Treasury Calendar: March 1697

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 11, 1696-1697. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1933.

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March 1697

March 1,
Present: all my Lords.
[Write] to the Earl of Ranelagh to deliver to Mr. Eyles tallies on the Land Tax for 4,500l. for 15 per cent. discount on 30,000l. tallies by him accepted for 330,000 guilders paid in Flanders for subsistence [of the Forces]: to be placed to the account of Contingencies and the warrant [for this is] to mention that it is for money due to him on account of remittances for the subsistence in Flanders.
[Write] to Sir Robert Howard to issue 7,000l. to the Earl of Ranelagh out of the new money coming in from the loans in hammered money upon the Vote of Credit transferred to the 3s. Aid: same to be to pay bills due to Monsieur Schulenberg or his order for money furnished for subsistence in Flanders.
[Order for] 5,000l. to be paid to William Culliford and Antho. Evernden, Esq., in part for sail cloth: to be issued out of any money or tallies in the Navy Treasurer's hands for the service of the Navy.
The Eastland Merchants are called in. They demand the fifth promised them for the stores which they undertook to furnish for the Navy. My Lords will direct the payment thereof out of the tallies and orders in the [Navy] Treasurer's hands upon the Land Tax, to wit, out of those which were intended for wages.
[Write] to the Excise Commissioners to desire them to prepare the bill for the Duty on malt with all speed. Ibid., p. 94.
March 2,
Present: all my Lords.
[Order for] 100l. out of moneys of the second 4s. Aid to be issued to the Earl of Ranelagh for Brigadier Hastings in part of 412l. 10s. 0d. bounty money per the King's warrant of 22 Apr., 1696: and the rest of the sum now in the Exchequer on the said Aid is to be issued for quarters at Chesham and Amersham.
[Write] to the Earl of Ranelagh that the tallies for 10,000l. lately directed to be supplied to the Ordnance be the first of the tallies for 264,695l. 13s. 9½d. lately directed for his lordship on the 3s. per £.
My Lord Galway and Mr. Hubold [attend] upon a complaint of several of the Company of Miners in Ireland. Capt. Owen received 4 months' pay for the Company, and afterwards died and left Hubold his executor who says he knew nothing that was received by Owen or anything that was due to the Miners, and that he has none of the Captain's money in his hands, having paid all for legacies.
The papers are to be referred to the [Principal] Officers of the Ordnance to examine into the matter and report the case with their opinions to my Lords. Mr. Hubold says he will answer to a bill in equity readily concerning this matter, which is agreed to. So no reference is needful.
[Write] to the Board of Ordnance that since my Lords parted with them they have considered of the proportion made for discounting the tallies for 10,000l. on the Land Tax, and apprehending the consequences of such an high discount their Lordships desire that they [the Ordnance Board] will send the several propositions of this remittance to me [William Lowndes] by tomorrow at noon that they may be laid before the King tomorrow night at Kensington and that they conclude on none of those propositions till the King's pleasure be further known.
Mr. Green to have the receipt of the 3s. Aid and Mr. Spendelowe that of the rest of the Subsidy for Co. Stafford and they are to give separate securities. Ibid., p. 95.
March 3,
afternoon. Kensington.
Present: the King, all my Lords.
La Rue to have 50l.
The King directs that my Lord Ranelagh pay the 25,000l. in his memorial of this day, for the subsistence of the officers that are in England and for recruits for 3 months from Dec. 1 last to 1696–7, Feb. 23, [to wit] out of the tallies and orders in his hands which were levied for 264,335l. 13s. 9½d. next after the 10,000l. directed for the land service of the Ordnance.
The King accepts the proposal of 10 guilders 10 stivers at sight offered by Sir Jos. Herne [as the exchange rate with Flanders and further in respect of the same remittances] to discount tallies for the Ordnance at 26 per cent.: but my Lords will speak with the [Principal] Officers of the Ordnance on Friday. [Write] a letter to them.
The King will accept the offer of 5,000l. from Mr. Parker for the estate of Wyke Parker.
Col. Gibson to have 1,500l. in tallies upon account. Ibid., p. 96.
March 5,
afternoon. Treasury Chambers, Whitehall.
Present: all my Lords.
Dr. Otes to have 40s.
Mr. Corbet called in. A memorial concerning the dealers with the Navy is read. My Lords will take the best care for them they can both here and in Parliament.
[The Principal] Officers of the Ordnance [are] called in about discounting the tallies for 10,000l. for the [Artillery] Train in Flanders. This affair must be deferred till next post because my Lords will receive [take] the King's positive direction before they allow so great a discount as 26 or 27½ per cent. and in the mean time they [the Ordnance Board] may get money advanced (if they can) by depositing the tallies.
[Write] to Mr. Baker to prosecute at the King's charge Mr. Hubold executor of Capt. Owen in behalf of the Pioneers belonging to the Train of Artillery in Ireland; and also the Patentees for Insuring Houses in cases of Fire for recovery of 60l. a year payable into the Office of Ordnance for Capt. Silver and others.
The Navy Victuallers are called in. Their memorial is read. My Lords will prepare Exchequer Bills for them as soon as is possible. They may pawn any of their tallies in the mean time.
Mr. Tancred to be paid 950l. by tallies on the Excise. Ibid., p. 97.
March 9,
Present: Sir Stephen Fox, Mr. Smith, Sir Thomas Littleton.
[Write] to the Agents for Taxes to be here tomorrow at 9 o'clock. Write to Admiral Russell to let him know the great necessity at this time for money to supply the Victuallers; that my Lords having passed his account (in which the balance for money received by him is upwards of 5,000l.) do not think it reasonable it should now be answered in tallies and intreat him forthwith to pay the said sum [in cash] into the Exchequer.
My Lords order that 1,000l. shall be issued to Mr. Fox for the Commissioners of Transports to clear a bill of exchange for 2,000l. drawn by their agents in Holland in Nov. last, as soon as there is money wherewith to make this payment.
[Write] to the Earl of Ranelagh to pay to Col. Gibson for Contingent charges in his expedition to Newfoundland 250l. out of the tallies in said Earl's hands on the 3s. Aid.
Memorandum: to speak to the King for 6,000l. for the Ordnance and 6,000l. for the transports for that Expedition.
[Write] to the Excise Commissioners to hasten their officers in bringing in their money arising by the Salt Duty.
[Write] to the Commissioners for the Duties on Glass and Tobacco Pipes to cause the moneys by these Duties to be more speedily brought into the Exchequer by such methods as the law hath directed.
[Write] to the Excise Commissioners to be here on Friday afternoon about the Duty on Salt, and to the Commissioners of the Glass Duty to be here then with their Receiver.
[Write] to Mr. James Grahme to pay into the Exchequer the rest of the money owing upon his bonds.
The present [of wine etc.] for the D[uke] of Bedford et al mentioned in Mr. Bridge's letter [is] to be delivered by an officer [of the Customs] at Mr. Hill's house in Delahay Street [on their, the consignees] paying the Duty. Treasury Minute Book IX, p. 98.
March 10. Present: all my Lords.
Edward Deere to be jerquer in London port loco — Shallcrosse.
[Write] to Mr. Attorney-General to be here tomorrow morning and a copy of the Paper Act is to be gotten [against his coming].
[Write] to the Commissioners of the Stamp Office and the Commissioners of the Glass Duty to be here tomorrow morning. Ibid., p. 99.
March 13,
Present: all my Lords.
[The Principal] Officers of the Ordnance are called in. My Lords will within 3 weeks at the farthest give Exchequer Bills to their [the Ordnance Officer] Treasurer for the service of the Office; and at present 3,000l. out of the tallies in the Earl of Ranelagh's hands are to be delivered over to Mr. Bertie for advance money to the officers attending the [Artillery] Train to Newfoundland, which 3,000l. is to be made good again to [said Earl for] the Forces by the Office of Ordnance either out of Exchequer Bills or by returning the said tallies.
The Transports Commissioners are called in. [It is ordered that] 8,000l. out of the like [abovesaid] tallies be delivered over to Mr. Fox and Lord Coningsby for the said Commissioners for services relating to the expedition to Newfoundland and other services in their Office, which 8,000l. is to be made good again to the Forces by the said [Fox and Coningsby, the Irish] Paymasters either out of Exchequer Bills or by returning the said tallies.
The Commissioners of the Victualling are called in. They will come again on Monday night.
The Excise Commissioners are called in with Mr. Shepard, Mr. Johnson and Mr. Floyer. My Lords direct the Commissioners to hasten as much as is possible the bringing in the arrears of the Salt Duty and as fast as it comes in to transmit it to the Mint and [when reminted] to hasten it from the Mints in order to its coming into the Exchequer to be applied as the law directs; and that as fast as the [salt manufacturers'] bonds become due the Commissioners do for [in case of] non-payment cause them to be put in suit. Write the Commissioners to this purpose.
Memorandum: that it be moved in Council that the indented [trial] prices for the new standard of plate be prepared.
Mr. Cholmley and other brewers are called in. They complain that great sums are due to them from the Victualling Office and at the same time the Excise Commissioners will give them no credit for their [said claims as a set off to their debt owing for Duty of] Excise. My Lords recommend it to the said Commissioners to relieve them as far as is consistent with the [Parliamentary] appropriations [on the Excise].
[Write] to Mr. Hastwell that my Lords desire to speak with him here on Monday night; and to Sir Joseph Herne to desire him to send some person to my Lords about his bills of exchange on the Navy Board at the same time.
[Write] to the Customs Commissioners to be here on Tuesday afternoon. Ibid., pp. 100–1.
March 15. Present: all my Lords.
The Victualling Commissioners [are called in] about victuals for the Newfoundland Expedition. My Lords desire them to make provision for 450 men, to wit so much as with the victuals now at Tilbury make up a proportion for the said number for 3 months in the same species as are allowed to the seamen on board the King's Fleet.
Memorandum: a further provision is afterwards to be made for 500 men for 9 months more.
Mr. Bray, servant to Sir Joseph Herne [is called in] about bills for 7,200l. drawn from Cadiz on the Victuallers. My Lords desire him to forbear the re-drawing [in order to the repayment] of that money for 10 days.
Mr. Blathwait will obtain an order of Council that the Governor of Tilbury [Fort] deliver the provisions there to the Victuallers, and that the damage thereupon and charges be made good to the Victuallers [sic for the Governor].
Col. Gibson says he has not yet [received] the tallies for 1,500l. for arrears and 250l. for Contingencies [as] directed to be delivered by the Earl of Ranelagh and he desires the subsistence [money] for his Regiment to the time of embarcation. The orders are now signing for the 2 [said] former sums.
[Write] to Sir Stephen Evance to be here tomorrow night to furnish a credit at New England for Col. Gibson for a sum not exceeding 4,000l.
Mr. Medina [attends] about renewing the contracts for bread and [bread] waggons in Flanders. He demands his arrears, which are about 50,000l. and a loss of about 23,000l. more on the tallies he received last year; but he says the service shall not stand still for this. His demand is [ordered] to be put in writing to be carried to the King next Wednesday. Mr. Blathwait says Mr. Cardonal shall send the heads of the contract, and Mr. Medina says that he will take his payments in Exchequer Bills or otherwise at the same rate [? of discount or exchange] as the King makes remittances in the like species.
Mr. James Grahme [attends] about the 1,800l. due from him. He desires time: he will pay 500l. to the hands of Mr. Fox for the King's use by the end of next April.
[Write] to Mr. Sheppard and Mr. Floyer and Mr. Johnson to be here tomorrow night.
My Lords will have Mr. Haley continued in the Mint at Chester.
[Order for] Mr. Attey (Aytey) to have 20l. for returning the Tower dies. Treasury Minute Book IX, pp. 102–3.
March 16,
Present: all my Lords.
The Customs Commissioners are called in. My Lords give directions for allowing Sir Tho. Coke's debenture for pepper according to the report. But my Lords will first hear the patent officers with Sir Thomas Cook (the Commissioners to be present) on Monday afternoon next. Write to the Commissioners to come then and to give notice to the collector outwards [London port], the surveyor and searchers.
The [Principal] Officers of the Ordnance are called in with some of the East India Company about 300 tons of [salt]petre which the Company has, amounting to about 13–14,000l. at 45l. per ton. The Ordnance Officers are to view and take samples of it and then my Lords, will adjust the payment.
The [Principal] Officers of the Mint and the Postmasters [General] are to meet Sir Joseph Tyley, etc., here on Friday night. Ibid., p. 104.
March 17,
afternoon. Kensington.
Present: the King; all my Lords.
My Lords are to satisfy Mr. Eyles in the [matter of the] payment of Monsieur Schuylenbergh's bills.
Upon reading Mr. Medina's memorial the King orders that the value of the tallies when delivered to him be enquired into. As to Medina's arrear it's to be paidat the rate of 9 guilders to the £ sterling in tallies on the land Tax. As to his demand of loss by the last year's tallies my Lords are to make good so much as the discount of those tallies amounted to at the time when delivered to him. And as to his advance [on the Contract for] this year he shall have Exchequer Bills at the [discount and exchange] rate [at which] money is remitted thereupon to Flanders.
The King commands my Lords to require the Bank to re-deliver to my Lord Ranelagh tallies on the Annuity Act for 10,853l. 7s. 5d. being the balance of an account of remittances upon tallies for 219,823l. 18s. 3d. which were deposited with them [the Bank] last year.
A [scheme of] distribution is to be made of the 1,500,000l. in Exchequer Bills.
[Write] to Mr. Boyt to attend my Lords on Friday afternoon.
The King being moved by my Lords upon a report in the case of Johanna Oxenbridg, which was referred to the Postmaster-General by Secretary Trumbull [to wit directly so referred instead of via the Treasury Lords], resolves that no more such references shall be made by the Secretary of State. Ibid., p. 105.
March 19,
afternoon. Treasury Chambers, Whitehall.
Present: all my Lords.
The [Principal] Officers of the Mint [are called in] with Sir John Johnson and partners about advancing of money and taking in of plate by the latter. An agreement is made by my Lords on the King's behalf and [on the other behalf] by Sir John Johnson, Peter Floyer, Samuel Sheppard, Gilbert Heathcott and John Cartlitch to this effect: viz. that Mr. Henry Johnson, Mr. Peter Floyer, Mr. John Cartlitch and Sir John Johnson be authorised under the King's sign manual to take in plate pursuant to the late Act at 5s. 4d. an ounce and they to be sworn and to keep accounts and perform their duty in all other respects pursuant to the said Act: that the said Sir John Johnson, Floyer, Sheppard, Heathcott and Cartlitch will lend 30,000l. on the Duties upon [stamped] parchment and paper and begin to lend part of the said sum within 10 days and proceed to complete the whole as fast as shall be necessary: That the money so lent shall be imprested to the persons so to be authorised by sign manual upon account that the same (together with the money arising from the plate) shall be applied to pay 5s. 4d. an ounce ready money to the bringers of the plate and to pay the charge of melting, refining, reducing to standard the plate [so brought] and [to meet] the charge of coinage and the charge of taking in the plate as by the Act: that these undertakers [in return] for 6d. an ounce shall be obliged to defray the recompense of 2d. an ounce and to bear [the loss by] the worseness of the plate, the charge of melting into ingots and [the charge of] pots, the waste in melting the plate, the charge of refining the silver and all incidents as the servants' wages and the like and making up the sweep without any further demand for their own pains; and for 1½d. an ounce more shall bear all the charges of coinage: so that [provided that] all the plate so far as this [30,000l.] money will extend shall be received and carried standard into the Mint as if they were importers: and they are to receive the new money back again and be responsible for it as by the Act.
The undertakers are to cause this plate to be melted at the Exchequer where they are to be under the inspection of such officer as my Lords shall appoint.
They demand to have their tallies transferred to the Malt Act when desired: which my Lords do not agree to.
The Victuallers are called in. My Lords direct that the money in the Exchequer for the war, not exceeding 1,000l. be issued tomorrow for the Victuallers of the Navy.
Mr. Neal [Master and Worker of the Mint] is to make Mr. William Mathews assistant to his deputy in the Mint at Exeter.
The Earl of Ranelagh, Mr. Blathwait and Mr. Boyt are to be here on — [date torn away].
It is resolved that Mr. Alvarez de Costa shall have in Exchequer Bills 35,000l. and Mr. Medina 10,000l. in payment of their bills of exchange delivered to the Earl of Ranelagh for Flanders. The said Exchequer Bills shall be delivered to them in 15 days and [in the list of 1,500,000l. of such Bills] are to follow immediately after 220,000l. for quarters, etc., and in case they [the said 1,500,000l. of such bills] should go [or be registered] in course they are also [on such register] to follow immediately after the said 220,000l. [Further it is directed] that if these Exchequer Bills that are to be delivered to Mr. De Costa and Mr. Medina or any part of them are not turned into money in 6 months from the date hereof that then their Lordships will immediately make provision in ready money for the payment of the said Bills or any part of them that then shall remain unsatisfied. Ibid., pp. 106–7.
March 22,
Present: all my Lords.
The Customs Commissioners are called in about the debenture for the pepper formerly shipped per Sir Thomas Cook. My Lords can give no relief in this case.
[Write] to the Customs Commissioners to report to my Lords what salary they think reasonable for the collector at Scarborough.
To move the King for a formal warrant to those that have the King's plate, to deliver it in [to the Jewel House].
[Write] to the Chamberlain of London to be here tomorrow morning. Treasury Minute Book IX, p. 108.
March 23,
Present: all my Lords.
The Excise Commissioners [? attend] about 6,000l. paid into the Exchequer by Mr. Shepherd et al on their account of Salt Duty. Ibid., p. 109.
March 26,
Present: Sir Stephen Fox, Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer.
The Wardens of the Mystery of Goldsmiths of London returned (pursuant to a precept from my Lords) the names of the goldsmiths who are sworn to make the Standard [Trial] pieces for the new plate.
A warrant to be directed to Mr. Neal for 60l. to bear the charge of this service.
Mr. Smith and Sir Thomas Littleton come in.
Mr. Floyer will come to W[illiam] L[owndes] tomorrow morning and declare whether he and his partners do consent to the agreement of the 19th inst. with this addition, viz., that the 30,000l. be all lent on the Paper Duty; that if it be not all repaid within a year then the remainder not exceeding 10,000l. shall be transferred to some other good fund; and if any part of the 30,000l. (which is to be imprested to them) remain in their hands on Nov. 4 next it is to be applied towards payment of their loan and the interest thereof.
John Andrews of Bascote, co. Warwick. . . . [? to be sent for].
[Write] to the Agents [for Taxes] to be here on Monday morning.
Certificate to the Treasury Lords by John Sweetaple, John Ward, Thomas Williams and John Sutton, dated Goldsmiths Hall, March 24 inst., by way of a return on the Treasury direction of March 23 inst. infra p. 430 and containing the names, detailed, of 24 persons who are thought fit to be a jury for the making and completing of the standard pieces for the trial of plate of this kingdom, together with the form of the oath to be administered to the members of the said jury, viz., for the making of one standard trial piece of silver commixed in proportion of 11 ounces 10 pennyweight of fine silver and 10 pennyweight of alloy in the pound weight Troy of England of such quantity as shall be thought fit for the making of 5 standard Tryall pieces for trial of the plate of this kingdom: the said standard piece to be indented and printed [impressed] according to his Majesty's pleasure. Ibid., pp. 110–111.
March 29,
Present: all my Lords.
[No entry of any minute]. Ibid., p. 112.
March 31,
Present: the King; Sir Stephen Fox, Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir Thomas Littleton.
The King orders the whole business concerning Mr. Schuylenburgh to be settled with Mr. Eyles.
[Write] to Mr. Eyles to come to my Lords tomorrow.
[Write] to Sir Joseph Herne to be at the Treasury on Friday.
[Write] to Sir William Scawen and some others of the Bank [to be here] at the same time.
[Order for] 4,000l. for the subsistence of the Troops on the Rhine: to be paid by Exchequer Bills when the bills of exchange [for same] do come from the Count de Frize.
[Order for] 2,000l. to be paid to the Engineers in Flanders for subsistence.
A new contract to be made with Mr. Lamb for the Hospitals in Flanders.
Mr. Floyer and Sir John Johnson will furnish 30,000l. on the Paper Act [viz.], for [financing the] taking in of plate and [towards repayment hereof] the last 8,000l. shall be transferred to some good fund of [the supply to be granted] this year before those funds are all disposed. Ibid., p. 113.