Entry Book: July 1666

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 1, 1660-1667. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1904.

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July 1666

Date. Nature and Substance of the Entry. Reference.
July 6 Warrant from same to the Customs Farmers to pay to Thomas Ayleway, head searcher of London port, his fee of 120l. per an. from the death of Edward Watkins, late head searcher. Ibid.
July 9 Countersignature by same of a royal warrant of the 15th ult. for Edward Viscount Conway to pass to Ireland with 20 horses free of Custom. Ibid, p. 342.
July 13 Treasurer Southampton and Lord Ashley to Sir William Coventry concerning the ill consequences to the revenue if there should be a refusal of the payment of Excise by the sutler that serves the small garrison of Southsea Castle and Port Bridge. "The like hath beene endeavoured in many other such like places but wee have master'd them." Whoever retails at the price of the law, a penny the quart, is subject to the duty of strong beer. Ibid, XII. p. 215.
Warrant from same to Francis Stevens to arrest Joseph Travers, of Rochester, for assaulting John Wheeler, one of the gaugers of Excise in Kent. Ibid, p. 220.
July 16 Treasurer Southampton to Sir Heneage Finch, Solicitor General. "There being severall inducements for renewing the last patent granted unto Thomas Grimshaw, William Carpenter and others of the London, Middlesex and Surrey Excise both in respect of the date of that patent and the nonassignment of a particular place (which ought to be the Receipt of the Exchequer) where the King's rent should be payed, and likewise because of several clauses that admitted all subscribers of the Company of Brewers to be sharers in that farme if they would stand unto the losse or gaine thereof which being almost totally neglected by those of the Company, the present farmers, who were in effect but trustees for themselves and others, had all the burden of advancing money and all the danger of paying His Majesties great rent and yet could not manage the business to their best security and advantage: of which last particular complaint being made unto us wee summoned to Worster House severall of those who had subscribed but brought in no money and others who refus'd to subscribe, letting them know the nature of the trustees' complaint and how yet they had liberty (if they resolved to be farmers) to be soe: who all refused the same, declaring the present trustees were the fittest persons to become the King's farmers both in relation to the management of the business and answering the King's rent." Sends herewith a copy of the Treasury order made hereupon together with the order likewise made hereupon at a court holden by the Brewers for that purpose: and therefore desires him to review the former letters patent for this farm and upon the surrender of the present patent to prepare a new bill for royal signature to contain a lease of the said Excise for two years from Midsummer last: persons named as trustees in the last patent to be now absolute farmers in their own right: the other clauses to be as in the last patent. Early Entry Book XII. pp. 209, 216–8.
Appending:—Entry of a minute or order made at Worcester House, 1666, June 14. "It having beene represented that the present persons named as Farmers of Excise of Middlesex, Surrey and London mett with many obstructions in their business both as the weight of all advances of mony to His Majesty and as the securing of His Majesty's rent lay chiefly on them; and yet divers of the country who had subscribed and others who yet refused to subscribe came not in with any mony to their assistance; and the officers of the farm reputing themselves officers to the whole Corporacon neither acted with that respect to their directions who were named in the patent as farmers nor unto the advantage of the farm as was requisite. And the letter of the Lord Ashley from Oxford unto the whole Company of Brewers, to invite them all to take part in the farm, having been considered together with the Commissioners of the Excise for London's answere thereunto; the Lord High Chancellor of England, the Lord High Treasurer and Lord Ashley. Chancellor of His Majesties Exchequer, gave summons to be attended in this business. And there appeared before them this day Mr. James Hickson, Mr John Charles, Mr. Emry Hill, Mr. James Redding, Mr. John Cork, Mr. Robert Lawrence, Mr. John Appleby, Mr. Rice Fellowes, Mr. Samuel Harris, Mr. John Hunter, Mr. Josias Nicholson, Mr. Phillip Hawkins, Mr. Thomas Morton, Mr. Richard Beazer, Mr. Peter Nurse, Mr. George Walker, and Mr. Thomas Wells all of them discreet and substantial men of that Corporacon: to whom it was made knowne how great the inconvenience was to His Majesties service that this farme should lye thus loose and that it should not be certainly knowne who were and who were not His Majesties farmers: and to whom it was declared that if they resolved to be farmers their admission was free and open. Whereupon they all concurrently made this reply that they conceived the gentlemen there present, viz. James Walker, William Dashwood, William Bucknell, Thomas Grimshaw, George Dashwood, John Breedon, Davett Forth and Thomas Foorth were the best and fittest persons, with the rest named in the patent, to be the King s farmers both in relacon to the management of the business and answering the King's rent and that for their owne parts every one of them disclaimed and layd downe any pretence thereunto for themselves respectively or any desire to be concerned therein: which wee have thought fitt should be intimated to the whole Corporacon that thus it might be distinctly knowne whome His Majesty esteemed his farmers and whome all officers were to observe accordingly. And in His Majesties name wee are to recommend all good intelligence and understanding betwixt the Corporacon and Farmers."
July 17 Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Customs Farmers to observe a royal warrant of this day's date for James Camwell to transport to France six horses for the Duchess of Orleans. Early Entry Book X. p. 342.
July 19 Royal warrant to Treasurer Southampton to give Henry Symons (Symmons) the next possible reversion to the place of a King's waiter in London port. Ibid, p. 344.
July 27 Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Customs Farmers to observe a royal warrant of the 19th inst. for the delivery of seven tuns of wine custom free to Denzell Lord Holles, late Ambassador to the French King. Ibid, p. 343.