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Calendar of Treasury Books and Papers, Volume 1, 1729-1730. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1897.

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Page 716

Page 10, line 16 from bottom, for “George II.” read “George I.”

Page 13, line 7, for “Sir Walker Pringle” read “Sir Walter Pringle.”

Page 71, line 19, for “Innerhead” read “Muerhead.”

Page 71, line 5 from bottom, for “Officer of Ordnance” read “Office of Ordnance.”

Page 85, lines 7 and 9, for “Denning” read “Dunning.”

Page 95, line 27, and 131, line 9, for “Comptroller of the Army” read “Comptroller of Army Accounts.”

Page 95, 8 lines from bottom, for “Horsley” read “Woosley.”

Page 117, line 17, for “Thos. Pickering” read “Francis Pickering.”

Page 139, line 14, for “Causbon” read “Causton.”

Page 148, line 27, for “School room” read “Stool Boom.”

Page 152, line 17, for “Robert Sutton” read “Richard Sutton.”

Page 159, line 20, for “Wm. Negus” read “Mr. Negus.”

Page 200, line 5 from bottom, for “Harth Herbert” read “H. Arthur Herbert.”

Page 201, line 7 from bottom, for “as land tax” read “on land tax.”

Page 210, line 15, transfer “Philadelphia, Pennsylvania” to column 3, after “Wm. Erdman Fox, Collector of Customs.”

Page 221, line 22, for “from the late Commissioners” read “from him as a late Commissioner.”

Page 229, line 28, for “Sir Peter Delane” read “Sir Peter Delme.”

Page 252, line 25 from bottom, for “1710, letter of” read “1710, lottery.”

Page 254, line 26, for “John Dayrolle” read “James Dayrolle.”

Page 274. line 28, for “Dr. Bourchild” read “Dr. Bourchier.”

Page 279, line 26, column 2, for “Chambers” read “Chamber.”

Page 302, line 6, column 3, for “Wm. Keith” read “Alexander Keith.”

Page 353, line 24, for “Auditor” read “Attorney.”

Page 400, line 6, for “Mr. Culloch” read “McCulloch.”

Page 416, line 22, for “Commissioners of Customs, Ireland” read “Commissioners of Revenue, Ireland.”

Page 419, line 27, after “per annum” add “to the Earl of Carlisle.”

Page 429, last line, for “Decloise” read “Decloires.”

Page 449, line 5 from bottom, for “Treasury” read “Treasurer.”

Page 471, line 26, for “E. Taylor” read “C. Taylor.”

Page 497, line 7, for “Jas. Ferrers” read “Jos. Ferrers.”

Page 530, line 5, for “Thos. Johnson” read “Sir Thos. Johnson.”

Page 551, line 30 from bottom, for “James Earl of Haddington” read “Thos. Earl of Haddington.”

Page 551, line 12 from bottom, and page 555, 4 lines from bottom, for “Henry Earl of Loudoun” read “Hugh Earl of Loudoun.”

Page 551, line 2 from bottom, for “Albert Lord Cathcart” read “Alan Lord Cathcart.”

Page 559, line 14, for “Wm. Holles” read “Thos. Holles.”

Page 567, last line but one, for “Eltham Forest” read “Waltham Forest.”

Page 586, line 34, for “Dr. James Woodford” read “Dr. Wm. Woodford.”

Page 607, line 25 from bottom, for “Coble” read “Cobb.”