Treasury Books and Papers: November 1742

Calendar of Treasury Books and Papers, Volume 5, 1742-1745. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1903.

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November 1742

Nov. 2.
197. Present: Earl of Wilmington, Mr. Chancellor of Exchequer, Sir John Rushout, Mr. Gybbon.
A petition read from Michael Hatton, merchant, concerning the Exchequer trial for kid skins imported from Bordeaux, but seized as Spanish, praying remission of the King's moiety. The Customs Commissioners to state their opinion.
Mr. Sharpe's report on the memorial of the Earl of Berkeley et al. read concerning repairing Coleford Chapel. Mr. Sharpe to lay before my Lords extracts of all surveys in the office of Surveyor of Woods and Surveyor of Crown Lands relating to the manors of Newland, St. Briavels and Stanton in the Forest of Dean.
A letter from the Judges read.
A same from the Duke of Richmond read for rebuilding the coach houses in the Mews at Charing Cross and for cleansing and making less the horse pond there. Referred to the Board of Works.
Mr. Lane's petition as late Receiver for co. Worcester for stay of prosecution referred to the Taxes Commissioners.
Mr. Sharpe called in, and my Lords direct him not to encourage the proceeding upon the building of Coleford Chapel this season. Part of Viscount Gage's memorial read again.
Lord Sidney Beauclerk's petition for lease of a messuage adjoining Datchet Bridge, near Windsor Park, read and referred to the Surveyor General.
The Taxes Commissioners' report on the case of the sureties of Nicholas and Edward Dee read and agreed to.
[Treasury Minute Book XXIX. pp. 144–5; Letter Book XX. p. 68; Reference Book X. p. 225; Crown Lease Book VI. p. 245.]
Nov. 4.
198. Present: ut supra.
Lord Cathcart's letter read for 1,000l. for the Messengers. Order for the issue of same to the Treasurer of the Chamber.
Order for the issue of 17,191l. 16s. 9d. to the Cofferer of the Household for 1742 [sic for 1741], Xmas quarter, and 500l. for the expenses of Rhenish wine for same quarter; 1,186l. 9s. 7d. to Mr. Basket in full of his order; 200l. to Mr. Sharpe for rewards to the convictors of Jenny Diver.
Same for same to the Navy Treasurer of 10,000l. for services as in his memorial of the 3rd instant.
Mr. Emmerson's petition read for 65l. for watering the Court at Kensington, 1742. Mr. Bowen says it is included in the 400l. allowed for watering the road through Hyde Park when the royal family reside at Kensington.
A memorial read from the Warden of the Fleet concerning the escape of John Waters, Uriah Creed, and Uriah Vaughan. Referred to the Solicitor of the Treasury.
The Duke of Newcastle's recommendation of a stamps distributor, co. Sussex, agreed to.
A petition of Hugh Blades, shipbuilder at Hull, for a lease there, referred to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands.
Mr. Sharpe's report on Chrechley's petition for discharge read and agreed to.
A memorial read from Mr. Philip Baker, agent to Governor Tinker, of the Bahamas, concerning the 2d. per man per day extra allowance for provisions furnished by Tinker during a great scarcity for the Independent Company at Providence. Referred to the Comptroller of Army Accounts.
Mr. Sharpe's state of the causes under his care is read, and my Lords' directions are set in the margin against the several articles.
Mr. Lowther to pay the fees of the order for 500l. in the name of Mr. Serces for foreign Protestants.
[Treasury Minute Book XXIX. pp. 146–7; Reference Book X. p. 226.]
Nov. 9. 199. William Wood to John Scrope, dated Custom House, London. The Customs Commissioners attended the Attorney and Solicitor General on the 5th instant, with all the papers relating to the frauds in connexion with the coal duties. Transmits a copy of the opinion of these latter obtained this day for the information of the Treasury. 1 page.
:—(a) Statement of a case relative to this affair, and statement of opinion thereupon by Sir Dudley Ryder and Sir J. Strange, the Attorney and Solicitor General, dated 1742, November 6. 6½ pages.
as under date, 1742, Nov. 11, infra p. 90.
(b) Extract of the Act 9 and 10 Wm. III., c. 13, relating to the duties on the importation of coals and culm. 1 page.
(c) Copy of James Deacon's bond given 1727–8, Feb. 10, as collector of the coal duties in London. 4 pages.
(d) A copy of the printed instructions, dated Custom House, London, 1727–8, Feb. 9, given to said Deacon on his appointment. 3 printed pages.
[Treasury Board Papers CCCIX. No. 11.]
Nov. 9.
200. Present: Earl of Wilmington, Mr. Chancellor of Exchequer, Sir John Rushout, Mr. Gybbon.
The case of the Commissioners of Hackney Coaches and Chairs read with the Attorney General's opinion as to their jurisdiction. A clause to be prepared to continue to them the powers they have by the present act of Parliament (9 Anne), which expires at Midsummer next.
The Stamp Commissioners' report read on the petition of the sureties of Mr. Morgan, Distributor of Stamps, co. Carmarthen. Agreed to upon security.
A petition read from Joyce Jackson, widow of Edward Jackson, merchant, of Worcester, concerning coast waste of salt. Referred to the Salt Commissioners.
Same from John Harriman, corn porter, read.
A memorial read from the Excise Commissioners about the barbarous usuage of John Griffin, a supervisor of the Excise at Sevenoaks, Kent. Offer of reward agreed to.
A letter read from Ste. South, relating to improvement of the revenue by distillery.
The Taxes Commissioners' report read on the petition of Elizabeth Baker, widow of George Baker, Receiver General of Kent. My Lords adhere to the minutes mentioned in the report.
Richard Wheeler, Surveyor of house duties for Worcester, to be same at Leominster, loco Richard Nichol, deceased. Thos. Lilly to succeed Wheeler.
[Treasury Minute Book XXIX. p. 148; Letter Book XX. pp. 68, 69; Reference Book X. p. 225.]
Nov. 9. 201. Treasury order for the execution of a warrant from the Duke of Montagu to Lord Abergavenny for the provision for said Duke of Montagu of a collar of gold to weigh 30 oz. Troy weight, and to be composed of 9 Imperial Crowns of gold and of 8 gold Roses and Thistles tied or linked together with 17 gold knots enamelled white: also 2 badges or jewels of gold to weigh 1½ oz. each, to be worn one appendant to the said collar and the other with the red ribbon of the Bath, the collar and badges to be like those worn by the Knight Companions of the Bath: all to an estimate of about 200l.
[Lord Chamberlain's Warrant Book II. p. 186.]
Nov. 11.
202. Present: Earl of Wilmington, Mr. Chancellor of Exchequer, Mr. Gybbon.
Thos. Revell's memorial read concerning loss of a sloop sent to Georgia with provisions, and sunk there by order of General Oglethorpe.
A letter from the Secretary of the Customs read enclosing one from Mr. Collier, Surveyor General of Customs, co. Kent, concerning the insolence of one Pyke, who styles himself commander of the smuggling vessels, and concerning the great smuggling on the coast of Kent and Sussex under Pyke. To be transmitted to Mr. Corbett to lay before the Admiralty Lords.
The Stamp Commissioners' report on the petition from the sureties of William Tonge, agreed to.
Luke Gardner's petition for 5,348l. 11s.d. on his contract with Mr. Maccarell for transporting troops from Ireland, referred to the Paymaster General.
The Customs Secretary's letter to Mr. Scrope, enclosing the statement of case of the coal affair, read, with the Attorney and Solicitor General's opinion thereon. The Customs Commissioners to lay what further light they can before the Attorney General to enable him to perfect a bill of discovery.
Order for the following issues out of the Civil List funds:—
£ s. d.
To the Treasurer of the Chambers 5,175 10 10
To the Band of Pensioners 1,500 0 0
To Mr. Lowther 1,000 0 0
To Mr. Sharpe 200 0 0
To the poor of London 1,000 0 0
To sundry sheriffs 938 9 0
Mr. Lowther to pay out of the King's money in his hands 10l. to Charlotte Kimmiter as royal bounty, and 37l. 5s. 6d. to Mr. Fane for the expenses of a privy seal for the Duke of Cumberland.
[Treasury Minute Book XXIX. pp. 149–50; Money Book XX. p. 70.]
Nov. 15. 203. Royal warrant to the Treasury, countersigned by the Treasury Lords, to take the 340l. per an. salary of the Governor of Bermuda off the Civil List, and to pay same in future out of the money in the Exchequer arising from the 4½ per cent. duty arising in Barbados and the Leeward Isles.
[King's Warrant Book XXXV. pp. 107–8.]
Nov. 16.
204. Present: Earl of Wilmington, Mr. Chancellor of Exchequer, Sir John Rushout, Mr. Gybbon.
A letter read from Mr. Corbet about wool exported from Ireland. Write to the Revenue Commissioners, Ireland, to know if the establishing two sloops like that commanded by Mercer may prevent this practice: and if so to present an estimate.
A same from same read concerning Pyke, the smuggler.
A memorial of Mr. Smithson read and referred to the Customs Commissioners.
A letter from Geo. Brydges read complaining of neglects of coastwaiters and others in their duty. He ought to apply to the Customs Commissioners, whose officer he is.
Leave of absence to John Lloyd, tidesman, London port.
[Treasury Minute Book XXIX. p. 151.]
Nov. 16. 205. Representation to the Treasury from the Excise Commissioners, London, concerning the improper use of the Fleet prison as a receptacle for the lodging of run tea. On the 8th April last some Excise Surveyors seized above a hundred weight of tea there, but before the seizure was made the turnkey who attended them and pretended to assist them gave signals to the prisoners in the yard who attacked the said officers in great numbers by whom the said officers were so mobbed and beat that they were forced to relinquish their seizure. On the 13 Sept. last some Excise officers with 40 soldiers from the Tower went to search said prison but were denied entrance at the prison gates for a considerable time, sufficient to permit of a considerable quantity of tea being carried off. “Which probably was the case, the room where our officers had information the tea was lodged, smelling as strong as any tea warehouse.” On the 14th ult. some Excise officers again attended with 50 soldiers to make a seizure, but both officers and soldiers were obstructed and so abused by the prisoners by throwing brickbatts, dirt, and tearing their clothes that they were obliged to retire. Have never been able to obtain an effectual assistance from the Warden of the Fleet under pretence that it is not in his power to keep his prisoners in order or prevent such tea coming in.
Minuted as under date, 1742, Nov. 18, infra. 1 page.
[Treasury Board Papers CCCIX, No. 12.]
Nov. 18. 206. Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to repay to Joseph Bentham of Cambridge, printer and chief manager of the press in the University of Cambridge the duties on paper used in printing Francis Godwin's ‘de praesulibus Angliae commentarius.
Prefixing said Bentham's affidavit of the paper used in said printing.
[Customs Book XV. pp. 272–3]
Nov. 18. 207. J. Scrope to the Master of the Ordnance for preparation and transmission of the estimates proper to be laid before the House of Commons in the present session for the service of the year 1743.
Same respectively and severally for same to the Paymaster General of the Forces and the Secretary at War.
[Letter Book XX. p. 70.]
Nov. 18.
208. Present: Earl of Wilmington, Mr. Chancellor of Exchequer, Mr. Compton, Sir John Rushout, Mr. Gybbon.
Write letters as usual to the several public offices to prepare the estimates to be laid before the House for 1743.
Memorials from the Taxes Commissioners and the Warden of the Fleet read concerning run tea brought into that prison. The Solicitor of Excise to attend the Attorney General with same.
Read, again, the report from the Revenue Commissioners, Ireland, on the running of wool to France. The Treasury letter, proposing two sloops to prevent same, approved.
The Customs Commissioners' report on the petition of Michael Hatton, merchant, read. The Commissioners to acquaint my Lords whether it may not be reasonable to remit His Majesty's share of the seizure.
The report from the Board of Works about the Archbishop's lodgings read. Nothing done thereon.
Order for the issue to the Navy Treasurer of 15,000l. for services as in his memorials of the 15th and 17th instant.
Same for same out of the Civil List funds of 6,151l. 10s. 2d. to the Treasurer of the Chamber to clear 1741, Xmas quarter; and 4,196l. 11s. 6d. to the Gentlemen and Grooms of the Bedchamber for same.
Monsieur Wasner's (the Queen of Hungary's minister) and the Polish minister's letters concerning their wine, to be sent to the Customs Commissioners.
[Treasury Minute Book XXIX. p. 152; Customs Book XV. p. 273.]
Nov. 19. 209. Report to the Treasury from the Barons of the Exchequer, Scotland, dated Edinburgh, Exchequer Chamber, on the memorial to the Treasury from Lieut. Gen. James Campbell, Constable and Governor of Edinburgh Castle, as in (a) infra. His Majesty may, if he please, grant memorialist the particular quantities of victual or grain which were in use to be paid to the former Governors and Constables of Edinburgh Castle, and are now payable to memorialist for the time between the late Earl of Orkney's death and date of memorialist's commission. 1 page.
—(a) said memorial. The Earl of Orkney, the late Governor of said castle, died 1736–7, January 29. Memorialist's commission bears date 1738, August 15. His Majesty has granted a warrant for the vacant pay of said interim period, but this extends no further than to the pay issued from the Pay Office [to him] as Governor, and does not affect the stated allowance in grain payable to memorialist as Constable from several counties in North Britain, which grain still remains in the hands of the tenants. Therefore prays a warrant to the Barons of the Exchequer, or others concerned, for the delivery or payment of the said grain.
Together with:—Treasury order of reference of date 1742, November 4, but endorsed 1742, Oct. 21, to the Barons of the Exchequer in Scotland. 1 page.
(b) An abstract of the rental of the victual rents paid by the counties of Fife, Perth, and Angus to the Constable and Governor of Edinburgh Castle. 1 page.
[Treasury Board Papers CCCIX. No. 14.]
Nov. 22. 210. Royal sign manual, dated St. James's, and countersigned by the Treasury Lords, containing an establishment of the royal pensions or bounties to be payable from 1741, Sept. 29, and thenceforward quarterly during royal pleasure: all in determination of the previous establishment of 1731, March 25, and of all warrants for pensions save and except only the royal warrant of 1727, Dec. 11, for 8,591l. 10s. 0d. to the French Protestants.
Appending: An alphabetical list of names of recipients of said pensions composing the aforesaid establishment with the amounts (274 recipients): followed by a further list of 40 more public pensions also hereby continued. (Total establishment, 32,662l. 12s. 0d. per an).
[King's Warrant Book XXXV. pp. 111–8.]
211. Same, countersigned by same, for a similar establishment from same date for French Protestants. (Total 101 pensions, of in all 4,920l. per an).
[Ibid. pp. 119–123.]
212. J. Scrope to Edward Hooper, Esq., Paymaster of Pensions, concerning persons on the above two establishments of pensions who live abroad and others whose pensions are received on sending receipts to the [Pension] Office without appearing in person; or by agents by way of assignment, in all which cases great frauds may be committed. The Treasury therefore recommend in the strongest manner that no one receive such pensions unless they produce authentic certificates of the parties being alive either from His Majesty's Ministers abroad or from the churchwardens of the parish where the recipients reside; also that particular cautions be used in paying assigned pensions or such on which money has been advanced. The said Paymaster also to certify the Treasury quarterly of all pensions lapsed by death or not demanded.
[Ibid. p. 123.]
Nov. 23.
213. Present: Earl of Wilmington, Mr. Chancellor of Exchequer, Mr. Compton, Sir John Rushout, Mr. Gybbon.
Order for the issue out of the Civil List revenues of 2,500l. to the Duke of Richmond for extras of the Stables.
William Murphy's memorial read. My Lords do not see anything in his proposals proper to be laid before Parliament.
Mr. Burchett's letter read concerning the taxes on his salary for several years as Secretary of the Admiralty.
Order for the issue of 158,928l. 2s.d. to the Paymaster of the Forces, to complete the vote for the forces under his care of payment, anno 1742.
A report of the Salt Commissioners, read on Wilkinson's complaint against their officer Mountiny. Agreed to.
The letter from the Mayor of Hastings to James Pelham, complaining of a Customs Officer there, referred to the Customs Commissioner.
The Secretary of War comes in, but his estimates not being ready, is to attend again.
A memorial read from the Paymaster General of the Forces, with a copy of a paper, entered in extenso, received by him from his deputy at Flanders, and signed by the Earl of Stair, containing a demand from said Earl of 85,000l., as necessary to be provided immediately for the use of His Majesty's troops, under said Stair's command, in their intended march, viz., 50,000l. for 2 months' subsistence from 1742, Dec. 24; 30,000l. for contingencies, “in case there should be a necessity for erecting magazines of forage, &c., in the different places where the army may be quartered during this winter, or the expenses that may be necessary on their march;” and 5,000 for hospital. “As these are not certain expenses the money may not be made use of, but I think it will be very imprudent to begin our intended march without acquainting the ministers that provision may be made accordingly. The above is my opinion— Stair.”
The services aforegoing seeming to my Lords to be such as will be necessary they recommend it to Mr. Pelham and desire him to make everything as easy to my Lord Stair as is consistent with the other services under his care of payment.
[Treasury Minute Book XXIX. pp. 153–4.]
Nov. 25. Whitehall
214. Present: Earl of Wilmington, Mr. Chancellor of Exchequer, Mr. Compton, Sir John Rushout, Mr. Gybbon.
Order for the following issues out of the Civil List funds:—
£ s. d.
To the Cofferer of the Household for purveyors 1,000 0 0
To Mr. Wace 212 0 0
To Secretaries of State for Secret Service 2,250 0 0
A memorial of the Duke of Grafton read about the office of Under Housekeeper of Hampton Court. Referred to the Attorney General to consider whether it is such an office as the defence ought to be at the expense of the Crown.
“Read a memorial of the Heralds and Pursuivants at Arms about the danger of their records in their present office from fire. My Lords think they should look out for a proper place for keeping their papers and lay the same before their Lordships who will then consider thereof.”
A report from the Surveyor General of Lands read on the Duke of Bolton's memorial for a lease of New Park. Also a memorial of Mr. Goizin concerning said park. A copy of said report to be sent to the Duke of Bolton.
A petition read from Mr. Solly, Collector of Sandwich. Let Mr, Burchet know my Lords have not received any complaint against Solly.
My Lords agree to a representation from the Surveyor of Woods as to the necessity of a person to look after the woods in Bere Forest. Warrant ordered for Mr. Legge to appoint someone with a salary of 30l. per an.
Said Surveyor's report read on Sir John Jennings' memorial for arrears of salary to the Keepers of Greenwich Park. The Auditor [Lowndes] to state how far the accounts of Mr. Whitworth, late Surveyor of Woods are passed and whether any money remained on his final account, if exhibited, to satisfy this arrear.
[Treasury Minute Book XXIX. p. 155; Letter Book XX. pp. 72, 73.]
Nov. 30.]
215. Papers of estimates as follow:—
(a) Estimate of the charge of 1 regiment of horse, 2 of Dragoons, and 4 of Foot, transferred from the Irish to the English establishment for 1742, April 25 to Dec. 25. (Total estimate 74,192l. 5s. 4d.) 1 page.
(b) Same of the charge of 1,264 Horse and 4,908 Foot of the troops of the King of Sweden as Landgrave of Hesse Cassel, in the pay of Great Britain, for the year 1742. (Total estimate 161,607l. 17s.d., exclusive of douceurs, forage and waggon money.) In duplicate, 1 & 1 pages. 2nd. copy endorsed. —Recd. 30 Nov. 1742.
c) An account or estimate of the charge of 5,513 Horse and 10,755 Foot of the troops of Hanover, in the pay of Great Britain, 1742, August 31 to Dec. 25, both inclusive. (Total 265,191l. 6s.d., exclusive of douceurs, forage and waggon money.) 1page. Endorsed.—Read 30 Nov. 1742.
(d) Estimate of the charge of the General and Staff Officers appointed by his Majesty to attend the forces in Flanders, 1741–2, March 20, to 1742, Dec. 24, both days inclusive. (Total estimate 25,731l. 6s. 8d.) page.
[Treasury Board Papers CCCIX. No. 18.]
Nov. 30.
216. Present: Earl of Wilmington, Mr. Chancellor of Exchequer, Sir John Rushout, Mr. Gybbon.
Mr. Warren approved as deputy in Barbados to the Auditor of the Plantations.
Mr. Jefferys is admitted one of the Secretaries of the Treasury in Mr. Furnese's room, and takes his place accordingly.
Christopher Pashley to be noon tender, London fort, loco Thos. Jones, deceased; Ash Green, landwaiter, Hull port, loco William Burgh, superannuated; John Bennet riding officer at Felpham Chichester port, loco Thos. Neville, deceased; William Therkel, (Therkill), surveyor between Wisbech and Fosdyke, Boston port, loco William Delamore, deceased; John Scales confirmed as mate of the “Caroline” sloop at Rochester, loco John Eliot, deceased.
Mr. Corbet's memorial read and agreed to for the issue of 60,000l. to Mr. Onslow late Treasurer of the Navy for finishing up the payments due on ships' books paid in his Treasurer ship.
John Garment's petition referred to the Customs Commissioners.
Order for a warrant for payment of a bill of 1,500l. drawn on Mr. Lowther by Mr. Guy Dickens. Mr. Lowther to pay the fees.
The estimate read for the ordinary expense in the Office of Ordnance, 1743, and the exceedings there, 1742. Copies to be made for my Lords.
Mr. Corbet's petition concerning the King's title to a mine worked clandestinely referred to the Surveyor General of Lands.
The Lord Lieutenant of Ireland's letter read for payment of the Irish pay of the regiments ordered over from Ireland. Warrant ordered.
Auditor Lowndes's report read on Mr. Whitworth's accounts acquainting their Lordships that there are several sums unaccounted for by Whitworth. His executors to hasten his accounts. Lowndes to make forth debentures for paying to Mr. Legge out of land revenues the arrears of salary to the Keepers of Greenwich Park.
Mr. Revell's letter read about sending provisions to General Oglethorpe. The sending the provisions approved. To write to the Admiralty as to convoy.
Write to Messrs. Burrell and Bristow about an abatement on they provisions sent by them to Minorca.
The Secretary at War attends and delivers the estimates of the Hanoverian and Hessian troops.
Messrs. Burrell and Bristow's memorial for furnishing subsistence money for Minorca and Gibraltar, 1742, Dec. 25 to Feb. 23 following, read and agreed to as follows, viz.: 20,000 dollars for Minorca at 55d. per dollar, 24,000 dollars for Gibraltar at 54½d per dollar.
[Treasury Minute Book XXIX. pp. 156–7; Customs Book XV. p. 275.]
Nov. 30. 217. The Duke of Devonshire, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, to the Treasury, dated Devonshire House, praying that the Irish pay of the following regiments removed from the establishment of Ireland to that of Great Britain, may be made up to the British pay from the date of their respective embarcations to the 25th April, 1742, when they are taken upon the British establishment, viz.: Major-Gen. John Ligonier's regiment of horse, the regiments of Dragoons commanded by Brig.-Gen. Archibald Hamilton and Colonel Humphrey Bland, and the regiments of foot of Brig.-Gens. Philip Bragg, Henry Ponsonby, and Cols. Thomas Bligh and John Johnson:—Endorsed. Prepare a warrant. 1 page.
[Treasury Board Papers CCCIX. No. 19.]
218. Will. Corbett [to the Treasury], forwarding letters as below. 1 page.
—(a) Copy of a letter from the Commissioners of the Navy to William Corbett, dated Navy Office, 1742, Nov. 29, in reply to Corbett's letter to them of the same date concerning the memorial required by the Treasury of money wanted on the head of wages to complete the payments due on the ship's books paid in the Treasurership of Arthur Onslow, late Treasurer of the Navy. 1 page.
—(a) (1) Same of same from same Commissioners to Thomas Clutterbuck, dated 1742, Nov. 20, concerning said Onslow's letter of Nov. 19, to said Commissioners concerning the necessity of a further sum to complete the payments of ships upon recall. Said Onslow desires resolution whether it would be better to have the pay books abstracted into fresh books to enable Clutterbuck, the present Treasurer of the Navy, to carry on those payments or for the Treasury to issue the requisite sum to said Clutterbuck to be by him paid over to Onslow for said purpose. As the abstracting the books would be attended with hazard and expense and take a twelvemonth, during which no wages could be issued, prefer the latter alternative. Have cast up the books for Onslow's Treasurership and find that 90,705l. 5s. 4d. appears due for wages and defalcations. Think that 60,000l. will suffice to answer that service and request him to apply to the Treasury for that sum to be paid over to Mr. Onslow. 1¼ page.
[Treasury Board Papers CCCIX. No. 20.]