Entry Book: September 1663

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 1, 1660-1667. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1904.

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September 1663

Date. Nature and Substance of the Entry. Reference.
Sept.2 Same to Alderman Backwell, "His Majesty hath commanded me to furnish Prince Edward's Dowager with 1,000l. And I desire you to accommodate her agent Mr. Chocki, who hath her letter of attorney, with a bill of exchange for the same. And upon her pension I shall forthwith give you an assignment such as shall content you for the repayment thereof. Madam Fienne is to convey to her this bill of exchange, and I understand she goes away to-morrow." Ibid, p. 315.
[?] Same to [the Lord Mayor of London]. The King having assigned out of the four subsidies lately granted him by Parliament, 50,000l. for the pay of the Guards, and it being necessary in order to some services required of Stephen Fox, Paymaster of the said Guards, that this money within some convenient time were advanced to him, therefore desires a Common Council to be called in order to propose to them a loan of said 50,000l. at six per cent. interest secured by the subsidies "which if it be complyed with, certain counties shall be perticularly assigned unto you for your repayment of principal and interest and the high collectors shalbe ordered to pay their money to Sir Thomas Player, Chamberlain of the city. You know of the former loanes how punctually you have bin complyed with and perchance upon soe good security it may in this time accomodate those that are to accomodate us." Ibid, p. 316.
Sept. 3 Treasurer Southampton to Sir Robert Long [Auditor of the Receipt]. "The assignments that have bin made to the Navy upon the chimnes [money] which as I remember are 20,000l. and 30,000l. are funds to the Treasurer of the Navy to pay off those ships that are now come home and which lie at too heavy a charge to His Majesty if delayed. Now, because the Treasurer finds such as he deales with believe there is not a complyance in the order of the payments suitable to the dates of the orders he obtaines the less credit: these are therefore to direct you as the chimney money shalbe paid in, which I hope will erelong be in some considerable summes, that you take all fitting meanes to accomodate the Treasurer of the Navy and soe to direct that business as [that] such as give him credit may value the expectation they have of repayment from that head" [i.e. from the chimney money]. Early Entry Book IV p. 317.
Sept. 4 Money warrant for 3,000l. to the Duke of York as the King's gift, being part of 4,400l. paid into the Exchequer by Sir Thomas Foote and Sir Thomas Cullum as Commissioners of Excise under the late usurpers. Ibid, p. 318.
Sept. 7 Same for 20,000l. to Henry, Earl of St. Albans, Treasurer and Receiver General to the Queen Mother for her use, to be disposed of as she shall direct. Ibid, p. 321.
Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Customs Farmers to continue the payment of Viscount Falconbridge's creation money, ut supra p. 245. Ibid, XIV. p. 140.
Sept. 10 Same from same to Francis Stevens, the Lord Treasurer's Sergeant at Arms, to arrest Nathaniell Rigbore, John Sheelder, Samuel Goney, Richard Thomas, Elias Marsham and other Walloons for transporting wool weekly, and William Fawcoone, an alien living at Canterbury, who transports wool, and by force of arms ships same to France, having there a son factor for him and others to receive it, which said William Fawcoone is also charged with murder, and all the abovesaid having according to the testimony of a petition and affidavit from W. Knight and five others named "for the furtherance and maintenance of their illegal practices contracted with John Plummer and Thomas Abbott carriers to save them harmles for conveying their wooll to the seaside and have hired one John Chandler and others to kill all such persons as should attach their wooll or stop the same." Ibid, X. p. 224
Appending:—Statement of opinion by the Solicitor General dated the 1st inst. that the above warrant is legal.
Sept. 14 Money warrant for 1,070l. to Sir William Quinrinson without accompt for especial service by him performed to His Majesty beyond the sea: as by the Privy Seal of the 5th ult. Ibid, IV. p. 322.
Same for 100l. in further part of the Privy Seal of 1661–2, Jan. 17, for 1,094l.1s.11d. to Leonard Litchfield, late of Oxford, printer, for printing public papers for the late King from 1642 to 1646. Ibid.
Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Receipt to pay 800l. to Robert Child and William Bowles, masters of His Majesty's Tents, on the warrants for 5,909l. Ibid, p. 323.
Sept. 14 Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Receipt to pay 1,500l. to Edward Backwell to repay so much advanced by him on the warrant of July 16 last to the Earl of Carlisle for his equipage. Early Entry Book IV. p. 324.
Money warrant for 1,000l. on account of the pension of 2,000l. to the Princess Ann de Gonzance, dowager of Prince Edward, the same having been directed by His Majesty before the granting of his late warrant for the stop of all pensions. Ibid, p. 323.
Same for 300l., in part of 1,500l. to Thomas Fleming, as by the Privy Seal of the 28th ult., being in lieu of several Privy Seals due to his father. Ibid, p. 324.
Same for the sum which will complete the pay of the garrison of Languard Point from the time of their entering His Majesty's service until Oct. next, at which time they are intended to be paid off, viz. on the monthly establishment of 131l. 2s. 8d. Ibid, p. 325.
Sept. 16 Same for 1,100l. to John Beversham to be employed for raising and transporting a certain number of soldiers into the kingdom of Ireland according to orders he shall receive from the Duke of Albemarle. Ibid, p. 329.
Sept. 17 Same for 400l. to Henry Earl of St. Albans, Governor of the Isle of Jersey, to be employed in the reparation of the castle and forts of said Island: as by the Privy Seal of the 28th ult. Ibid, p. 327.
Same for 100l. to Elizabeth Poyer as royal bounty. Ibid, p. 328.
Appending:—Royal warrant for same of the 25th ult.
Report to the King from Treasurer Southampton on the petition of William Halke, late of Antwerp, merchant, who, being very loyal to the King and his royal father was made Customer of Chichester by letters patent of 1661–2, March 13, for services beyond the seas, in which office he is much molested by one John Row under pretence of a patent from the late King. Ibid, X. p. 227.
Prefixing:—Note of said Halke's petition, order of reference thereon from the King of date July 27 last, and order by Treasurer Southampton of the 2nd inst. appointing to hear the business on the following Monday at Southampton House.
Treasurer Southampton to the several Receivers of the 18 months' assessment for Carmarthen and 13 other counties, demanding instant and particular answer by messenger sent herewith concerning the several arrears, detailed, of said assessment from said counties. Ibid, IV. pp. 328–9, 330, 396.
Same to Thomas Greene, messenger, with instructions concerning delivery of letters relating to the above, and with orders to arrest all persons refusing to give accompt of and bond for payment of arrears of said assessments. Ibid, p. 330.
Same to Mr. Secretary [? Bennet]. "Wee have had soe many severall occasions for Ireland, Navy, &c., to make loanes from our Bankers that it would have bin with great difficulty that Mr. Fox should have bin supplied so great a summe as 50,000l.; and finding that possibly upon the security of the subsidies wee might be furnisht from the city both as it was a meanes to hold a good correspondence with them in this kind and His Majesty will save somewhat by interest and Mr. Fox hereby be enabled to pay off those garrisons which were designed [to be disbanded or reduced] and for which wee must make him a repaymt as soon as I can, my Lord Duke of Albemarle and myselfe have prevailed with them [the city, to make a loan]. The rest is recomended to Mr. Fox who brings the Bill signe and may bring back if His Majesty please some short letter of thankes." Ibid, p. 325.
Sept. 17 Treasurer Southampton to Sir Thomas Player, Chamberlain of London. "I have perused your draught and approved it, onely have added a clause that upon your acquittance every collector strike a tally on the Exchequer, which is his trouble not yours and that which he must have done that it may answer former forme and the whole sum appeare in the Exchequer how and by whom received. I have given order to the Clerke of the Signet to prepare the bill for the King's hand and will send it downe by Mr. Fox who is to receive the who'e money to the use of the Guards, and who hath divers payments presently to make. And therefore if you be soe generous as to intrust him with such moneys as at present you can furnish him with, assure yourselfe I will be soe punctuall in allowing the same and in procuring all your warrants formall [despatch?] as you shall not blame your confidence." Early Entry Book IV. p. 327.
Sept. 18 Money warrant for 100l. to Col. Lewis O'Farwell as royal bounty. Ibid. p. 331.
Appending:—Royal warrant for same of the 21st ult.
Sept. 19 Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Excise Commissioners to pay 200l. to Col. Robert Kerr, of Graden, Scotland, out of the arrears of Excise in consideration of his charges in bringing hounds to Newmarket for the King's disport: as by the Privy Seal of the 11th inst. Ibid. XII. p. 47.
Same from same to same to allow and pay the 1663, Sept. 29 quarter's salary bill for the Excise Office, London. Ibid, pp. 48–9.
Prefixing:—Said bill in detail. (Total 1,005l. 5s. 0d.).
Sept. 21 Same from same to the Customs Farmers to immediately pay into the Receipt 1,100l. to be paid to John Beversham, ut supra, p. 545. Ibid, IV. p. 331.
Sept. 24 Money warrant for 100l. to Sir William Mason as royal bounty. Ibid, p. 332.
Appending:—Royal warrant for same of the 21st ult.
Sept. 26 Same for the stipend or fee of 40l. per an. to Dr. Thomas Goad from 1660, Sept. 29, for his place of Reader of Civil Law in the University of Cambridge, as by letters patent of 1635, Nov. 30. Ibid, pp. 335–6.
Sept. 28 Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Customs Farmers to discharge the seizure of some perpetuanoes shipped without a cocquet by Robert Tyte. Ibid, X. p. 228.
Prefixing:—Note of said Tyte, and report thereon from the Customs Farmers.
Same from same to same for same of some stockings, lace, &c. shipped without entry by Henry Dacres. Ibid.
Prefixing:—As above.
Sept. 30 Money warrant for 401l. 6s. 8d. to George Hosier, Lieut. of Shrewsbury Castle, for eight months' pay of the garrison to Feb. 8 last, being already warranted but unpaid, and for a like sum for a further eight months for the same to the 20th ult. Ibid, IV. p. 333.
Sept. 30 Money warrant for 20,000l. to the Earl of Sandwich, Master of the Wardrobe, on the Privy Seal of 1662, Nov. 7, for 40,000l. for several provisions made by him for His Majesty's service since 1661, Lady Day. Early Entry Book IV. p. 335.
Same for 200l., in part of the Privy Seal of August 19 last for 660l. 15s. 0d. to John Bayspoole, Surveyor of the Mews, upon accompt for rebuilding the stables at Newmarket and for rebuilding the house of Andrew Cole. one of His Majesty's hunting equerries, situate in the mews, and likewise for finishing the stables and lodging lately built by the Earl of Newburgh in the Dunghill Yard. Ibid. V. p. 5.
Sept.— Treasurer Southampton to the Lord Mayor of London. "I understand from several sober persons that your commissioners for London in assessing the subsedies are like to proceed in so unconcerned a way as that the rates set on single persons will be very partiall and low ... If they intrust your rates singly to those the Act calls Presenters the subsedies wilbe abated much in their value, the ill consequence whereof the Lords of His Majesty's Counsell have expressed in their letter. I find the subsedies of King James's time for London came to 6,000l. a subsedy, in King Charles's time they fell under. Your neighbour citty Westminster have rated 1,000l. lands at 20l.; in goods 500l. is a 3l. man and not displeasing even to the parties themselves in regard of their reputacon in trade: many under that value of 500l. are made subsedy men. The Commissioners have taken private informacons and found out many the first Presenters omitted and raised others, knowing what states and reputacon the persons were of." Recommends the matter to him. Ibid. IV. p. 326.