Treasury Books and Papers: January 1741

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Calendar of Treasury Books and Papers, Volume 4, 1739-1741. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1901.

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January 1741

Sept. 17.
1. Note, dated London, by Monsr. J. H. Alt, Counsellor and Charge d'Affaires from the King of Sweden as Landgrave of Hesse Cassel, concerning the rate of exchange for the remittance of the Hessian subsidy. Mr. Gore's offer is at 4s.d. or 9692/1000d. per écu banco (Amsterdam). But on the remittance of 182,500 écus of the Bank of Amsterdam Gore further demands for the cost of commission, risk, freight, &c., 877l. 8s. 2d. sterling. If the above rate of exchange be accepted by the Hessian military chest, the above sum of 877l. 8s. 2d. will be a loss to the Hessian military chest, and a gain pro tanto to the British Treasury. Nevertheless is in a position to settle with the Treasury at the above rate of exchange, viz.: 4s.d. per bank écu.
Together with note of the receipt of a Treasury warrant for 42,583l. 6s 8d. sterling on the above account, leaving a balance due to the Hessian war chest of 1,286l. 17s. 2d. sterling. French, in duplicate. 1½ and 1½ pages.
:—(a) Extract from said Alt's instructions concerning said affair. You are to express to Sir [Robert] Walpole our desire and promptitude to agree with him, and to prevent the difficulties which might arise in Parliament if, besides the 4s.d. per bank écu, we were to demand the 2 per cent. for charges—all which would be calculated exactly in accordance with the stipulations of the treaty. This will entail a loss to us, but Sir Robert may some day return the favour, when the occasion is more opportune. Therefore employ Mr. Gore for your remittances, as he is recommended by the Treasury, unless some other merchant equally sure should offer better terms. To this Sir Robert Walpole can have no objection after our concession as above. French. 1 page.
[Treasury Board Papers CCCIV. No. 2.*]
? Jan. 1]
2. Petition to the Lords Justices of Ireland from John Hawkins, Ulster King of Arms of all Ireland, on behalf of himself and the other state officers, viz.: the Athlone Pursuivant, Pursuivants at Arms, Trumpeters and Kettle Drummer. It has been the constant custom to renew coats of arms, liveries and badges, every 3 years. The last were delivered against His Majesty's accession day, 11 June, 1737, since which the fourth year is now going on because the Pursuivants at Arms, Trumpeters and Kettle Drummer had mourning on the death of her late Majesty. The usual grant has been 820l. sterling, except in 1718, when it was 784l., but since the additional duty on velvet the allowance has been 834l. for said clothing, “and it will take about six months after the King's letter to finish the same.” Pray the clothing may be got ready against June 11, next. 1 page.
[Ibid. CCCV. No. 1.]
Jan. 2. 3. Entry of a petition intended to be presented to the House of Commons from Richard Stone, Edward Hasted, John Lightfoot, Mathews Beachcroft, on behalf of themselves and all other the proprietors of the [Million Bank or the] reversionary annuities granted by virtue of the Act of 6 and 7 Wm. III. By the Acts 4 and 5 Wm. and Mary (for excise), and 5 and 6 Wm. and Mary (for tonnage of ships), certain funds were settled for life annuities at 14%. Under the Act 6 and 7 Wm. III. (concerning purchase of certain annuities), several persons became purchasers of the reversions of the aforesaid life annuities for the remainder of a term of 96 years, to be computed from 1695–6, January 25. By a clause of the Act 11 and 12 Wm. III. (for duties on silks, &c.) it was enacted that in case any of the annuities for lives were not demanded within 2 years after the same became payable respectively, and no certificate was produced or proof made of the life of the nominees, that in such case the proprietors of the annuities taking place after such lives, should from the end of such 2 years receive their annuities, until producing a certificate or making such proof of the life of the said nominees as by the said act is required, and should not be accountable for what they should so receive. In pursuance of this clause many of the reversionary annuities therein mentioned have had payments made on them for a considerable time past, that is to say, from the expiration of two years next after the last receipt by the annuitant for life. But the said two years' payments lie unreceived at the Exchequer, the reversionary annuitants not being able to produce proper certificates of the deaths of the nominees in the life orders. Further, many other annuities are likely to come into the same circumstances. Petitioners therefore pray leave to bring in a bill to enable the proprietors of such reversionary annuities to receive the said two years' reserved payments, or such part thereof as the persons entitled to the life orders do not within a limited time make proof that they are entitled to, under a stipulation of liability to said proprietors of the life annuities in case of such proof of title.
Referred:—by the Lords of the Treasury to the Auditor of the Receipt.
[Reference Book X. pp. 170–1.]
Jan. 6.
4. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Lord Sundon, Mr. Winnington, Mr. Treby.
The Officers of the Ordnance attend with copies of the estimates for 1741 for the Office of Ordnance, viz.:
£ s. d.
For the ordinary service 115,225 3 7
Services incurred not provided for 76,071 1 4
Sir George Wynne's memorial concerning Mr. Bagot Read's suit against John Rogers as to a building on a part of the waste of the borough of Flint, granted by said Sir George as Constable of Flint, referred to Mr. Paxton.
Order for the issue to the Treasurer of the Navy out of supplies anno 1740, of 5,000l. under the head of wages, to meet bills of exchange drawn on the Sick and Wounded Office.
Order for the following issues out of the Civil List funds:
£ s. d.
To the Privy Purse for the month of January 3,000 0 0
To the Chamberlain of London for the poor 1,000 0 0
To Lady Belle Finch, three quarters to 1740, Xmas, on her pension 225 0 0
The Mr. Reed, transporter of felons 950 0 0
[Treasury Minute Book XXVIII. p. 281.]
Jan. 7. 5. The Duke of Devonshire, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, to the Treasury, dated Devonshire House, forwarding from the Lords Justices of Ireland the memorial (a) infra. Desires the Treasury to move His Majesty for a royal warrant pursuant to the request of said memorial. 1 page.
:—(a) Memorial to the Lords Justices of Ireland from the ministers, viz.: L. Scoffier, P. de Villette, and J. Droz, and 65 members of the united congregations of the French churches of St. Patrick's and St. Mary's in Dublin, together with the Deans of Ardagh and Kildare. The number of French Protestants who conformed to the Liturgy of the established church having greatly increased about 40 years ago, and the French church of St. Patrick's proving at that time insufficient to contain them all, they were obliged to hire a chapel of ease in St. Mary's Abbey, where divine service has been ever since performed. His Majesty's predecessors in order to encourage the Protestant French refugees to settle in Ireland, have from time to time granted stipends for the maintenance of the ministers of these churches, and in two royal warrants for that purpose St. Mary's French church is particularly specified. The greatest number of the French Protestants who formerly dwelled in that part of the city which is near St. Mary's Abbey have, of late, fixed their abode in the neighbourhood of St. Patrick's, and memorialists, having at great expense enlarged that church and made it capacious enough to contain the whole congregation, are desirous of dropping St. Mary's Church, for which they pay a considerable rent. In order to ensure the continuance of the stipends depending on the two royal warrants in which St. Mary's is particularly mentioned, desire their Excellencies' approbation of the arrangement, and the royal continuation of the aforesaid stipends, otherwise the retrenching the salary would reduce the ministers to circumstances far below a competency. 2 pages, with autograph subscriptions.
[Treasury Board Papers CCCV. No. 2.]
Jan. 8. 6. J. Scrope to the Salt Commissioners, Scotland. On perusing the copy of the account lately called for by the House of Commons of the gross and net produce of the salt duties, 1732 Lady Day, to 1740 Michaelmas, the Treasury observe that there is remaining in the hands of the Receiver General and the several collectors of those duties the sum of 18,324l. 10s.d. Their Lordships apprehend this is a much larger sum than can possibly be wanted to answer any legal charges or outgoings, and are surprised that such large balances are suffered to remain at the same time that the public is paying interest for money borrowed on the credit of those duties. Desires a statement of the reasons why these balances are not paid into the Exchequer.
[North Britain Book XIII. p. 89.]
Jan. 8. 7. Petition to the Treasury from Sir George Wynne, Bart., Constable of the County of Flint. Conformable to the practice of his predecessors in said office, has granted to John Rogers and Edward Richardson two small parcels of waste land of the borough of Flint. Bagot Read, esq., one of the freeholders of said borough, has commenced an action against said Rogers to test the validity of said grant, and has encouraged divers persons in a riotous manner to pull down part of the tenement erected thereon. Said Rogers and Richardson are unable to defray the expenses of defending said grant. Therefore prays for them that the proper officer may defend the crown right.
Referred:—To Mr. Paxton.
[Reference Book X. p. 175.]
Jan. 9. 8. An account of what money has been ordered by the Treasury and received by the Treasurer of the Navy for any services of the Navy from 1739, Dec. 31 to 1740, Dec. 31, distinguishing the times when the same was received, and the services to which it was applied: prepared in pursuance of an order of the House of Commons of 1740–1, January 7.
(Total receipt, 1,842,410l. 12s.d.) 10 pages.
[Treasury Board Papers CCCV. No. 4.]
Jan. 13. 9. Warrant under the royal sign manual, countersigned by the Lords of the Treasury, to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, continuing to the French congregations of St. Patrick's and St. Mary's in Dublin, now united, 100l. per annum on the establishment of Ireland, same to be in lieu of the separate grants of 60l. and 40l. payable to them respectively heretofore, and to date from 1740, Xmas.
[Irish Book IX. pp. 213–4.]
Jan. 13.
10. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Winnington, Mr. Earle, Mr. Treby.
Entry of Treasury approval of the 6 months' notice of termination of contract between the Treasury and John Gilman of Cork, gent., for the provisioning of Minorca garrison with flesh meat, said contract having been entered into 1729, August 13, and notice having been given on Gilman's behalf by Maynard Guerin by memorial. Their Lordships order said notice to take place from 1740, Oct. 24 last, “which was some time after the reading of the said memorial,” and the contract to determine, 1741, April 24. In lieu of Gilman their Lordships accept of Peter Burrell and John Bristow of London, merchants, as contractors for said purpose, and with recommendations to them to make suitable provision for the garrison, so as no inconveniences may happen by vacating the contract until a new one can be executed.
On reading the memorial of Thomas Revell, contractor for victualling Gibraltar garrison, their Lordships agree to allow him an extra allowance of three farthings per day per man victualled, in addition to the 5¼d. per man provided under the contract: said extra allowance to commence from 1740, Oct. 5, and to be “towards recompensing the loss which he appears to sustain by the present great advance in the price of corn, cattle, and other provisions, as also in the increased charge of freight, wages to seamen and insurance on account of the present war with Spain.” The extra allowance to continue until the price of provisions shall become more moderate than at present, or till the Treasury shall think fit to stop it. The item to be computed upon the lists of victualled, as examined by the Comptrollers of Army Accounts, and to be made a separate article in the warrants to be signed by the King for paying said contractor.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVIII. pp. 282–4; Letter Book XIX. pp. 560, 562.]
Jan. 20.]
11. Memorial to the Treasury from Lieut. Gen. Jasper Clayton. The grand entrance into the North Highlands of Scotland is from the town of Stirling, from which place to the village of Crieff, where the roads of communication begin, the distance is 14 computed miles. The road between these 2 places is in so bad a condition as to be in a manner impassable, and should there be occasion to march troops or to carry artillery it would be impossible to do either. Prays a royal warrant for 941l. 2s. 0d., his estimate for the making said road complete it being so necessary in order to the preservation of the peace of the Highlands, and to carry on the communication with the roads already made. 1 page.
:—(a) Estimate of said expense. 1 page.
[Treasury Board Papers CCCV. No. 7.]
Jan. 20.
12. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Earle, Mr. Treby.
Order for the following issues out of the Civil List funds:
£ s. d.
To the Great Officers on their salaries and pensions at the Exchequer for 1740, Xmas quarter 5,577 12
To Mr. Stewart 240l., whereof 150l. for Lord Saye and Sele, and 94l. for the town of Windsor, on several allowances to same time 240 0 0
Same for same out of Exchequer bills on Malt, 1740, of 15,967l., to the Treasurer of the Navy, for services as in his memorial of the 14th and 19th instant.
The Commissioners of Victualling to attend on Tuesday the 27th, at 12 noon, with the instructions to their agents in the West Indies, and those given to the Commissaries of Stores and Provisions that went on the expedition with Lord Cathcart.
“Report to the Committee of Council my Lord's approbation of the report from the officers of His Majesty's mint for ascertaining the rates and proportions at which foreign gold coins are proposed to be current in America.”
Lieut. Gen. Jasper Clayton's memorial for 941l. 2s. 0d. for making the road from Crieff to Stirling, read and agreed to.
Order for a warrant for 500l. per an. to Robert Robinson, “who by the letters patent for settling a Civil Government at Gibraltar is appointed to be Chief Justice there.”
“My Lords postpone the consideration of the Paymaster of Marines' memorial, dated the 19th instant, because they find the 8,000l. demanded for levy money is not voted by the House, unless the same be comprehended in the sum of 90,201l., granted for the marine regiment to be new raised.”
Their Lordships sign a warrant for 500,000l. in Exchequer bills on land tax, 1741, to register first in course, the Chancellor of the Exchequer acquainting them that the Bank have agreed to circulate that sum in bills at the usual premio of 3%.
Six months' further time allowed to Mr. Artis to pass the account of Mr. Pacey, late Receiver of Norfolk, by reason there are sundry of Mr. Artis's demands now under their Lordships' consideration. The Taxes Commissioners to be acquainted herewith.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVIII. pp. 285–6; Letter Book XIX. pp. 560, 563.]
Jan. 23. 13. Minute or note of information for the use of Sir Robert Walpole from Robert Robinson, Chief Judge of Gibraltar, concerning the date of the commencement of his salary as such. Was nominated to his said office by the King in Council, 1739, Dec. 27, although the charter passed the Great Seal on the 10 May, 1740. Also begs a convenient allowance for equipage money, for fitting up a house and library, conveying the officers of the court to Gibraltar, settling and erecting courts of judicature, and fitting up and providing proper instruments and receptacles for the confinement of debtors, &c., and for incidentals, &c. 4 pages.
[Treasury Board Papers CCCV. No. 8.]
Jan. 26. 14. Entry of the endorsement and renewal for the year 1741, of the contract between the Bank of England and the Treasury for the circulation by the former of Exchequer bills: viz., to an amount not exceeding 500,000l. on land tax, 1741, and with the like interest and premios as formerly.
[Warrants not relating to Money XXVI. p. 390.]
Jan. 26. 15. An account, dated Navy Office, of the charge for transport service for the year 1740, prepared in pursuance of an order of the House of Commons of the 16th instant (total, 105,275l. 18s. 8d.). 1 page.
[Treasury Board Papers CCCV. No. 9.]
Jan. 27.
16. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Lord Sundon, Mr. Winnington, Mr. Earle, Mr. Treby.
Order for the issue to the Treasurer of the Navy out of the funds, anno 1740, of 105,582l., pursuant to his memorials of the 22nd and 27th instant.
“Write to the Commissioners of the Customs to let them know that it will be agreeable to my Lords if John Webb, who is recommended to them as fitly qualified, may be admitted to be a clerk under Mr. Bigglestone in the Jerquer's Office in the Custom House.”
Order for the issue to the Paymaster of Marines out of Exchequer bills to be charged on land tax, 1741, of 27,690l. 14s. 8d., part of 90,201l. 10s. 0d., granted for the new raised regiments, and to be applied for services as in his memorial of the 19th instant.
The Commissioners of the Navy and the Commissioners of the Victualling attend with an account of the debts in their respective offices as the same is meant to be laid before the House. “And the Commrs. of Victualling acquaint my Lords that the stores sent to Jamaica are all consigned to the Governor and that he has appointed the Deputy Secretary of the Island to be the Commissary for the distributing and accounting for the same. And as to the transports my Lords are informed by the Commrs. present that the masters or owners thereof will not have perfect bills thereof made out until accounts are exhibited, passed and allowed of the provisions put on board them.”
Order for the following issues out of the Civil List funds:
£ s. d.
To the Cofferer of the Household for imprests 6,000 0 0
To Co. de Waldbourg by Sir Clement Cotterell 350 0 0
To the Poor Knights of Windsor 285 2 6
John Idle sworn and approved as first clerk in the office of Philip Yorke, Esq., one of the Tellers at the Exchequer.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVIII., pp. 287–8; Customs Book XV. p. 67.]
Jan. 28. 17. Petition to the Treasury from the merchants at Liverpool. Set forth that for many years they have laboured under great inconvenience for want of a sufficient number of landwaiters and scales to have their goods regularly and in due time despatched after they have paid the customs, their trade being so greatly increased. Have oftentimes applied to the principal officers of said port who as well as the merchants have represented the same to the Customs Commissioners desiring an addition of 2 landwaiters and 1 scale which would in some measure though not entirely relieve them. Pray compliance with this request.
Referred:—To the Customs Commissioners.
[Reference Book X. p. 173.]
Jan. 29.
18. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Lord Sundon, Mr. Earle, Mr. Treby.
“Mr. Burrell who in conjunction with Mr. Bristow is contractor for furnishing money at Jamaica for his Majt's forces upon the expedition with Lord Cathcart having attended my Lords and heard a letter read from Col. Blakeney at Jamaica to his Grace the Duke of Newcastle dated from Kingston 14th of Decr. last representing that the agents there to the said contractors have refused to supply the forces arrived there with him and Col. Gooch from North America to join the said Lord Cathcart, with a sum of money demanded by the said Colonels for the service of the said forces, and Mr. Burrell having been also shewed the copy of a paper dated from the same place the 11th of the same month containing his [Blakeney's] and Col. Gooch's demands made to the said agents on that account and the answer of the said agents thereto: he, Mr. Burrell, assures my Lords that orders are already given to their agents to supply these troops also which he agrees were always understood and intended as contained and included in his and Mr. Bristow's proposal to the Treasury dated the 9th of July last, for supplying with money at Jamaica the forces upon the expedition with Lord Cathcart.”
[Treasury Minute Book XXVIII. p. 289.]