Minute Book: January 1663

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 1, 1660-1667. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1904.

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January 1663

Jan. 10. The report from the Excise Commissioners, read and entered, concerning the farm of the Excise of Westmorland, contracted for by John Thwaytes of Appleby, co. Westmorland, for three years from Sept. 29 last, at 900l. per an., whose sureties do now refuse to sign for him, so that he cannot go forward to perfect the said contract. Since then offers at the same rate have been made separately by John Bilton and by Richard Bradthayte, a justice of the peace for the said county. Ordered: allowed of in behalf of Mr. Bradthayte. [Early Entry Book XI. pp. 203–4.]
Jan. 13. The business between the Eastland Company and Jo. Baptista Vanderhoven, heard in the presence of the Attorney General. Having considered how by the proclamations of King James and Charles I., the practice has been upon the Charter of the Eastland Company, Ordered: to the end he may conform as voluntarily he himself desires, that the said Vanderhoven attend the said Company and that he may be dealt with moderately and have his goods re-delivered. [Ibid X. p. 162.]
[?Jan. 14.] The report from the Excise Commissioners, read and entered, concerning the accounts to Sept. 29 last of Peter Hagedot, Richard Vivian, George Glanvill and William Glyde, Sub-Commissioners for Excise for co. Devon. Propose to allow them 600l. towards their claim of 1,620l. 13s. 0d. for extraordinaries, above their usual salary of 2s. in the £. Ordered: allowed of. [Ibid. XI. pp. 206–7.]
[?] Same from same, read and entered, concerning the claim of discount at the rate of six per cent., which is made by those farmers of Excise as follow, who consented to make advances of a quarter's rent of their farm: their claim being for the said discount to be deducted to them every quarter upon the payment of their growing rent, viz.:—
£ s. d.
Thomas Dawson (Buckinghamshire) 525 0 0
John Millicent and Thomas Storey (Cambridge) 1,125 0 0
George Williamson (Cumberland) 225 0 0
Sir John Chichester and Sir James Smith (Devon) 2,150 0 0
Humfry Beane (Essex) 2,000 0 0
Edward Chamberlain (Gloucester) 925 0 0
Richard Stanesby, George Skipp, Henry Hampton and John Rives (Hants) 700 0 0
John Boys, William Rooke (Kent) 3,250 0 0
John Windham (Somerset) 1,100 0 0
Ordered: let interest be allowed. [Ibid. pp. 207–8.]
Jan. 16. The certificate of the 16th inst., from the Customs Farmers, read and entered, by way of report on the petition of William Butler, master of the "Seaflower," and William Scott merchant, concerning the seizure of their ship and of its cargo of spices. Ordered: that the seizure be taken off. [Early Entry Book X. p. 164.]
Jan. 17. The report from same, read and entered, on the petition of Thomas Fitch and Jo. Warner, for the discharge of 300 dozen of calf skins seized at Rye. Ordered: that the seizure be discharged. [Ibid. pp. 162–3.]
Jan. 23. Same from same, of the 21st inst., read and entered, on the petition of Phillip Edwards and John Rive, owners of the ship "Charity," for discharge of the seizure of the said ship and its lading at Bristol. Ordered: said seizure to be taken off. [Ibid. pp. 163–4.]
Jan. 27. The memorial from the Excise Commissioners of this day's date, read and entered, concerning the death of Henry Beedle, one of the farmers of Excise for co. Northampton, and the offer for the farm thereof made in consequence by John Willoughby, Alexander Ekins and Francis Orme (persons equally recommended with the said Beedle), together with Francis Reeve, who offer 3,000l. per an. for three years' farm from Sept. 29 last. Ordered: allowed of, and a lease to be granted to the said four persons. [Ibid. XI. p. 211.]
[?] Same from same, read and entered, concerning the demand for extras made by William Christian and Jeremiah Tolhurst, late Sub-Commissioners of Excise for Cumberland and Westmorland, as made on their accounts to Sept. 29 last: and proposing to allow them 200l. hereon, and to accept of 410l. for the arrears standing out. Ordered: allowed of. [Ibid. p. 212.]
[?] Petition from John Streater. Was employed about a month since by Mr. Jeffreys and Mr. Tho. Gaywood, officers of the Excise, to print several bonds, receipts, orders and other papers used in the Excise office, but one Jo. Macock, having obtained about Feb. last a commission from the Lord Treasurer to do the same at the King's charge, hath by his accounts and practices done much wrong to His Majesty, the said Jeffryes and Gaywood having undertaken the said printing at their own charge, not desiring one penny allowance from the King therefor. Referred: to the Excise Commissioners. [Ibid. p. 211.]
Jan. 31. The certificate from the Customs Farmers of the 29th inst., read and entered, by way of report on the petition of Richard Gede, one of the Sergeants at Arms attending His Majesty, for discharge of a seizure of 11 pieces of bone lace consigned to him out of Flanders for discharge of a debt. Ordered: that the seizure be taken off. [Ibid. X. p. 170.]