Entry Book: March 1666

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 1, 1660-1667. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1904.

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March 1666

Date. Nature and Substance of the Entry. Reference.
March 1 Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the occupiers and tenants of Marybone Park and the adjacent grounds to forbear to make any further payments to Sir George Strode and John Waindesford, but to make their payments to His Majesty: the said Strode and Waindesford having received a grant of said park, 1645, May 6, to be by them enjoyed till payment of the arrears due to them on their commission dated 1643–4, Feb. 20, for making powder for the King's stores: which arrears were in 1646, June 11, exhibited to Lord Treasurer Cottington, and by him examined and allowed, amounting to 2,318l. 11s. 9d.. they having been further put in possession of said Park by an order of Treasurer Southampton, dated 1660, Dec. 18, until the said arrear was paid, the rents of said lands being then valued at 667l. 9s. 10d. per an.: whereby they are now fully reimbursed. Ibid, pp. 182–3.
March 1 Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the King's Remembrancer to stay process against several lands of Sir William Bryers, late of Pollux Hill, co. Beds, for a debt due to the King per Thomas Daniel, Receiver of His Majesty's revenue in said county. Early Entry Book XIII. p. 185.
Letter of direction from same to the Auditor of the Receipt for Signor Francisco's warrant. Ibid.
March 3 Money warrant for 100l. to John Bennet, collector of the hearth money in the City and liberty of Westminster for erecting in June last a pest house for the use of said City. Ibid, p. 184.
March 5 Treasurer Southampton to Sir George Carteret. "Whereas His Majesty in Councell appoynted you to supply Alderman Backwell with 50,000l. out of the advance upon the chimney farme, and that you put into his hands tallies for 65,530l. on the Royal Aid" (being to replace tallies for 115,530l. 1s. 11d. struck upon the Customs Farmers, and which said Farmers could not at the time make payment of): directs his compliance herewith. Ibid, p. 187.
Prefixing:—A list of the said tallies for 115.530l. 1s. 11d. struck on the Customs Farmers.
[?] Money warrant, dormant, for 120l. a year to Sidney Godolphin for his annuity or yearly pension as one of His Majesty's Pages of Honour: as by letters patent of Feb. 22 last. Ibid, p. 188.
March 6 Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Excise Commissioners to pay 10l. to Joseph Mortimer for his assistance to John Collins, country accomptant to the Excise Office, and 50l. to Samuell Jefferies, surveyor of the securities of Farmers and Sub-Commissioners of Excise. Ibid. p. 183.
March 8 Money warrant for 20l. each as royal bounty to Judith Hobson, Elizabeth Burrell and John Carey, son of Elizabeth Carey, widow, deceased. Ibid, p. 188.
Same for 454l. 14s. 11½d. to Jervase Price, underkeeper of St. James's Park. for reparations of the Cockpit, and the lodges in said Park, and for making a dial post and repairing the deer houses, &c., there, as certified by Sir John Dinham [Denham], Surveyor of the Works, Francis Wetherhead, Comptroller of the Works, Edward Marshall, master mason, and John Davenport, master carpenter. Ibid, pp. 188–9.
Same for 8,300l. to Sir William Coventry, a member of the Privy Council, and Henry Brouncker. Esq., for secret service, as by the Privy Seal of Jan. 19 last. Ibid, p. 193.
March 13 Same for 35,833l. 6s. 8d. to Sir George Carteret. Treasurer of the Navy, to complete the 425,833l. 6s. 8d. for sea victuals of 35,000 men for one year: to be paid out of the loans on the Additional Aid after 10,000l. now ordered out of those loans to be paid to the Office of the Ordnance, and 10,000l. to the Treasurer of the Navy for building ships, and 10,000l. to same for wages of seamen. Ibid, p. 190.
Same for 20,000l. to same for sea victuals as above Ibid. p. 191.
March 13 Letter of direction concerning the 10,000l. warranted to William Legg, Lieutenant of the Ordnance. Early Entry Book XIII. p. 191.
Money warrant for the following sums for the Ordnance: for 3,000l. (on the Privy Seal of the 29 August last, for 14.045l. 9s. 1¾d. for 43 ships); for 748l. 6s. 8d. (on a Privy Seal of same date for that amount for a counterscarp at Portsmouth); for 2.311l. 8s. 9¾d. (on a Privy Seal of same date for 5,140l. 2s. 6d. for the train); for 1,278l. 19s. 11d. (on a Privy Seal of Novr. 30 last for 1,547l. 0s. 0d. for tents, &c., for the Foot Guards); for 3,796l. (on a Privy Seal of Dec. 14 last for that amount for provisions for Tangier); for 17,500l. (on a Privy Seal of Sept 11 last for 35.242l. 3s. 7½d. for provisions sent to Harwich); for 190,903l. 3s. 1d. (on a Privy Seal of Feb. 27 last for that amount for this year's sea service); for 74,282l. 15s. 1½d. (on a Privy Seal of Feb. 27 last for 139,314l. 18s. 0d. for land service ordnance); for 15.000l. (for 1¼ years on the Privy Seal of 1661–2, Jan. 27, for 12,000l. per an. for the ordinary allowance of the Office of Ordnance): all to be paid out of the Royal Aid. Ibid, pp. 191–2.
March 14 Same for 1,250l. more to Sir Thomas Modiford, Governor of Jamaica, for another half-year's pay of said island: as by the Privy Seal of 1665, March 31. Ibid, p. 190.
Letter of direction from Treasurer Southampton to the Auditor of the Receipt concerning the 100,000l. warranted to the Navy for the Victualler. Ibid, p. 193.
Money warrant for 3,130l. 10s. 7d. to Sir William Boston, Alderman of London, being the remainder of 3,580l. 10s. 7d. due to him for considerable quantities of velvets, damasks, and other silks furnished to His Majesty, as by the Privy Seal of 1665, March 31. Ibid, p. 194.
Fiat by Treasurer Southampton for letters patent to constitute John Wingfeild customer of Berwick port. Ibid, X. p. 324
March 15 Treasurer Southampton to [? Sir Thomas Player, Chamberlain of London] to find some immediate pay for Sir John Robinson, Lieutenant of the Tower, for his garrison in the Tower. The pay of the Tower is a thing the King has his care and eye much upon, and which relates to the safety and trade of this place. Ibid, XIII. p. 191.
March 16 Letter of direction from Treasurer Southampton to the Auditor of the Receipt concerning the 144l. 10s. 0d. warranted to Francis Corbett for his arrears of board wages. Ibid, p. 192.
Money warrant for 8,000l. to Thomas Corderoy for secret service, as by the Privy Seal of Dec. 30 last. Ibid.
March 19 Money warrant for 100l. to Henry Eyres and John Frances, Churchwardens of St. Martins in the Fields, as royal bounty for the poor of said parish: as by the Privy Seal of Feb. 27 last. Ibid, p. 194.
Same for 800l. to Jeremy Snow for His Majesty's secret service; as by the Privy Seal of 1665, May 10. Ibid.
Same for 240l. to Sidney Godolphin, one of His Majesty's pages of honour, in part of 420l. owing to him for 3½ years to Lady Day next on his annuity of 120l. a year. Ibid, p. 195.
March 19 Money warrant for 400l. to Sir Francis Holles for the expenses of Denzill Lord Holles, Ambassador Extraordinary to France. Early Entry Book XIII. pp. 195–6.
Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Master of Sutton's Hospital, appointing Richard Gregory, the son of Richard Gregory, of Titchfield, in co. Southampton, to be a poor scholar in said Hospital "when it shall next fall in my turne to place one there." Ibid, p. 195.
Same from same to Sergeant Stephens or Mr. Gregory, his deputy, to arrest Mr. Brewster, who detains in his possession over 1,000l. of the arrears of the rent of the Greenwax, according to the complaint of the Earl of Berkshire, farmer thereof. Ibid.
Same from same to same to arrest Humphry Barland, of Waddesdon, co. Bucks, innkeeper, for assaulting Nathaniel Bever. sworn gauger, appointed by Thomas Weedon, Esq., Farmer of Excise for said county. Ibid, p. 196.
Money warrant for 22,642l. 16s. 8d. to Sir Stephen Fox for the Guards, Jan. 20 last to the 17th inst. Ibid, pp. 196–7.
Letter of direction from Treasurer Southampton to the Auditor of the Receipt concerning a further 700l. in part of the 2,700l. warranted 1663. Nov. 20, to Stephen Fox for secret service, of which sum 1,000l, has already been assigned. Ibid, p. 197.
Money warrant for 330l. to Monsieur de Ruvigny for buying him a jewel as the King's gift; as by the Privy Seal of 1663. Sept. 30. Ibid, pp. 197, 186.
March 20 Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to Viscount Fanshaw, Remembrancer of the Exchequer, to swear and admit Philip Warwick, Esq., to his place of customer and collector of the petty Customs of woollen cloth in London port: as by the letters patent of 1663, Nov. 21, granting same to him in reversion to Sir John Jacob, now lately deceased. Ibid, X. p. 325.
Same from same to the Customs Farmers to pay 69l 6s. 8d. to said Philip Warwick for one quarter to Lady Day next on the fee of 277l. 6s. 8d. per an. for said office: and to continue payment of said fee in future. Ibid.
Treasurer Southampton to the Farmers of the London Excise to be very careful in observing the King's special desire that the entire moiety of their farm should be allotted to the pay of the Guards, and that no other assignation upon that branch of the revenue should mingle with or interrupt that moiety. Ibid, XIII. p. 198.
March 21 Money warrant for 200l. to William Marre for making the dial in the King's privy Garden at Whitehall. Ibid.
Same for 4,583l. 7s. 4d. to Lord Widdrington, Governor of Berwick garrison, for the pay of three companies of foot there for one year to 1666, August 4. Ibid.
March 22 Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Customs Farmers to permit 30 tuns of French and Spanish wines to be delivered duty free to the Marquesse de Sande, Ambassador Extraordinary from the King of Portugal. Ibid, X. p. 325.
Appending:—Royal warrant for same dated the 8th inst.
March 23 Money warrant for 200l. to Francis Mansell as royal bounty, as by the Privy Seal of 1664, May 16, ordering 200l. each to Edmond Smith and Francis Mansell. Ibid, XIII. p. 199.
March 23 Subscription of allowance by Treasurer Southampton of the salary bill of the Excise Office for Lady Day quarter last past, prefixed in detail. (Total 876l. 6s. 3d.). Early Entry Book XII p. 185.
Countersignature by same of a royal pass of this day's date for the Marquis de Sande, late Ambassador from the King of Portugal, to transport for Rochelle en route for Portugal, certain horses, &c. Ibid, X. p. 328.
March 24 Warrant from same to George Cock, Receiver of all the moneys appointed for sick and wounded seamen, to take up money [on loan] from time to time as he may be directed by the Commissioners for Sick and Wounded Seamen; and to allow interest and a gratuity for same not exceeding 10 per cent. in the whole: all in view of the great distress the said Commissioners experience for want of present money to pay off the great arrear owing by them for the quarters and cures of sick and wounded, and for the maintenance of prisoners of war in the several ports and places. Ibid, XIII. p. 199.
March 26
A duplicate [money] warrant issued on the Countess of Chesterfield's patent, the first warrant being lost. Ibid.
March 27 Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Customs Farmers to pay John Wingfield his fee as Customer of Berwick. Ibid, X. p. 327.
March 29 Treasurer Southampton to Sir John Shaw begging the Customs Farmers to make Sir William St. Ravy's assignment on the Customs useful to him so that he may have a payment as he "is my old friend.' Two bottles of Queen of Hungary's water he hath sent over for him. Pray gratify him in the delivery of it. Ibid, p. 326.
Same and Lord Ashley to the Commissioners for Arrears of Excise stirring them up to recover some of the time which has been lost by reason of the late infection and the dispersing of the said Commissioners thereby and to give summons to all persons concerned, in view of the fact that many persons, and those owing the largest sums, stand out and lay not hold of the opportunity of compounding: it being held desirable that the Commission for the Arrears of Excise should be closed up after June 24 next: after which date process is to issue out of the Exchequer against all persons charged and unreleased. Ibid, XII. pp. 186–7.
March 30 Treasurer Southampton to the Customs Farmers to deliver free of duty 30 tuns of French and Spanish wines to the Conde de Molina, Ambassador Extraordinary from the Catholic King. Ibid, X. p. 327.
Appending:—Royal warrant for same of the 19th inst.
March 31 Subscription of allowance by same of the contingencies bill, detailed, of the Excise Office for 1665, Dec. 25 quarter. (Total 253l. 7s. 5d.) Ibid, XII. p. 186.
Warrant from same to the Customs Farmers to discharge a seizure of some stuffs shipped by William Bishop. Ibid, X. p. 327.
Prefixing:—Said Bishop's petition and report thereon by the Customs Farmers.
March— Treasurer Southampton to the Justices of Peace of Middlesex concerning the complaint from the Excise as to the acquittal of Thomas Cole, brewer, of Twickenham, in Middlesex, who refused the Excise officers admittance. "And this hath given such encouragement to these persons that now they revile and threaten the officers when they visite them ... Understanding now that you are to meete altogether to morrow wee thought fitt to let you know that unlesse there be a great care in you, His Majestys Justices of the Peace, to countenance His Majestys officers in such particulars wherein His Majesty may be defrauded in his revenew or if elusions of the law and every formall pretence may be admitted in behalf of those that are to pay the dutie His Majestys officers will by the multitude of those they are to visit be soone discouraged and worne out ... and therefore the law being in His Majestys behalf and his revenewe the public concerne, the interpretation ought to be in his favour and not frivolous excuses admitted ...Wee thought fitt timely to pray you to consider seriously the ill consequences of such proceedings and to assure you wee must expect from you that tendernes in this affaire that as wee would have all right and justice done to the brewer soe your vigilance may prevent such frauds as the ingenuity of those that pay the dutie will soone finde out if they be not discouraged." Ibid, XII. pp. 181–2.