Treasury Books and Papers: February 1745

Calendar of Treasury Books and Papers, Volume 5, 1742-1745. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1903.

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February 1745

Feb. 1.
(Feb. 12
20. Lieut. Gen. J. Ligonier to [? the Paymaster of the Forces] dated from the Hague, forwarding a copy of the contract signed by himself and Lieut. General He. Hawley, with Nicolas Carpentier, Burgomaster of Ostend, for the magazines of forage for the British troops to be formed at Ghent, Bruges, Brussels, Ath, Mons, and Namur. Considering the season of the year the contract is thought more reasonable than was expected. 1 page.
:—(a) Said copy of said contract. 3 pages. French.
[Treasury Board Papers CCCXVI. No. 14.]
Feb. 5.
21. Present: Chancellor of the Exchequer, Earl of Middlesex, Mr. Fox, Mr. Arundell, Mr. Lytelton.
A representation read from Alexander Hume, Attorney to Nicholas Carpentier, of Ostend, contractor for 400 bread waggons (whereof 250 were furnished at 5 gu. 5 st., current money of Holland, each per diem), praying allowance of 8,748l. 15s. 9d., on account of horses for same not being permitted to forage free, as he had assurance given him that they should. Referred to Abraham Hume, the Commissary of Stores, and Thomas Orby Hunter, the Deputy Paymaster abroad.
Same read from Mr. Legge on a memorial from Viscount Cornbury, Ranger of Whichwood Forest, concerning repairs, &c., there exceeding the estimate, and for further repairs. Report agreed to.
Order for the issue out of the Civil List revenues of 3,000l. to the Privy Purse and 525l. to Mr. Reid.
Marshal Wade attended with three proposals for furnishing bread waggons for the army in Flanders for 1745, viz., Mr. Van Laythen's at 4 fl. 15 sols. argent d'Hollande per waggon; Mr. Des Enfans's at 3 fl. per waggon Brabant currency, with several other articles to be borne by the public; Mr. Nicholas Carpentier's for furnishing both bread and bread waggons, bread at 6 stivers per wheat loaf of 6 lbs. weight and rye at 4½ stivers, both Brabant currency, and the waggons at 5 guilders per day Holland currency. My Lords agree to the last proposal. Contract to be prepared accordingly.
A memorial read from the Earl of Halifax, Master of the Buckhounds, for repairs at Swinley Lodge. Referred to the Surveyor of Woods.
[Treasury Minute Book XXX. pp. 118–9; Letter Book XX. p. 162; Reference Book X. p. 268.]
Feb. 7. 22. J. Scrope to Charles Lord Cornwallis, Constable of the Tower. On the petition from the grand jury and principal inhabitants of the Tower Liberty the Treasury has consented on behalf of the Crown to the lighting nine lamps every night on the vacant ground of Tower Hill, and therefore give orders herewith for the providing and lighting in the proper places the said number of lamps; the annual expense, together with the charge of repairing same, not to exceed 20l.: to be defrayed by the Lieutenant of the Tower and charged as contingents for the Tower garrison.
[Letter Book XX. pp. 161–2.]
Feb. 12. 23. A like contract as under date 1743–4, March 6 (ut supra, p. 463, where the entry is wrongly dated March 17), for bread and bread waggons for the year 1745, with certain slight alterations, detailed, in the prices.
[Warrants not relating to Money XXVII. p. 208.]
24. Treasury warrant for the passing and allowing of the salaries and incident charges of the salt officers in the country for the year ended 1743, Lady Day.
Prefixing:—Said account as stated by Edward Bangham, Deputy Auditor of Imprests (the account showing the country collections, collectors' salaries, poundage, incidents, premiums for return of moneys, and riding charges).
[Ibid. pp. 295–6.]
Feb. 12. 25. Royal sign manual, countersigned only by Sir William Yonge, Secretary at War, prescribing the regulation, detailed, for winter forage for the General and Staff Officers, battalions of Foot Guards, and regiments of Foot serving in Flanders. 2 pages.
:—(a) An estimate of 100 days' forage according to the computation in 1744. 1 page.
[Treasury Board Papers CCCXVI. No. 15.]
Feb. 12.
26. Present: Chancellor of the Exchequer, Earl of Middlesex, Mr. Fox, Mr. Arundell, Mr. Lyttelton.
Order for the issue of 11,390l. 8s. 6d. to the Westminster Bridge Commissioners to complete 25,000l. voted last session.
Same for 10,000l. to Greenwich Hospital per the Navy Treasurer for 1744.
Same for 28,370l. to the Navy Treasurer for services as in his memorial of the 31st ult.
Same for 34,864l. 1s. 3d. to the Paymaster of Marines as by his same of the 6th inst.
A memorial read from Lieut. Gen. Cornwall for the money in the hands of Thomas Patterson, late agent to his regiment of Marines, to be paid over to him, and Patterson's receipts to the Paymaster of Marines exchanged for the receipts of the General. Referred to the Secretary at War and Paymaster of Marines.
A petition read from Isaac Coronel and David Mendez da Costa for 871l. 8s. 8d., alleged to be due on their contract made with the Earl of Stair for furnishing bread for the troops abroad. My Lords adhere to their minute of May 24 last, made on reading a former petition.
A report read from the Surveyor of Woods on a memorial from Mr. Jennison and the Earl of Halifax for repairs at Swinley Lodge, amounting to 368l. 4s. 3d. Agreed to.
“The warrants hereafter to be granted for stay of process in all cases relating to the Commission of Taxes, to have a clause inserted directing the entry thereof before the said Commissioners.”
[Treasury Minute Book XXX. p. 120; Letter Book XX. p. 163.]
Feb. 14. 27. Petition to the Treasury from the fishermen of the manor and hundred of Middleton, alias Milton, co. Kent. Set forth that they hold by lease from the Lord of said manor certain grounds called Standgate Creek, where they feed and breed oysters: that by ships performing quarantine there petitioners have been much damaged in their property. Pray recompense for damage already sustained, as also for such further time as ships shall perform quarantine; as has been usual on former quarantines.
[Reference Book X. p. 268.]
Feb. 14.
28. Present: Earl of Middlesex, Mr. Fox, Mr. Arundell, Mr. Lyttelton.
A petition read from the fishermen of Standgate Creek for allowance for the damage done to them by quarantine being performed there. Referred to the Customs Commissioners.
A memorial read from the Governor and Company of Copper Miners for renewing their contract of 1737, May 31, for furnishing 200 tons of copper for the Mint, said contract being nearly completed, and they prepared to continue it at the old price of 15¾d. per lb., although copper is somewhat advanced. Referred to the Mint Officers.
Same read from William Poyntz, Cashier of Excise, for allowance of 627l. 18s. 7d., being the usual fees, &c. on money by him paid into the Exchequer, 1743, June 27 to 1744, June 18. Referred to the Excise Commissioners.
Order for the issue to the Navy Treasurer of 20,000l. in part of 50,000l. for wages, as in his memorial of the 29th ult., and 9,888l. 18s. 11d. for services as in his same of this day's date.
The Customs Commissioners' report read on the petition of the freeholders and farmers of co. Lancaster for relief from the duty on soapers' waste. They submit same to my Lords. My Lords have no objection.
A letter read from the Duke of Newcastle, with an account amounting to 1,459l. 18s. 4d., of money expended by Mr. Shirley in defence of Annapolis Royal. To be paid out of the 4½ per cent. revenue.
A report read from the Customs Commissioners on George Udney's petition concerning a rice debenture, for payment of which there is not enough money applicable thereto in the hands of the collector of the port whence exported. Mr. Scrope to consider how it may be paid.
A memorial read from Mr. Pybus for payment of 91l. 10s. 0d. for carrying over and bringing back 366 men in the packet boats between Dover and Holland, from 1744, June 25 to Dec. 25. Prepare the necessary warrant to the Navy Commissioners.
A same of the 31 ult. read from the Paymaster General of the Forces, conveying Messrs. Burrell and Bristow's proposal for remitting subsistence money to Minorca and Gibraltar, 1744–5, Feb. 24 to 1745, April 24. Agreed to as follows: 18,000 dollars for Minorca, at 55d. per dollar; 25,000 dollars for Gibraltar at 54½d. per dollar.
[Treasury Minute Book XXX. pp. 121–2; Reference Book X. pp. 268–9.]
Feb. 16.]
29. Copy of the correspondence from 1740 to 1744, between the Post Office and the Custom House, relating to the importation of foreign lace in the mails. 25 pages.
[Treasury Board Papers CCCXVI. No. 17.]
Feb. 19.
30. Present: Chancellor of the Exchequer, Earl of Middlesex, Mr. Fox, Mr. Arundell, Mr. Lyttelton.
Order for the issue to Mr. Winnington, as late Cofferer, of 23,465l. 4s. 2d. on his memorial for 1743, Xmas quarter. Same for same of 500l. to Mr. Waller, present same, to make the payments necessary for a service to be made at Windsor Castle.
Same for 30,000l. to the Navy Treasurer to complete 50,000l. for wages as in his memorial of the 29th ult.
Same for 124,964l. to the Paymaster of the Forces, being the remainder of his memorial for 259,928l. for subsist of the forces in Flanders to 1745, April 24 (including 10,000l. for contingencies).
A memorial read from Mr. Clinton, Governor of New York, for his salary of 1,200l. per an. to be made sterling money, the species of money not being directed in the warrant. Agreed to be in sterling money out of quit-rents as they come in.
Auditor Walpole's report read on a memorial of Philip Levinston, of New York, Secretary of Indian affairs for that province, praying that his salary of 100l. be payable in proclamation money and not in current money of that province. Agreed to be so paid as prayed out of quit-rents, also his arrears so far as said quit-rents shall suffice to answer same.
Alexander Hume, attorney to Mr. Carpentier, contractor for bread and bread waggons for the forces in Flanders for 1744 to 1745, praying, as there is no mention in the renewal of the contract of an imprest for an advance, that the former advance of the year 1744 may remain in his hands as an imprest for advance. Agreed to.
The establishment for the troops and rangers, Highland Company, boatmen, and officers, and half galleys or schooners in Georgia, being laid before my Lords to be countersigned, they observe that the warrant by which the commencement thereof is ordered is in different words from the warrant on any other establishment; which may create some doubt or difficulty as to the accounting for the money granted by Parliament for that service. My Lords are of opinion the warrant should be so altered that a proper person may be appointed for receiving the money and accounting duly for it as is the method in cases of the like nature.
Jane Rix is to have 5l.
[Treasury Minute Book XXX. pp. 123–5.]
Feb. 20. 31. J. Scrope to the Postmaster General for an account to be made up and transmitted to the Treasury of the moneys remaining in the hands of the Secretary of the Post Office out of the 4,700l. issued to him annually for His Majesty's Secret Service, and how the same has arisen. “Their Lordships also desire to have a particular account of the sallaries or pensions payable out of the said sum of 4,700l., and by what authority the Secretary pays such sallaries and pensions.”
[Letter Book XX. p. 163.]
Feb. 25. 32. Royal warrant, countersigned by the Treasury Lords, to Thomas Winnington, Paymaster of the Forces, to pay to John Yeamans for the use of William Shirley, Governor of the Province of Massachusetts Bay, 1,459l. 18s. 4d. to reimburse the sum expended by him for clothing and provisions for the three companies of 60 men each, which the General Assembly of that Province in 1744 consented to raise by bounty and to victual for three months, and to transport to Annapolis Royal, which was then besieged by a large body of French and Indians; the said Governor having engaged in the King's behalf for the pay of said men and for the future expense of victualling and clothing them, and having contracted for the same accordingly, upon representation made to him from the chief officers of the garrison of Annapolis Royal of the necessity of continuing the said succour there for the defence of the place.
Appending:—The Duke of Newcastle to the Treasury, dated 1744–5, Jan. 13, forwarding said Yeamans's memorial on behalf of said Shirley, setting forth “that the said Governor had during the course of the last summer prevailed with the Assembly of that Province to send a body of men to Annapolis Royal, in Nova Scotia, to prevent its falling into the hands of the French, who had actually besieged it, by which assistance the said place was preserved: that His Majesty by his Order in Council of the 6th September last … had been pleased to approve of the behaviour of the said Governor, and to declare that the engagements entered into by him for the pay of the said troops should be made good …”
[King's Warrant Book XXXVI. pp. 96–7.]
Feb. 25. 33. Same to the Clerk of the Signet attending, for a bill to pass the Privy Seal in terms set out in full for Sir John Rushout's accounts as late Treasurer of the Navy to be passed according to the usual practice of the Navy, notwithstanding any preceding account or accounts of [any] former Treasurer of the Navy are not passed and declared: “wherein our said Treasurer is to be charged with such supers and imprest bills only as have been cleared within the time of his accounts, and whereof he shall have received allowance in his said accounts, which are to be particularly expressed in the front of his leiger books of accounts to be delivered to the Auditors of Imprests from time to time as his voluntary charge, and to be signed by three or more of the principal officers or Commissioners of our Navy, expressing the time when and the persons to whom and for what service the monies therein specifyed were so imprested: and our further will and pleasure is that according to the usual practice of the office of our Navy our said late Treasurer of our Navy shall have full allowance in his accounts of and for all and every the sum and sums of money mentioned in the said leiger books of accounts to have been by him, his agents, or ministers issued and expended in and about the service of our Royal Navy and marine affairs, which said leiger books our said late Treasurer of our Navy is hereby required to prepare and exhibit in the first place to the Commissioners of our Navy from time to time to inspect and examine, and if occasion be, to correct, alter, and amend such errors and mistakes as may happen therein: and the said Commissioners of our Navy or any three or more of them are … to take … the said leiger books of accounts so to be prepared by him, and to use their utmost diligence and care in examining thereof from time to time, and having so examined, and if need be also corrected and amended the same, they, our said Commissioners, … are … to sign or subscribe to every page thereof: and the said leiger books so subscribed shall be taken and allowed a sufficient warrant and voucher to all and every the auditor and auditors and all other officers of our Exchequer to make and give full allowance of all and every the payments and sums of money therein contained and mentioned to be paid in and about the service of our Navy: and we do hereby require you, the Commissioners of our Treasury and Barons of our Exchequer, … the Auditors of our Imprests and all other officers and ministers of our Exchequer … to allow, pass, and declare the said account … notwithstanding any other or former practice some time used to the contrary.”
[King's Warrant Book XXXVI. pp. 95–6.]
Feb. 26.
34. Present: Chancellor of the Exchequer, Earl of Middlesex, Mr. Fox, Mr. Arundell, Mr. Lytelton.
A memorial read from the Earl of Berkeley concerning his lease of St. Briavels and Newland, and the settling of His Majesty's title thereto that he may hold same free from interruptions from Viscount Gage and Mr. Wyndham. Referred to Mr. Sharpe.
Order for the issue of 252,950l. 8s. 6d. to the Navy Treasurer in part of his memorial of the 25th inst. for 284,877l. 1s. 4d.
The report from Abraham Hume and Thomas Orby Hunter read on Alexander Hume's memorial for 8,748l. 15s. 9d. on behalf of Mr. Carpentier for dry forage for horses for the bread waggons, “in which for the reasons therein given they reduce the said demand to 6,422l. 7s. 5d. sterling at 10 g. 13 st. per £ sterling.”
A petition read from Benj. Hall and Saml. Smart, sureties for Jonathan Smart, late Receiver of land tax for co. Herts, for further stay of process. Agreed to.
A letter read from the Revenue Commissioners, Ireland, transmitting one from Mr. Sidebotham, an officer of the Customs in the Isle of Man, giving notice of a vessel arrived there from France with brandy, which they apprehend is to be run into Great Britain or Ireland. The Customs Commissioners to give proper directions in this affair to their officers in the Isle of Man.
A memorial read from Mr. Danvers concerning his house in Surrey Street, leased to the Crown for an office for the Comptrollers of Army Accounts, praying compensation for its being burned down.
Same read from the Customs Commissioners concerning the audacious behaviour of smugglers in Kent, Sussex, and Surrey, and praying a regiment of dragoons and two ships or sloops to be sent thither. To be sent to the Secretary at War and the Admiralty to move His Majesty thereupon.
A petition read from John Wynn, of Glynn, co. Carmarthen [Carnarvon], for a lease of mines of slate and limestone in several parishes in and near the town and liberties of Conway. Referred to the Surveyor General of Lands.
”My Lords order that for the future the accounts called casual accounts be divided equally between the two Auditors of the Imprests“ (in margin “struck out by the Secretary's order,” referring evidently to the words italicised above).
[Treasury Minute Book XXX. pp. 126–7; Letter Book XX. pp. 163–4; Reference Book X. p. 269; Crown Lease Book VII. p. 45; Customs Book XV. p. 488.]
Feb. 26. 35. Report to the King from Sir D. Ryder and W. Murray, respectively Attorney and Solicitor General, on the petition of Lieut. Gen. Cornewall, Col. of one of the marine regiments, concerning the dispute between him and Mr. Paterson, his agent, concerning the cash of the regiment. In point of law, are of opinion that both the colonels and the agents are answerable to the King and the regiment for all the money paid into the agents' hands, the former as the superiors who appoint the agents, the latter as receiving the money from the Paymaster, and as made accountable not to the Colonels but to the officers and soldiers by the express provision of the Act against mutiny and desertion. This is the ground of the present dispute; the colonels insisting it is too hazardous both for themselves and the public that the money paid into agents' hands for the regiments and not yet applied should remain in their hands: and the agents, insisting that considering the obligations they are under to pay the money to the regiments whenever it is demanded, they cannot pay it to any other unless properly indemnified. The difficulty is occasioned by there happening to be at present considerable sums in the agents' hands beyond what has been called for for the subsistence of the marines. The only way out of the difficulty is for the Paymaster of the Marines to stop payments to the agents for some time, and so reduce the balances in their hands to the compass of their securities, and henceforward to make payments proportionable to the agents' disbursements. 4 pages.
[Treasury Board Papers CCCXVI. No. 19.]
Feb. 28.
36. Present: Chancellor of the Exchequer, Earl of Middlesex, Mr. Fox, Mr. Arundell, Mr. Lyttelton.
A memorial read from the Paymaster of Marines for stay of process against him till further order, or until the muster rolls shall be delivered to him by the Commissaries. Agreed that process be stayed till the end of next Michaelmas term.
Order for the issue to the Paymaster of the Forces of 79,758l. for four months' pay and subsist of the forces in the Plantations to 1745, April 24.
A letter read from the Revenue Commissioners, Ireland, concerning the ship “Three Friends,” from Havre de Grace arrived there with goods on board of French manufacture under a royal pass, which they imagine may have been surreptitiously obtained, or by false surmises, being different from other papers. Mr. Weston is desired to lay the letter before the Earl of Harrington.
A petition read from several tallow chandlers on behalf of the [chandlers'] trade in general, concerning the loss to them by the illicit private making of candles in spite of the 100l. penalty, which is evaded, and proposing a draft clause to remedy same by empowering the Excise officers to search suspected places.
[Treasury Minute Book XXX. p. 128; Reference Book X. p. 269; Letter Book XX. p. 164.]