Minute Book: September 1663

Page 487

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 1, 1660-1667. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1904.

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Page 487

September 1663

Sept. 2. Petition from William Applegarth. Sets forth that "he being sent downe by the Commissioners of His Majesties Customes to the port of Carlisle at the latter end of August, 1660, to be collector of that port, having then noe rule or booke of rates to leavy the duty [by] but the former practice of that port, and finding a collector att Whitehaven, a member to that port, and whose accompts he was ordered to receive and returne from the 24 June, 1660, he having leavied the duty upon all small Irish cattle comeing out of the North of Ireland ad valorem and not at the value now in the booke of rates upon Irish cattle greate, and he following the practice for some short time after, till he received an Act of Parliament and a new booke of rates with instruccons from the Commissioners which he hath ever since observed; yet the examiner of the accounts of the outports hath in that time surcharged his accounts near 300l. more than ever he received or which could have bin leavied upon those cattle at that time," and praying therefore to be discharged of said surcharge. Referred: to the Customs Farmers. [Ibid.]
Sept.18. The memorial of the 20th ult. from the Excise Commissioners, read and entered, proposing to allow 144l. 1s. 6d. to Col. Edmond Chamberlaine, farmer of Excise in co. Gloucester, for certain quantities of beer and ale brewed in Bristol and brought within the limits of his farm, and there consumed between 1662, Sept. 29, and Dec. 25 following: the same being to be charged on the accounts of the farmers of Excise of Bristol: and therefore desiring a Treasury order to the Auditor and Comptroller of Excise to allow the same on the accounts of said Chamberlain. With Treasurer Southampton's minute. "Where the just allowance is made to any person for beere or ale brought into the county he farmes and charged upon that farmer that brought in the same, there the Auditor and Comptroller from time to time in the account are to give allowance thereof." [Ibid. XII. p. 50.]