Minute Book: October 1661

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 1, 1660-1667. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1904.

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October 1661

Oct. 5. Order to the Customs Commissioners to treat the Resident from Genoa with the respect due to his quality in the matter of the apparel, hangings, harness, &c. [which he desires to import for his own use]. [Ibid. p. 104.]
Oct. 7. A memorial of the 27th ult., read and entered in full, from the Commissioners for the Arrears of Excise, concerning the arrears of rent due from Humfry Beane and Thomas Calverd, late farmers of Excise for Nor humberland, Cumberland, Westmorland and Durham, Carlisle, Newcastle and Berwick, who paid in their arrears to 1659, Sept. 29, when said farm was actually reassumed to the State, since which time they did not intermeddle therewith. Ordered: that they be recommended to the Barons of the Exchequer for a complete discharge to them and their sureties. [Ibid. XI. pp. 55–6.]
Oct. 9. Petition from Melior, the relict of Lieut. Col. John Gower, for a lease of several messuages, &c., in the hamlets of Caistor, Owndell, Wyberton, Winthorpe, Swineshead, and Bicker, co. Lincoln, and Chesterfield, co. Derby. Referred: to the Surveyor General of Lands. [Ibid. VII. p. 80.]
Oct. 10. Petition from Thomas Hawkins, of Plymouth, co. Devon, for extension of lease of a tenement in the manor of Leigh Durant in reversion of the life of Mary Beach. Referred: ut supra. [Ibid. p. 79.]
Same from Sir Francis Lloyd to be admitted tenant to certain lands called Keven-y-Mace, in the manor of Iscoed, co. Cardigan, with such tolls for fairs as are in His Majesty's lordships of Gwynionydd or Iscoed Ycharden or Isherwin. Referred: ut supra. [Ibid. p. 80.]
Same from Bartholomew Hesketh, junr., for discharge of a seizure of wines. Referred: to the Customs Commissioners. [Ibid. IX. p. 104.]
Same from John Burell, of Dowsby, co. Lincoln, a younger son of Sir John Burrell, of Dowsby, praying to be made a Sub-Commissioner of Excise for that county in the place of Israel Jackson, of Boston, a person who has acted against the late King. Referred: to the Excise Commissioners, who are to consider the petition of the widow of Capt. Wilkinson concerning same. [Ibid. XI. p. 56.]
Oct. 12. The royal warrant of the 11th inst., read and entered, to permit 10 geldings and one mare, belonging to Monsieur de Beverwert, Extraordinary Ambassador from the States, with grooms and furniture, to freely embark and pass the seas from any port of the King's dominions. Order: to the Customs Commissioners to observe said warrant. [Early Entry Book IX. p. 106.]
Oct. 14. Petition from Arthur Bainbrigg for a lease of the King's forest of Teesdale and chace called Marwood Chace, co. Durham, which were excepted out of the grant made 1638, Nov. 9, by the late King, of the Lordship of Barnard Castle and the manors of Middleton and Newbiggen, in the forest of Teesdale, to Edward Ditchfield et al. as trustees for the city of London: said petition setting forth that Sir Henry Vane purchased the city's rights herein some 20 years since, and under colour of that possesses himself of the high forest of Teesdale, and that one Raph Simpson and John Raine further pretend a purchase from the city about 20 years since of the Chace of Marwood under colour of which they have cut 1,000l. worth of timber. Petitioner's ancestors for 300 years held divers lands there in the nature of customary tenants by border service for the marches of England and Scotland till King James's time. Referred: to the Surveyor General of Lands. [Ibid. VII. p. 82.]
Same from Richard Jones for a lease of certain messuages, &c., in and about Whittlebury, co. Northampton, held of the manor of Greens-Norton. Referred: to the Surveyor General. [Ibid. p. 85.]
Same from Anthony Penny for a lease of Brombridge Mill in Great Peckham, co. Kent, and some little islands of willow and small wood there in the possession of George Penhurst. Referred: ut supra. [Ibid.]
Same from Thomas Lambert (on reference from the King of August 31 last) for restitution of goods seized by John Stephens, searcher of Customs in Rochester. Referred: to the Customs Commissioners. [Ibid. IX. p. 108.]
[?] Same from John Denew, of London, merchant, for discharge of a seizure of 50 pieces of bayes. Referred: ut supra. [Ibid.]
Oct. 15. Petition from Capt. William Smith (on reference from the King of the 14th ult.) for a grant of the King's right, as found by inquisition on the petition of one Thomas Seely, of certain lands in Rushmere, co. Suffolk: all as a reward for preserving his ship called the "St. Andrew," in imminent danger at sea. Referred: to the Attorney General and Surveyor General. [Ibid. VII. pp. 84–5.]
The Surveyor General's report, read and entered, on the petition (referred from the King 1660, Oct. 26) of John Gregory, son of Lieut. Col. William Gregory, for a grant of a toll in Doncaster called Willowbridge Toll. Ordered. the Surveyor General to take some order for putting his advice in execution, viz.; for the present to enable petitioner by warrant to take the profits of said toll for the present year. [Ibid. p. 83.]
The Duke of Albemarle's warrant to the Customs Commissioners, read and entered, to permit the bearer, Capt. Robert Manley, Captain of a foot company in the King's army in Ireland, to pass over into Ireland with his servants, arms, and necessaries. Ordered: that this warrant be observed. [Ibid. IX. p. 108.]
Petition from Thomas Watson to be restored to his employment as a Sub-Commissioner of Excise for the West Riding of Yorkshire, in which he was displaced on the 25th March last by Mr. Ashenden, a disaffected person. Referred: to the Excise Commissioners. [Early Entry Book XI. p. 56.]
Same from John Chabenor and Thomas Stevens (on reference from the King of Sept. 27 last), late farmers of Excise of beer and ale in Hants and Berks, who took the farm for three years from 1658, March 25, but resigned at 1659, March 25 (finding it was impossible to raise the rent contracted), though the release was not perfected in consequence of the disturbance of the times, with the result that their recognizances still remain on record in the Exchequer. Referred: to the Attorney General. [Ibid. p. 56b.]
[? Oct. 15.] The royal warrant of the 14th inst., read and entered, for the Customs Commissioners to inform themselves from the Portuguese ministers in London what the Portugal customs are on the four ships from Brazil which came to the Thames without touching at Lisbon, and to receive those duties accordingly to the King of England's use, the said Portuguese ministers having "represented to us that it may be for their master's service that the moneys due for the Portugall customes should be paid to our use, upon accompt betwixt us and that King." Order to the Customs Commissioners to observe this warrant. [Ibid. IX. p. 106–7.]
Oct. 18. Report from the Excise Commissioners of the 14th inst., read and entered in full, on the petitions from Ann widow of Captain Anthony Wilkinson and from John Burell, who both pray the place of Sub-Commissioner of Excise in co. Lincoln, the former praying it for her brother, Charles Martin. Find that Israell Jackson, the present Sub-Commissioner is a trader in malt and vendor of wines, and has been a preacher, and propose to lay him aside as disaffected, but not to appoint anyone in his place, as the present three Sub-Commissioners are sufficient and are further willing to contribute quarterly to the necessities of the said widow. Ordered: that the Excise Commissioners make some provision for the widow, and that the present Sub-Commissioners execute the place. [Ibid. XI. pp. 57–8.]
A memorial of the 17th inst. from same, read and entered in full, proposing to set aside John Elsworth as one of the Sub-Commissioners of Excise for co. Somerset, he being under arrest upon an execution, and the Excise of that county being much out of order by reason of said Elsworth's acting apart from his partners. Propose to continue the management of Excise in that county in the hands of the remaining Sub-Commissioners, Henry Leister, Hugh Stuckley and William Byam. Approved of. [Ibid. p. 59.]
Petition from John Loving, one of the Tellers of the Exchequer, to be restored to the possession of two ground rooms belonging to his house as a Teller of the Exchequer, one John Lyde and his wife having during the distracted times got themselves into the said rooms which they still detain. Referred: to the Lord Chief Baron and the Surveyor General of Lands. [Ibid. VII. p. 88.]
Ordered, in the case of Thomas Lambert concerning silk lace seized from his son Henry by John Stevens, deputy searcher at Rochester, that the head searcher of Kent and said Stephens forthwith deliver said goods to said Lambert upon payment of the customs. [Early Entry Book IX. p. 109.]
[? Oct. 19.] A memorial from the Commissioners for arrears of Excise, read and entered in full, proposing certain allowances to be made to several Sub-Commissioners of Excise, detailed, for the counties of Cheshire, Lancashire, Lincoln, and Derby, whose accompts stood open, and who had money resting in their hands, said allowances being for extraordinary pains, moneys disbursed to soldiers, &c., &c. Said allowances approved. [Ibid. XI. pp. 59–60.]
Oct. 24. Petition from John Wiat for a reversionary interest in the moiety of a messuage, &c., in the manor of Shippon [co. Berks]. Referred: to the Surveyor General of Lands. [Ibid. VII. pp. 88–9.]
Same from Humfry Wise for same in a messuage in said manor. Referred: ut supra. [Ibid. p. 89.]
Same from John Mitchel for same in a same in said manor. Referred: ut supra. [Ibid.]
Same from William and Anna Duke and Duchess of Hamilton (on reference from the King of the 18th ult.), praying the King to disafforest Sherwood Forest, co. Notts, and to grant petitioners his interest therein for 99 years by way of payment of a debt of 22,853l. due to them, and stated by the late King in 1646 under his own hand, said forest "being much ruinated, the woods cut down and deer destroyed, occasioned by some endeavours to deafforest the same whereunto the comoners and inhabitants cheerfully agreed as can bee made appeare by agreements and therefore cannot bee probably reduced to the auncient forest lawes without much repineing." Referred: ut supra. [Ibid. p. 91.]
Same from Henry Cooke, Master of the children of the Chapel, for his salary of 40l. per an.; as likewise his same of 60l. per an., and 48l. per an. for keeping his boys for the private music from 1660, June 24. With Treasurer Southampton's minute. "Capt. Cooke hath taken great paines in His Majesties service and with his children been at great charge and yet received nothing from the Cofferer. But I have directed when moneys come in from the counties assigned he shall receave, in the meantime let him receave in the Exchequer, what is due." [Ibid. III. p. 17.]
[?] Same from Guy Molesworth (on reference from the King of August 28 last and the 18th inst.) for such part of those traitors' estates, by name Frances Allen and Thomas Andrews, who are dead, and not attainted before this Parliament, as are not yet nor shall be discovered by the officers within three months of the Act of Parliament passed for their confiscation, all in consideration of petitioner's infirmities contracted by 25 wounds. Followed by: A certificate by the Commissioners for the Duke of York that the estates of the said persons "are not yet actually passed to the Duke [of York] but there is a warrant at Mr. Attorney's General for that purpose." Referred: to the Surveyor General of Lands. [Ibid. VII. p. 91.]
Oct. 25. The memorial of the 16th inst., read and entered in full, from the Commissioners for the Arrears of Excise concerning the arrear of rent due from John Chabnor, John Duncklyn, William Hawkins, Richard Lloyd, and Roger Higges, late farmers of Excise for co. Yorks on certain terms, detailed. Propose certain terms of settlement in view of the fact that the said farmers only enjoyed the farm for about 18 months to 1659, Aug. 27, when it was reassumed to the State, and that under their management the receipts from the county were doubled. Ordered: the proposed arrangement be approved of and the farmers recommended to the Barons of the Exchequer for the discharge of them and their sureties. [Early Entry Book XI. pp. 60–2.]
Oct. 26. Petition from Nicholas de St. Croix, merchant, to be admitted, on payment of the duties, to unlade his ship "St. Nicholas," of Plymouth, being bound for Rochelle, but forced by foul weather into Plymouth. Referred: to the Customs Commissioners. [Ibid. IX. p. 112.]
Same from Peter Pault, master of the ship "Lobster," from Hamburg, seized as Dutch built, praying a discharge of the seizure. Referred: ut supra. [Ibid.]
Same from Katherine Ellyot, wife to John Ellyot, for a further term in the moor or waste ground called West Sedgemoor, co. Dorset, of which she had a grant from the late King for her service as nurse of the Duke of York, but of which she had received no advantage. Referred: to the Surveyor General of Lands. [Ibid. VII. p. 92.]
Same from Elizabeth, Countess of Castlehaven (on reference from the King of the 21st inst.) for commissions of grace to persons to be nominated by her for putting in execution at their own charge all the laws and statutes concerning hides, skins, leather, wools, and fuller's earth (which are frequently transgressed), with power to take depositions of witnesses upon oath and to compound with offenders, and give discharges for the same, being accomptable in the Exchequer upon oath for His Majesty's part of the composition money, or to return inquisitions or certificates of the offenders' names and qualities of their offences, to be proceeded against. As likewise praying a grant of the sole benefit of searching and registering and sealing of all manner of leather, and to licence some few leather cutters to buy, cut, and sell tanned leather, dressed and undressed, to supply such poor shoemakers and cobblers as are not able to buy a whole hide of leather to employ themselves in work for the maintenance of their poor families. Referred: to the Attorney and Solicitor General "not as I conceive it either reasonable or legall (for I believe this honble petitioner hath been put upon it by some-body that gave her not the true light to discerne the nature of her suit) but because I pray them to certefy what may bee fit for mee to report back to His Majesty, being inclined to comply with the desire as farr as reasonably and legally I may." [Ibid. p. 93.]
Same (on reference from the King of the 14th ult.) from Abraham Dowcett, to whom the late King granted the custody of the Paddock Walk in Windsor Great Park. Finds that the Park is ordered to be disparked, and one moiety granted to Major Huntington. Therefore prays to be admitted perferable tenant to the other moiety. Referred: to the Surveyor General of Lands. [Ibid.]
Same from Sir Herbert Price for a lease of all houses, &c., not at present made use of for His Majesty's service, and which represent encroachments on the King's manor of East Smithfield, alias St. Mary Graces, saving the capital messuage thereof and divers out-houses which are held and enjoyed by victuallers and under officers of the Navy. Referred: to the Surveyor General of Lands. [Early Entry Book VII. pp. 97–8.]
Petition from the Earl of Bath, Sir George Carteret, and Sir Henry de Vic (on reference from the King of the 21st ult.) for the fee farm or else the lease of certain houses, sheds and small parcels of waste ground in the liberty of the Tower of London, in the parish of St. Peter's ad Vincula, as demised by King James to Sir Roger Aston 1610, June 5. With Treasurer Southampton's minute. "The business having already been referred to Mr. Surveyor Generall upon Mr. Finches petition, as likewise upon the Lieutenant of the Tower's [petition], the petitioners may please by their agents to acquaint him with what they have to propose upon the same." [Ibid. p. 98.]
Same from Capt. Francis Tyringham (eldest son of Edward Tyringham, late one of the late King's Privy Chamber) et al. (on reference from the King of the 21st January last) for renewal of the remainder of the patent of grant made to his father by the late King of all the coal mines and grindstones in the Forest of Dean; which said grant was made void at the instance of the Earls of Pembroke and Holland, who thought it too great a suit for a private person. Referred: to the Surveyor General of Lands. [Ibid. p. 99.]
[?] Same (on reference dated June 15 last from the Commissioners for inquiry into the sales of Crown and Church Lands) from William Denton, Dr. in Physick, and others, in behalf of them-selves and Alexander Denton, infant heir of Edmond Denton, of Hillesden, co. Bucks, concerning his ancient tenancy of the three hundreds of Buckingham, called Mewes, Stotfield, and Rowlaw. Referred: ut supra. [Ibid.]
Oct. 28. Petition from John Lord Berkley of Stratton, (on reference from the King of the 17th ult.) for a lease of the remainder of the lands and hereditaments granted by Queen Elizabeth to John Farnham, one of her gentlemen pensioners. Referred: ut supra. [Ibid. p. 92.]
Same from William Geery, Esq., one of the Grooms of the Privy Chamber (on reference from the King of the 21st inst.) for a lease of 375 acres of fen lands in Upwell, co. Norfolk. Referred: ut supra. [Ibid. p. 136.]
Same from Mary Lambert for a bill of store for four packets of silk lace. With Treasurer Southampton's minute. "I grant noe bills of stores." [Ibid. IX. p. 112.]
Oct. 31. Petition from Israel Jackson, late Sub-Commissioner of Excise for co. Lincoln, concerning his dismissal from his said office, and the conduct of his late fellow Sub-Commissioner Captain Wilkinson, and of Anne, said Wilkinson's widow. Referred: to the Excise Commissioners with instructions to rehear petitioner. [Ibid. XI. p. 62.]