Entry Book: June 1662

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 1, 1660-1667. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1904.

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June 1662

Date. Nature and Substance of the Entry. Reference.
June 3 Same (dormant) for 200l. to George Rosse, as pension from Sept. 29 last: as by the letters patent of the 12th ult. Ibid, p. 308.
June 4 Lord Treasurer Southampton's warrant to Robert Long, Esq., to enroll and observe the royal letters patent under Great Seal of April 8 last, for securing to Robert Viner, of London, His Majesty's goldsmith, 100,000l. advanced by him to the Earl of Anglesey, Vice-Treasurer and Treasurer at War of Ireland, for the weighty occasions of that island: the said 100,000l. being assigned to said Earl by the King out of the portions of the 18 months' assessment due from the counties of Northampton, Warwick and Coventry, Worcester, Derby, Salop and Leicester: which said assessments amount in the whole to 130,199l. 14s. 0d.: in order to the said effectual securing whereof as above, the said letters patent constituted said Viner to be Receiver and Treasurer of and for all the aforesaid monthly assessments [in said counties] so that all the respective receivers thereof respectively after their receipt thereof, or any part thereof, are to pay same to said Robert Viner, who shall deduct from same the said 100,000l. clear of all expenses, accounting with the Exchequer for any overplus. Ibid, pp. 312–3.
Money warrant for 40l. to Winifrid, widow of Lewis Lathum, an ancient servant and falconer to the late King. Ibid, p. 311.
Prefixing:—Royal sign manual for same of the 13th ult.
June 5 Same, dormant, for 200l. per an. to Mrs. Margaret Broughton, as by the letters patent of the 5th ult. Ibid, p. 309.
Treasurer Southampton to the Customs Commissioners to observe the Privy Seal of April 6 last for the bestowal of 10,000l. on Sir Nicholas Crispe by the bonds for additional duties in London port. Ibid.
Money warrant for 17,437l. 6s. 8d. to Sir John Shaw and Edward Backwell for two months' pay for Dunkirk garrison to the 2nd inst. Ibid. p. 310.
Same, dormant, for 100l. per an. as pension to Anthoinette La Forrest as by the letters patent of March 13 last. Ibid.
Money warrant for 50l. to Ellinor Pattinson and Jane Bolam, daughters of Anthony Crosier, deceased, as royal bounty. Ibid, p. 317.
June 7 Treasurer Southampton to [the Customs Commissioners] recommending Thomas King for the place of a landwaiter. Ibid, X. p. 84.
June 7 Money warrant for 535l. to Sir George Carteret, being a debt due to the King by Thomas Bellamy for Excise: same to be in discharge of a debt of 1,582l. odd, owing by the King to said Thomas Bellamy and Robert Bellamy for several quantities of petty warrant and harbour victuals supplied for the use of the Navy. Early Entry Book III. pp. 313–5.
Appending:—Order of reference dated March 18 last from the King made upon said Thomas Bellamy's petition: and copy of said Bellamy's bill for 1,582l. 7s. 6¼d.
Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Customs Commissioners to forthwith pay the judges their arrears of salary. Ibid, p. 315.
Same from same for the discharge of the baronet fee of 1,095l. due from Sir Miles Stapleton, of Carleton, co. York. Ibid, p. 317.
Same from same to the Receipt for tallies on the Customs for 10,000l. in part of 26,156l. warranted April 24 last for the garrison of Dunkirk. Ibid, pp 315–6
Money warrant, dormant, for 400l. to Edward Capell, one of the younger sons of Arthur Lord Capell: being pension as by letters patent of 1660–1, Jan. 12. Ibid, p. 316
Money warrant for 3,225l. 14s. 11½d. to Hugh May, Paymaster of the Works, for repairs at His Majesty's houses at Whitehall, St. James's, Greenwich, Hampton Court, Westminster and the Tower. Ibid pp 316–7
Same for 1,028l. to the Earl of Peterborough, Captain General and Commander in Chief of the forces employed to Tangier for the quarters and expenses of the forces under his command in their march towards the place of their embarkment. Ibid p 318.
Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Receipt to pursue the Privy Seal of May 12 last for the payment to Jane Lady Gorges of 1¾ years' arrears of the annuity of 500l. granted 1618–9, Feb. 16, to John Levingston [Livingston], then one of the Grooms of the Chamber, and Jane his wife, now Lady Gorges: and to continue payment of said annuity in future. Ibid p. 320
June 13 Treasurer Southampton and Under Treasurer Lord Ashley to Alderman Backwell. "Mr. Vyner had one and twenty thousand and odd hundred pounds assigned him for plate &c. served into the King: You had ten [thousand] for the Household: You and Mr. Alderman Meynell and Mr. Vyner had 24,000l. for the same. In this order we have resolved the first moneys paid by Signior de Sylva shalbe paid and therefore pray pay in the 16,000l. for Mr. Viner and out of the next 20,000l. Mr. Vinor is to be paid off his order: then you are to receive your 10,000l. But both for this 10,000l. and the 24,000l. the Cofferer must first give discharges in the Exchequer. And the 24,000l. formerly struck upon the Excise, which at present you wave. the Cofferer must likewise discharge the same. And pray comply with this order, which is equal towards you all." Ibid, p. 330
June 14 Money warrant for 40l. to Sir Robert Croke, Clerk of the Pipe, for services in removing the Records, Surveys, &c., which concerned the state of his late Majesty's lands, from Worcester House into the Augmentation Office. Ibid, p. 319.
Same for 200l. to Mr. St. Albans, as royal bounty - Ibid, pp. 321–2.
Prefixing:—Royal warrant for same.
June 14 Money warrant for 200l. to Lord Mordaunt, Sir Thomas Payton, and Sir Jeremy Whichcott, for the duty on 4,000 chaldron of coals allowed to be imported duty free for the poor of London. Early Entry Book III. pp. 335–6.
Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Customs Commissioners to allow to Richard Ward, Thomas Fownes et al., Customs officers, their costs in a prosecution (viz.: 99l. 15s. 6d.) Ibid, X. pp. 86–7.
Prefixing:—Note of petition of said Ward et al. and report thereon by the Customs Commissioners.
Same from same to same to discharge a seizure of flax belonging to Robert Halliwell, George Bray, and Alice Tanason, widow, all of Hull. Ibid, pp. 87–8.
Prefixing:—As above.
Same from same to same to make an allowance to Peter Harvy for damnified wines. Ibid, p. 88.
Prefixing:—As above.
June 16 Money warrant for 21,978l. 9s. 11d. to Robert Vyner in full of 31,978l. 9s. 11d. due and payable for two Crowns, two Sceptres, a Globe of gold set with diamonds, rubies, &c., and divers other regalia delivered to Sir Gilbert Talbot, Master of the Jewel House. Ibid, III. p. 321.
June 17 Warrant (re-drawn in lieu of the like of 1661–2. March 4, supra, p. 372) for the salaries of the Grooms of the Bedchamber; same to be by tallies on Signor Edwert de Sylva, who is now appointed by the King of Portugal to pay into the Exchequer the first part of the dowry of the Queen Consort. Ibid, p. 319.
Treasurer Southampton and Lord Ashley [to the Customs Commissioners] recommending them to make a speedy provision to Mr. O'Neale for his arrears for powder and in the order of the date of the tallies already struck. "And for the future since he is monethly assigned to receive the same upon the Customes wee direct yow to make provision for the same and not to interpret tallies that [may be stricken upon] warrants of particular privy seales, [in such a way] as to precede this constant and monethly payment." Ibid, X. p. 87.
Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Receipt for tallies to be struck on the receivers of the Voluntary Present for Hampshire for 750l. remaining due on the Privy Seal of Oct. 7 last for 3,000l. to Stephen Fox for secret service. Ibid, III. p. 334.
June 18 Same from same to the Customs Commissioners to deliver to Mr. Francis Rogers, His Majesty's servant, some cases of gilt leather and stuffs for His Majesty's use, arrived from Flanders on board a vessel belonging to Mr. Thomas Simeons. Ibid, X. p. 89.
June 19 Treasurer Southampton to Robert Long, Esq., Auditor of the Receipt, to appropriate the unassigned receipts of the Free and Voluntary Present from the House of Commons, the Inns of Court, &c., &c., to the payment of the 1,102l. remainder of 2,262l. due to John Jeffes for provision of tents. Ibid, III. p. 322.
Warrant from same to the Customs Commissioners to permit the East India Co. to default out of Customs due from them 10,800l. for saltpetre furnished by them to Mr. O'Neale: but as soon as Signor de Sylva shall pay in the like sum of 10,800l., then it is to be devoted to paying those persons that would have been in course but for this diversion. Ibid, p. 323.
Prefixing:—Note of the agreement for the allowance of said 10,800l. to the East India Co. See supra, 1661–2, Feb. 11, p. 363.
June 19 Money warrant for 10,800l. to Daniel O'Neal for six months' provision of powder at 1,800l. per month. Early Entry Book III. p. 324.
Same for 3,000l. to Denzill Lord Holles, Ambassador to the French King, for his equipage, and 1,200l. for three months' advance on his ordinary. Ibid, pp. 323–4.
June 20 Same for 4,000l. to Arthur Earl of Anglesey, Vice-Treasurer of Ireland, to be issued by him to the seven Commissioners named for putting in execution the Act of Settlement, and to—Vangelder, goldsmith: that is to say 500l. to each of them: same to be by tallies on Segnior Edwert de Sylva, who is now appointed by the King of Portugal to pay into the Exchequer the first part of the Queen's dowry. Ibid, p. 325.
Treasurer Southampton and Lord Ashley to the Customs Commissioners calling a second time for a report on the state of Sir Job Harby's account of money due to him from the Customs farm. Ibid, X. p. 89.
June 21 Same to Signior de Silva requesting him to pay into the office of Mr. Loving, one of the Tellers of the Exchequer, the 16,000l., part of the first payment of the Queen's dowry: "and that you please to pursue the same course for the 20,000l. [which] is dayly expected from you and wee recomend the speedy payment thereof upon the receipt of that warrant from the King. ... You perceave the great assignacons [which] hath been made upon the first part of the portion you are now to pay in and therefore the more exactly you comply with the tyme by the treaty prefixt for the payment of the whole the more you will oblige." Ibid, III. pp. 325–6.
Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Receipt for tallies to be struck on Major John Stirk and Augustin Harpur for 419l., payable to Robert Phelips, one of the Grooms of the Bedchamber, out of moneys remaining in the hands of said Stirk and Harpur for the sale of woods in the forests of Salcey and Whittlewood, co. Northants. Ibid, p. 326.
Money warrant, dormant, for 10d. a day and 2d. a day and 10l. per an. and 4l. per an. to Francis Rogers for his office of Keeper of His Majesty's Wardrobe within the Palace of Westminster, and [Keeper of the] Revestrie within the said palace, as by the letters patent of 1661, Dec. 14. Ibid, p. 327.
Same for 44l. per an. and 16l. 2s. 6d. per an. to Christopher Bell and Philip Beckett for their place of musicians in ordinary for the flute and sackbutt: as by the letters patent of 1660–1, March 10. Ibid, p. 328.
Money warrant for 400l. to Francis Lord Hawley for so much money supplied by him for His Majesty's own particular use: same to be by tally on Robert Nappier, Receiver General of Revenues of Cornwall. Ibid.
Warrant, dormant, from Treasurer Southampton to the Clerk of the Pipe to allow in account 20l. per an. to the sheriff of Kent for the creation money of the Earl of Kent. Ibid, p. 329.
June 21 Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Receipt for a tally to be struck on the Tenths of the Bishopric of Winchester for 500l. for 1 year to Sir Alexander Hume on his pension, as by letters patent of Dec. 5 last. Early Entry Book III. p. 329.
Money warrant, dormant, for 200l. per an. to Justicia Stepney alias Vandike, pension as by letters patent of May 14 last. Ibid.
Money warrant for 460l. to Sir George Downing for 3 months' advance from May 28 last on his ordinary as envoy extraordinary to the States General. Ibid, p. 330.
Same for 250l. to Edmond Woodroffe in part of the 1,000l. ordered to him for secret service by the Privy Seal of Jan. 29 last. Ibid p. 331.
Warrant, dormant, from Treasurer Southampton to the Customs Commissioners to pay to Symon Smyth (for his office or place of Otterhunt or master of the Otterhounds) 3½d. a day for his office and 4½d. a day for keeping 6 otters and 1½d. a day for keeping a boy under him, and 9d. a day for keeping 12 hounds: all as by the letters patent of 1660, Sept. 14. Ibid.
Report from Treasurer Southampton to the King on Richard Brett's petition for a pension to replace the monopoly of the importation of logwood which had been granted to him for 21 years but which is now taken away by the late Act of Parliament, which made the importation of logwood free under a custom of 5l. per ton. Ibid, X. p. 90.
June 24 Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Excise Commissioners to pay the salary bill for the Excise Office, London, for 1662, June 24 quarter. Ibid, XI. pp. 116–9.
Prefixing:—Said bill detailed (total 1,355l. 15s. 6d.).
Money warrant for 4,000l. to Thomas Corde Roy, remaining due on the Privy Seal of Jan. 13 last for 8,000l. for Secret Service. Ibid, III. p. 332.
[?] Circular letter from Treasurer Southampton and Lord Ashley to the Justices of Peace in the various counties, concerning the management and proposed farm of the revenue of Excise. "The two howses of Parliament [on] the first settlement of this revenew pointed out the way of farming that is now proposed in his Majesties letter herewith sent you and that this might be in the hands of such as were best knowne unto the country and soe likeliest to governe it to their content. Which course being now pursued we shall pray you as an evidence of your good affeccon to his Majesties service ... that yow will not in any respect be byast in your recomendacons of any person or persons to be farmers but make a returne of such as in your judgment are not onely responsive but will exactly performe and make good the rate which wee have moderated and made soe lowe that wee have onely sett on your county the summe of _, although wee have higher offers if wee would treat with any before we receave your resolucon." As to the rumours of abuses and deceits in the present Sub-Commissioners the King, as appears from his letter, has enabled divers persons that desired it to examine the former accounts before the year 1660. And when the present Sub-Commissioners have furnished their accounts he will do the like by them "if you in your judgment advise it or any other persons offer ground and reasons for it. And in the meane time his Majesty expects from yow that you give all assistance to his officers in the present management of this revenue." Ibid, XI. pp., 119–121. 126–8.
Appending:—A note of the various amounts mentioned in the said several letters to the Justices of the Peace as the proposed rates for the farm of the Excise of the several counties, viz., as follows:—
£ s. d.
Berks and Bucks, with a particular brewhouse adjoining to Oxford excepted 4,800 0 0
Bedford and Huntingdon 3,400 0 0
Bristol 3,800 0 0
Cambridge, Ely and Newmarket 4,500 0 0
Cheshire 2,600 0 0
Cornwall 2,000 0 0
Cumberland and Westmorland 1,700 0 0
Derby 2,100 0 0
Devon 8,600 0 0
Dorset 2,600 0 0
Durham 2,100 0 0
Essex 8,000 0 0
Gloucester 3,700 0 0
Hertford 4,300 0 0
Hampshire 2,800 0 0
Hereford 1,800 0 0
Kent 13,000 0 0
Lancashire 3,800 0 0
Leicestershire 3,000 0 0
Lincoln 7,500 0 0
Middlesex 4,200 0 0
Norfolk with the hundred of Lothingland in Suffolk 13,000 0 0
Northampton and Rutland 4,000 0 0
Northumberland and Newcastle 3,200 0 0
Oxford 3,800 0 0
Shropshire 2,800 0 0
Somerset 4,400 0 0
Stafford 2,600 0 0
Suffolk 8,200 0 0
Surrey 4,500 0 0
Sussex 3,600 0 0
Warwick 2,600 0 0
Isle of Wight 400 0 0
Wiltshire 2,800 0 0
Worcester 2,600 0 0
Six counties of North Wales 2,000 0 0
South Wales—Pembroke, Glamorgan, Carmarthen and Cardigan 1,500 0 0
South Wales—Monmouth, Brecknock and Radnor 1,500 0 0
Yorkshire 13,500 0 0
London 110,000 0 0
£280,500 0 0
Followed by:—Copy of the King's letter (undated) to Treasurer Southampton and Lord Ashley] touching farming the Excise. An imposition of Excise was set under the late usurpers. At the Restoration the Parliament voted one moiety of this in lieu of the feudal rights of the Crown and the other half for an increase of the royal revenue, valuing the whole at 300,000l. per an. upon consideration that the whole was let to farm by the late usurpers for much more; and yielded above that sum besides the profit to the farmers. Not only, however, is there a failure in the due payment of that proportion but also many complaints made against the Sub-Commissioners. Are of opinion, therefore, that the said proportion as valued by Parliament may be better raised by way of farm. Therefore direct that the same be let to farm to such persons as the Justices of Peace should recommend under their hands and seals from the next Quarter Sessions. Such persons are to treat with the Lord Treasurer before August 10 next for a three years' farm from Sept. 29 next. Failing such return from the Justices then the Lord Treasurer is to proceed to let the farm to the best advantage of the King's revenue: provided that the proposed farmer shall from time to time advance a quarter's pay beforehand. The proposed rates of farm do not amount to above 280,000l. in the whole, being 200,000l. less than the same was valued at for the Crown. "Yet being desirous that it may be managed with the greatest ease to our people wee are contented to admitt, for the aforesaid terme, of soe great an abatement."
June 26 Money warrant (dormant) for the fee of 3l. 6s. 8d. per month to John Shillingford, alias Izard, for his office of one of the yeoman prickers of His Majesty's Privy Harriers, as by letters patent of 1660–1, Feb. 16. Early Entry Book III. p. 348.
June 27 Warrant from Treasurer Southampton for tallies to be struck on the receivers of Crown revenues for cos. Beds and Bucks for 600l. for one year of Sir Ralph Knight's pension: and the like on the like receivers of cos. Oxford and Berks for the like to Col. Cloberry. Ibid, p. 351.
Money warrant for six months' ordinary from Lady Day last to Sir William Swan, kt., one of the Gentlemen of the Privy Chamber, on his entertainment of 20s. a day as Resident at Hamburg, Lubeck, and Bremen. Ibid, p. 337.
Same for 1,000l. to the Earl of Norwich for half a year on his grant of 2,000l. a year for seven years, as by the letters patent of Sept. 26 last. Ibid
June 28 Same for 4,000l. to Edward Gregory without accompt, out of arrears of accomptants reserved out of the late Act of Oblivion: same to be by tallies on Sir Robert Smith, late Treasurer or Receiver of the contribution, assessments, or other public moneys in co. Essex; and upon _ Barrett, a like Receiver or Treasurer in London. Ibid, p. 339.
June 30 Warrant for Treasurer Southampton to the Receipt for tallies to be struck until Col. Samuel Barry be satisfied of 700l. ordered for his former services in Jamaica, as by the letters patent of 1660–1, March 13. "I understand the originall warrant was pickt out of the pocket of Mrs. Barry and therefore I signe this againe as agreeing with the former entry of my bookes." Ibid, p. 360.
Money warrant for 15,000l. to William Duke of Hamilton or his Duchess in full discharge of all debts owing to him. Ibid, p. 343.
Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Receipt for discharge of the baronet fee of 1,095l. due from John Wittwrong, of Stantonbury, co. Bucks. Ibid, p. 324.
June 30 Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Customs Commissioners to permit an entry of some Alexandria flax belonging to William Bannester. Early Entry Book X. p. 92.
Prefixing:—The Customs Commissioners' report on said Bannester's petition. ("This sort of Alexandria flax is a sort of flax in goodnes and value betweene undrest and drest flax, better then the one and worse then the other [and] for which there is noe rate in the Booke of Rates.")
Fiat by Treasurer Southampton for letters patent to appoint Robert Andrews Collector of Customs in Southampton port. Ibid, p. 94.
Prefixing:—The Customs Commissioners' report on Francis Mansell's petition for leave to resign said post to Andrews.