Minute Book: March 1664

Pages 570-571

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 1, 1660-1667. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1904.

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March 1664

March 2. The royal warrant of the 1st inst., read and entered, granting licence to Philip Frier, servant to the Count of Oldenburg, to transport 12 horses to Oldenburg for said Count, Custom free, together with six or eight couple of dogs. Ordered: to be obeyed. [Ibid. X. p. 250.]
March 3. The memorial of the 16th ult. from the Excise Commissioners, read and entered, proposing to allow to John Colles and Benedict Thistlethwayte, late Sub-Commissioners for Excise in co. Wilts, 100l. towards their extraordinaries of 137l. 13s. 1d. on their accounts for one quarter to 1661, March 25. Ordered: allowed of. [Ibid. XII. p. 92.]
March 4. The memorial of the 20th ult. from same read and entered, proposing to allow in account to James Richant and Mathew Copinger, late Sub-Commissioners of Excise in co. Midd., 500l. on account of the damage sustained by them by diverting from them the farm of Excise of said county [when it was joined to the farm of the London Excise]; petitioners having been returned by the Justices of that county in full session as persons fit to farm the said Excise, and later (when it was thought best to keep it in commission, as being contiguous to London) as persons fit to be Sub-Commissioners, and they having been at great charges in prosecuting the said business between 1662, June 24, when the counties were upon farming, and 1662, Nov. 8, when said county was actually farmed. Ordered: allowed of. [Early Entry Book XII. p. 91.]
March 12. The royal warrant of Jan. 16 last, read and entered, for leave to Nich. Crosse to transport himself and one gelding free of Custom. Ordered: to be obeyed. [Ibid. X. p. 251.]
The Customs Farmers' report of the 5th inst., read and entered, on the petition of Thomas Godlington, of London, merchant, trading to Virginia and not long since returned thence, concerning the process against him on his bonds for Customs duty. Ordered: the report approved of and petitioner's sureties to be strengthened. [Ibid. p. 253.]
March 14. The case between the Farmers of Excise [of London] and the Commissioners of Appeals, heard at Southampton House before the parties concerned and the Attorney and Solicitor General. Ordered: as follows, with the approval of said Attorney and Solicitor General. (1) That the Commissioners of Excise shall take in writing all examinations on the part of the informant at their own charge. (2) If the party informed against desire it he may have his witnesses examined. Then his depositions to be taken in writing and copies given him. Otherwise the Commissioners [of Excise] to certify the effect of such depositions as heretofore was usual. (3) The Commissioners of Appeals are no further to enquire into matter of fact than arises from the depositions taken in writing or returned by certificate of the Commissioners of Excise. (4) If the fact certified warrant not the sentence or the law of Excise warrant not the sentence then the Commissioners of Appeals to reform and not else. [Ibid. XII. p. 95.]
March 21. Petition from William Webb, a trader in grocery wares, concerning some pepper sent by him to Newcastle and seized although bought of the East India Co. and the duties thereon paid. Referred: to the Customs Farmers. [Ibid. X. p. 253.]
Same from Sir Francis Godolphin, Receiver [of Crown revenues] for the counties of Cornwall and Devon, concerning his great disbursements for supply of the garrison of Scilly as governor thereof, and praying payment of the 1,028l. remaining unpaid thereon. With Treasurer Southampton's minute. "I doe not thinke fit to allowe this as a respit, yet knowing the state of Scilly garrison I direct Sir Robert Long to order the payment of the sum of 1,000l. as part of what is due." [Ibid. V. p. 71.]
March 30. The memorial of this day's date from the Excise Commissioners, read and entered, proposing certain terms for the settlement of the balance due from Major Edmond Ogar, late one of the Sub-Commissioners of Excise for co. Lincoln. Ordered: allowed of. [Ibid. XII. p. 106–7.]