Treasury Calendar: April 1696, 26-30

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 11, 1696-1697. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1933.

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April 1696, 26-30

April 26. Money warrant for 50l. to Lady Jane Berkely (Jane Temple, now wife of John Lord Berkeley), for 1696, Lady day quarter, on her annuity till payment of 2,000l. to her being the usual grant on the marriage of a Maid of Honour. (Money order dated April 27 hereon.) Money Book XIII, p. 124. Order Book IV. p. 284.
Same for 50 each to — Kingston (Knighton in margin incorrectly) and Percivall Brunskell: as royal bounty: as by the royal sign manual of the 15 inst. [this sign manual is not preserved. It must be regarded as superseded by the sign manual of May 1, infra p. 124.] Money Book XIII, p. 125.
Treasury reference to the Commissioners of Transports of the petition of William East praying payment of 114l. 5s. 10d. due to himself and [others] owners of the ship Friendship, for the service of said ship in 1693. Reference Book VII, p. 146.
April 27. Royal warrant to the Earl of Ranelagh to pay the allowance or pension of 2s. 6d. a day to Michael Vivent, Reformed Lieutenant on the military list of French pensioners on the Establishment of Ireland: to be payable as from May 1 in England and his equivalent pension on the Irish Establishment is hereby to cease from that date. King's Warrant Book XVIII, p. 388.
[?] Money order for 35l. to the clerks and ministers of the Receipt, viz., 7l. each to John Lowe and Peter Le Neve, 5l. to John Taylour, 5l. to George Briers for attendance and for levying tallies during vacation time for one year from 1695, March 25, and 6l. to Peter White, gent., clerk to William Wardour Clerk of the Pells for like attendance about the Pells of Issue, and 5l. to John Packer, usher, for attendance for the same time. Disposition Book IV, p. 286.
April 27. William Lowndes to Mr. Knight [Customs Cashier] to cause a sufficient number of tellers or receivers to be provided for receiving all moneys that shall be brought to the Customs House on account of Customs on or before May 4 next so that no complaint be made for the want of such tellers. Please direct them to attend from this 27th inst. to May 2 next from 6 in the morning to 12 at noon and from 1 till 7 in the evening or later notwithstanding that May 1 next be an holy day. (The like letter to the Excise Commissioners for the like provision in the Excise Office for the receipt of moneys due on the Duties of Excise up to May 4.) Out Letters (General) XV, p. 89.
Same to Mr. Blathwaite to procure a royal warrant to authorise Charles Fox and Lord Coningsby, Paymasters of the Forces, Ireland, to pay 26,177l. 2s. 9d. to the Commissioners of Transports for services as follows, viz.:
l. s. d.
for services as by letter to Lowndes dated 1695–6, March 22 13,000 0 0
for ditto as by ditto of March 27 2,668 13 11
for ditto as by ditto of April 4 10,508 8 10
l.26,177 2 9
Ibid., p. 90.
Treasury order to the Customs Commissioners to observe (a) supra.
Prefixing: (a) order of the King in Council dated April 26 inst. that the general embargo laid Feb. 23 last be taken off from all ships and vessels whatsoever. Out Letters (Customs) XIII, p. 260.
Treasury reference to Samuel Travers, Surveyor-General of Crown Lands, of the petition of Thomas Hall for a 99 years grant (in reversion of the grant made to trustees for the late Earl of St. Albans) of a piece of ground with the market house thereon part of Pall Mall Field at St. James's. Reference Book VII, p. 147.
Treasury warrant to the Clerk of the Pipe for a lease to Sir Charles Hedges, Kt., of the messuage or tenement called the Bakehouse, at Richmond, and other premises as below, for 31 years from Lady day last at the accustomed yearly rents of 4l. for that part in the possession of John Stevens, 2l. for that held by William Beamond and 20l. for the 3 closes in the tenure of said Hedges: with a special clause that all persons entitled to the premises in trust for the Crown shall stand seized thereof for the use of the lessee during this intended lease.
Prefixing: (1) particular of the premises: the tenement as above with 2 gardens, the one garden abutting north west on a ground or yard in the tenure of — Grymes, widow, and the other garden being in the tenure of John Stevens and formerly demised to Edward Villiers; and the orchard of about an acre (reputed part of the King's park called Richmond Old Park) formerly in the tenure of Gilbert Grymes, deceased, and now in that of William Beamond and demised to him by Edward Villiers with free access thereto and therefrom through the yard of the said Gilbert Grymes; and all those 3 closes of land or pasture at Richmond called Bentley Park containing 20 acres and being part of the said Richmond Old Park and now in the tenure of said Hedges; (2) Surveyor-General's memorandum and ratal. The manor of Richmond was granted by Charles II. to the late King James when Duke of York and by him settled in trustees for a jointure to his late Queen. It may be therefore necessary to have a special clause as above. The total rental of 26l. per an. as above is accounted the improved value of the premises. Warrants not Relating to Money XV, pp. 110–12.
Entry of the Treasury Lords' signature of the docquet of the above lease. Ibid., p. 133.
April 27. Royal warrant [to the Lord Deputy, Ireland,] for a pension of 2s. a day on the military list of pensions on the establishment of Ireland to Gaspar de Lanalve "in consideration of his being disabled in our service": to be payable during pleasure from June 1 next. King's Warrant Book XVIII, p. 392.
Same to same for a same of 2s. a day to Judith Jacquau upon the said list, in consideration of the loss of her nearest relations, killed in the King's service and from whom she has heretofore had her subsistence: to be payable from April 1 inst. during pleasure.
Memorandum: a duplicate of this warrant was signed by the Treasury Lords March 7, 1697–8. Out Letters (Ireland) VII, p. 111.
April 28. William Lowndes to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue 2,540l. to me [Lowndes] on the order in my name for secret service: to be issued out of loans on the Hereditary and Temporary Excise. Disolution Book XIII, p. 126.
Same to same to issue 4,773l. 6s. 1d. to Charles Fox and Lord Coningsby on the unsatisfied order in their name as Paymasters of the Forces, Ireland: to be issued out of loans to be made by said Fox on the Continuing Act: and to be paid by them to the Commissioners of Transports for uses as follows, viz.:
l. s. d.
to answer the demand of the said Commissioners for several services specified in their memorial of the 21st inst. "the contents of which memorial is here endorsed" [see p. 113] 3,056 12 5
to defray the whole charge of provisions for 700 men and 700 horses to be transported to Holland (his Majesty's horses and his Household being included in that number) 715 18 8
for a moiety of 1,400l. being the whole charge of the freight of the said men and horses at 40s. each 700 0 0
for a moiety of 270l. being the charge of 300 ton of shipping more for Ordnance stores for the [Artillery] Train in Flanders 135 0 0
for a moiety of 331l. 10s. 0d. for the freight of the ships that are now aloading clothes for the army 165 15 0
l. 4,773 6 1
Followed by: account of the first item above
due to the Commissioners of Transports for the several services specified in a memorial of the 1st April inst. 12,654 17 4
whereof the Treasury Lords ordered in part 10,508 8 10
remains l.2,146 8 6
from which time to the 21st of the same month there became due as follows:
for freight, provisions, etc., for 115 horses more than the 1,700 which were mentioned in the memorial of the 1st inst., which were shipped the 7th inst. 314 13 4
for the freight of 6 ships which took on board clothes and accoutrements for the army and sailed with the last convoy for Holland 525 8 0
for Guy Hudson; to wit 30l. for the freight of his vessel which brought three Companies of Foot from Dover to the Thamas and 10l. as his Majesty's bounty to him 40 0 0
to answer the demand of the Victualling Commissioners for provisions furnished by their officer at Dover to some of the Forces that came from Ostend and were forced thither [to Dover] by contrary winds 30 3 7
l. 3,056 12 5
Ibid., p. 129b, 130.
April 28. Same to the [Principal] Officers of the Mint enclosing an order of Council [missing, being the order of reference] upon the petition of Abjohn Stokes setting forth the great expense and trouble he has been at in discovering and convicting the clippers, coiners and utterers of false moneys in this kingdom and praying repayment of same. Please report on this matter. Out Letters (General) XV, p. 91.
Same to the Earl of Ranelagh to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of Cornelia Manley, sister and executrix of Francis Manley, praying the arrears of pay due to her said brother as late a Lieut. in the First Regiment of Foot Guards, amounting to 100l. 9s. 3d. Ibid., p. 94.
Treasury reference to the Agents for Taxes of the petition of Richard Cocks, Receiver-General of the second 4s. Aid for County Gloucester, praying allowance of his extraordinary charges therein. Reference Book VII, p. 147.
April 28. Treasury reference to the Surveyor-General [of Crown Lands] of the petition of Bennet, Lord Sherrard, praying a 99 years' lease of the house he lives in and of several other houses adjoining now enjoyed by him in the bailiwick of St. James's, in reversion of the term formerly granted to Sir William Pulteney. Reference Book VII, p. 147.
[?] Same to the Attorney-and Solicitor-General of the draft Commission for taking subscriptions to the National Land Bank. Ibid.
April 28. Same to Charles Fox, Esq., of the petition of George Purdon shewing that he served as Ensign in Colonel Deering's Regiment, in Ireland, from 1689–90, Jan. 28, to 1691, Oct. 9, but the muster of the said Regiment being made on the 1st Jan., 1689–90 and his commission not being dated till 28 Jan., 1689–90 the former Ensign is mustered dead and no mention made of petitioner whereby he became respited from thence to 1690, May 30, being 124 days amounting to 22l. 14s. 8d.: therefore praying payment of same. Ibid., p. 148.
Treasury warrant to Sir Robert Howard, Auditor of the Receipt and to William Wardour, Clerk of the Pells to give directions to the Tellers to regulate mistakes as follows. It appears that divers mistakes have been made in the offices of the Tellers of the Receipt or some of them in putting down bills for purchase of annuities on the Excise for 99 years when the same ought to have been on the Tonnage Act, and vice versa on the Tonnage Act when the same ought to have been on the Excise and in mis-naming of lives purchased and the persons purchasing. They are forthwith to rectify all mistakes so committed by altering or making anew their said bills: and for the time to come they are to take especial care to avoid like mistakes that so the entries, records and accounts in the Exchequer may be kept fair and exact as they ought to be without alterations, rasures or other defacings. And the said Auditor of the Receipt and Clerk of the Pells are to alter and make their respective books and entries agree with the said amendments. Warrants not Relating to Money XV, p. 312.
April 29. Royal warrant to the Clerk of the Signet for a privy seal to authorise the Treasury Lords to direct the Exchequer to take in 2,000,000l. in loans on the Act for Continuing Duties on Salt, Glass, etc. [7–8, Wm. III, c. 31], viz., 500,000l. on the credit of orders registered in course at 7 per cent. interest on said funds and 1,500,000l. on the credit of [Exchequer] Bills payable upon demand at an interest of 3d. per 100l. per diem: the said Act having authorised such loans to a total not exceeding 2,564,000l. on both credits, and so as that the total advances on such Bills before Aug. 1 next shall not exceed 1,500,000l. "and that it should and might be lawful for us [the King] at any time or times by any warrant or warrants under our privy seal to direct, limit or appoint how much of the said sum or sums of money so to be lent or advanced as aforesaid should or might from time to time be lent upon the credit of orders in course bearing interest not exceeding the said rate of 7 per cent. per an. or be advanced from time to time upon credit of Bills payable upon demand," viz., to a total not exceeding as above. King's Warrant Book XIX, pp. 84, 102–3.
Money warrant for 200l. to Sir Robert Killegrew: for half a year to 1696, Lady day, on his pension. (Money order dated May 1 hereon). Money Book XIII, p. 126. Order Book IV, p. 289.
April 29. Treasury warrant to the Surveyor-General of Crown Lands for a particular of a small piece of ground of an acre whereon St. James's market is now kept, in order to a lease thereof to Thomes Hall for 99 years in reversion of the term in being: the new lease to be at a rent of 10s. per an. and fine of 1,300l.
Prefixing: (a) order of said Hall's petition for same; (b) the said Surveyor-General's report thereon. The ground in question was excepted out of a grant of Pall Mall Field made in 1665 to the Earl of St. Albans' trustees. It contains an acre 27 perches and a market house has been erected thereon about 30 years which with some cellars and stalls there have been let for about 500l. per an. "and the said ground is now held, among many other things, for 44 years to come at Michaelmas next by lease from the Crown to the said Earl or his trustees." The market house and stalls out of which the profits arise will require new building 44 years hence, "and the market itself which is granted to the said Earl and his heirs for ever may be kept on any other part of Pall Mall Field; notwithstanding all which, and that there have been divers other markets set up of later years in that end of the town" I rate the desired lease at 1,300l. Warrants not Relating to Money XV, p. 113.
Same to the same for a particular or constat of the house, park and land at Oatlands and chambers in Sergeants Inn as follows: in order to a lease thereof to the Earl of Torrington.
Prefixing: said Surveyor-General's report on said Earl's petition for same. In March 1670 the Earl of St Albans (having a lease from the Queen Mother of the mansion house and park of Oatlands in Surrey with certain meadows there in the Rishes of Walton and Weybridge, part of the Honor of Hampton Court) obtained from Charles II a fresh lease thereof to his trustees, Mr. Staley and Mr. Foulkes and again in 1681 a further term for 11 years to himself: the premises were afterwards assigned to Sir Edward Herbert who in 1688 obtained a further reversion of 76 years. The premises were found by inquisition taken at Southwark, 1690, Nov. 3, before John Radford, Robert Blanwey et al. and were seized into the King's hands as forfeited by the treason of the said Sir Edward Herbert. But Charles Herbert, Esq., put in a plea to that inquisition alleging a conveyance to him before the said treason. The premises have been anciently surveyed at 200l. and are let for 210l. upon the rack. I therefore value the desired grant at 4,780l.
The chambers in Sergeants Inn consist of 8 rooms in the possession of Justice Rookeby and were granted by the Dean and Chapter of York for 60 years from Lady day, 1671. They are let at 50l. per an. with the said Herbert's goods and furniture therein and I value the desired grant thereof at 500l. Ibid., pp. 119–21.
Royal warrant to the Lord Deputy of Ireland for a pension or allowance of 2s. 6d. a day to Charles du Plessis, late a Cornet in the Regiment of Horse commanded by Brigadier Lumley, in consideration of his being disabled in the King's service in the said Regiment: to be inserted in the Military List of French Pensioners on the Irish Establishment as from April 1. Out Letters (Ireland) VII, p. 112.
April 30. Same under the king's sign manual dated Kensington to the Attorney or Solicitor-General for a great seal [for a grant] to Richard, Earl of Bellomont, Edmond Harrison, merchant, Samuell Newton, gent, William Rowley, gent, George Watson, gent, and Thomas Renolls (Reynolds) of St. Martins, of all ships, vessels, goods, merchandise, treasure and other things whatsoever which shall be taken or seized upon or with the pirates, filibusters and sea rovers by Capt. William Kidd or other commander of the Adventure galley or which shall by him be forced ashore in any of the King's Plantations in America or other the King's dominions: all by reason that divers complaints and informations have been made to the King that Thomas Too, John Ireland, Thomas Wake, William Mace alias Mare and divers other the King's subjects, natives or inhabitants of New England, New York and elsewhere in the Plantations and America had associated with divers other wicked persons to commit, and did frequently commit, great piracies and depredations upon the seas in the parts of America and other parts and places; wherefore the King commissioned the said Captain Kidd, 1694–5, Jan. 26, to seize the said pirates and all other pirates of what nation soever upon the said coasts or seas of America or in any other seas or parts and to bring them to trial and to keep an exact journal of his proceedings and an account of all seizures, etc.; and the said ship Adventure was with the King's knowledge and encouragement fitted out at the great and sole charge of the said Earl of Bellomont, Harrison, Newton, Rowley, Watson and Renolls. King's Warrant Book XIX, pp. 134–5.
April 30. Royal warrant to the Attorney-or Solicitor-General for a great seal for a grant to Charles, Lord Cornwallis, (in consideration of many good and faithful services) of the honor and manor of Eye, County Suffolk [Sussex] and of the "scite of [and] the demesne" of the late Priory of Eye, ut supra, pp. 97–8: for 99 years from dates as in the particular at 10s. per an. rent: with a clause to direct the Trustees of the Queen Dowager to transfer to him their interest therein immediately upon the death of the said Queen. Ibid., XVIII, p. 387.
Same to the Clerk of the Signet for a privy seal for 4,800l. per an. to be payable quarterly to William, Earl of Portland, superintendent of all the Royal Gardens and Plantations: during pleasure: the first payment to be at June 24 next; the said Earl having agreed with the King from March 25 last to keep the royal gardens. at his own charge in return for the said annual sum; viz. the gardens at St. James's, Kensington, Hampton Court, Windsor, Richmond and the Terrace Walk at Whitehall; to pay all the gardeners, workmen, labourers and weeders; to procure and pay for all dung for raising of melons and making of hot beds, sallading, melon glasses, water pots, wheel barrows, water tubs, spades, rakes, troughs, dung forks, lines, reels, shears, nails, leather, scythes, rubbing stones, hedging irons, pruning hooks, framing knives, poles for hedges, reeds for panels, shells for the walks, stone and wooden rollers, "fruit baskets for our table service," silk and paper to tie the fruit down, seeds for sallets and all other herbs for our kitchen, to provide and furnish all plants and flowers, trees and flower pots, to repair all walks and buildings, to discharge all wages, salaries of officers and to pay all other charges whatsoever relating to the keeping of the said gardens in as fair and ample manner as they have ever been kept; save for erections and new buildings which may be commanded by the King to be made.
Further hereby the salaries payable to the officers of the respective gardens in the office of the Treasurer of the Chamber are to cease from and after Lady day last. Ibid., p. 389.
April 30. Royal sign manual for 1,500l. to Elizabeth Tillotson widow of John, late Archbishop of Canterbury: to be satisfied by tallies of pro or assignment on the Tenths of the Clergy in all the dioceses of England in the following proportions, viz., 500l. on the Tenths to become due at Xmas next, 500l. from the like due at Xmas, 1697, and 500l. from the like due at Xmas, 1698: as royal bounty. (Treasury warrant dated May 5 to the Receipt for tallies accordingly.) (Money order dated May 8 hereon.) King's Warrant Book XVIII, p. 401. Money Book XIII, p. 128. Order Book IV, p. 290.
William Lowndes to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue 38,684l. 9s. 0d. to the Earl of Ranelagh on the unsatisfied order in his name as Paymaster of the Forces: to be issued out of loans to be made by said Earl on credit of the Continuing Act: and to be applied to uses as follows, viz.:
l. s. d.
in part of 55,866l. 6s. 2d. to clear the English General Officers and their aides de camp and the Danish General Officers to Jan. 1 last 30,000 0 0
For the [loss by] exchange on 96,000l. for the subsidies to the Duke of Savoy 4,000 0 0
to Monsieur Vander Esch, Paymaster of the Dutch Forces, 4,684l. 9s. 0d., for the services following, viz.:
for Adjutant General Gatigny 327 5 0
for Adjutant General Zuhme 272 14 0
for the clerks of the Pay Office 402 0 0
for the said Paymaster's [Vander Esch's] declaration 222 10 0
for the waggon master Verhanst 200 0 0
for the Regiment of [Dutch] Horse Guards 516 0 0
for Major General Eppinger 370 0 0
for the Regiment [of Dutch] Dragoon Guards 250 0 0
for the marshal of the Foot Guards 21 16 0
for ditto, for his declaration 7 15 0
for the chaplain of the Foot Guards 344 19 0
for the clerk of the Foot Guards 70 0 0
for the widow of Lieutenant Verhey 105 0 0
for the Messrs. Beekestein 132 6 0
for the Lieutenant Marshal General Velthoven and his attendants 1,442 6 0
38,684 9 0
Disposition Book XIII, p. 129.
Same to same to issue 700l. to the Earl of Ranelagh upon the unsatisfied order, etc., ut supra: to be issued out of loans to be made ut supra: and to be paid over to the Engineers now going to Flanders in advance of their pay. Ibid.
Same to same to issue 400l. to said Earl upon the like order and out of like loans: to be applied as follows, viz.:
l. s. d.
to Col. Ogilby upon account of his arrears of pay as Lieutenant-Col. to the First Troop of Guards 200 0 0
to Daniell Harvey for such use or purpose as his Majesty shall appoint 200 0 0
400 0 0
Disposition Book XIII, p. 129b.
April 30. William Lowndes to the Navy Commissioners to report on the enclosed letter [missing] from Lord Berkeley relating to the clothing of his Regiment for the year 1694: as also a memorial [missing] of Richard Cordwent for payment of the money due to him for clothing the said Regiment for the year 1695 amounting to about 4,000l. Out Letters (General) XV, p. 90.
Same to Mr. Blathwayt to procure a royal warrant to authorise the Paymasters of the Forces, Ireland, to pay 4,773l. 6s. 1d. to the Commissioners of the Transports on account. Ibid.
Same to the Auditor of the Receipt to direct the Tellers of the Receipt to deduct out of the first moneys payable to persons as follows the several sums respectively detailed being due from them for their assessments to the second and third 4s. Aid and the late Poll according to a representation from the collectors of the said taxes within the verge of the Palace of Whitehall and St. James's.
l. s. d.
Marquess of Momjullon 170 16 6
Duke of Ormonde 160 0 0
Earl of Oxford 160 0 0
Earl of Romney 80 0 0
Earl of Scarborough 112 2 0
Duke of Queensborough 160 0 0
Earl of Selkirk 84 4 0
Earl of Essex 80 0 0
Lord Lexinton 80 0 0
Earl of Monmouth 160 0 0
Joost Keppell, Esq. 40 0 0
Hatton Compton, Esq. 40 0 0
John Sayers, Esq. 40 0 0
James Stanley, Esq. 40 0 0
Monsieur Gildersuert 40 0 0
Eman[uel] Hough, Esq. 40 0 0
Col. Windsor 80 0 0
Col. Cholmondly 80 0 0
1,647 2 0
Ibid., p. 93.
Treasury reference to Thomas Neale, Master and Worker of the Mint, of the proposal of James Roettieres to the Treasury Lords for supplying and keeping on work the additional mills and presses set up in the Tower upon this extraordinary coinage, to wit at 400l. per an. for the finding of meat, drink, washing, lodging and wages for 6 workmen and 325l. per an. [as] an additional allowance to himself: by which proposal he also prays that the house of one Mr. Bennets adjoining to the proposer's [house] in the Tower may be put into his custody for the said workmen to lodge in. Reference Book VII, p. 147.
April 30. Treasury warrant to the Surveyor-General of Crown Lands for a particular and ratal of the Post Fines (fines levied in the Common Pleas in respect of fines pro licentia concordandi) in order to a reversionary lease thereof to Thomas, Lord Raby, for 48 years from 1708, Sept. 29, at the rent of 2,276l. per an.: and without fine, by the King's special command as a mark of the King's favour to said Lord.
Prefixing: (a) note of said Lord Raby's petition for same: (b) report thereon by Samuel Travers, Surveyor-General of Crown Lands. The premises were granted, 1661, April 29, to Thomas, Earl of Berkshire, and his son, Sir Robert Howard [now Auditor of the Receipt], on surrender of a former grant of 16 Car I. "the said fines nevertheless to be levied, collected and received according to the ancient customs and rules of the Exchequer and with the like charges and allowances thereout to officers and clerks as had been usual," at a rent of 2,276l. per an. and with a clause for allowing out of the rent all such Post Fines as should be pardoned by a general pardon or anyways [legally or by royal grant] withheld or detained from the said grantees.
By an abstract made out in the Pipe Office it appears that all the Post Fines charged in the respective sheriffs' accounts for 5 years ended 1694, Sept. 29, average 4,732l. 12s. 6d. per an.: but besides the rent of 2,276l. there are other deductions of about 917l. [per an.] usually made out of this "charge" [profit] for fines in the Duchy of Lancaster (collected also by the sheriffs but not payable to the grantees) and for the officers' and clerks' fees and other deductions; thus leaving clear only 1,550l. 12s. 6d. per an. [profit] to the grantees. On this basis I value a new grant for 99 years at 13,200l. and for 48 years at 11,000l.
(c) Statement of opinion by Sir Thomas Trevor, Attorney-General dated April 29 inst. I am of opinion his Majesty may lawfully gratify petitioner by granting a lease as above. Warrants not relating to Money XV, pp. 114–5.
Same to same for a same of certain cottages, encroachments, coal mines and profits of Courts within the borough of Macclesfield in order to a new lease thereof to the Earl of Macclesfield for 31 years from the determination of the lease thereof to his father; at the present rents of 50s. and 20s.
Appending: (a) Report by the said Surveyor-General on the petition of Charles, Earl of Macclesfield. An Exchequer lease was made of the premises, 1666, Sept. 6, to petitioner's father, then Lord Gerrard, for 31 years at 50s. rent; and on the 10th June, 1687 (at which time the said father was outlawed, but that outlawry is since reversed) a lease was granted by James II., of the premises together with other small encroachments to trustees for the town of Macclesfield with an additional rental of 20s. per an. for the said new encroachments. The lease to the father will expire in 1697 and that to the town in 22 years but it is the Attorney-General's opinion that the present desired lease will enable the petitioner to try the title with the town. The premises are not worth double the rents.
(c) Statement of opinion abovesaid by the Attorney-General dated March 20 last. It appears by the affidavit of Richard Whitworth, steward to the late Earl of Macclesfield that the late Earl obtained the aforesaid lease on his own account and not at the instance or request or on behalf of the town (as the said town alleged in their petition for the grant in 1687) and that he paid to several persons who first discovered the said land to belong to the Crown 200l. or thereabouts as a recompense to them for such discovery. It seems doubtful to me whether King James's said lease to the town is good in law.
Together with: undated entry of reference of said petition. Warrants not Relating to Money XV, pp. 117–8. Reference Book VII, p. 143.
April 30. Royal warrant to the Lord Deputy of Ireland, for a patent under the great seal of Ireland for a grant to Rudolph Kien and his heirs, etc., of the several lands or estates of which by the royal sign manuals of 1693, April 28, and Nov. 16, a three years' custodiam was directed to be passed to him, they being the forfeited estate of Ignatius Birford in County Meath, and the said Kien having prayed a grant of the inheritance of the said estate in consideration of many good and faithful services. Out Letters (Ireland) VII, pp. 92–3.
The Treasury Lords to same to report on the enclosed petition and papers thereto [all missing] of Brigadier Offarrell praying that 1,200 acres of other forfeited lands may be added to the lands intended to be let to him and that the custodiam and quit rents may be reduced to 10l. per an. Ibid., p. 93.
Royal warrant to same for a patent to pass the great seal of Ireland for a grant to Edward Fitzpatrick and his brother, Captain Richard Fitzpatrick, of all the mortgaged lands and premises as follows and all the Crown's title thereto and the sum of 700l. as follows and interest thereon together with a grant of the forfeited lease as follows and all the Crown's title thereto: it appearing that the Commissioners of Inspection into Forfeitures, Ireland, by inquisition at Maryborough in Queen's County, 1694–5, March 5, have found that Edmond Morris has forfeited a lease of 3 lives (viz. the lives of said Morris, and Ann and Nicholas Purcell of which the last two survive) of and in the lands of Grantstown (Cranstown) in Queen's County, which lives he held under Col. John Fitzpatrick, a kinsman of the said Fitzpatrick and that the reversion thereof belongs to the said Richard Fitzpatrick and is valued at 37l. per an. above the reserve rent; and likewise that Donoghmore and other lands adjoining in said County (Raheenbarnagh Barnaballingnorah, Lower Derry, Beladd Mongamore [Monamonra], and the north east of Derrylahan, Cramrosse and Maherrybegg, Ballinrallywood called Clancouragh alias Glancouragh all in the barony of Upper Ossory) were by Gilbert Rawson in 1687 (1688, June 26) mortgaged for 700l. to the said Morris who being of the late King James's party was killed at Aughrim and stands attainted of treason, whereby the said mortgage vests in the King: the value of the premises being stated by affidavits of Thady Fitzpatrick and Laurence Byrne, and the Attorney-General, Ireland, having reported his opinion that the said mortgage and lease are forfeited and vested in the Crown. Ibid., pp. 93–5.
Same to same to direct a three years' custodiam of lands as in the schedule hereto to Jane Eyre widow and executrix of Edward Eyre, Esq., who in his life time was possessed of several plots of ground in the east suburbs of Galway by virtue of a corporation lease for 99 years under a rent of 3l. per an. of which 74 years are unexpired, on which ground be built several houses which are since demolished and the Crown has and does make use of the said plots for the fortifications thereon built and continued for which reason she petitioned the late Lord Lieutenant who directed Sir John Ivery then DeputyGovernor of Galway to assess her damages which he fixed at 83l. 5s. 0d. per an. over and above 349l. 10s. 0d. for the value of the houses and improvements that were pulled down to erect the said fortifications: whereupon she prayed a recompense in the shape of a profitable grant of some forfeited estate in Ireland: which petition was referred to the Lord Deputy by the Treasury Lords, 1694, Aug. 24, and thereupon Sir Richard Leving, Kt., Solicitor-General, Ireland, and William Robinson, Engineer and Surveyor General of Fortifications and Works in Ireland reported confirming the facts as above.
Appending: The said schedule of lands being the [forfeited] estate of Hug Kelly of Bellafarney: viz. as certified by James Bonnell, Register [to the Commissioners of Forfeitures]:
in County Roscommon.
Gortnashervoge, 106 acres; Killinmulruny, 265 acres; Ballaghoartola, 360 acres; Gortnadarra and Caldragh, 34 acres; Borrisackine, 28 acres; Bellaforine, 152 acres.
in County Galway (Killian Barony).
Muckloon and Borrill, 500 acres; Iskermore, 89 acres; in Cloonshee, 60 acres: (total 1,594 acres).
The [above] premises were demised by Sir Richard Cox, Kt., and the rest of the Commissioners of Forfeitures, Ireland, to Edward Wilson for one year to 1695, March 25, at the rent of 30l. per an. including quit rents to the Crown but the lease thereof is not forfeited nor taken out.
in County Roscommon (being the forfeited estate of Hugh O'Conner of Ballintober).
Moyne Bathmeed Rossinesne alias Ballintobber Rathnenoleagh, Ballymagoother, Keely Barnagh [Keelcurragh] and part of Laragh and Ross: in all 885 acres.
The above premises were demised by the Commissioners of Forfeitures to Major Walter Delamere for 3 years from 1694, Lady day, at 40l. per an. rent, including quit rents. Ibid., pp. 96–7.
April 30. Royal warrant to the Lord Deputy of Ireland for a grant to Charles Deering, Esq., of a custodiam for 2 years from Lady day last of lands as in the following schedule: and for orders to be issued that in case the said lands are already set the tenants thereof do attorn to the said Deering for the said term: all by reason that the said Deering has petitioned the King showing that he attended his Majesty into Ireland and remained in the camp during the King's stay there by which means he lost a place of 500l. a year which he enjoyed here [in England]; that upon the King's going from Ireland he went to Dublin and has continued there ever since as Auditor-General of the Revenue which [office] fell to him by the death of James Ware, in which time by his particular pains and industry he has made a considerable addition to the revenue of Quit and Crown Rents; further that 132l. 10s. 0d. is due to him for half a year's salary to 1690, Xmas which [half year] on application to the King has been paid to several of the King's officers: therefore praying a custodiam as herein of lands as below: on which petition the Solicitor-General [Ireland] has reported that such lease may be granted in consideration of petitioner's pretences.
Appending: schedule of said lands, forfeited to the Crown:
County Kilkenny.
Clonassy, in Iverk Barony: 366 acres; 34l. per an.; quit rent, 7l. 8s. 2½d.; clear value, 26l. 11s. 9½d.: being forfeited land of Robert Walsh.
Ballygubb, Clorane and Coolenemuckly [Couleen] in Ida Barony: 900 acres; 85l. 5s. 0d. per an.; 18l. 4s. 5½d. quit rents and 40l. per an. incumberances; in favour of Hen. Meagh and Jo. Shea; clear value, 27l. 0s. 6½d.: being forfeited lands of Edward Fitzgerald.
Harristown, 375 acres and Killahy, 146 acres in Knocktopher Barony: 31l. and 7l. per an.; quit rents, 7l. 12s. 0½d. and 2l. 16s. 11¼d.; clear values, 23l. 7s. 11½d. and 4l. 3s. 0¼d.: being forfeited lands of Walter Bryan.
County Wexford.
Tromer, in Forth Barony: 90 acres; 15l. rent; 1l. 16s. 5¼d. quit rent; clear value, 13l. 3s. 6¾d.: being forfeited land of Nicho. White.
Sincorry, in Scarawalsh Barony: 652 acres; 47l. rent; 13l. 4s. 0d., quit rents; and 10l. per an. incumbrance paid to Kath. Cawell; clear value, 23l. 16s. 0d.: being forfeited lands of Nicho. Browne and Jo. Cowell.
County Kildare.
Songs Freehold in Rathmore, in Naas Barony: 60 acres; 5l. rent; 1l. 4s. 3¼d., quit rent; clear value, 3l. 15s. 8¾d.: being forfeited lands of Edward Reynolds.
County Dublin.
A mortgage of 400l. on Murdery, 110 acres; rent, 32l.; quit rent, 2l. 4s. 6½d.; clear value, 20l. 15s. 5½d.; being forfeited property of Mich. Chambers (? Chambest).
120 acres in Baleadowdy [Ballydowd], 4 acres in Esker and 5 acres in Lucan; 42l. per an.; quit rent, 2l. 12s. 2¾d.; an incumbrance of 9l. per an. payable to the Honourable Thomas Coote, Esq.; clear value, 30l. 7s. 9½d.: being forfeited lands of Jo[h]n Forster.
County Tipperary.
Mocklershill alias Knockmocler in Middlethird Barony: 120 acres; 29l. per an.; quit rent, 3l. 8s. 7½d.; clear value, 25l. 11s. 4½d. per an.: being forfeited lands of Thady Meagher.
(Total clear yearly value 207l. 13s. 2¾d.). Out Letters (Ireland) VII, pp. 106–7.
April 30. Same to same to give order for taking off the seizure of the estate of William Sarsfeild of Lucan in Ireland, deceased, and for putting Charlotte Sarsfeild his only daughter and heir into possession of said estate: it appearing from her petition that Patrick Sarsfeild, the elder, father of her said father, was tenant for life of the manor of Lucan and other his lands and estate in Ireland with remainder in tail to the said William and heirs male; that Charles II. granted the said reversion to the said William and his heirs for the intended benefit of Mary his then wife, sister to the late Duke of Monmouth, and her children by the said William, whose sole daughter and heir by the said Mary, also lately deceased, is the said Charlotte, petitioner herein; and the said Patrick dying during the late Rebellion, Col. Patrick Sarsfeild, younger brother of the said William, taking advantage of petitioner's infancy and of her being in England got into possession of the estate and wrongfully detained it till expelled by the King's arms; and the Revenue Commissioners, Ireland, finding the said Col. Patrick last possessed thereof did seize same into the King's hands on account of his forfeiture (except the manor of Lucan which has been in possession of petitioner and her mother for many years before the said Rebellion): on which petition the Solicitor-General reported that old Patrick Sarsfeild of Lucan was by the Court of Claims in 1663 declared innocent and his son William was declared innocent and was adjudged to be restored to the several lands declared in the decree to be held by him and his heirs made after the death of his said father: and that Charles II. afterwards granted the reversion as above, it being Charles II.'s intention that the estate should go to the heirs of the said William by the sister of the late Duke of Monmouth whose sole daughter is Charlotte, petitioner herein. Ibid., p. 109.
April 30. Same to same for a grant by way of custodiam to Henry, Viscount Galway, for a further 3 years of the several towns and lands granted to him by 2 leases or custodiams (dated, 1693, May 24 and July 15) by direction of the royal sign manuals of 1693, April 28 and June 27, supra Treasury Calendar, Vol. X, pp. 176 and 262. Ibid., p. 113.