Treasury Books and Papers: June 1742

Calendar of Treasury Books and Papers, Volume 5, 1742-1745. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1903.

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June 1742

June 1.
95. Present: Earl of Wilmington, Mr. Chancellor of Exchequer, Mr. Compton, Sir John Rushout, Mr. Gybbon.
Ordered that the sheriffs be ranged in classes according to their demands, in order to the paying off those whose demands are highest.
Order for the following issues out of the Civil List funds:—
£ s. d.
To Mr. Basket 1,000 0 0
To the Privy Purse 3,000 0 0
To the Cofferer of the Household 2,000 0 0
To the Judges 6,582 0 0
Same for same out of funds, 1742, of 126,620l. 9s. 3d. to the Navy Treasurer for services as in his memorial of the 31st ult.
John Harrison's petition concerning duties on canvas taken from the “Roboam,” a Spanish privateer, by Captain Henry Harrison, of the “Argyle,” read and referred to the Customs Commissioners.
[Treasury Minute Book XXIX. p. 57.]
June 1.]
96. A paper of account of sheriffs' rewards [i.e. rewards disbursed by sheriffs and to be recouped to them] in all 9,396l. 19s. 9d., arranged in the order of the magnitude of the amount, and as proposed to be paid off by weekly payments.
Endorsed:—With minute as under date June 1, supra. 3 pages.
[Treasury Board Papers CCCVIII. No. 11.]
June 2. 97. Royal warrant to the Paymaster General of the Forces, countersigned by the Lord of the Treasury, to pay to the undermentioned Colonels 200l. each, making in all 3,000l.; allowed in order to enable the officers of those regiments, upon their going to Flanders, to provide themselves with baggage horses for that service, viz., the Duke of Cumberland, Col. of the First Regiment of Foot Guards; the Duke of Marlborough. Col. of the Coldstream Regiment of Foot Guards; the Earl of Dunmore, Col. of the Third Regiment of Foot Guards; Maj. Gen. Thomas Howard, Brig. Gen. Stephen Cornwallis, Col. Scipio Duroure, Brig. Gen. Henry Pulteney, Col. John Campbell, Brig. Gen. Rich. Onslow, Col. Newsham Peers, Col. William Handasyd, Brig. Gen. Henry Ponsonby, Col. John Johnson, Col. Thomas Bligh, Brig. Gen. Thomas Huske.
[King's Warrant Book XXXV. p. 19.]
June 2.
98. Present: Earl of Wilmington, Mr. Chancellor of Exchequer, Mr. Compton, Sir John Rushout, Mr. Gybbon.
The Taxes Commissioners attend with their account of the Receivers General of land taxes, and house duties for the respective counties. The Receivers for 1741 re-appointed for 1742 with the exception of 5 detailed as changed and 5 as respited. Yorkshire to be divided as formerly. Lincolnshire to be divided but postponed. The Commissioners to lay before my Lords a state of arrears of Edward Lowbridge, deceased Receiver for Worcester.
The Earl of Halifax's memorial craving several allowances as Ranger of Hampton Court Park referred to Auditor Lowndes.
[Treasury Minute Book XXIX. p. 57.]
June 3.
99. Present: ut supra.
Proposals read for furnishing bread for the troops in Flanders from Joseph Curtis, Isaac Lane and Richard Clark; from John and Thomas Simpson; from Abraham Hume; from Jacob Gomez Serra, George Wright and Aaron Capadoce; from Casamaijor; from Corteso; and from Isaac Coronelle. To be examined and their different rates to be reduced to sterling.
A petition read from William Smith et al. for a year's salary and rent to 1742, Lady Day, for the clerks and landlord of the Transfer Office for the lottery, anno 1710. Referred to the Paymaster of said lottery.
The report from the Surveyor General of Crown Lands on the memorial of Cha. Richards read relating to mines in Cardiganshire. Referred back to him to know whether the land in the manor of Cwmwd-y-Perfedd (“Comwood-y-Perreth”) is common or not.
John Bird's petition for conduct money as Receiver General of co. Warwick read, with the Taxes Commissioners' report thereon. My Lords will do nothing in it.
[Treasury Minute Book XXIX. p. 58; Letter Book XX. pp. 46–7.]
June 8.
100. Present: Earl of Wilmington, Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Compton, Mr. Gybbon.
Order for the following issues out of the Civil List funds:—
£ s. d.
To the Great officers 5,678 7 1
To the Master of the Robes 685 14
To John Shepherd 135 7 0
To Andrew Reid 825 0 0
To Mr. Timms, Mr. Heathcote and John Lequesne 1,271 1
The Surveyor General's second report read on the mines in Cardiganshire petitioned for by Mr. Richards. A grant ordered to pass for Cwmwd-y-Perfedd manor only.
Nathaniel Heckford to be deputy King's waiter London port, as deputy to Samuel Clarke, loco Thomas Eades, deceased.
Mr. Lowther to pay out of the King's money in his hands 20l. to George Sandys as royal bounty.
[Treasury Minute Book XXIX. p. 59; Customs Book XV. p. 237.]
June 9. 101. J. Scrope to the Customs Commissioners, forwarding for their perusal and observation thereupon the draft of a bill for an additional duty on the import of foreign cambrics.
[Customs Book XV. p. 236.]
June 9. 102. Same to the Barons of the Exchequer, Scotland, for the preparation of a list, to be transmitted to the Treasury, of all the Chamberlains, Receivers, and Collectors of His Majesty's land revenues and of Bishops' rents in Scotland, distinguishing the names of the present occupants of said offices, when and by whom they were appointed, and the certain annual fees and allowances paid in respect thereof, together with the net annual produce of each receipt or collection.
[North Britain Book XIII. p. 280.]
June 10.
103. Present: Earl of Wilmington, Mr. Chancellor of Exchequer, Mr. Compton, Mr. Gybbon.
The Customs Commissioner's report of the 3rd instant read on the memorial proposing an additional officer at Arundel, together with the report of Mr. Battine, Surveyor General of Sussex thereupon. Said additional officer agreed to.
A report from the Secretary at War of May 22 ult., concerning clothing the American regiment, read and agreed to.
A letter from the Revenue Commissioners, Ireland, of the 13th ult. read, concerning the price of provisions at Cork, with respect to the allowance made to Mr. Revell on account of the extra dearness of provisions.
Mr. Revell's notification that he has freighted flour, bread and pease for Georgia for General Oglethorpe to be sent to Mr. Corbet for the Admiralty to order convoy if necessary.
Memorandum:—That Mr Revell be talked with as to what abatement may be made in both his contracts upon the article for corn in consideration of the cheapness and plenty of that commodity.
The memorial of the Paymaster of Marines for the Paymaster of the Forces to pay to him 1,461l. 13s. 8d. for off reckonings, read and agreed to.
A letter from Messrs. Muilman and Wilkinson proposing remittances for the forces in Flanders read. My Lords cannot consider these proposals, having already agreed with Mr. John Gore herein.
Respites taken off 3 Receivers General named.
“An account of the net produce of the sale of 8,500l. three per cent. annuity orders, anno 1736, in the names of Mr. Schutz, Mr. Leheup and Mr. Fane as trustees for the Prince of Orange and Princess Royal, amounting to 8,151l. 13s. 11d. which were sold by them pursuant to his Majesty's royal sign manual in that behalf, together with Mr. Schutz's receipt thereon, is read and my Lords approve thereof.”
[Treasury Minute Book XXIX. pp. 60–61; Letter Book XX. p. 48.]
June 11. 104. J. Scrope to the Attorney General, forwarding for his consideration the draft of a clause for permitting East India goods to be taken out of warehouses to be cleaned and refreshed, upon proper security for the return of said goods back again into such warehouses.
[Letter Book XX. p. 48.]
June 11. 105. Report to the Treasury from Thomas Walker, Surveyor General of Crown Lands, on the letter and memorial (b) and (c) infra, concerning the lands reserved at Gosport for the fortifications of Portsmouth. Finds that in the beginning of the Dutch war after the Restoration the coasts of England were greatly insulted by the Dutch fleets, and the Government in order to secure Portsmouth took in about 57 acres for enlarging the fortifications there in April 1665, and in consequence of an Order of Council dated 1667, November 22, 1,180l. was paid for them. About the beginning of 1677 on the appearance of a war with France several lands were taken in by Col. Legg, then Governor of Portsmouth, and Sir Bernard de Gumme, his then Majesty's engineer with intent to fortify Gosport as an additional security for Portsmouth. The quantity then taken in was 84½ acres and after some dispute 1,760l. was paid for them by Sir Charles Harbord, Surveyor General of Crown Lands. Against said Harbord's advice said lands do not appear to have been ever put in charge either with the Auditor [of Crown Lands for that particular County] or with the Clerk of the Pipe with the object of manifesting the King's title or grounding a lease thereon. By this neglect the parcel of 84½ acres is reduced to 46 acres; the rest, being encroached by the neighbours, either is or is likely to be lost. There were no Acts of Parliament passed at that time limiting or ascertaining the uses these lands were to be applied to. They were taken in and paid for by the Crown and the disposition thereof was entirely in the Crown, and if the Deputy Governor of Portsmouth remained in possession of them for his own benefit, it was contrary to no law at the time. This was of course altered by the Civil List Act of 1st Queen Anne. The next purchase of lands for these fortifications was upon the apprehensions of an invasion in 1707–8. Upon an address of the House of Commons Commissioners were appointed to treat for lands for the better fortifying Portsmouth, Chatham, and Harwich. The Commissioners treated and reported their proceedings into Chancery, and in the next session an act passed for vesting their purchases in trustees. The purchases now made were at Portsmouth and Gosport, 15,119l. 14s. 9d.; at Chatham, 16734l. 16s. 4d.; and at Harwich, 9149l, 13s. 2d. Gives details as to what portions of these last-named purchases have been demised under the terms of the said act, the items including lands at Gosport demised to Abram Frecker for 40l. per an.
All the demised portions are resumable by Royal or Treasury warrant to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands. The request of the Governor of Portsmouth to have the lands resumed and put into the possession of the Deputy Governor for his benefit and advantage is directly contrary to all the Acts of Parliament above-mentioned. 3 pages.
:—(a) John Scrope to Thomas Walker, dated Treasury Chambers, 1742, May 19, forwarding for report thereon (b) and (c), infra. 1 page.
(b) The principal officers of the Ordnance to the Treasury, dated Office of Ordnance, 1742, May 1. Have for several years past been reforming the fortifications at and about Portsmouth. Were intending to make a disposition for proceeding upon those on Gosport side, but are informed that one Abraham Frecker, of Gosport, has lately obtained a lease of the very lands which were reserved for a covert way, esplanade and other outworks, as marked in a plan [wanting]. Desire the revoking of the said lease, 1 page.
(c) Memorial to the Treasury from Lieutenant General Hollywood, Governor of Portsmouth garrison, concerning the said lands held on lease by said Frecker. Asserts that the said lands being purchased by the Crown for the security of Portsmouth garrison have always been possessed by the Governors thereof without interruption. Therefore prays relief.
Endorsed:—Refer this and the Ordnance memorial to the Surveyor General. 1 page.
[Treasury Board Papers CCCVIII. No. 12.]
June 15. 106. The Treasury respectively to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, and to the Commissioners of Revenue, Ireland, and to the Customs Commissioners, England and Scotland, conveying the King's pleasure in accordance with an address from the House of Commons for strict and immediate orders to be given for the effectual putting in execution the laws now in being for preventing the exportation of wool or yarn from Great Britain and Ireland.
[Irish Book IX. p. 260; Customs Book XV. p. 288; North Britain Book XIII. p. 282.]
June 15.
107. Present: Earl of Wilmington, Mr. Chancellor of Exchequer, Mr. Compton, Sir John Rushout, Mr. Gybbon.
A letter read from Sir Robert Baylis relating to the arrears of duties upon houses 1740 and 1741.
Same read from the Duke of Newcastle for 80l. for Stephen Read for carrying dispatches to Admiral Haddock. A warrant ordered.
Order for the following issues out of the Civil List funds:—
£ s. d.
To the late Queen's servants 4,399 9
For Richmond Lodge 864 12 3
For Gentlemen and Grooms of the Bedchamber 4,775 0 0
For Timms and Hall, sheriffs 920 0 0
A petition read from Stephen Beale concerning duties on tobacco lost in 1739 in the “Endeavour,” together with a report from the Customs Commissioners on a former petition from Beale. My Lords cannot take any further cognizance of that affair.
A letter read from John Robertson proposing to discover an estate in Lincolnshire belonging to the Crown. Directed to deliver in his discovery.
A petition from John Waddon, Collector of Plymouth, for an allowance, read and referred to the Customs Commissioners.
Memorandum. To write to Mr. Thompson to acquaint him that when the vacancy happens which he mentions my Lords will have a great regard to his recommendation.
Charles Elliot to be waiter and searcher at Burnham, Maldon port, loco John Quilter, who does not accept.
Respite taken off John Fletcher as Receiver General for Cumberland and Westmorland.
[Treasury Minute Book XXIX. pp. 62–3; Customs Book XV. p. 237.]
June 17.
108. Present: Earl of Wilmington, Mr. Chancellor of Exchequer, Sir John Rushout, Mr. Compton, Mr. Gybbon.
Leave of absence to John Gibbs, additional landwaiter, London port.
Lynch Salisbury Cotton to be Receiver of Land Revenues in North Wales.
Order for the issue of 34,375l. to the Paymaster of Marines for subsist and pay from the 25th instant to August 24; and of 168,465l. and 20,919l. to the Paymaster of the Forces for services as in his memorials of this day.
John Portman's petition read and referred to the Customs Commissioners.
[Treasury Minute Book XXIX. p. 64.]
June 18. 109. Report to the Treasury from the Excise Commissioners, London, enclosing (a) infra, “and we humbly certifie to your Lordships that there was no grant or warrant from the Crown for the payment of any pension or annuity [out of the Excise] between the 1st of August, 1707, and the 1st of August, 1720, except a patent dated the 1st of October, in the 2nd year of his late Majesty, for the payment of 40,000l. per annum, by weekly payments of 750l. to his present Majesty when Prince of Wales.” 1 page.
:—(a) An account, certified by said Commissioners, and by Hen. Needler, Accomptant General of Excise, of all sums of money paid [out of the Excise] for pensions or annuities by grants or warrants from the Crown from the 1st of August, 1707, to the 1st of August, 1720, viz.: paid to the Prince of Wales
£ s. d.
24 June, 1715 to 24 June, 1716 30,000 0 0
24 June, 1716 to 24 June, 1717 39,000 0 0
24 June, 1717 to 24 June, 1718 40,000 0 0
24 June, 1718 to 24 June, 1719 41,000 0 0
24 June, 1719 to 24 June, 1720 40,000 0 0
24 June, 1720 to 1 August, 1720 3,750 0 0
The first payment to His Royal Highness was 1715, Oct. 19. 1 page
[Treasury Board Papers CCCVIII. No, 18.]
June 21. 110. Treasury warrant to the Governor and Company of the Bank of England, to give the necessary orders to the Chief Cashier and the Accomptant General of the Bank, to make ready all things necessary for taking in at the Bank sums not exceeding 800,000l., authorised by the late act to be raised by annuities; with power to allow interest in case of instalments paid before the 4 fixed instalment days.
[Warrants not relating to Money XXVII. pp. 67–8.]
June 21. 111. J. Scrope to the Governor, &c., of said Bank, forwarding the warrant ut supra for receiving the money upon the subscription to the 3 per cent. annuities charged upon the Sinking Fund, as also a list of persons that have desired to be subscribers to the same. The Treasury desire the Bank to give orders for the immediate receiving the said money from said subscribers pursuant to the directions of the act.
[Letter Book XX. p. 50.]
June 22.
112. Present: Earl of Wilmington, Mr. Chancellor of Exchequer, Mr. Compton, Sir John Rushout, Mr. Gybbon.
A petition read from John Harrison, agent for the members of the ship “Argyle,” captors of the Spanish privateer “Roboam,” concerning canvas taken in said prize. Referred to the Customs Commissioners.
Order for the following issues out of the Civil List:—
£ s. d.
To Mr. Sharpe to reimburse expenses 229 11 0
To the Academy of Music 1,000 0 0
To Mr. Read 80 0 0
To Mr. Basket 500 0 0
To the Master of the Horse 3,000 0 0
To Mr. Mackerell, Mr. Hannott, and Sir Thos. Drury, sheriffs 1,040 0 0
The report from Owen Brereton, Paymaster of the 1710 Lottery, on the petition of William Smith, John Bowman, et al., read and warrant ordered.
Same from the Salt Commissioners on the petition of Bryan Blundell, of Liverpool, merchant, read and agreed to.
Anthony Cracherode to succeed Cha. Townsend as solicitor to the Hawkers and Pedlars.
A letter read from James Bull, receiver of land tax for part of South Wales. His respite to continue till his accounts are more satisfactory.
[Treasury Minute Book XXIX. p. 65; Reference Book X. p. 212; Letter Book XX. p. 50.]
June 24.]
113. An account, signed by John Selwyn, junr., of the sum wanting to satisfy the establishment of salaries and pensions of the late Queen Caroline, and payable by said Selwyn for 1742, Lady day quarter. 1 page.
[Treasury Board Papers CCCVIII. No. 20.]
June 25. 114. Royal sign manual, countersigned by the Lords of the Treasury, appointing the establishment for the officers to attend the hospital for the service of the forces in Flanders, to date from 1741–2, March 20, and to continue to 1742, Dec. 24, said establishment being for a director, a physician, a surgeon, four mates, an apothecary, two mates and a matron, with a total pay of 4l. 17s. 6d. per diem, or 1,365l. for the whole period as above. 1 sheet.
[Treasury Board Papers CCCVIII. No. 21.]
June 25. 115. Treasury warrant for the issue of 105l. to Richard Morley, for himself and 3 clerks for Midsummer quarter for methodising, &c., the records in the Court of the Exchequer.
Appending:—Morley's certificate of the work done in said quarter. “Since Lady day last Mr. Farley has been employed in sorting the loose fines of several reigns, Mr. Stuart and Strakey have disposed in their proper order all the bundles of fines from the end of the reign of Richard the 3rd to the 40th of Queen Elizth, Mr. Cole has been employed in making indexes to the Star Chamber records, and Mr. Morgan in cleaning and putting in order damag'd rolls of the Common Pleas.” [Money Book XLI. p. 31.]
June 26. Whitehall, Treasury
116. Present: Earl of Wilmington, Mr. Compton, Mr. Gybbon.
Order for the issue to the Treasurer of the Ordnance of 30,000l. for land service, and 40,000l. for sea service.
Same for same of 17,739l. 19s. 4d. to the Navy Treasurer for services as in his memorial of the 24th instant.
A memorial from Lord George Beauclerk for repairs at Bagshot Rails and Sandhurst Walk, and at his lodge in Windsor Forest referred to Mr. Barnard, deputy to the late Surveyor of Woods.
[Treasury Minute Book XXIX. p. 66; Reference Book X. p. 213.]
June 26. 117. Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to observe an Order in Council as below.
Prefixing:—An Order of the King in Council, dated at Kensington, 1742, June 24, taking off the prohibitions imposed on trade with Spain by the Act of 13 Geo. II. for prohibiting commerce with Spain, so far as said restrictions relate to wool and barillo of the growth and product of old Spain in Europe, or of the Canaries.
[Customs Book XV. pp. 240–1.]
June 29.
118. Present: Earl of Wilmington, Mr. Chancellor of Exchequer, Mr. Compton, Mr. Gybbon.
Order for the following issues out of the Civil List funds:—
£ s. d.
To the Cofferer of the Household 15,965 0 0
To the Board of Works 6,855 3 0
To the Board of Trade and secretary 2,550 8 0
To the Farmer of the Post Fines 990 15 0
To Sir John Cotton 10 13 4
To the Treasurer of the Chambers for Messengers 1,000 0 0
To Mr. Jennison for the huntsmen 2,341 0 0
For Secret Service 2,000 0 0
To Mr. Shepherd for a bill of exchange 118 3 8
To the Treasurer of the Chambers for bills 2,962 6 7
A letter from the Earl of Winchilsea to the Earl of Wilmington read notifying that the Admiralty had appointed the “Leopard” man of war to carry the money due to the Queen of Hungary, in consequence of a treaty signed with her, to the Adriatic.
Order for the issue of 128,085l. 19s. 8d. to the Treasurer of the Navy for services as in his memorial of the 28th instant.
A letter from the Bishop of London read for His Majesty's bounty of 20l. for passage money to Mr. James Maury, going minister to Virginia.
A memorial read from Lieut. Gen. James Cambell, Constable and Governor of Edinburgh Castle. My Lords say they will appoint a particular day to take the Scotch papers into consideration, when this memorial shall be considered.
Returns read from several offices to a precept of the Secret Committee requiring accounts of all pensions from the year 1707 to 1720.
A representation from the Stamps Commissioners for remitting taxes on the salaries of their under officers read and agreed to.
A bond from Francis Fane and Henry Fane in 1,500l. for Henry Fane's execution of his recently granted office of Treasurer to the Commissioners for building 50 new churches, is approved of.
[Treasury Minute Book XXIX. pp. 67–8.]