Quarantine Warrants: 1745

Pages 789-792

Calendar of Treasury Books and Papers, Volume 5, 1742-1745. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1903.

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For release or discharge from quarantine or referring to the Customs Commissioners petitions relating to quarantine.
Date of Treasury Warrant. Date of Privy Council Order. Ship's Name. Master. Remarks. Reference.
Jan. 1
Dec. 21
“Delawar” - - John Jolley - From Turkey with raw silk, now at Standgate Creek. Customs Book XV. p. 479.
“Exeter” - Thomas Drew - From Leghorn with oil, now ibid. Ibid.
“St. George Billender” John Chessel - From Port Mahon with oil, now ibid. Ibid.
“Fortune” - - John Hooper - From Syria with cottons, now cast on shore at Whitstable, Kent. Ibid.
“Tilly” Isaac Dove - A tender to Admiral Rowley's fleet, and lately arrived at Port Mahon: now at the Mother Bank. Ibid.
Jan. 29 1744–5.
Jan. 3
“Bellica” - - - A tender lately returned from the fleet in the Mediterranean. Ibid, p. 484.
“Delawar” - John Jolly - From Turkey with silks Ibid.
Jan. 31 Jan. 30 “Duke of Loraine” - - Taken from France by the “Warren” privateer, John Huddy commander. Ibid.
Feb. 7 Feb. 5 “Desmond” Galley Daniel Goatley - From Leghorn with oil, &c., now at Standgate Creek. Ibid.
“Nuestra Sra. del Rosario et Sto. Joseppe.” Francisco Constantine From Venice, Zante, &c., with currants, now ibid. Ibid.
Feb. 21 Feb. 9 “Stubbington” Galley Peter Mauger - From Leghorn - - Ibid.
“Ruby” - Robert Saunders - Same - - - Ibid.
Feb. 26 Feb. 9 “Grand Duke” - - - Retaken from a French privateer by the “Warren” galley, and now near Falmouth. Customs Book XV. p. 485.
March 14 March 11 “Constantino” Galley John Read - From Venice with currants. Ibid.
“Tartar” Pink - Robert Brown - From Naples with raisins Ibid.
April 2
March 29 St. Anniello” - Joseph Romane - From Belvedere with raisins, now at Standgate Creek. Ibid.
“Immaculata Concezzione e l'anime del Purgatorio.” Guiseppe di Nichola From Naples with raisins, now ibid. Ibid.
April 9 1745
April 6
“Mary” - Andrew White - From Leghorn, now ibid Ibid.
“Tuscany” Galley Stephen Sprackling Same - Ibid.
April 10 April 6 “Prince Rupert” - - Ibid, p. 493.
April 23 April 19 “Winchilsea” - John Curling In ballast from Port Mahon, now at Standgate Creek. Ibid, p. 495.
“Charming Molly” Andrew Kelly. - From Leghorn, now ibid Ibid.
“Robinhood” David Littlejohn - Same - Ibid.
May 2 April 30 “Italian Merchant” George Ribbie - From Genoa, &c., but last from Dublin, where she was stranded. Ibid.
“Mamhead” Galley John Chappell - From Naples, now at Standgate Creek. Ibid.
May 7 May 1 “Our Lady of the Carmalites St. Antonio of Padua and the souls of Purgatory.” Paul Tiozzo - With currants from Zante, now at King Road, Bristol. Ibid.
May 9 May 8 “Emerentia” Thomas Johnstone With argol, &c., from Leghorn, now at Standgate Creek. Ibid.
“La Madona de Rosario” George Pedretti - With currants from Zante, &c., now ibid. Ibid.
May 15 May 10 “Demetris” - Peter Bozzato - From Venice, &c., now ibid Ibid.
“San Speridion” Francisco Giasick Same - Ibid.
May 22 May 16 “Our Lady of Providence” Nicholas della Casa From Genoa with oil, now at the Mother Bank. Ibid.
May 29 May 23 “Prince Rupert” Snow - - From Santa Cruz, under quarantine since June 28 last. Ibid, p. 498.
June 12 May 28 “Thames” Willoughby Marchant From Turkey - - Customs Book XV. p. 498.
June 26 June 24 “Mary and Susanna” — Purches - From Leghorn, now at Standgate Creek. Ibid.
July 10 July 2 “Gibraltar” - John Mickell - From Leghorn with wine, &c. (Mickell, who lost his leg in an engagement with a French man-of-war or privateer, to go on shore). Ibid. XVI. p. 7.
Aug. 28 Aug. 27 “George” - John Mitchell - From Zante with currants Ibid.
“Young Lambert” - - - Now at Standgate Creek - Ibid.
Sept. 19 Sept. 18 “Diamond” - Daniel Goatley - From Leghorn with raisins, straw hats, &c., now ibid. Ibid.
Sept. 26 Sept. 19 “Eaton” Frigate Michael Page - From Leghorn, now ibid. Ibid, p. 8.
“Westmorland” Joseph Shanks - From Leghorn with wine, &c. Ibid.
Oct. 15 Oct. 4 “Phœnix” - Thomas Ellis - Same - - Ibid.
“Real” Galley - Owen Phillips - From Gallipoli with oil Ibid.
“Jenny” - - Samuel Staples - From Leghorn with marble, &c. Ibid.
Oct. 22 Oct. 4 “William and Robert” Phillip Ross - From Gibraltar with Spanish prize wine. Ibid.
Nov. 7 Oct. 29 “Margaret” - Francis Moore - From Gibraltar with returned victualling stores. Ibid.
“Preparation” - John Adams - From Port Mahon and Gibraltar with prize goods. Ibid
“Richard and Alithea” Francis Bulson From Gibraltar with victualling stores and prize wines. Ibid.
“Royal Betty” - Henry Garrett - From Port Mahon and Gibraltar. Ibid.
“Prince of Orange” William Deverison From Genoa with oil, &c. Ibid.
“Unicorn” Thomas Armstrong From Gibraltar with oil, now in the Thames. Ibid.
“Elizabeth” Alexander Gillon Late a tender to the fleet in the Mediterranean. Ibid, p. 30.
Nov. 7 Oct. 29 “Ann” - - Ralph Dodsworth Late a tender to the fleet in the Mediterranean. Customs Book XVI. p. 30.
“Winchelsea” - Allanson Chapman From Mahon in ballast, now in the Thames. Ibid.
Nov. 12 Nov. 7 “Kitty and Betty” Joseph Willis - Late a tender on the fleet in the Mediterranean, now in the Thames. Ibid.
Nov. 19 Nov. 12 “Moggy Lauder” John Scott - - From Port Mahon and Gibraltar, now at Standgate Creek. Ibid.
Dec. 3 Nov. 28 “Stubbington” Galley Peter Mauger From Leghorn, now ibid. Ibid.
Dec. 12 Oct. 29 “Eaton” Frigate - To discharge two bales of silk of her cargo. Ibid.
Dec. 24 Dec. 19 “Levant” - Joseph Carteret From Turkey with silks, &c. Ibid.