Minute Book: July 1663

Pages 483-485

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 1, 1660-1667. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1904.

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July 1663

July 2. Petition from Col. William Carlos (on reference from the King of the 23rd ult.) for a grant of the King's moiety of the seizure of the ship "King David," now in Great Yarmouth port and forfeited under the Navigation Act, petitioner having since His Majesty's return carried on a tedious suit with the Trinity House, whereby he did make good His Majesty's just right to the sand, soil and gravel of the river of Thames. Referred: to the Customs Farmers. [Ibid. X. p. 208.]
July 3. An order of the King in Council dated Whitehall the 1st inst., read and entered, concerning the complaint exhibited by the Customs Farmers against Thomas Hyde, merchant, Mayor of Weymouth and Melcombe Regis, for clandestine unshipping goods from the ship "Ann," of Weymouth; and referring to Treasurer Southampton the question of reparation to be made herefor. With Treasurer Southampton's minute. "Let the farmors of the Customes consider what reparacon in their opinions this maior ought to [make to] His Majesty in point of custome or to any officer by whose dilligence this act of his was informed against." [Early Entry Book X. p. 207.]
Petition from John Bayly for discharge of a seizure of sugar, he having served the King at Worcester fight and having been transported to Barbados, where after much toil and labour he got as much sugar as cleared him in England 50l., but which was seized on his conveying same to Scotland, his native land. Referred: to the Customs Farmers. [Ibid.]
July 7. Petition from Robert Antrobus, a shopkeeper upon the Old Exchange, concerning some laces of considerable value seized by warrant from the Earl of Berkshire as prohibited goods. Referred: ut supra. [Ibid. p. 208.]
July 8. The certificate of the 6th inst. from the Customs Farmers, read and entered, concerning the reparation to be made to the Customs by Tho. Hyde, Mayor of Weymouth. Ordered: that upon his conforming himself to same he be discharged. [Ibid. p. 209.]
July 14. Petition from John Watson and William Hanson (Hampson), Comburgesses and Justices of Peace for the Corporation of Grantham, and Thomas Oldfield, one of the second Twelve of the said Corporation, and now volunteer soldiers under the command of the Earl of Lindsey, Lord Great Chamberlain of England. Set forth that they have been always ready to pay their just duty of Excise and have tendered same both for their stock when the farmers enterd and for what they have borrowed [sic: for brewed] since: and have also in obedience to the Treasury letter attended some Justices of the Peace in the country some 40 miles remote from their habitation to give an account of the truth of the matter, but were disappointed by the Justices not meeting. Yet nevertheless the Farmers of Excise do threaten to ruinate petitioners although petitioners have ever since made their monthly entries and tendered their money due thereupon, which the Farmers altogether refuse to accept or allow of. Therefore pray an order to some justices of peace near Grantham to examine the matter. Ordered: That George Sherwood, Erasmus Deligne and William Blith examine the complaints made in this petition, and that they do it with that care to His Majesty's revenue as that the Farmers of the Excise may meet no delay in the receiving what is due unto them. [Ibid. XII. pp. 38–40.]
July 16. Petition from the Commissioners for Arrears of Excise praying some allowance for their service and expense, they having had none from the commencement of their appointment. Ordered: 100l. per an. each allowed them. [Ibid. p. 37.]
July 18. A certificate from the Excise Commissioners, read and entered, as to the fitness of John Collins (for some time past country accomptant to the Excise Office) to serve the Excise Office with stationary wares. Ordered: that said Collins have the sole providing and furnishing of such wares of that nature as the Excise Office shall need, if at as good and reasonable rates as others. [Early Entry Book XII. pp. 37–8.]
July 31. Petition from Dennis Gauden concerning the demand of Custom on some provisions shipped by him at Pembroke by order of the Earl of Peterborough for the use of the garrison of Tangier. With Treasurer Southampton's minute: this being for provision for His Majesty's garrison no Custom is to be paid. [Ibid. X. p. 116.]