Entry Book: November 1661

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 1, 1660-1667. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1904.

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November 1661

Date. Nature and Substance of the Entry. Reference.
Nov. 1 Treasurer Southampton to the Customs Commissioners desiring them to use all expedition in the repayment of Mr. Robert Viner, who advanced 30,000l. for payment of the army in Ireland, for repayment of which he had tallies struck on the receipt of the Customs some months since, which by contract ought to have been paid him long since, but of which he has received only 500l. Ibid, IX. p. 114.
Nov. 5 Same to Alderman Baokwell requesting him to receive 6,000l., being a discovery, whereof 4,500l. is for the King and 1,500l. is for Mr. Oglethorpe et al., the discoverers, "and give any assurance you thinke fit for you that the whole 6,000l. shall be discharged in the Exchequer; and thus you may assure Mr. Groves or any other it concernes." Ibid, VII. p. 114.
Same to the Receivers, detailed, of [the voluntary present from] the parochial clergy to hasten their payments into the Exchequer, same being appropriated to the Privy Purse. Ibid, XIV. p. 247.
Same to the Excise Commissioners concerning assigning the 19,700l. ordered for the Governor of Dunkirk upon a particular moiety of the Excise. Ibid, III. p. 22.
The like letters as supra, p. 291 under date 1661, Oct. 3, assigning the voluntary present from the laity of the Isle of Ely to the Privy Purse. Ibid, p. 24.
Nov. 5 Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to Thomas Warner, Sergeant at Arms, to discharge from restraint Robert Leppington and Robert Stockdaill. late Sub-Commissioners of Excise for the North and East Ridings, co. Yorks; Charles Kistell, late a same for co. Surrey, and Matthew Coppinger, late a same for co. Midd., they having given satisfaction to the Commissioners of the Grand Excise for the respective sums they were charged with. Early Entry Book XI. p. 67.
Treasurer Southampton to Sir Robert Pye to observe the King's directions for the voluntary present of the clergy in Suffolk, Cambridge, and Isle of Ely to be appropriated to the Privy Purse. Ibid, III. p. 27.
Same to 36 Receivers of the month's assessment of 70,000l. to make immediate return of the sums, detailed, in arrear on same, "there being three months elapsed since the same ought to have been paid in and His Majesty payes interest for it haveing borrowed it by way of advance from the citty." (Total arrears 14,947l. 4s. 9d.) Ibid, p. 25.
Nov. 6 Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to Sir William Waller, farmer of the Prizage and Butlerage to pay to the Earl of Clarendon, Lord Chancellor of England, 192l. for two years on the allowance anciently made to the Lord Chancellor of 12 tuns of Gascoigne wine, viz.; a tun for every month, in lieu whereof they have been paid by the Chief Butler of England out of the Prizage and Butlerage or by the farmers thereof 8li. the tun. Ibid, p. 26.
Same from same to the Exchequer to discharge the baronet fee of 1,095l. due from John Bankes, of London. Ibid.
Entry of demise by lease under the Exchequer Seal to Thomas Gewen, of the capital messuage of Barton of Bradridge, part of the manor of Boyton, co. Cornwall. Ibid, VII. p. 105.
Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the King's Remembrancer for a particular of the concealed lands found by two inquisitions taken at Bury St. Edmunds, co. Suffolk, Oct. 10 and 14 last. Ibid.
Nov. 8 Treasurer Southampton to the Surveyor General of Lands to confer with the Attorney and Solicitor General concerning the Queen's interest to the houses in the Strand which are usually reputed to belong to Denmark House. Ibid, p. 110.
Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to Sir Robert Pye to appropriate for the pay of the King's servants the voluntary present of the parochial clergy in the counties of Northampton, Rutland, Warwick, Worcester, Hereford, Shropshire, and Stafford. Together with:—Letters to the Receivers of the same to pay the proceeds thereof into the Exchequer with all speed, or to honour any assignments made upon them on account of said wages of said King's servants. Ibid, III. p. 27.
Money warrant for 1,000l. to Thomas Chiffinch for His Majesty's own use out of the first moneys of the [free and voluntary present or] benevolence from co. Norfolk. Ibid.
Same (dormant) for the payment of the monthly establishment of the garrison of Berwick and Holy Island of seven companies with their forces, amounting to 742l. 6s. 0d. per month from June 29 last: same to be issued to Lord Widdrington, Governor of said garrison, after certification of muster rolls, &c. Ibid, p. 28.
Nov. 8 Commission from Lord Treasurer Southampton to Anthony Bathurst to be captain, loco White Tichborne, in Sir Andrew Henley's regiment of Hampshire militia; Richard Young to be Capt. Lieut. in same, loco said Bathurst. Early Entry Book I. p. 211.
Nov. 9 Money warrant for 600l. to the Treasurer or Receiver General of the Queen Mother for six months to 1661, Lady Day, on her two allowances in lieu of Greenwax. Ibid, III. p. 29.
Same for 1,500l. to same (by tallies on Maurice Wynn, Receiver of Crown Revenues of North Wales and Chester) for nine months' unpaid arrears to same date on her jointure allowance of 2,000l. per an., payable at the Exchequer. Ibid.
Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Clerk of the Signet for a Privy Seal for 731l. to Mr. Goldsburgh, Clerk of the Parliament, for the allowances, detailed, for the officers of the House of Commons for the Parliament begun May 8 and adjourned July 30, 1661. "His Majesty having been pleased upon the desire of the House of Commons to bee at this charge for this time only: hereafter the same to be defraied by the members of the House themselves which was the old practice to discharge their owne officers." Ibid, p. 30.
Money warrant (dormant) for perpetuities of 10l. and 10l. per an. to Lord Conyers and Darcy, representing perpetuities hitherto payable to Sir Conyers Darcy as heir of Elizabeth Conyers, one of the co-heirs of John late Lord Conyers, and to Sir William Pennyman in right of Ann his wife [daughter of Katherine] one of the co-heirs of said John late Lord Conyers. Ibid, p. 31.
Nov. 11 Treasurer Southampton to the Earl of Bath, Lord Warden of the Stannaries. As to the pre-emption of tin hopes he will find on appearing in these parts that the multitude of subtler spirits will have quitted their violence and designs against the King's ancient and legal pre-emption or duty. As to the coinage, the clause in the patent of Sept. 11 last to Bellot and Ennys. farmers of said duty, obliging them to cause the tin to be stamped at the coinage halls and not at the blowing houses that it may be duly weighed and tried according to the custom of the Stannaries, there is a necessity at present to dispense with this, the halls being in no readiness. Recommends that if possible it may be settled in the next Convocation [of tinners] that the old course may be observed and the King's duties duly answered: further that the coinage halls be made fit for service with all speed, and meanwhile this dispensation to continue. "I am informed likewise by a late addresse from the said farmers that Mr. Robins and the other stewards of the Tynn Courts though they have had my warrants some tyme for it neglect to sweare the blowers of the blowing houses and owners, which was a course usually heretofore ever held and by the default thereof the tynners carry away their tynn by night and at such tymes as it is impossible for the farmers' officers to attend." Desires his care in this matter. "I am informed likewise that Mr. Catcher who is supervisor of the blowing houses turnes merchant and buyer of tynn himself." Desires him to be warned on threat of dismissal; further desires to be furnished with an account of the whole state of this business of the pre-emption and coinage. Ibid, VII. pp. 112–3.
Nov. 11 Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to Robert Napper, Receiver of the King a revenues in the Duchy of Cornwall, to pursue a royal warrant of Oct. 21 last, remitting to the children of Joseph Jane the fine of 200l. contracted by them in the name of William Kekewich, in several tenements in the manor of Treworgie and Duchy of Cornwall. Early Entry Book VII. p. 114.
Appending:—Said royal warrant.
[?] Report from Treasurer Southampton to the King on the petition of Thomas Barron (on reference from the King of May 2 last), a linen draper, for 668l. for linen and lace furnished to the late King. Ibid, p. 113.
Warrant from same [to the Customs Commissioners] to discharge a seizure of the ship "Peace" of Calais, a French vessel, French manned, freighted with wine by the order of Samuel Swynock and Mich. Clipsame, but seized in London port on the pretext of being of the build of Holland or Dunkirk. Ibid, X. p. 2.
Nov. 13 Same from same to Sir Robert Pye to appropriate for the use of the Great Wardrobe to the Earl of Sandwich or Mr. Townsend, his assignee, the proceeds of the voluntary present from the parochial clergy of the counties of Lancaster, Chester, Leicester, Lincoln, Huntingdon, and Derby. Together with:—Letters to the Receivers of same to pay same speedily into the Exchequer or to honour any assignments upon them by said Earl. Ibid, III. p. 31.
Same for a tally on the Customs for 500l. to Sir James Drax, of London, merchant, remainder of 1,000l. for brandy wine to be transported to Jamaica, the money warrant of May 27 last for same being yet unpaid. Ibid.
Money warrant for 855l. 7s. 2d. to Sir George Carteret, Treasurer of the Navy, for 118 men, officers of the Irish regiment, added to the garrison of Tangier, and the like number of another Irish regiment, who are to be transported thither. Ibid, p. 32.
Same for 2,080l. to Sir William Boreel. sometime Ambassador from the States General to the French King, as so much lent to King Charles II. and the late King, as appeared by a writing bearing date at the Palace Royal. 1653, July 20, signed by the King and attested by the Lord Chancellor. Ibid, p. 33
Treasurer Southampton to the Customs Commissioners for the tally of 500l. to Sir James Drax or his assignee, Mr. Turiano, not to be paid in ready money nor defalked out of any moneys which Mr. Turiano ought presently to pay for Customs, but out of the additional duty on wines imported or to be imported by Mr. Turiano for payment of which duty he hath nine months' time. Ibid.
Money warrant for 200l. to James Darcy for one year to June 24 last on his fee or allowance as Master of His Majesty's Stud, loco Sir John Fenwick, deceased. Ibid, p. 34.
Same for 400l. to same for six months to Sept. last, on the 800l. per an. payable by letters patent of June 4 last, in consideration of said Darcy contracting out of his ground and breed of mares to annually serve into His Majesty s stables 12 choice horses without any further charge on the King. Ibid.
Nov. 13 Money warrant for 500l. to John Ball, of London, for so much lent by him for the King's special service: same having been directed by the Privy Seal of Oct. 1 last to be paid Jan. 1 next, but His Majesty's occasion for it being pressing and requiring a speedier payment than the time prefixed. Early Entry Book III. p. 32.
Report to the King from Treasurer Southampton on the petition of John Croke, Esq., one of the Gentlemen of the Privy Chamber, praying bestowal of a fine of 300l. due to the King from Thomas Guine (Geuen). Ibid, VII. p. 115.
[?] Entry of demise by lease under the Exchequer Seal to Richard Haynes and James Jauncey of divers messuages in the village of Bottalog, co. Merioneth. Ibid.
Nov. 16 Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Customs Commissioners to permit Alderman Backwell, in accordance with an order of the King in Council of the 6th inst., ut infra, to export from time to time foreign coin and bullion to the value of 80,000l. for the purposes below, and without any other authority or warrant than the said order in Council and the Lord Treasurer's directions thereupon, taking bond of him in 80,000l. to coin 40,000l. in the mint in sums of 10,000l. every three months. Ibid, X. p. 3.
Appeding:—Said order of the King in Council dated Whitehall, 1661, November 6. "Upon a proposal exhibited to this board in and by the humble petition of Edward Backwell, goldsmith, alledging that the treasure of His Majesties kingdomes cannot probably be increased without some encouragment given to import foreign coyne and bulloyn as other merchandize together with liberty to serve the merchants and necessary occasions with forraigne coyne and bullyon to maintain their trade where it cannot be other wise maintained, as in the case of the East India Company; and that if it should seeme good to His Majesty to lycence the petitioner to supply the East India Company and other merchants with fourscore thousand pounds in forraine coyne and bullyon to transport for the advance of their trade, the petitioner would engage and give security to bring in to His Majesties mint 40,000l. of forraine coyne and bullyon at such times as shalbe convenient, which wilbe otherwise converted to other uses without advantage to His Majestyes mint or to the subject by increase of money; which being taken in consideracon it was this day ordered by His Majesty that the said Alderman Backwell be ...lysenced and authorized to furnish the merchants of the City of London trading to the East Indies with the proporcon of 80,000l. of forraine coyne or bullyon by him proposed as aforesaid." and that he attend the Lord Treasurer and Chancellor of the Exchequer to consult and order the manner the business shall be done.
Treasurer Southampton and Lord Ashley to the Attorney Generalto consider a draft commission. prefixed in detail, empowering Sir Job Harby, Sir John Wolstenholme, Sir John Jacob, Sir Nicholas Crispe, Sir John Harrison, and Sir John Shaw (appointed Commissioners of Customs by commission under the Great Seal of date 1660, Sept. 20), as also Sir Richard Ford,—Jolliff, Jo. Dawes, and Christopher Metcalfe; to summon before them any persons misdemeaning themselves in the matter of frauds and deceits of the Customs, which it is informed are daily practised "as being continued from that habit of custome stealing wherein the late disorderly and distracted times have soe long seasoned them, and that through the means of sundry lewd persons assisting these Custome stealers and of some secret confederacy and combination between them and some of the inferior officers and ministers employed in the service of the customes": with power to summon witnesses, administer an oath upon the Holy Evangelists, and to dismiss any officer detected in any such conspiricy: and with instructions to transmitt to the Treasury all depositions and proofs touching such officers, merchants, or mariners: the informer to have the priority of information in the Exchequer Court: further upon proof of any insolent or violent behaviour by porters, carmen. and watermen, as is reported, that they be put in the stocks for every offence. Ibid, pp. 4–5.
Nov. 16 Warrant from Treasurer Southampton [to Sir Robert Pye] to default (from the two Privy Seals of Oct. 20 last for 1,527l. 17s. 4d., and of the 11th instant for the like sum of 1,527l. 17s. 4d., both to the Earl of Peterborough for the establishment of Tangier garrison) the sum of 500l. and 317l. 8s. 0d. in respect of the defalcations which upon calculation of the whole charge of that service have been made by the Lords who were the Committee for that expedition. Early Entry Book III. p. 38.
[?] Petition to the Lord Chancellor et al., detailed from the Vintners Company, of London, praying that prices be set and limited on wines in gross for the year ensuing and also a proportional limitation be set upon the retail price, nothing having conduced more to the benefit of said company than a restraint and limitation of the prices of all sorts of wines, it having been found detrimental both to the vintner and to the subject when the prices have not been set and limited, as happened during the late confusions. "For that the merchants being thus left at liberty had it very easily in their power by correspondence to impose what unreasonable rates and prices they pleased upon the vintner." Ibid, X. pp. 5–8.
Appending:—(1) Proofs of the matters alleged in the petition; (2) evidence of the constant course and practice heretofore had with regard to both gross and retail wine prices; (3) a tabular statement of the royal proclamations for pricing wines from 22 Dec., 7 Eliz. onwards, with the prices respectively thereby set.
Nov. 18 Report to the King from Treasurer Southampton and Lord Ashley. "Upon a consideracon of the order of Councell, having conferred with your Majesties [Commissioners of] Customs, some principall merchants and some Parliament men principally imployed for framing the act for increasing of shipping of navigation, and the suspencon of that act by that order in relation to the Scotch nation, wee are humbly of opinion if the liberty allowed by the Order of Councell were fit to be granted to the Scotch nation it could only be done by Act of Parliament ... and those noble lords of the Scotch nation which first petitioned for the liberty did onely pray that their suite might by your Majesty be recomended to the Parliament. Concerning the liberty itselfe petitioned for, we find it contrary to the maine end of the Act of Parliament which aimed at the increase of English shipping and employment of English mariners .. If this liberty be imported to the Scotch nation these ends must in a great measure fall to the ground for the English shipping and marriners must necessarily be the less employed the more the other are and if the Scotch can undersayle or [under] trade them as in the French trade we understand they can forty pounds in every tunn, then the loss must be greater: and if the Dutch (which is very possible) gett any covert under the Scotch the ill consequence is more and the Englishmen's trade must needs decrease: and if those pay single Custom which should pay double his Majesties Customes must needs decrease. And even in the late proposicon [which] the Earls of Crawford and Lauderdale made that five or six Scotch ships might have freedome to trade to the Plantacons and returne to Scotland, your Majesties Customes might be concerned thereby near 20,000l. by the yeare." Ibid, p. 9.
Nov. 19 Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Customs Commissioners to discharge a seizure of calfskins shipped by John Warner in the "Pide [Pied] Cow," Tho. Quarrand master. Early Entry Book X. p. 10.
Same from same to same for same of some same entered in the port of London by Abraham Becknor for the parts beyond the seas in the name of Peter Aldus. Ibid.
Same from same to same for same of the ship "Lobster," of Hamburgh, Peter Poult master, lately arrived in London with corn, said vessel having been seized as Holland built. Ibid, p. 12.
Entry of demise by lease under the Exchequer Seal to Nathaniel Fiennes of wood land called Princes Wood in Bromby, and a coney warren near Bromby and Redbourne parcel of the manor of Kirton in Lindsey, co. Lincoln. Ibid, VII. p. 118.
Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Surveyor General of Lands approving his ratal of the tenement called Burnthaies in the manor of Bradninch and ordering him to request the steward of said manor to pass the estate accordingly to Thomasine Pidsley and John Pidsley her son. Ibid, pp. 118–9.
Prefixing:—Abstract of said petition and said Surveyor's ratal by way of report thereon.
Report to the King from Treasurer Southampton and Lord Ashley on the petition of Sir Humfry Bennet concerning the manor lands, &c., descended to Freeman Sonds, son of Sir George Sonds and Jane his wife, daughter of Alderman Freeman, said estates being now attainted by the wilful murder of his elder brother committed by said Freeman Sonds. Ibid, pp. 121–4.
Prefixing:—(1) The Attorney General's report on Sir George Sond's petition, followed by a statement of the case; (2) Sir Humfry Bennet's petition, with the Attorney General's report thereon dated 1660, August 20, and covering report by the Surveyor General of Lands dated 1661, July 11.
Same to same from same on the petition of Abraham Dowcett, ut supra p. 165 under date 1661. Oct. 26. Ibid, pp. 125–7.
Prefixing:—The Surveyor General's report of the 7th inst., concerning the several pretences of Mr. Dowcett and Mrs. Sanderson to the Paddock walk in Windsor Great Park.
Treasurer Southampton to the several blowers and owners of blowing houses in Cornwall and Devon requiring them as they will answer the contrary at their peril to give to Christopher Bellott and Samuel Ennys, farmers of the coinage duty of tin, a just account of the tin blown in the several blowing houses and to permit them to make use of their beam, scales and weights for weighing the said tin and not to permit or suffer any tin to be removed out of the blowing houses until the duty be paid: all in consequence of information that the several blowers, &c., do refuse to be aiding and assisting said farmers in the due collecting of the coinage duty and not only so but wilfully do combine with the tinner and merchant to deceive the said farmers of said duty by refusing to give them an account of the tin blown, &c. Ibid, pp. 127–8.
Nov. 19 Money warrant for 3,000l. to William Ashburnham, Esq., Cofferer of the Household, upon account for the expense of His Majesty's household in the voyage to Portugal. Early Entry Book III. p. 35.
Treasurer Southampton to George Foxcroft, Edward Wingate, Francis Pargeter, and the other Customs Commissioners before the King's return, to require them forthwith to perfect their last accounts of the Customs and to pay in their balances. Ibid.
Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Receipt for discharge of the baronet fee of 1,095l. due from William Luckyn, of Waltham, Essex. Ibid.
Same from same to the Excise Commissioners to pay Sarah Gardiner, relict of Maurice Gardiner, merchant, 2,808l. 12s. 0d. stated by the Committee of the Navy to be due for the service of his ships called the "Green Knights," and allowed by the late Parliament. Ibid, p. 36.
Money warrant (dormant) for the annuity of 50l. to James Tunsted (Tunsteed) for looking to the King's game of heath poults in Derbyshire and other parts North of the Trent, as by the letters patent of 1660–1, Jan. 25. Ibid.
Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Clerk of the Signet for a bill for the payment of 320l. to Capt. Edward Strange for the charge of importing and clothing divers honest and loyal persons who were sold for slaves into the Barbados by the late usurpers for appearing in His Majesty's just right, and lately arrived in the port of London. Ibid, p. 37.
Same from same for a tally on the Customs for 3,071l. 12s. 0d. for four months pay from May 18 last for the garrison of Hull to John Lord Belasyse, Governor of same. Ibid.
Same from same to the Receipt for discharge of the baronet fee of 1,095l. due from John Stapeley, of Patcham, Sussex. Ibid, p. 38.
Same from same to Sir Robert Croke, Clerk of the Pipe, to make allowance to the sheriff of Northampton of 20l. per an. being creation money to be paid by him to the Earl of Northumberland. Ibid, p. 40.
Same from same for a tally to be struck on Ladies Elizabeth, Martha and Mary Carye, daughters of the late Earl of Monmouth, for 360l. payable by them for part of the fine of the manor of Rudfen. Ibid, XIV. p. 136.
Nov. 20 Treasurer Southampton to Tho. Cholmondeley, sheriff of co. Chester; Richard Dutton, alderman of Chester; Jo. Gleane, William Wright, and Thomas Baker to survey the forest of Delamere in said county, to find out the titles of the present owners, and to state their opinion as to replenishing said forest with deer, &c., &c.: all in view of informations of intrusions made in the late licentious times on the King's waste ground and soil of said forest, and of building of cottages, making enclosures, &c. Ibid, VII. p. 130.
Nov. 20 Constitution by Treasurer Southampton to Jonathan Singleton as transcribing clerk in the office of Excise, loco William Collyns, resigned. Early Entry Book XI. p. 68.
Nov. 21 Warrant from same for tallies to be struck on the Receiver of Crown revenues for Southants and Wilts for 866l., being 540l. lately warranted for expenses of the houses and offices lately burned in Whitehall, and 326l. in part of 1,000l. lately warranted for His Majesty's buildings at Greenwich. Ibid, III. p. 37.
Money warrant for 400l. to Sir Richard Fanshaw for Aug. 1 to Nov. 9 on his ordinary as Envoy Extraordinary to the Princess of Portugal. Ibid, p. 39.
Same (dormant) for the fee of 10l. per an. to Jeffery Barwell as clerk of estreats in the Common Pleas, and the allowance of 10l. per an. for his labour about writing and examining the estreats of fines and amerciaments levied in the said Court. Ibid.
Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Receipt for discharge of the baronet fee of 1,095l. due from William Dudley, of Clapton, co. Northampton. Ibid.
Same from same to the Clerk of the Pipe for a lease to Jonathan Ash of a well called Dame Anne a Cleere in Old Street, near Shoreditch, in the parish of St. Leonard. Ibid, VII. p. 129.
Prefixing:—Particular of the premises and Surveyor General's ratal.
Same from same to same for same to John Buckland of the capital messuage of the manor of West Harptree, co. Somerset. Ibid, pp. 131, 182.
Prefixing:—ut supra.
With: Entry of demise.
Same from same to same for same to Sir John Hendon of the hundreds of Cranbrook, Berkeley, Blackbourn, Selbrittenden, Rolvenden and Barnfield Magna. Ibid, pp. 132–3.
Prefixing:—Particular of the premises by the Clerk of the Pipe and Surveyor General's ratal.
Same from same for the striking of a tally on the tenths of [the clergy in the diocese of] Norwich for 83l. 6s. 8d. for [? one of the Auditors of Imprests]. Ibid, XIV. p. 62.
Nov. 23 Treasurer Southampton to the Surveyor General for a commission to be issued to Sergeant Charnock to pay off the workmen in Dean Forest and to meet Major Wade's old pretence out of the present stock in Sir John Winter's hands. Ibid, VII. p. 136.
Warrant (dormant) from Treasurer Southampton to the Auditor and Receiver of Crown revenues, co. Middlesex, for payment of the fee or wages of 150l. per an. to John Sawyers, chief cook in ordinary to the King. Ibid, III. p. 40.
Same from same to the Customs Commissioners for 20l. per an. to Oliver Earl of Bolingbroke as creation money: and warrant for 30l. thereon for 18 months to Sept. 29 last. Ibid, p. 41.
Nov. 27 Money warrant for 450l. to Sir George Downing on his ordinary of 5l. a day as Envoy Extraordinary to the States General: from the 1st of June, the time that he transported himself. Ibid.
Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to Sir Robert Pye, &c., for tallies to be levied from time to time for the discharge of Henry Bishop farmer of the Post Office. for so much as shall be by him paid to the Duke of York in accordance with the Privy Seal of Oct. 31 last for 16,117l. 10s. 0d. to be paid quarterly to said Duke out of the Post Office revenues. Ibid, pp. 42–3.
Nov. 27 Money warrant for 4,000l. to Edward Gregory without account, out of arrears of accomptants, &c., reserved to the King. (Vacated. See infra under date 1662, June 28.) Early Entry Book III. p. 43.
Treasurer Southampton to the Earl of Sandwich. On the Privy Seal for 3,000l. to the Cofferer of the Household for expenses of the Queen into England has advanced 1,000l. and for the balance has drawn upon said Earl, charging it upon the moneys by him received for Her Majesty's portion. Therefore desires him forthwith to pay 2,000l. to Sir Henry Wood, who is assigned to receive and expend same, "and this gives me an opportunity to mind your Lordship of your concerne and to let you know it suites with His Majesty's pleasure that out of the same moneys your lordship be your owne paymaster for the arreares that are growne due upon your owne entertainment, for which your lordship upon your returne is to be accomptable in the Exchequer." Ibid, p. 44.
Treasurer Southampton's order for the issue of a commission under the Seal of the Exchequer Court to G. Charnock, sergeant at arms. Joseph Garthwayte and Richard Machyn to view the forest of Dean, the ironworks, &c., there. Ibid, VII. pp. 196–7.
Prefixing:—Articles of instruction for the said commission.
Nov. 28 Same to the Clerk of the Hanaper to make payment of tallies for 1,500l., struck upon the Hanaper, in order to accomodate His Majesty's occasions: and to that end to press the Earl of Newburgh to pay in within the next fortnight the 1,000l. in arrear of his farm of 6d. writs. Ibid, III. p. 47.
Prefixing:—Mr. Seymour's account of the Hanaper from 1661, July 12 (total charge 1,967l. 11s. 6d., total discharge 2,579l. 17s. 2d.).
Nov. 29 Money warrant for 3,000l. to Stephen Fox for Secret Service Ibid, p. 46.
Same for 3,084l. 11s. 0d. to the Earl of Peterborough. Governor of Tangier, for six weeks' pay of the regiment of foot and his own pay. Ibid, p. 48.
Warrant from Treasurer Southampton for tallies to be struck on the Excise for 10,000l. in part of the warrant of Oct. 18 last for 30,000l. for the Cofferer of the Household for the use of the Household. Ibid.
Same from same for same on the moneys of the Queen's dowry in the Earl of Sandwich's hands, of 2,000l. in full of the warrant of the 19th inst. for 3,000l. to said Cofferer for defraying the expenses of the Household in their voyage to Portugal. Ibid.
Nov. 30 Same from same to the Customs Commissioners to discharge seizure of a small ketch called the "Speedwell," of Dover, Peter Harris, of Dover, master, which was freighted about a month since from Flushing, with, amongst other things, 13 barrels of spices, and was seized as forfeited under the Navigation Act. Ibid, X. p. 14.
Same from same to same for same of some butter shipped by Thomas Brewin, servant to Jonathan Claridge Ibid.
Treasurer Southampton to the Earl of Sandwich forwarding a copy of a letter from the King concerning payments, detailed, to the total of 10,531l. 16s. 0d., ordered for Tangier which are to be made good at Lisbon by the Earl of Sandwich, and directing that bills be drawn on said Earl at Lisbon to that amount, payable to the Earl of Peterborough, Governor of Tangier. Prays his observance of the King's directions herein, "your Lordship knowing to what end he is to employ it and of how great import it is that he that is to dispense it to soe many persons of that temper and necessity may not want it. One thing more by His Majesties speciall command I am to beseech your Lordship to observe: that whereas His Majesty upon an advertisement that the King of Portugal's good affections to the first settling his [English Majesty's] affairs at Tangier was likely to leave the Portugall horse that are now there or a considerable part of them, did retrench the number of horse he intended to send from hence; but not foreseeing what Portugall horse would be ordered to stay at Tangier could not order a direct or definit summe to be paid unto them; but by a particular instruction given to my Lord of Peterburgh ordered that such horse as should stay there should be paid according to the establishment for the English horse and that the said Earl of Peterburgh certifieing your Lordship thereof should receive pay for them from your Lordship out of the moneys entrusted with your Lordship for the Queen's porcon." Prays his observance of this. Ibid, III. pp. 44–6.
Nov. 30 Money warrant for 11,373l. 2s. 0d. to the Earl of Peterburgh (by tallies on the moneys of the Queen's dowry in the Earl of Sandwich's hands) on account of the Privy Seals of Sept. 13 last for 8,936l. 5s. 4d., Sept. 17 for 67l. 13s. 4d., Oct. 30 for 763l. 18s 8d., and Nov. 11 inst. for 763l. 18s. 8d., all for two months advance pay for the various portions, detailed, of the garrison of Tangier, and 600l. for contingencies and 400l. for donatives to the chief persons of the countries adjacent to Tangier according to custom upon the first entrance of a new Governor there. Early Entry Book III. p. 49.
Warrant from Treasurer Southampton for tallies upon John Harvy, Receiver of Crown revenues, co. Lincoln, for 286l. 6s. 5d. to Clement Kinnersley, Yeoman of His Majesty's Wardrobe of beds, for chairs, stools, &c., for the House of Peers. Ibid, p. 50.
Money warrant for 731l. to William Goldsburgh, Clerk of the Parliament, for himself et al., detailed in a list subscribed by Sir Edward Turner, Speaker of the House of Commons, for services in the Parliament, 1661, May 8 to July 30. Ibid, p. 51.
Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Receipt for discharge of the baronet fee of 1,095l. due from Sir Walter Plumer, of the Middle Temple. Ibid, p. 54.
Money warrant for 2,027l. 19s. 10d. to Henry Viscount Mansfield as imprest for three bills payable to Claud Surso (Sursoe) and John Allen, His Majesty's tailors, for clothes made in France, 1660, June 3 to 1661, May 14, together with one suit of Curle stuff for His Majesty's own wearing. Ibid, p. 55.
Same for 17,437l. 6s. 8d. (by tallies on the Excise) to Sir John Shaw and Edward Backwell, Receivers, &c., of Dunkirk garrison, for two months' pay for said garrison, Oct. 21 to Dec. 16 inst. Ibid, p. 57.
Same for the salaries and allowances to Sir Robert Bernard and John Archer, Sergeants at Law, due on their having been employed as Justices of Assize on the late Summer Circuit in the Northern Circuit and Midland Circuit, viz., 22 days and 27 days at 53s. a day each. Ibid, p. 58.
Nov. 30 Corrected money warrant for 1,500l. to the Duke of Richmond and Lennox, being 1½ years to Sept. 29 last on his pension of 1,000l. a year: to be by tallies, &c., ut supra, Oct. 28 last, p. 299. Early Entry Book III. pp. 55–7.
Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to Thomas Shadwell and Sir Robert Pye to deliver to Sir Edmond Sawyer and Auditor Phillips all such declarations of receivers' or any other accomptants' accompts remaining in their hands or custody, being heretofore declared before the pretended Committee of Revenue, and which were late in the custody of William Collins. deceased: there being present occasion for pursuing the said declarations for the King's service. Ibid, VII. p. 145.
Treasurer Southampton to Thomas Viscount Fanshaw. Remembrancer of the Exchequer. "Whereas I am informed that divers of the Commissioners imployed for raising of moneyes by way of poll for disbanding the soldiers have not returned the estreates of the moneyes by them received either upon the first Act or the additionall Act of review whereby the sheriffs which were to receive the same by them may be charged upon their accompts and that none of the sheriffs appointed to receive the same have hitherto accompted in the Exchequer as they ought to doe " therefore desires that a speedy and effectual course may be taken to cause the Commissioners employed in the said service to return their estreats into the Exchequer, and also to cause all sheriffs to accompt for the same according to the course of the Exchequer. Ibid, p. 146.
[?] Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Clerk of the Signet attending for a Privy Seal in terms recited in full, for the Surveyor General of Lands and the Auditors and Receivers General of the counties of Herts and Berks to pay the sums of 51l. per an. for ten years from November last, and 250l. per an. for two years from December last to the Duke of Albemarle in respect of the several leases, detailed, in being in certain grants of lands made to him, viz. lands in the manor of Theobalds, co. Herts, and in the manor of Clewer, co. Berks. Ibid, III. p. 53.