Venice: August 1592

Pages 44-46

Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 9, 1592-1603. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1897.

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August 1592

Aug. 1. Original Despatch, Venetian Archives. 95. Giovanni Mocenigo, Venetian Ambassador in France, to the Doge and Senate.
The more talk there is of peace the more one hears of actual hostilities. It seems that the Queen of England dexterously fans the flame.
Chartres, 1st August 1592.
[Italian; deciphered.]
Aug. 10. Original Despatch, Venetian Archives. 96. Matheo Zane, Venetian Ambassador in Constantinople, to the Doge and Senate.
The Florentines who are negotiating the payment of Signor Ruccelai's jewels are quarrelling with the Jew Alvaro Mendez about the assignment of certain tributes. But the English Ambassador, who has great influence with the Grand Vizir, because he brought to the Vizir's pocket perhaps as much as one hundred thousand crowsns over the affair of Bogdania, has undertaken to protect the Florentines by promising four thousand ducats to the Pasha, on account of which he has already given him a diamond worth one thousand. In spite of all this, the Ambassador himself told me that he was afraid the Jew would win if he bid higher.
The Ambassador then went on to speak at length on the subject of the Grand Duke of Tuscany's free trade policy. He urged on me that if the Ambassador Moresini had opposed the English trade in linen and tin it was clear that Venice was far more bound to oppose the Florentines, who were trading in cloth of gold, silk, and wool, and would thus destroy Venetian commerce in the Levant. I replied that this was England's business in a double sense, first because the introduction of woollen goods will damage the linen trade, and, secondly, in the interests of France, which would lose jurisdiction over the Florentines in the Levant; whereas your Serenity's interests were all the smaller owing to the fact that the Jews in Ancona and other cities traded in foreign wools under the name of Venetian. He answered that he was unable to make any opposition owing to the fact that a year ago he had offered to act as intermediary between the Grand Duke and the Turkish Empire, though he received orders from the Queen to proceed cautiously in the matter. He says he has written again and is waiting an answer. At the same time he confirmed the report that the Florentines had offered the Grand Vizir twenty thousand ducats for this privilege and had made presents to many other Pashas and Ministers. The Queen of England will not spend, the King of France cannot spend, and so the matter rests with your Serenity. I answered that in the absence of orders on the matter I preferred not to discuss it. I expect that the Ambassador has been gained over by promises.
He also told me that in the replies to the letters of the Queen of England and the King of Navarre there was no specific promise of a fleet as was asked, but hopes have been held out by hints. He has written to both Sovereigns that thirty thousand crowsns well spent here would, do more good against the King of Spain than five hundred thousand squandered on the war over there.
Dalle Vigne di Pera, 10th August 1592.
[Italian; deciphered.]
Aug. 14. Original Despatch, Venetian Archives. 97. Giovanni Mocenigo, Venetian Ambassador in France, to the Doge and Senate.
Two Ambassadors arrived from England some days ago. They left again immediately on the completion of their mission, which was in the first place, to urge the King to continue the war, and secondly, if he were resolved on peace, to beg him to come to no terms without advising the Queen.
Chartres, 14th August 1592.
[Italian; deciphered.]
Aug. 15. Copy of Original Rubric, Venetian Archives. 98. Secretary Ranussio.
They are preparing Tyrolese troops for service in Hungary, and the leaders suggested are the Marquis of Burgraces and Captain Lidel.
The English have captured an Indiaman of nine hundred tons, and other smaller ships in sight of Cascaes.
The Earl of Bethune (?) (Conte de Betunes) has attacked the King of Scotland.
Innsbruch, 15th August 1592.
Aug. 25. Copy of Original Despatch, Venetian Archives. 99. Giovanni Dolfin, Venetian Ambassador in Germany, to the Doge and Senate.
The Queen of England is withdrawing two thousand infantry from the garrisons of Flanders to send them in aid of Navarre.
Prague, 25th August 1592.