Minute Book: March 1661

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 1, 1660-1667. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1904.

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March 1661

March 1. Petition from Susannah, relict of William Dutton, for the house she lives in in Churchyard Alley, near Fetter Lane, parcel of the possessions of Thomas Scott, attainted, her husband having died in prison for attending the King into France with bills of exchange in 1654. Referred: to the Surveyor General of Lands. [Early Entry Book VI. p. 163.]
March 2. Petition from John Bathurst, of London, merchant, for liberty to bring home 597 pieces of calico exported for Amsterdam, having no market for them there, he paying duties for same. Referred: to the Customs Commissioners. [Ibid. VIII. p. 188.]
March 4. An order from the Commissioners for [examination into] sales [of Crown and church lands] read on the behalf of Roger Capell, Esq., and Benjamin Harrington, gent., executors of William Capell, concerning his mortgage on a capital messuage and farm of the manor of Widcombe, co. Somerset, parcel of the Duchy of Cornwall. Ordered: the Surveyor General of Lands to consider of this pretence; the state of this business having been already reported to the King on Mrs. Tomlinson's petition. [Ibid. VI. p. 166.]
March 6. The report of the 1st inst. from the Surveyor General of Lands, read and entered, on Lord Leigh's case ut infra, 1660–1, Feb. 23. With Treasurer Southampton's minute. "Mr. Surveyor. If you intrust the custody of the premises to the Lord Leigh I approve thereof." [Ibid. p. 164.]
Petition from Marmaduke Marshall for an allowance for his service in discovering the King's title to the Steelyard and for prosecuting it upon an information in the Exchequer. With Treasurer Southampton's minute. "I shall allow the petitioner a sixth part of what shall be recovered."[Ibid. p. 165.]
The Surveyor General of Lands to consider the case of the herbage and pannage and agistment of Havering Park, co. Essex, demised in 1625 to Diana Countess Dowager of Oxford, and of which Arthur Viscount Valentia desires a lease. [Ibid. p. 166.]
Petition (on reference from the King of Dec. 11 last) from Dorothy Clark, Priscilla Ducker, Ann Gibson, Mary Ballard, and Dorothy Batemen, widows of Stepney, whose husbands died in the late wars, praying to be admitted tenants for life of some poor cottages erected upon the wall in Stepney parish. Referred: to the Surveyor General of Lands. [Ibid. p. 167.]
Same from Richard Browne for release of a parcel of cordage seized. Referred: to the Customs Commissioners. [Ibid. VIII. p. 183.]
Same from Mrs. Amories, wife of Thomas Amories, victualler for the navy in Ireland, praying a release of a parcel of plate seized. Referred: ut supra. [Ibid.]
March 7. Petition from Lawrence Loe for liberty to bring goods home from Ostend and to land them at Dover on payment of customs. Referred: to the Customs Commissioners. [Ibid. p.184.]
Same from Robert Hill for repayment of strangers' customs paid for certain goods brought over in a Dutch bottom, but bought by an English citizen, the goods [being the property] of English merchants. Referred: ut supra. [Ibid.]
Petition from John Catcher, of Truro, Cornwall, praying directions for collecting of the duty from the tinners and blowing houses and for payment of the moneys to the receiver: and that he may be considered for the time past for his services. Ordered: the Receiver of the Duchy of Cornwall to make him the allowance usual in former times for his service. "The petitioner refers to one Mr. Henry Edmonds and John Chitty who knew the former allowances." [Early Entry Book VI. p. 171.]
Same (on reference from the King of the 28th ult.) from Thomas Fuller, a great sufferer, praying a lease of a little parcel of coarse ground called Mill Furrow, co. Huntingdon, he having discovered the King's interest in it. Referred: to the Surveyor General of Lands. [Ibid. p. 165.]
Same from John Weykes for a lease of the coalworks in Perthill, Reed Hill and Plumbers Close, in the Common called the Burrow, part of the manor of Stratton upon Fosse, co. Somerset. Referred: ut supra. [Ibid. p. 166.]
March 8. Petition from Margaret Phillipps, relict of Capt. John Phillipps, who died of wounds at Naseby, praying a lease of the site of the manor of Blisworth, parcel of the honor of Grafton. Referred: ut supra. [Ibid. p. 167.]
The Surveyor General's report read and entered on Thomas Loup's petition for a lease of a small parcel of ground in the manor of Fordington, co. Dorset. Order for a constat in order to a lease. [Ibid. p. 179.]
March 11. Petition from George Rookes, son of George Rookes, gent., deceased, late searcher at Sandwich, to be invested in the said office under the letters patent of 1644, August 13, notwithstanding one Dawson has obtained letters patent of the present King for same. Ordered: the Attorney General to consider where the right is between the two patents and certify his opinion. [Ibid. VIII. p. 199.]
March 12. The reports from the Surveyor General read and entered on the petition of Francis Butler for extension of lease of the park of Carrybulloch, in the Duchy of Cornwall, and of lands called the Penny Lands in Saltash and Trematon in said Duchy. Ordered: the Surveyor General to make out constats. [Ibid. VI. pp. 172–3.]
Same from same read and entered on the petition from Henry Hilles for a tenement called Over or Upper Treveria in the manor of Bucklawren, parcel of the Duchy of Cornwall. Ordered: ut supra. [Ibid. p. 173.]
Same from same read and entered on the petition from Hugh Trevanion, gent., John Robins, Nicholas Kempe, et al. for copyhold lands in the Duchy of Cornwall. Ordered: the rates approved of and the steward of the manor to make estates accordingly. [Ibid. p. 174.]
Petition from William Raifes, of Milton next Gravesend, co. Kent, concerning the title to a parcel of meadow called Blockhouse Field and several tenements in Milton, claimed by Capt. William Leonard. Referred: to the Surveyor General of Lands. [Ibid.]
Petition from Edward Picks for several parcels of pasture called King's lands in the parishes of Bourn, Gosberton, Great Hale and Little Hale, co. Lincoln; in return for his services and losses amounting to 4,000l. Referred: to the Surveyor General of Lands. [Early Entry Book VI. p. 177.]
March 13. Petition from Arthur Ingram, of London, merchant, for abatement of custom on some Canary wines decayed and not merchantable. With Treasurer Southampton's minute. "This is soe considerable a losse that as I am very unwilling to cast it totally upon the merchant, being a good and fair trader and a gentleman that deserves well, so I would not be too forward to make too great a defalcacon thereby [by] charging the King." Therefore desires the opinion of the Customs Commissioners. [Ibid. VIII. p. 202.]
Same from Edward Keling concerning a discovery of 147 acres of ground called Churchmore or Baltonsborough Moor, co. Somerset, part of the demesnes of Glastonbury Abbey. Referred: to the Surveyor General of Lands. [Ibid. VI. p. 187.]
Same from Walter Gallopher for a lease of a concealment of some small parcels of land and houses which he can discover. Referred: ut supra. [Ibid. p. 178.]
March 14. Petition from Sir Tho. Whitstone for that part of the estate of John Jones, lying in the counties of Merioneth, Montgomery, and Denbigh. Ordered: to make his address in this particular to his Royal Highness [the Duke of York]. [Ibid. p. 177.]
Same from Katherine, wife of John Jones, executed, praying for her husband's household stuff and her own wearing apparel, valued at 40l. With Treasurer Southampton's minute. "I understand the parcells petitioned for are not of a greater vallue than 40l. which to the wife who hath bin a loyall person and her son Sir Tho Whitstone, a deserving gent, may be fitt to be granted. But I pray Sir Cha. Harbord to informe himselfe of the vallue. Or that the petitioner acquaint his Highness Royall's officers with the vallue that soe his consent may grattifie the petitioner if his Highness think fitt." [Ibid.]
Same from Lieut. Col. Thomas Hunt (on reference from the King of Feb.—last) for a grant of all concealed lands in co. Wilts which he shall discover. Referred: to the Surveyor General of Lands. [Ibid. p. 185.]
Same from Henry Pilkington, sewer to the Queen, setting forth that King James granted by letters granted by letters patent to John Conyers power to have commissions for finding by inquisition any manors, lands, &c., unjustly detained from the King, in England and Wales, and for making particulars and leases to said Conyers for 60 years. Coniers has since assigned these letters patent to petitioner for 440l. Therefore prays that warrants may be granted for the issuing forth of commissions accordingly. Ordered: that the patent in question be reported on by the Attorney General and Surveyor General of Lands. [Ibid. p. 186.]
March 16. Petition from George Earl of Norwich, Sir Job Harby, Sir Jo. Jacob, and Sir Nicholas Crisp, farmers to the late King of the Customs and subsidy of all goods imported and exported in England and Wales for three years from 1638, Xmas, at the rent of 172,500l. per an.: and also farmers of the impost and composition of all wines and currants for three years from 1639, Xmas, at the rent of 72,500l. per an. Set forth that they held the said farms two years and paid the said rents accordingly, and at the King's request and for his service they with others contracted with the said late King for both the said farms at other rents for four years upon agreement to relinquish the contract of the said third year of the first bargain, which said last contract was therefore to commence from 1640, Xmas and 1641, Lady Day, as [appears] by the draft contract [made] ready for the Great Seal and signed by the then Attorney General. Upon this last contract the great debt was made by the late King to said farmers. "Now for that they could never pass any accompts nor have any discharge for the said two years of the first bargaine, which was passed and enjoyed under the Great Seal of England, in respect of the ensuing troubles, by reason whereof they and their posterity are still liable in the Exchequer, and for that the just covenants, defalcations and agreements are not allowed on either side without which the said account cannot be stated and declared," therefore pray a warrant to the Auditors of Imprests to take, state and declare the said accounts, that petitioners may be accordingly discharged. Ordered: the Surveyor General of Lands to consider the grants made and those intended but not passed "that soe I may know whether I am fully authorized to give warrant to take these accompts ... by any grants in being or whether some further authority be needfull," and meanwhile to prepare a breviate of the affair and accounts along with Auditors Wood and Beale. [Early Entry Book VIII. pp. 204–5.]
Petition from Thomas Stradling (on reference from the King of the 12th inst.) for a patent for 21 years to transport 3,000 barrels of Welsh butter yearly. Ordered: Petitioner to attend the Attorney General with the former patent licensing the transporting of butter. The Attorney General to report his opinion as to the fitness of renewing same. [Ibid. p. 214.]
Same from Richard Marriot for a copyhold tenement held by John Serjeant in the manor of Leigh Durant, parcel of the Duchy of Cornwall. Referred: to the Surveyor General of Lands. [Ibid. VI. p. 181.]
Same from Thomas Newark for a new lease of the manor of Acomb with Clifton and Holgate, co. York, held by his ancestors for 120 years. Referred: ut supra. [Ibid. p. 182.]
Same from Elianor Jenkin for same of lands at Sigston ["Segiston,"] co. Yorks. Referred: ut supra. [Ibid.]
Same (on reference from the King of the 25th ult.) from Mary Duchess of Richmond and Lennox, executrix of James Duke of Richmond and Lennox, for a statement of the debt due from the King to the late Duke for the 40,000l. supplied by him in 1639 for his late Majesty's urgent affairs, whereof part has been repaid and the rest remains. Ordered: the agents of the Duchess to attend Sir Edmond Sawyer and Mr. Auditor Phelipps, who are to state the accompt as desired. [Ibid.]
March 18. Petition from Thomas Smith for a release of three small packets of thread bone lace seized. Referred: to the Customs Commissioners. [Early Entry Book VIII. p. 203.]
An information from Ed. Roffe and Thomas Mulcaster, read and entered, of their seeing at Canterbury on Jan. 18 last eleven horse load of combed wool being uncustomed goods to the value of 4–500l., said goods belonging to William Heysted and Plumer or Nathaniell Riggaboure or James Woodore or Samuel Gunna, said goods being intended for transport to France, and having been seized by Captain Kingsley, and subsequently released by him upon his own account. Ordered: the Customs Commissioners to consider same and to apprehend any person engaged in transporting these prohibited goods. [Ibid. pp. 209–10.]
Lord Lovelace's papers of particulars read of the manors, &c., in co. Bucks and Essex belonging to Symon Mayne, convicted of treason. To attend the Duke of York or his Commissioners here-upon. [Ibid. VI. p. 185.]
The King's directions of Jan. 15 last, read and entered, for a lease to be found for Capt. Edward Morgan to the value of 200l. per an. by the Lord Treasurer out of some of the King's lands. Ordered: to attend the Duke of York, the King having resolved to appropriate all the confiscated estates for a revenue for said Duke. [Ibid. p. 186.]
Petition from Major General Morgan (on reference from the King of Feb. 22 last) for confirmation in the lands called Hanbury Park and Little Ellis Park at Tidbury, wherein he is continued in possession by the King's favour. Referred: to the Surveyor General of Lands. [Ibid. p. 187.]
The Surveyor General's ratal, read and entered, of a tenement in the manor of Widcombe, co. Somerset, parcel of the Duchy of Cornwall, for which Richard Webb prays a new lease. Ordered: the ratal approved of and the steward to grant an estate accordingly. [Ibid. pp. 187–8.]
Same, read and entered, of a copyhold tenement called Culme's Barton in the manor of Bradninch, in the Duchy of Cornwall, and two other tenements, described, all petitioned for by William Ashburnham. Ordered: ut supra. [Ibid. p. 188.]
March 20. The Surveyor General's report, read and entered, on Richard Marriott's petition for a copyhold tenement in the manor of Leigh Durant, in Cornwall. Ordered: the ratal approved of and the steward of the manor to pass an estate accordingly. [Ibid. p. 189.]
Petition from Ralph Wilson for grant of a remain of coal mine in his own grounds called Softly and Lumbton Hill in the parish of Hamsterley, co. Durham. Referred: to the Surveyor General of Lands. [Ibid.]
Same from Capt. Thomas Danvers for a concealment consisting of a small tenement in the possession of May Sparks, widow, near Bishopsgate, London. Referred: ut supra. [Ibid.]
Same from Andrew Hunt for renewal of lease of St. John's Wood, co. Bucks, being present tenant as well as purchaser, and having preserved the woods. Referred: ut supra. [Ibid. p. 190.]
March 23. The report from the Customs Commissioners read and entered, on the petition from the fishermen of Brighthelmstone ("Brighthamstead") touching the excise of beer carried to sea in their fishing voyages, which from the very first of the excise has been remitted. It was imposed 1653–4, March 17, but remitted by an order of 1654, April 26, so that in truth it continued only one month, no longer. It is an act of charity to remit it. With Treasurer Southampton's minute. "I apprehended the fraud and illuse that might bee made of it and therefore I referred this business to you. Whether the way you propose or proporconing the [fishing] townes to a certain quantity for the fishermen I leave to you to consider and for the present I pray you to give such order as the fishermen may receave the former indulgence." [Early Entry Book VI. p. 190.]
Petition (on reference from the King of the 13th inst.) from Lieut. Col. Thomas Duncun (Duncan), late farmer of ferry boat and wine licence of Barton upon Humber, 1642, praying grant of the water bailiff's place of Ouse and Derwent ("Owes and Darwin"), co. Yorks, the encroachments upon the waste in Hull and the precincts thereof, the wine licences, the ferry and small tolls belonging to Hull and Haven, valued in the whole at 80l. per an. With Treasurer Southampton's minute. "If the water bailiff's place of Owze and Darwin be an ancient office and be voyd and be fit to be continued I am content that the petitioner have a grant thereof. The wastes ... and wyne lycenses I thinke no way fit to be granted." [Ibid. p. 191.]
March 25. Petition from Sursoe, His Majesty's tailor, for release of a parcel of silver lace belonging to the Duke of York, and seized by the Customs officers. Referred: to the Customs Commissioners. [Ibid. VIII. p. 218.]
March 26. Petition from Charles Knight, of London, merchant, for release of eleven parcels of silks seized. Referred: ut supra. [Ibid. p. 230.]
Same from John Trelawney for a lease of various tenements, detailed, in the manor of Treverbyn Courtney, parcel of the Duchy of Cornwall. Referred: to the Surveyor General of Lands. [Ibid. VI. p. 192.]
March 27. Petition (on reference from the King of March 23 last) from John Carey, Master of the Buckhounds, showing that the Marquess of Newcastle in 1644 and 1645 made an assessment of 60,000l. upon co. York and city of York and Kingston upon Hull, part whereof was collected and paid, other part collected but not paid but remains in the hands of several collectors concealed from the King, to whom it belongs: and praying a portion of said sums so concealed and power to receive and compound for same for His Majesty's benefit. Referred: to Auditor Sawyer and Auditor Phelips. [Ibid. p. 193.]
March 29. The Surveyor General's report, read and entered, on the petition of Prudence Willis, relict of Richard Willis, for a lease of the Star Chamber house and rooms now in her possession, the office to which the said house appertained being taken away with the Court. "I think it by noe meanes fitt to grant the petitioner any lease of the Star Chamber house which is of daily use to His Majesty who is not to be made a tenant of his owne house and inheritance." Order: for a grant to her of the custody of that part of the house which the petitioner's husband kept, with the fee of 20l. per an. during pleasure. [Early Entry Book VI. p. 194.]
March 31. Petition (on reference from the King of the 16th inst.) from Elizabeth Fox for a grant of a certain portion, detailed, of the estate of the late traitor Scott, which she discovers. Referred: to the Surveyor General of Lands. [Ibid.]