Treasury Books and Papers: October 1732

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Calendar of Treasury Books and Papers, Volume 2, 1731-1734. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1898.

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October 1732

October 3.
At Mr.
House in
Arlington Street.
130. Present:—Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir George Oxenden, Mr. Clayton.
Thomas Walker, a Commissioner of Customs, is to succeed Mr. Sayer, lately deceased, as Surveyor General of Crown lands, rents, &c. The necessary warrant to be prepared accordingly.
Order for a warrant for 1732, Michaelmas quarter's pensions, to the Earl of Sutherland and Earl of Warwick.
Order for the issue of 31,020l. to the Cofferer of the Household, to clear the expense of the Household, 1732, Midsummer quarter, including 6,000l. for advances to purveyors on account of current quarter.
Same for same of 11,303l. 10s. 6d. to Mr. Steuart for 1732, Michaelmas quarter's established pensions, according to his memorial of September 28 last.
The Treasurer of the Navy's memorial for 23,380l. 10s. for services, read. Order for the issue of 18,380“l.” 10s. the 5,000l. demanded for Greenwich Hospital being deducted.
A paper giving an account of many notorious frauds in the Customs at Port Glasgow, especially regarding tobacco debentures, read. Their Lordships think a strict examination should be made, and that Mr. Vaughan should be specially appointed as heretofore Mr. Brent was on the like occasions.
Order for the issue of 200l. to the Treasurer of the Chamber to be paid over to Prince Catimir, Resident from the Czarina, in advance on the 200l. per annum allowed him by the Queen's warrant for lodging money during his residence.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVII. p. 158.]
October 5.
At Mr.
House in
Arlington Street.
131. Present:—Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir George Oxenden, Mr. Clayton.
Mr. Sharp, one of the clerks of the Council, is to be paid 92l. 7s. 4d. for the charge or passing the commission to inquire into the fees of all the law officers in England.
Order for a warrant for the issue of 140l. to Dr. John Arbuthnott to answer a bill of exchange drawn on him for money expended for His Majesty's special service.
Mr. Ridley's memorial concerning Elstob's illness, read. To attend on Thursday next with Elstob's letter.
Order for the issue of 6,383l. 4s. 11d. to the Treasurer of the Chamber to clear the established allowances in his office for 1732, Michaelmas quarter. [Treasury Minute Book XXVII. p. 159.]
October 12.
At Mr
House in
Arlington Street.
132. Present:—Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir George Oxenden, Mr. Clayton.
Order for a sign manual for 7,255l. to Mr. Scrope for His Majesty's secret service.
Stephen Whatley is to be paid 50l. out of the King's money in Mr. Lowther's hands.
—Bell, clerk to Mr. Walker, collector, Port Glasgow, is to succeed Kennedy, a landwaiter there, lately deceased.
Humphry Thayer being promoted to a Commissioner of Excise, Christopher Wyvill is to succeed to Thayer's previous employment.
George Turbill's report, of the 5th instant, read, touching receivers for Forfeitures in England, Scotland, and Ireland acting under the authority of Treasury Commissions, viz. Lewis Elstob for England, Joseph and Hugh Henry for Ireland, Sir Robert Constable for Scotland. Turbill to state if Elstob's accounts as pretended by him are in the office of the Commissioners for Forfeitures. Elstob's constitution to be looked out, and his commission as joint receiver with Watson of the Earl of Derwentwater's estate to be suspended in case he does not immediately exhibit his accounts of Forfeitures.
The request of the Board of Ordnance for land for a shed at Hampton Court to protect His Majesty's household waggons, referred to the Earl of Halifax, steward of the King's honour and manor of Hampton Court.
A letter, dated Goswick, September 22 ultimo, read, from John Watson, one of the receivers of the Derwentwater estate. Orders, detailed, agreed upon for his management of the estate.
Mr. Arnold is to be paid by Mr. Lowther out of the King's money in his hands, 584l. for “Free Britons,” &c. delivered to the Post Office, 1732, July 13 to October 12, and for writing, &c.
Mr. Andrews' memorial (in the absence of Mr. Pelham) of the 9th instant, inclosing Sir Joseph Eyles's proposal for remitting the subsistence to Minorca and Gibraltar, 1732, October 25 to December 24, read, and agreed to as follows:—
16,000 dollars for Minorca, at 55d. per dollar.
25,000 dollars for Gibraltar, at 54½d. per dollar.
[Ibid, pp. 160–1.]
October 12. 133. Colonel Jo. Watson to the Treasury, enclosing an order from the Board of Ordnance directing him to apply for a piece of ground to build a shed at Hampton Court for the preservation of the Household waggons. 1page.
—Said order, dated Office of Ordnance, May 17, “His Majesty's Household waggons receive great damage every year by not being put under cover … great part of the brass and iron work is stolen from them by idle and pilfering people.” 1 page.
[Treasury Board Papers CCLXXIX. No. 58.]
134. Report to the Treasury from the Commissioners of Revenue, Ireland, enclosing the opinion of the Attorney and Solicitor General in relation to the Prisage of Wines in the kingdom of Ireland. “As they are of opinion that Prisage Wines in the hands of a subject are liable to the Excise arid Additional duties, so we think that the estimate made by Mr. Lill, the examinator, and transmitted to the Lords of the Treasury in our letter of the 7th of August last, being 3,150l. per annum, will be a reasonable price to be given by the Crown, and an advantageous bargain for the Earl of Arran considering that he will then be freed from the expenses of collecting the same in every port in this kingdom.” Custom House, Dublin, October 12, 1732. 1 page.
—(a.) Statement of the case with regard to the liability of said Prisage Wines to pay excise when in the hands of a subject, with opinions thereupon of Robert Jocelyn and Robert Bowes, Attorney and Solicitor General of Ireland. 2 pages.
(b.) Similar, but longer, statement of the case in duplicate. 4 pages. [Ibid, 59.]
October 16. 135. E. Walpole to the principal officers of the Mint, England transmitting from the Treasury, for their opinion thereupon, a letter from the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland to the Treasury, and one from the Lords Justices and Privy Council there to his Grace, and the copy of a report made by a committee of the said Privy Council concerning coining 50 tons of copper at the Mint here for the use of Ireland, under regulations and methods as in the said report. [Irish Book VIII. p. 435.]
October 17.
At Mr.
House in
Arlington Street.
136. Present:—Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir Geo. Oxenden, Mr. Clayton.
Wm. Oliver to be surveyor of house duty for part of Suffolk, loco—Morris dismissed.
The fees payable on the 200l. per annum allowed to Prince Cantimir, the Muscovite Ambassador, and paid by the hands of the Treasurer of the Chamber, are to be satisfied from time to time out of the King's money in Mr. Lowther's hands.
John Simpson, landwaiter at Prestonpans, to be deputy searcher at Alnmouth, loco Wm. Wake, deceased. Robertson to succeed Simpson at Prestonpans.
Sir Wm. Thompson's letter to Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, of the 12th instant, read, in relation to the 100l. reward for convicting persons of robberies in London or within five miles thereof. Regulation, detailed, agreed upon to supplement the former order made on the judges' report about the distribution of the same.
The order drawn for 10,958l. 15s. 3d. payable to Henry Worsley out of the 4½ per cent. duty, as late Governor of Barbados, is laid aside, and a state is to be made of the present charge upon the said revenue, and of the income of same for seven years past.
The Duke of Newcastle's letter of the 12th instant enclosing Mr. Keen's letter from Spain with Mons. Petino's memorial complaining of a barbarous and villainous act of piracy committed by Hugh Couch, master of the “Prideaux,” against some Spaniards, read, and referred to the Customs Commissioners to seize Couch and his crew.
The Paymaster of the Forces' memorial for 98,281l. 10s. 6d. for subsistence to the forces, 1732, October 25 to December 24, read and ordered out of moneys in his hands out of supplies, 1732.
A state of the distribution of this year's funds is to be laid before my Lords this day sennight, as also the manner in which a reserve of money is made for carrying on the subsistence of the forces from Christmas till new supplies are granted by Parliament.
The petition of James Cholmondley and Lady Penelope his wife, for a further term in certain rights in the forest of “Marea alias Mondrein,” Cheshire, read and referred to Surveyor General.
The letter directed to the Chancellor of the Exchequer from Thos. Trueman, Bedminster, the 11th instant, informing that the hundreds of Bedminster and Portbury have no warrants for receiving the window tax, and that when the persons chargeable know it, they will not pay, referred to the Taxes Commissioners.
John Barber, riding officer at Herne, to be tide surveyor at Margate, loco John Gold, deceased. Wm. Eades to succeed John Barber. [Treasury Minute Book XXVII. pp. 162–3.]
October 17. 137. Memorial from the Commissioners of Customs to the Treasury, concerning the great amount of smuggling on the coast of Suffolk, Essex, Kent, and Sussex, and forwarding papers as below. 2½ pages.
—(a.) Extract of a letter from the collector and comptroller of Customs at Southwold, dated 1732, September 29, concerning a bloody affray with a gang of 40 armed smugglers. 2 pages.
(b.) Memorial of Thos. Wilder and Oliver Newby, collector and comptroller of Ipswich, for the assistance of dragoons to be located at Woodbridge. 3 pages.
[Treasury Board Papers CCLXXIX. No. 62.]
October 18. 138. Memorial of the Directors of the Royal Hospital, Greenwich, to the Treasury, praying the issue to the Treasurer of the Navy for their use, of 5,000l. unissued of the sum given by Parliament, the debt on the hospital at Michaelmas last amounting to about 11, 000l. and they being anxious to keep up their credit with the tradesmen. 2 pages. [Ibid, No. 63.]
October 19.
At Mr.
House in
Arlington Street.
139. Present:—Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir Geo. Oxenden, Mr. Clayton.
James Hills to be deputed riding officer at Herne and Reculver, Faversham port, Lytcot Gill's warrant of appointment being recalled.
John Wearg's petition for 217l. 10s.d. arrears owing to his brother, Sir Clement Wearg from the late King, as Solicitor General, read. Their Lordships are to be reminded of this demand when the general state of the late King's arrears comes under their consideration.
The report of Mr. Whitworth, Surveyor General, of September 28 ultimo, proposing to raise 717l. 4s. 5d. by wood sales in Dean Forest, for works done in Greenwich Park, read and agreed to.
Same of same for same for the cost of repairing the roads through Dean Forest, read and agreed to, in case it appears on examination that the Crown is obliged to be at the whole charge of those repairs.
Same of same for same for repairs in Bushey and Middle Parks at Hampton Court, Lord Halifax, ranger, read and agreed to.
Petitions of Thos. Smith for repairs to the stud in Hampton Court House Park, and of George Johnson, for repairs of his lodge as gatekeeper there, read and referred to the Surveyor of Woods.
A petition read from Win. Barnesly, mortgagee of Sir Humphry Howorth's estates, together with the Attorney General's opinion on queries as to the priority of the King's debt. Their Lordships are of opinion such means should be pursued between the Crown and the mortgagee for securing their respective debts as may be attended with least trouble and charge.
On perusal of a state of the revenue of the 4½ per cent. duty agreed that so much of the arrears owing to Mr. Worsley on his salary as late Governor of Barbados, as became due since the King's accession, be discharged by annual payments of 1,000l.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVII. pp. 164–5.]
October 24. 140. Treasury warrant to the King's Remembrancer in the Exchequer or his deputy for stay, until Michaelmas Term, of process issued out of the Exchequer for the Africa Company to account for the 20,000l. granted, third and fourth sessions of this present Parliament, towards the maintenance of the British forts and settlements belonging to the company on the coast of Africa, owing to the delay of forwarding accounts from the Company's agents on the coast.
Prefixing:—The said company's petition for such stay.
[Warrants not relating to Money XXIV. p. 492.]
October 24.
At Mr.
House in
Arlington Street.
141. Present:—Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir George At Mr. Oxenden, Mr. Clayton.
The Commissioners of Salt to appoint John Brown to some office under them for which he may be qualified, at the Duke of Devonshire's recommendation.
The memorial of the Customs Commissioners of the 17th instant, for additional dragoons for the coast of Norfolk, referred to the Secretary at War, for him to receive His Majesty's pleasure thereupon.
Order for the issue of 1,000l. to the Paymaster of the Works, to be imprested to James Brydgman, for making and finishing the new garden and paddock at Kensington, and keeping same in order from 1731, Christmas.
The Commissioners of Customs to agree with Mr. Scott, surveyor of the Act of Navigation, for some satisfaction on his releasing his pretensions to the late seizure of the ship “Unity,” for importations from Stockholm.
The report of same on the petition of Michel Jans, to non pros. an information of seizure of 27 oz. of gold brought home in the “Hertford,” from China, read. “My Lords think it reasonable for Jans to have the same relief as others have had on much greater quantities seized.”
Samuel Artis's petition read, proposing an extent of an Irish estate of Pacey, receiver of land tax for part of Norfolk. The Taxes Commissioners to attend Mr. Attorney General with same for his opinion.
Order for the issue of 8,967l. 5s.d. to the Board of Works to clear the debt in that office for the quarter ended September 30.
Order for same of 14,002l. 9s. 2d. to the Master of the Great Wardrobe, to clear debt in that office for Michaelmas quarter.
The Navy Commissioners to attend to-morrow with an account what will be necessary to set apart out of funds, 1732, to pay wages to seamen between this and March 1 next, when a new supply will be granted by Parliament.
“My Lords are of opinion that 46,000l. is too much for the Office of Ordnance to bear, on account of the deficiency for the year 1732, and conceive that 20,000l. or thereabouts, may be taken off by postponing the issuing to the Paymaster of the Forces the half year that will be due at Christmas next to the half-pay officers or to Chelsea Hospital.”
Mr. Turbill's report, of October 5, concerning Elstob's accounts to be sent to Auditor Harley to examine said accounts.
Petition of Thos. Wood et al. for allowance for sheriff's fees and poundage to the collectors and Commissioners' clerks, on moneys levied on deficient collectors of land tax, Northumberland, read and referred to Taxes Commissioners.
Order for a sign manual for the Treasurer of the Chamber to pay to the horse and foot huntsmen in the vacancy of Master of the Buckhounds their salaries as allowed by Col. Negus lately deceased, for 1732, Michaelmas quarter.
John Mason is to have the pension of 12l. per annum, on Mr. Stewart's establishment of pensions, lately held by Isaac Crocker, deceased, for the charge of going on swan hopping to mark the swans on the River Thames.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVII. pp. 166–7.]
October 26. 142. J. Scrope to the Revenue Commissioners, Ireland. “The welfare of this kingdom being greatly concerned in hindering the exportation of wool and woollen manufacturers from Ireland to foreign parts, and it being expected when the Parliament meets that an account will be called for of the effect which the Act of Parliament passed the last session here, for the encouragement of the woollen manufacturers of this kingdom … has had,” desires an account of all matters and occurrences done in pursuance of said Act, to be transmitted to the Treasury, and for such accounts to be forwarded periodically.
[Irish Book VIII. p. 435.]
October 26.
At Mr.
House in
Arlington Street.
143. Present:—Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir George Oxenden, Mr. Clayton.
Sir Charles Wager, one of the Admiralty Lords, attended concerning the necessary further supplies of the Navy, out of funds, 1732 till new funds are granted by Parliament. Proposed and agreed that 70,000l. would be sufficient, to be applied as follows:—
Wages - - 30,000
One month's course, Navy and victualling 30,000
All other demands as they incur 10,000
Order for the issue of 2,216l. 16s. 5d. to the Treasurer of the Chamber for discharging bills and Lord Chamberlain's warrants charged upon and payable in that office, 1732, Michaelmas quarter.
John Lyon is to be paid 100l. out of the King's money in Mr. Lowther's hands for services performed.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVII. p. 168.]