes of coast defence or against the English.
Three German vessels have arrived in Portugal with eight Portuguese on board who have been exchanged for so many English.
Madrid, 21st October 1594.
Oct. 26. Original Despatch, Venetian Archives. 314. Giovanni Mocenigo, Venetian Ambassador in France, to the Doge and Senate.
The Queen of England, after discovering the plot of some of her subjects seduced by the Count of Sifontes and Don Diego Dovara, wrote to the Archduke Ernest complaining of the conduct of Spain.
There is a rumour of an accord between England and Spain; but the English agent assures me her Majesty will take no step without informing the King.
Paris, 26th October 1594.
[Italian; deciphered.]
Oct. 29. Original Despatch, Venetian Archives. 315. Marco Venier, Venetian Ambassador in Constantinople, to the Doge and Senate.
Letters have been received from Sinan Pasha in which he states that the Venetians have supported the Imperial troops.
In audience with Ferrad Pasha I complained, but the Grand Vizir interrupted me, saying that Sinan Pasha was a vain, feather-brained man, whose object now was to enhance his own successes by declaring that he had against him Spain, France, England, Transylvania, Poland, Moldavia, Germany, Venice—the whole world in fact.
Dalle Vigne di Pera, 29th October 1594.
[Italian; deciphered.]