Treasury Books and Papers: January 1744

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Calendar of Treasury Books and Papers, Volume 5, 1742-1745. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1903.

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January 1744

Jan. 2.
1. The Duke of Newcastle to the Treasury, dated from Whitehall, enclosing (a) and (b) infra, relating to the acceptance of Sir Chaloner Ogle's bill drawn on the Navy Commissioners for the subsistence of the forces at Ruatan. In view of the directions given by the Lords Justices for answering the expense of that garrison until the King's final orders shall be signified with regard to the settlement there, desires the Treasury to receive the King's orders with regard to the accepting and discharging said bill. 2 pages.
—(a) Extract of a letter from Sir Chaloner Ogle to the Duke of Newcastle, dated Jamaica, 1743, July 31, ut supra p. 302. 2½ pages.
(b) The Admiralty Lords to the Duke of Newcastle, dated Admiralty Office, 1743, Dec. 17, forwarding copies of (a) supra and (c) infra. In drawing a bill on the Navy Ogle has proceeded very irregularly. As this charge has no relation to the Navy the Navy Board will not accept the bill. 2 pages.
(c) Copy of a letter from Major Caulfield to Sir Chaloner Ogle, dated Ruatan, 1743, May 27. “I have had the honour of yours by the “Fowey”and am very sorry to find no account yet arrived from England relating to the settling this island, the American soldiers still continuing very uneasy. Six of them have lately deserted among whom were three serjeants and I do not know how many more may follow their example having never yet been able to take any one of them…. I am persuaded nothing will satisfye them but their being all discharged from the service, in which case I believe many of them will stay and settle here. The works have been for some time at a stand for want of money.” The troops are as uneasy about the money not coming as they are at being detained here soldiers, it being contrary to the custom of the army to keep soldiers so long in arrears when settled in a garrison, they having always a month's pay in advance. “Besides I had no instructions from General Wentworth on that head. If I keep the pay due to them from February to April in my hands till the 24th of June it will be paying them only 2 months' pay when four are due which is neither agreeable to them nor the officers and I wish with all my heart it could be remedied.” 1½ pages.
[Treasury Board Papers CCCXIII. No. 1.]
Jan. 3.
2.Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Gybbon, Earl of Middlesex, Mr. Fox.
The Customs Commissioners attend concerning the affair of the bonds found in the office of Mr. Deacon, late Receiver of the Coal Duties. Their report of Dec. 9 ult. read and abstracted. They assure my Lords, who strongly recommend it to them, that they will cause this affair to be followed with all possible diligence and despatch. My Lords further tell them it is their opinion that Mr. Savage, late Comptroller of the Coal Duty, should be prosecuted as far as the law will allow to oblige him to make all the discoveries in his power.
Order for the following issues out of the Civil List revenues:—
£ s. d.
To Lord North 500 0 0
To Mr. Vansittart for Mote Park to 1742, Sept. 29 326 16 0
To Mr. Lowther 500 0 0
To Mr. Scrope for Secret Service 4,000 0 0
Joseph Harris to be a tidesman at Yarmouth, loco Robert Watson, dismissed; Richard Cooper, a watchman, London port, loco Isaac Mann, deceased; Joseph Sadler, a noontender, ibid, loco Christopher Pashley, deceased.
An extract of the papers relating to the seizure of Capt. Brito's ship the “Nostra Senhora da Guia e Almas” to be sent to Mr. Stone to be laid before the Duke of Newcastle in answer to his Grace's letter to my Lords enclosing a petition from [Monsieur Caettano, the Portuguese Secretary, on behalf of] said captain.
[Treasury Minute Book XXIX. pp. 367–8; Customs Book XV. p. 383; Letter Book XX. p. 119.]
Jan. 5.
3. Present: Mr. Gybbon, Earl of Middlesex, Mr. Fox.
The Customs Commissioners' report on a petition from John Hardman, of Liverpool, merchant, concerning new stringing some arrangoes in order to their exportation, read and agreed to.
A petition read from Anthony Waldegrave, of Peterborough, under prosecution for smuggling. Referred to the Customs Commissioners.
Same read from Francis Paddy proposing to defend at his own cost the Crown's title to some lands and mines in the manors of Middleham and Richmond, co. York, in return for a lease thereof. Referred to the Surveyor General of Lands.
Same from Isaac Smith, of London, merchant, for a discharge of 3 bags of yarn seized for want of the word yarn on the bags. Referred to the Customs Commissioners.
Same from Margaret, wife of James Hemer, now in Lancaster gaol for smuggling. Referred ut supra.
An extract of a letter from Mr. Collier, Surveyor General of Kent, to the Customs Commissioners read, acquainting them that the smugglers have begun to export wool to France. Another letter from same to same read acquainting them that there are many smugglers in Romney Marsh, and that the officers are of no use without military force, and that he thinks 200 dragoons necessary to be quartered in Kent to hinder the running of wool and other smuggling. A memorial also read of November 25 last from the Customs Commissioners representing the insolence of the smugglers, and that since the dragoons have been gone the smuggling has greatly increased, and praying that a man of war and land forces may be ordered to assist the Customs officers. A letter ordered to be written to the Secretary at War to enclose copies of the said memorial and extracts of letters from the Customs officers on the coasts of Kent, Sussex and Hants, and to request a sufficient number of dragoons to be sent down.
The Customs Commissioners being present are ordered to let my Lords know the number of smugglers now in gaol.
Report from said Commissioners read on the petition of Henry, John, and Thomas Marsh, owners of the ship “Triton,” concerning shortening the period for quarantine. To be sent to the Clerk of the Council in waiting.
Several letters read concerning a bill drawn by Sir Chaloner Ogle on the Commissioners of the Navy for 1,400l. for the subsistence of the land forces at the new settlement at Ruatan.
[Treasury Minute Book XXIX. pp. 369–70; Reference Book X. pp. 246, 247; Crown Lease Book VI. p. 379; Letter Book XX. p. 119.]
Jan. 10. 4. (a, b) Separate proposals to the Treasury in identical terms from John Gore and Son and from Joseph Gulston, junr., to furnish bills on Amsterdam for the pay of the troops abroad in the service of Great Britain at 10 guilders 14 stivers current money of Amsterdam per £ sterling; two thirds at 8 days' sight, one third at a month.
Endorsed:—1743–4, June 10, read and to be considered. Feb. 2 following, agreed to. 1 and 1 pages.
[Treasury Board Papers CCCXIII. No. 2.]
Jan. 10.
5. Present:—Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Compton. Mr. Gybbon, Mr. Fox.
Order for a warrant for Isaac Dagnet to be commander of the “Walpole” smack, at Harwich, loco Samuel Phillips, preferred.
Memorials of this day's date read from John Gore and Son, and from Joseph Gulston, respectively offering rates for furnishing subsistence money for the pay of the army abroad in the service of Great Britain. My Lords will consider this affair and give them an answer very soon.
A same read from the creditors of the York Buildings Company, setting forth that, by a state of the Deputy Remembrancer, there remains due to the Crown for principal and interest of the Widdrington estate the sum of 24,461l. 0s. 11½d., and praying assistance of the Treasury in an application to Parliament for relief. My Lords will do nothing in this matter.
Write to the Commissioners of the Customs to know what has been done by them in relation to Thomas Bishop, a tide surveyor at Weymouth. Charles Rissowe to be appointed Collector of Customs at Woodbridge, in Suffolk, when the presentment comes, and to set as Deputy Customer there for his fees or 20l. per an., loco Oliver Newby, dismissed.
A letter read from the Lord Chamberlain for the usual allowance of 15l. per week to be paid to the Master of the Ceremonies for the Ambassador from Tripoli, as also a bill of Mr. Russel's for his expenses in bringing the Ambassador to town. See what has been paid on the like occasion, and prepare the proper warrant.
An estimate read of the charge of the Hessian troops, amounting to 161,951l. 14.s.d., and also a same of the Hanover troops, amounting to 393,773l. 6s. 1d.
A memorial read from Sir John Rushout, Treasurer of the Navy, for half a year's wages to Lady Day last to the yards amounting to 169,752l. 1s. 8d. Order for 41,351l. 3s. 9d. to be issued out of supplies, anno 1743. The rest out of land tax, 1744.
Order for the issue out of the Civil List revenues of 3,000l. to the Privy Purse.
Write to Mr. Winnington to desire him to order an account to be made up of what was due in the office of the Cofferer of the Household the last day of December [last], that proper orders may be given for issuing the money accordingly.
[Treasury Minute Book XXIX. pp. 371–2; Customs Book XV. pp. 383, 385, 390.]
Jan. 12.
6. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Compton, Mr. Gybbon, Mr. Fox.
A letter read from Mr. Carr, collector of Customs at Deal, desiring leave of absence for 6 months. Referred to the Customs Commissioners.
Thomas Banks preferred to the superior list of tidesmen, London port, loco Charles Lawrence, superannuated; John Smith to succeed Banks in the inferior list; Francis Manning to be a tidesman, inferior list, London port, loco Charles Burnett superannuated; Francis Goddard, same, ibid, loco Robert Corner, preferred.
Leave of absence for 3 months to Captain Ash.
A memorial read from Neil Buchanan on behalf of the merchants of the city of Glasgow, praying that the Deputy Collector and Comptroller of Customs at Clasgow may have power to administer all oaths, and same to be as valid as if made before the Collector and Comptroller of Port Glasgow. Referred to the Customs Commissioners.
Same read from Sir John Rushout for 6,000l. for Naval services. Ordered to be issued out of supplies anno 1744.
Order for the issue out of the Civil List revenues to Lord Sandys, Cofferer of the Household, of 2,000l. for purveyors for January, 1743–4.
See what is due for the Tripoli Ambassador, and issue it to Lord Sandys.
[Treasury Minute Book XXIX. p. 373; Customs Book XV. p. 390; Reference Book X. p. 247.]
Jan. 17. 7. J. Scrope to the Customs Commissioners, England, conveying Treasury directions for their consideration of an Order in Council, prefixed in extenso, dated Whitehall, the 12 instant, requiring them to make the best enquiries possible into the reported cessation of the plague at Smyrna, and thereupon to advise as to the reduction of quarantine from 40 to 14 days.
[Customs Book XV. p. 389.]
Jan. 17.
8. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Compton, Mr. Gybbon, Earl of Middlesex, Mr. Fox.
A memorial read from Mr. Winnington, Paymaster General of the Forces for 380,512l. for 4 months' pay to the guards and garrisons and forces in Flanders, to 1744, April 24. Ordered.
Order for the following issues out of the Civil List revenues:—
£ s d.
To Mr. Walkinshaw for the Mayor of Gravesend 191 5 3
To the Great Officers for 1742, Xmas quarter 8,451 7 2
To the Chancellor of the Garter for 6 months to 1743, Sept. 29 285 2 6
A letter read from Mr. Wood to Mr. Scrope, informing that the ship “London” galley is arrived at Bristol from Leghorn, and is ordered to perform strict quarantine. Also same from same informing that the ship “St. George,” from Gibraltar, under quarantine at the Mother Bank, has left that place without an order of Council, and sailed away to Southampton. Order this [ship] to be prosecuted, and see how it was done last time.
The Order of Council read concerning some bales of silk sent to be sunk in the sea out of the ship “Mermaid,” for the Treasury to adjust the demands made on account of the said goods, and to propose in what manner the same may be paid. See what was done in former quarantines, how the money was paid and how demanded of Parliament, and prepare a report for the Council.
A letter read from Mr. Wood to Mr. Scrope, acquainting my Lords that there is another armed sloop launched at Folkestone, and that there are 12 sloops upon that coast belonging to smugglers, and desiring some men of war to be sent there. To be sent to the Admiralty to do as is desired.
Thomas Smith to be distributor of stamps in Cambridgeshire, loco Charles Percy, deceased.
A letter read from the Secretary of War, with a state of the hospital abroad, and a proposal to have said hospital augmented. Ordered that the Secretary at War do lay before my Lords a state of the whole staff, and of all the hospitals abroad, in which this must be included.
General Oglethorpe called in and delivered in an account of extraordinary services incurred in Georgia for the preservation and defence of the King's dominions on the Continent of North America, from 1738, Sept. 22, to 1743, July 22, when General Oglethorpe sailed for England, to the respective times those services were severally made up to, and from thence computed to 1743, Michaelmas. My Lords will consider it and give such orders as they can thereupon.
Thos. Bishop, junr., to be tidesurveyor at Weymouth, loco Thomas Bishop, senr., rendered incapable.
Mr. Bladen, Sir Charles Hardy, and Mr. Rickman bring in a proposal of Mr. Rickman, of Portsmouth, for furnishing the army with bread. Ordered to be laid by till other proposals come in.
[Treasury Minute Book XXIX. pp. 374–5; Customs Book XV. p. 390; Letter Book XX. p. 120.]
Jan. 19.
9. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Compton, Mr. Gybbon, Earl of Middlesex, Mr. Fox.
A representation from the Board of Ordnance read for 5,702l. 7s. 0d., being the difference between new arms furnished for sundry regiments on the expedition to America and the value of the old arms delivered up by them, praying an order on the Paymaster General of the Forces for the said sum to be issued out of money in his hands for the non-effective men of said regiments. My Lords being acquainted that there is no such money remaining are of opinion that this service should be supplied out of the non-effective men of the marines who were on this expedition, as the contingencies for the marines were paid out of the contingencies of the other forces with them. A warrant therefore directed to be prepared on Mr. [Sir C. H.] Williams, Paymaster of Marines.
[Treasury Minute Book XXIX. p. 376.]
Jan. 24.
10. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Compton, Mr. Gybbon, Earl of Middlesex, Mr. Fox.
A memorial read from the Customs Commissioners with an account of frauds committed by the officers at Bideford, for which they have been dismissed, and nominating others in their places. Read and approved and warrant to be prepared accordingly.
Same read from the Commissioners of the [1743] Lottery for leave to deface the plates used for same. Prepare the usual warrant.
Petition read from the managers and directors of said lottery for a reward for their services. Order for a warrant for 150l. to each of them out of contributions to said lottery.
A letter read from the Secretary of the Customs enclosing a letter from two officers of the Customs near Arundel concerning the wounding of three dragoons by the smugglers there, and the carrying off of an officer and 2 dragoons on board the smugglers' cutter. To be sent to the Admiralty with a desire for their immediate assistance.
A same read from Mr. Corbet, Secretary to the Admiralty, acquainting the Treasury that the Admiralty will, as soon as they can, send a sloop against the smugglers.
Leave of absence to James Dunbar, tidesman in fee, London port, without stop of pay.
Mr. Oglethorpe's account read of moneys laid out by him for His Majesty's service in Georgia. To be sent to the Secretary at War for him to lay it before the King for his orders that the sense of Parliament may be taken upon it.
Order for the issue out of the Civil List revenues of 24,700l. to the Cofferer of the Household and 1,200l. to Mr. Lowther.
[Treasury Minute Book XXIX. pp. 377–8; Letter Book XX. p. 121.]
Jan. 24. 11. J. Scrope to the Secretary at War, transmitting from the Treasury General Oglethorpe's accompt as below of extraordinary services incurred in Georgia for the preservation and defence of His Majesty's dominions on the continent of North America, from 1738, Dec. 22, to 1743, July 22 (when Oglethorpe sailed for England) to the respective times those services were severally made up to, and from thence computed to Michaelmas, 1743: for same to be laid before the King for his commands that the sense of Parliament may be taken upon it, viz. as follows:—
£ s. d. £ s. d.
Disbursements 91,705 13 5
Stoppages 3,565 10 6
Imprests from the Treasury 22,030 9 1
25,595 19 7
Balance remaining to be satisfied £66,109 13 10
[Letter Book XX. p. 121.]
Jan. 26.
12. Present:—Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Compton, Mr. Gybbon, Earl of Middlesex, Mr. Fox.
Leave of absence to Robert Carr, Collector of Customs at Deal: on a report from the Customs Commissioners.
Sir John Rushout called in and presented a memorial for 128,318l. 14s. 8d. for naval services. Order for 94,032l. 0s. 6d. thereof, to pay the course of the Navy, &c.
A memorial read from General Churchill praying that the pond in St. James's Park, now dry, may be filled with water by the Chelsea Water Works Company. Referred to the Board of Works.
A report read from said Board, estimating 339l. 14s. 0d., for new planting and pruning trees in St. James's Park, 189l. 12s. 0d. for boxing them, and 47l. 8s. 0d. as the yearly charge of keeping them sufficiently watered. Agreed to.
A memorial read from Lieutenant Colt on behalf of himself and his sisters Sophia and Mary, only surviving grandchildren of Sir William Dutton Colt, who resided many years as envoy at the Court of Hanover, and died abroad, concerning the pension of 200l. granted to the children of Harry Colt, of which he is one, said pension being misappropriated to her own use by his mother, now widow to General Grove. Referred to Mr. Hooper, Paymaster of Pensions.
A same read from Mr. Woodford for 828l. for victualling Placentia, &c., for 3 months to 1742, Dec. 31. Referred to the Comptrollers of Army Accounts.
A petition read from John Whitfield in behalf of himself and other inhabitants of Lewes and Newhaven, for 199l. 8s. 2d., being due from John Cleret, co. Sussex, the Master of the ship “St. Nicholas” [of] Barfleur, stranded on the coast of Sussex in 1740, December, for necessaries to repair said ship, &c., which sum petitioner alleges is in the King's chest, arisen by sale of goods out of said ship for expenses of salvage, &c. Referred to the Customs Commissioners.
Write to Mr. Weston to insert in the London “Gazette” an advertisement, detailed, for the tenders for supplying the forces in the Low Countries with bread.
[Treasury Minute Book XXIX. pp. 379–80; Reference Book X. pp. 247, 248; Customs Book XV. pp. 390–1; Letter Book XX. p. 122.]
Jan. 30.
13. Present:—Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Compton, Mr. Gybbon, Earl of Middlesex, Mr. Fox.
A memorial read from the Commissioners of the Lottery [1743] for 279l. 12s. 3d. wanting to complete the expense thereof. Ordered.
A letter read from Sir William Yonge, Secretary at War, giving an account of a riot at Henley on Thames, where a man was taken up for cursing the King: and desiring the Treasury to order prosecution against him.
Order for the issue of 1,500l. to the Band of Pensioners for 1742, Xmas quarter.
A letter read from Mr. Corbett informing that the Admiralty will appoint a sloop to cruize upon the coasts of Kent and Sussex against the smugglers.
Mr. Sharpe's memorial read with Mr. Attorney General's opinion concerning Viscount Gage's cutting timber in Dean Forest. At the instance of said Viscount a short day to be appointed to consider of the facts before prosecution be begun.
A petition read from Joseph Chitty, owner of the ship “Mermaid,” which arrived from Gallipoli and Leghorn in July last, and was ordered from Deptford to perform quarantine. My Lords can do nothing in this.
[Treasury Minute Book XXIX. p. 381; Letter Book XX. p. 122.]
Jan. 31. 14. Deputation or power of attorney, executed by Nicholas Carpentier, of Ostend, in Flanders, merchant, to Alexander Hume, of the parish of St. James's, Westminster, to contract for him for supplying His Majesty's forces, either as King of Great Britain or Elector of Hanover, with provisions, horses, carriages, forage or any other necessaries of any kind or nature whatsoever, with specified powers of drawing and paying, &c., &c.
[Warrants not relating to Money XXVII. pp. 206–7.]